My Little Man


This is a LW story with some interracial stuff as well as some incest. Be prepared. I even tossed in some unneeded and gratuitous hot nasty fucking that is not necessary for plot development or explaining anything other than this is a porn site. You will be given notice and can skip ahead.

This story concerns a cheating wife, incest, interracial, payback, murder, and lots of pregnant women and babies. I just love pregnant women and babies. Oh, in case I forget, there is also straight sex, anal sex, oral sex, a little incited force, but not rape.

You have been warned.


My Little Man

If you do it I won't love you anymore!

My name is John Franks but for the last fifty years people have called me "Little Man." Not all people, just a few. I guess it depends on what you compare something too, if it is little or not.

Marge and I were not what people would expect. She was six foot five and I was five foot nine. She wore three and four inch heels and I wore flat shoes. That is it, shoes, I just wore regular shoes. I never tried to look as tall as she was, but more of that later.

We met in college. She was going to college and I was cleaning the college. I worked maintenance. She got a degree in business administration and I got a new floor to mop every day.

It is not that I did not have smarts, or that I had no ambition, I had them both in abundance. I worked on the campus so that I could use things; like their shops and labs, the library, computers, things like that. I had keys to everything and I made good use of them.

I got to study for free and got paid doing it, so what if I had to mop a few damn floors. As an employee of the college I did not have to pay for classes either; so I took advantage of that too. I worked cleaning all night and took early morning classes. But what I really liked to do was look for things that were for sale or free. I loved to buy and sell things. I started out small and looked at what was cheap and then looked to see where I could unload it. I did not have to make much, just more than what I paid. Colleges are always offering things for sale and there are always things posted in the lunch and break rooms so all I had to do was match them up. Damn I love capitalism. Buyers and Sellers of the World Unite! I was that uniting force. I mean what would happen to the workers if there was not a way to actually do something with what the workers made. What a great system. Someone from the economics department rarely got into the break rooms for the language department; or things like that, I moved around and knew what was happening between different departments.

Buy low, sell high, it is the American way. Look for something no one finds of value, get it and sell it to someone who would find value in it. It is a rule that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I m sure there are all sorts of sayings about it but I have used up my allotment of plagiarism.

If you don't want something, someone, someplace will want it! Ok I had one more in the can, but I don't remember reading it anyplace so I might as well use it now.

I soon had a nice little business going on and the college was my main resource for information. Information was the most valuable tool in buying and selling. I also got to read the trash and knew what was going to be bought and sold. The economics and business departments were involved in some pretty shady things and I just tagged along, buying here and there as the information allowed.

It turned out that working for a college that had some high rollers as graduates as well as some pretty smart professors who still helped them; that was advantageous for me.

They discussed potential deals in e-mails and of course the professors printed them out and never shredded them. They talked strategy and tactics in research and development, in manufacturing and even distribution. It was all there to read, if you had access to the information and I did.

I played it cool and did not hit on every deal. I just stayed under the radar. It was not insider trading for me, I was not an insider; I was an investor and the trash man, and reading trash is legal.

I was making some pretty big money but no one knew who I was. I established some foreign investment accounts and they were the traders, even if I was the one to call the shots. A library computer was all I needed for my company to buy and sell. I also used the campus computers and I was again invisible. I also had one laptop I used for business and only one. Once every six months I took the hard drive out and destroyed the computer; and I bought a new one. Anything that could be used to track me was destroyed after six months; I never sold any of the laptop computers or their components.

Once I got the foreign accounts set up, and operated through Eastern European and Arabian countries, I was home free. I had my own server off shore and I could access it and have it send out orders and e-mails, anything. From that time on I could do as much as a million a month, and strangely enough, that is under the radar for a foreign investment firm.

I met some people in college that were here and also under the radar. They would joke about eating white steak because it was not available where they lived. I came to learn that white steak is pork. They would also drink grape juice, as in wine, also not available where they were from. I learned much about finance from them, for their part of the world. We did business together and got used to each other in our early years together. They needed someone here and I needed people there. We became our own little trading group. We became good friends as time went on. They did not seem to care that I also worked cleaning up because they understood the value of information.

I met Marge at a mixer and I was in love from the moment I first saw her. Remember, I said she was six foot five and I was five foot nine and we looked crazy together. I told her I was a janitor and she did not care one bit. We danced and for some reason she liked me. I am still unsure why. I was still going to college and cleaning it too. I was not far from a degree in international trade relations but she did not know that.

We dated and that looked funny together too. I got my degree by the time we finally set a date for our wedding. I don't know why I bothered with the degree because it never made me a cent. I made more money picking up trash than using my degree. Her family did not like me and they were not happy at my station in life or anything about me. From what I know they did not like anyone. They were pretty harmless.

We got married and that looked, well it looked like I married up, as in six foot five, because I did. Maybe it was because I always had money, not a lot of money, just a little more than most, that she married me. But I really don't have a clue as to why. I lived alone and did not above my station, and by that I mean under the radar.

After we were married I got a job working for a foreign investment firm working part time from the house, it gave us a little extra money because I was still working at the college too. You guessed it, I hired myself, but I left no tracks. It was just a way to bring in more money for my family. I did not want to just tell her I was loaded, I wanted Marge to feel we grew together.

Marge got a job too and we began to grow together. My working at home and at the college did not seem to hurt our relationship.

She always called me her "Little Man." I did not mind one bit, I knew why she did it. She always said it with love or at first anyway. I had no problem with my size because I was little, and she had more than a half a foot on me standing barefoot and almost a foot in shoes. She would ask me if I would like to 61 with her - - you know 69 minus 8. It was our joke.

What I wanted most in the world was to have an adoring loving wife and children, lots of children. I had grown up an only child and I just loved kids. She told me she wanted children but something just stopped us. At the time I did not know what it was, but I was willing to wait for a large family.

I thought we had a pretty good sex life and that she had no problem with my size, but apparently she did.

Two years after we got married we had Jenny. Not much of a wait for the first one, but it was the others that I really had to wait for. But then I learned that it would never happen so I just let it go.

But still I took the best possible care of Marge. Back rubs, foot massage, shoulder massage, hand massage, oil treatment for stretch marks, before they became stretch marks; I did it all. I even sang to my baby in her mother's stomach. If Marge wanted it, or thought she wanted it, or had a brief thought she might think she wanted it, she had it. The woman carrying my baby was a princess, no; she was a queen to be worshiped. Still there was something strange that I felt, but then again I had never actually lived with a pregnant woman, so maybe I just read her wrong.

My god I was in love all over again. I was there when she was born and there when she was washed, I washed her. I looked into her eyes when she first opened them. I almost had a fight with the doctor so I was the first face she saw when she opened those beautiful brown eyes. You cannot imagine how that kind of love affects a man. I was the first heart beat she felt when I put her to my chest. There was only a little problem with me seeing her at the hospital, but I got that taken care of and I could hold her when ever I wanted. I almost lived in the hospital holding her.

Our family life went on but my wife seemed to not like me as much as she did before she had Jenny. Marge would work late, leaving me to take care of Jenny. It was not unusual that I would have to get the girl next door to come in and sleep when I went to work at night. I paid extra so Jenny would always sleep in her own bed and in her own house. I talked to the parents of the girls next door and they agreed to the arrangements, I even gave her a private room. Her parents got a key to check on her when they wanted.

When I brought up wanting more children Marge was uptight and angry with me and said that one was more than enough and I would have to make do with Jenny. I knew she was right.

Our love making became non existent. There was some sex, but you would not call it love. I tried to rekindle our love but I was not successful. She went from despondent to downright hostile. 61 was no longer a number for us. Sex was just fucking, if there was any at all. She did not actually care anymore. I realized that I did not care either. When I knew I was losing her so I prepared for the event; by this time in our life I knew she was gone. But still I tried, for Jenny if no other reason.

We went out and she would spend her time dancing with other men. I wanted her to be happy so I took her out and I tried to make her happy. She would no longer dance with me. By that I mean she would refuse to dance with me but would dance with other men. She would rub up against other men on the dance floor and embarrass the hell out of me. She told me more than once, after rubbing against some six foot eight guy that she really liked a bigger man; that she thought she might like to try a bigger man. Soon our nights out were limited to me sitting and watching her seductively dancing with other men; and that was only when I was allowed to go with her.

I put up with it only because of Jenny. But even then I prepared and put my plans into action. Some would require more than a year to develop and put into action.

Even when we went to her company events she humiliated me. It was her and other men dancing. I was beginning to be a joke to everyone around but I allowed it to happen because I loved Jenny so much. Then there was even more than dancing and the kissing and rubbing and fondling.

Then at one event I noticed that she would be with one particular man, and she had danced with him on other occasions and at other places. It was like he knew where she would be before I ever did.

Let me tell you this was a big man. He was about thirty while Marge and I were twenty eight. He was taller than Marge, wore expensive clothes and was as black as night.

It did not take too long until they completely ignored me when we happened to run into him when we were out. First it was disappearing for an hour or two during the evening. After the next few times it was for a day. We would go to a dinner restaurant and she and Gregg, that was his name, would just disappear and a few hours and at later times I would get a cell phone call telling me they had plans until the next day and I could just go home. I put up with it for Jenny, but not for much longer.

Then one night she and Gregg just left me at a restaurant and I told her:

"If you do it I won't love you anymore!"

It had taken five years for her to kill everything but she did it. She killed every emotion I had for her except for hate and a burning desire to punish her; deprive her of everything she wanted in her life, everything she thought was important and do it to everyone that helped her. Now I am sure I know what to do and what it will take.

It is called PPPPP – or the 5P's. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I properly prepared.

Then they left and I got a laughing call that they were going to Jamaica and would be there for a week and to be sure to pay for dinner. I was also told to be a good little boy and take care of the house and Jenny. She even told me to make sure I washed the floors and did the laundry. Then she and Gregg laughed and hung up on me. You don't get tickets for a week and pack everything and have it ready on the spur of the moment.

It was that message that got me to strike back.

Five days after that message I called them in their hotel. I made sure it would be at a time when they were in their room alone. I guess she could have been pulling a train but I did not think so; not yet anyway.

Marge answered the phone with a "What do you want little man?" after I told her who I was; she did not recognize the number. And there was not a bit of love or respect in her voice when she called me "little man."

I spoke: "Are you both together? -- Good. Put me on the speaker. Am I on the speaker yet? - - I am, good. I have Jenny with me. I also have Gregg's wife and daughter. They are completely in my power. I am going to kill them all, slowly. I intend to make sure that you will never recognize what is left. When I start to kill them I will keep them alive for as long as possible. I want you to think about the pain they will suffer because of what you did to me."

Gregg's wife: "Gregg what the hell did you do? He has Tisha and me and he is going to hurt us" she says with tears and fear in her voice. "Oh God Gregg what did you do to him?" Then it was, "Stay way from my little girl" she screams at some unknown assailant. "Stay away. She is just a little girl."

Then Gregg hears the cry of not only his wife but his daughter. It was a piercing scream proceeded by the word "Daddy" and followed crying of Gregg's wife waling "Oh God No, Please God No!"

After a few minutes of listening to Gregg and Marge yelling and screaming I brought Jenny into the mix.

Jenny: Then the cries of the girl, Jenny, are heard "Mommy, help me; please help me" followed by crying. Then more cries of Jenny are heard, "No daddy, no, please no daddy."

Then there was silence and the sound me walking from one room to another and the sound of a door closing.

"I told you what would happen. I told you I would not love you anymore. Now you have lost everything. One day they will find bones someplace and will call you to see if they belong to your daughter or your lover's wife and daughter. I can tell you for sure that it will be on "Unsolved Mysteries" more than once. They are all dead to you, and you will never have them back.

"But I promise the change from their life to another existence will be slow, like a glacier moving over the solid rock and the tundra. Painfully flow. I will see how long I can keep them alive as I get my revenge."

"And I can tell you I am a superstitious man, and I know that the gods will curse me if I kill a virgin. But don't worry about me, because they will not be virgins when they die." Little Man said.

Then the line went dead.

Marge and Gregg were in shock. There were calls to their homes which did not get any answers. There were calls to friends to check their homes, which resulted in everything looking normal but no one being home. The first day of the nightmare, a nightmare that would last the rest of their lives, had just begun. They would not even have to sleep to enjoy the fruits of their disrespect; the nightmare would play in their heads during the day too.

And he was right; they were on "Unsolved Mysteries" more than ten times. There was a search for them but nothing ever came from it. Part of the problem is that they had no evidence of anything wrong or illegal other than Marge and Gregg saying what they heard.

Gregg and Marge tried to recover but it never completely happened. They went to the police and then to private investigators, but nothing. Oh yes they had clues and they had "paid informants" but they were useless. Their nightmare went on and on.

They were slow in getting information and no one knew exactly when and where everything happened. Gregg and Marge had been happily fucking their brains out for five days when they were contacted in the hotel room in Jamaica. So where the call originated from was just not something they could find out. Eventually it was traced to a cell phone, a throw away with international calling, and no one knew where it was used from although it was purchased someplace in Oregon, thousands of miles away. It was never used again.

Her Little Man never took a cent from any account, and did not take any clothes. He left his wedding ring cut in two on their dresser.

Those haunting and pleading voices were known to those hearing them. Marge knew her Jenny, her five year old baby and Gregg knew his five year old Tisha. He had heard her cry many times, what parent had not? And Shanda, his wife, he knew her voice and recognized the emotion, in it. There was no doubt in their minds that Little Man took them and killed them. Oh god, he made sure the little girls were not virgins before he did it. He promised they would not die virgins.

The years would pass and still on the anniversary of that day, they would remember just what the price was for their adultery. But they had come to lie about it; to make money off of it. The lies became their identity.

After the fifth year Marge filed for divorce on grounds of abandonment and it was granted. What judge would not grant such a request from a grieving mother? She was allowed all of the assets she could locate, Little Man left records showing everything she knew about; but nothing about his real investments and wealth. Each asset was spelled out in detail so there would be no doubt as to what she was entitled to. This meant, of course, that anything not listed she did not get title to. She was also granted custody of Jenny, but the order would have to be served before a warrant could be issued for any crime, much less kidnapping.

Disappearing with a custodial parent before any court order was issued or before any action was even filed, much less served, was not a crime and no personal jurisdiction was ever obtained over Little Man.

Investigators looking for "Little Man's" employer came up with a blank; no one could tell where the company was he worked for or where the money came from. The computer he had been using at home was left as it was. Every expert that looked at it found nothing at all on it. Their checking account information, calendars for bill paying, credit card statements. He never even cancelled the credit cards; he just left. "Little Man" did take his laptop computer, old habits die hard.

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