tagErotic CouplingsMy Memoirs: The Great Dane

My Memoirs: The Great Dane


I really like this one. He made me cum more times than you can imagine and he isn't even huge. He's a very decent size though. I can't fit him all the way in my mouth yet, but I'm close. How many times did we fuck? The night he came over, it was 5, and then in the morning, we fucked two more times.

Yes, I know, details. This entry probably won't be so detailed though because cumming so much made my brain all mushy and the details all hazy in my mind. We started out kissing. I really like the way he kisses. I'm guessing he likes kissing me too because he told me that I use just enough tongue to make it good, but I don't use it too much so that it's like I'm attacking him. He was sitting on my bed and I had to ask his help in getting his pants undone. (Heh, I could do it myself every time afterwards though.) I remember leaning down to take his cock in my mouth. I took him down as far as I could and I could almost make it to the bottom. My mouth was about a finger-width away from the base. then we stripped naked, I lay down, and he pushed his rock hard dick inside of me. My pussy was mad tight though because it had been awhile since I got any, so I ended up bleeding a little from stretching. It felt so good though and I didn't want him to stop. He fucked me deep and fast, and it felt so good that I definitely remember cumming 6 times that first time. He came pretty quickly, but it was enough for me. I could feel his hot cum all over my stomach, but I really didn't mind. I dipped my finger in it and licked it off. I have to say, he does taste better than other guys I've been with.

After that, we chilled for a little bit, but then I started to get horny again. I started sucking his dick again, and then he wanted me to lick his balls. He's shaved down there, so I didn't mind. I licked and sucked his balls, then licked his dick from the base up before sucking it to the back of my throat. I climbed on top of him and rode his cock like mad. He would lift his hips up so that he could force his dick so hard and so outrageously deep inside of me. He made me cum so much. after awhile, I just couldn't take it anymore. I ended up collapsing on top of him, but he just kept going, making me cum even more. I had to climb off of him so that I could really take a break. I started licking his cock some more, tasting myself on him. He was soaked from me. I had dripped onto his balls, so I licked those too.

Throughout the night, we fucked three more times. He fucked me from behind, grabbing my hips and my tits before cumming on my back. We tried to fuck standing up, but he's too tall for me and we had to stop. We ended up with him on top. He really gets into it, which I absolutely love. He gets this really intense look on his face that I think is adorable. He made me moan really loud and I got worried that the neighbors would hear, but it felt so good that I just didn't care anymore. I ended up giving him a lot of hickeys that night. He also ended up using my vibe on me which I thought was really hot. He got hard real quick while he was watching himself play with me. God he feels like heaven.

We went to sleep, but then people were being loud outside, so we woke up again. I ended up horny again, so I started licking him to make him hard again. He wanted me to ride him, but I was pretty happy just sucking him off for awhile. After awhile though, I got really horny and I just wanted him inside of me. I was so outrageously wet that his dick slipped easily inside of me. We fucked so much that I ended up loosening up a little but I was still tight enough to make it feel good for him and me. Afterwards, we fell asleep again, but then I woke up because I was horny. So while he was sleeping, I crept down the bed and started stroking his dick until he was partially hard. He was still sleeping and I wanted him really hard, so I licked his balls again and sucked on his dick some more. he woke up smiling, which I thought was cute. I climbed back on top of him and we had more sex. My thighs hurt like crazy. We fell back asleep, but later on, I woke him up again the same way. We fucked with me on top, but we had to stop because I started bleeding. we really did have too much sex. I went to take a shower, but when I came back, we ended up having sex AGAIN. We fucked with me on top, then with him on top. he came in my mouth this time, which I'm very happy to report.

Ugh. That made me so outrageously sore. We had way too much sex. I couldn't even walk right afterwards.

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