My Mother Squirts


"Thank you. That was the most intense feeling of my life," my mother said in between kisses.

I wrapped my hands behind her head and pulled her towards me so I could kiss her a few more times. "I've never felt anything like that either. It was so amazing."

"I'm not on the pill," she bluntly stated. "I didn't intend on things going this far between us and I didn't think I would need it."

"So what you going to do know..."

She smiled. "I've never been with a man who made me feel so special. Whatever happens, I would be happy with the outcome. But for now, let's enjoy this wonderful moment between us."


My mother became pregnant after we had sex in the outdoors. She never told anyone who the father was. Whenever she was asked about it, she simply said that she went to a clinic to get fertilized, not caring what anybody thought of her.

We also continued our incestuous relationship with each other, and my mom never had to worry about finding a man to appreciate how much she could squirt. I later found out that she turned down several dates with other men because of how happy we were with together. Her getting pregnant made us even closer, both emotionally and sexually. The sex we had became more erotic as her breasts became heavier, and her large nipples and areolas became even larger. The milk that she was producing was also able to spice up our sex life with each other.

But that's another story...

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/26/14

horny aussie

Great story HeyAll, I'm now waiting with baited breath for the follow on story, so please dont keep us all waiting to long

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by Anonymous06/04/14

so fucking hot

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