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My Neighbour's Story


Hello this is a story that really took place but names and locations are changed

I am a good-looking man 33 years old and I established my own company few years ago.

Once I was working late and on my way out I heard some noises I looked towards it and saw that the door to the office next to mine is opened and there is an argue going between two women and I recognized the sound of my neighbor.

I went to see what was going on and was surprised of what I saw.

My neighbor standing in front of an another woman that was holding her by the hair by one hand and the other hand in her blouse trying to free her left tit from the bras.

Once let loose my neighbor's tit swung out and the other woman quickly grabbed it cupping it and with her fingers got the nipple and begun squeezing until she dug out a scream of my neighbor's mouth how did not seem enjoying the act.

My neighbor is called Sandra and she is an engineer. She is about 40 years old but still a knock out; tall slim legs perfect big tits long neck incredible cleavage thin waist black hair brown eyes.

The stranger woman was cursing Sandra calling her names and trying her best to hurt her and telling her that she have to do what ever she is asked to do without protest or she knows what can happen to her.

Despite my surprise I felt my bulge grow in my pants so I decided to stay to see what will happen next, and went to hide in a corner where I can see the inside of the room without being seen.

Next the woman ordered Sandra to undress and to help her undress, and so did Sandra she opened her blouse then unzipped her skirt and left it to fall to the flour and went to help the stranger undress she opened her blouse and unhooked her bras from the claps between the tow cups holding the tits. The most perfect and sexiest pair of tits came out loose, immediately Sandra massaged them squeezing them, the flesh came out between her fingers in a delightful way that made my cock grow further.

Next Sandra got one tit in her mouth and began suckling it and with her hands cupped the other and teased the nipple, and to reach up she was bending her back which made the string of her panties to go in her pussy that was perfectly seen from behind.

Then the stranger got a hand full of hair and drew Sandra to the couch saying that today she will learn to eat pussy and taste woman juice and also learn to give pleasure to women.

The stranger lied down dragging Sandra with her by the hair spread her legs and drag Sandra's mouth to her soaked panties and ordered her to begin by smelling her twat.

Not having done this before as it was clear Sandra was disgusted and wanted this to end quickly so she moved the string to one side and began kissing the lips of the other woman how ordered her to use her tongue and so she did. The stranger began to get exited and as she came close to orgasm she forced Sandra's head further between her legs and began to rub her pussy lips on her mouth and nose and in no time she was coating Sandra's face with her juice moaning and breathing heavily.

After she subsided she redressed and gave Sandra's nipples anther painful tug and kissed her on the lips and told to be ready the day after tomorrow for the next session and to be prepared for something new.

Chap. –2 the story

When the stranger woman left Sandra began to cry in a loud voice, which made me feel pity for her. I always fantasized about Sandra and always dreamed to get close with her, so I decided to go in no matter what will be.

She almost jumped when she saw me at her door and grabbed her blouse and tried to hide her cleavage then remembered that she was bottomless and tried to cover what she could of her legs and panties releasing her blouse revealing her bras to me that almost did not cover the nipples. And to comfort her I took off my jacket and threw it on her legs and reached her blouse and closed it with one button and putt my hand around her neck and drew her closer on my chest. Her crying increased and although I felt sorry for her I also felt exited and horny that my cock was like a steel bar.

I waited until she subsided and asked her what is this all about. She began to cry again, I reached and wiped her tears of her face and looked in her eyes. She drew a long breath and said that it is a long weird story. I have a lot of time if you have I said. She got up and said that she will tell me some of it today and maybe some other time she will tell me the rest, and I realized that she was not shy anymore and dropped the jacket.

She came next to me and said get ready to hear my painful story.

It began all last week when I discovered that my husband was cheating on me since we got married with lot of women and that he did not miss a chance to screw any woman he had the chance to. I was mad and confused especially when he told me that he did regret doing it and doubt if he will stop doing it.

We live in a country in Middle East where woman does not have a lot of freedom and where a woman should stick to her husband whatever happens.

She lit a cigarette and went on with her story: feeling all that rage inside me my mind was confused and I met this woman how came to me for some business, and as she realized that I was so confused she asked what was wrong. Feeling an urge to talk to someone I told her my story and asked her if she knew what to do and she immediately recommended that I do the same.

What do you mean I said? Fuck around and have fun with men she said. I was shocked and did not know what to say. After a minute of silence she asked me if I was convinced to do it. I did not answer, after another minute she asked me again if she succeeded to persuade me to do it and I said that I will think it over. But she insisted that I do it today or I will not feel relief and also I will not know if it is good to do it or no, not having done it before with else than my husband.

So I said yes but don't know anyone that I might invite to fuck me, and how I will see again someone how fucked me and made me cum. This is all ridiculous I said.

She said that this can be worked out, and asked me to wait for her for a half an hour.

I sat down and waited, I felt strongly aroused thinking of getting to meet a totally stranger and to allow him to fuck me and please me and to please him in my turn.

Soon I heard voices and realized that they were here at my door. I looked and saw a very beautiful guy long, dark hair, blue eyes strong body with big muscles well formed chest with a lot of hair coming out of the opening of his blouse and with a cock easy to predict from above his jeans.

I was exited and began wetting my pants just from thinking of getting fucked by this stranger with the help of another woman and with her watching it.

I am randy the guy said; I am Sandra I replied, nice to meet you, you look very sexy, I hope you fuck as good as you look. His words shocked me and made me even hornier, with that the woman whom I don't even know the name came behind me, encircled my body with her arms and reached for my tits, massaged them opened tow buttons, held the cups of my bras and flipped them freeing my tits which sprang out and immediately my nipples began hardening when I saw how they affected the look on Randy's face, she again cupped my breasts and pushed them up and pushed me forward towards randy with her body as she was offering him my tits. When I was close enough he reached and took one nipple with his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it rolling it and pulling it away from my chest. I felt a little pain but got even more exited sensing that I was used for sex and not loved, feeling like dirty made things unusual for me and more exiting.

He then took me in his hands and squeezed my hole body to his and kissed me nicely on my forehead, cheeks, neck, and down to my cleavage between my breasts, than suddenly broke off and took off his top. The site of his hairy chest made me moan with delight he then unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to the floor, his bulge trying to free itself from the panties holding it. He then sat down on my couch and the other woman to undress me, I can do it myself I said. No you will let her do it for you. I was not sure of it, I have never had a woman this close to me and felt embarrassed when she cupped my tits before and did not like it. Being so hot and horny and wanting so much to get fucked and to cum with an orgasm that I did not taste for almost a month now I submitted let my hands down to my sides and said to the woman will you please do what he said so we can go on with this, with that she said what is the matter are you that horny honey, y.. y.. yes I said with a trembled voice, are you shy honey why don't you speak up do you want him to fuck you, yes I said.

She came sat down on the couch facing randy opened her legs and drew up the hem of her dress to reveal her lacy legs Randy's cock began growing, she got up freed it and slid Randy's panties down to his ankles took his cock in her hand and gave it a few tugs licked its tip and came back to her place and waved for me to come in front of her when I was in front of her she held the hem of my skirt and brought it up to my lips and told to bite and hold it with my teeth, strangely I did, she then slid my panties down held me by the hips and went on my lips with her tongue, it felt warm and nice and soon it was difficult for me to keep my balance and she felt it. She turned me to face randy and began stripping me for him taking her time in removing each peace of clothes. In about five minutes I was naked trying to cover up a little, randy came to me kissed me on the lips forcing his tongue in my mouth and took my hand and placed it on his cock, I began stroking it then suddenly I felt pressure on my shoulders and complied going down until I was face with a long thick cock, then a sharp pain in my nipples I screamed but as I opened my lips the monster cock went in, the woman pinched my nipples so I open for him. Then she forced my head forward forcing me to swallow more and more until I struck the back of my throat and felt like throwing up, I struggled to back but she kept the pressure for about 30 seconds until my color changed to red. I backed up a little and began blowing randy, the woman reached for my cunt from behind and massaged it and went with her fingers until she found my clit and squeezed it which drove me crazy and I bit the cock in my mouth she held her fingers for a while then released, the blood flow in my clit again almost made me cum, she repeated the procedure until I came moaning around the cock that kept getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. Almost I came like I did not for long time but I was not satisfied yet so I said to randy, you will stay sitting there or you are going to use that monster thing between your legs, is it for sucking and show or it can be used also. With that he came turned me around bent my from the waist above the side of the couch and held me there with one hand and with the other took his cock and told the other woman to come and help him she immediately came lubricated it in her mouth took it and forced its tip between my cunt lips he immediately drove with one trust all the way in until it hit my cervix. It was painful to be stretched like that and fucked that deep. I never felt like it before, he waited until I subsided then withdrew keeping only the head in then shove it all the way in again and I screamed from pain and surprise. Then he began fucking me from behind with long strokes hitting my cervix each time he went in, the combination of pain and pleasure of being so full like I never experienced before drove me to another orgasm feeling my cunt squeezing his cock he stopped waited a while turned me on my back held my ankles and continued his fucking looking me directly in the eyes. The woman came and sat at my head which she drew to her lap and held my head and looked me in the eyes too and forced her finger in my mouth and began asking:

Is he good, I didn't answer

Is he fucking you good; yes I answered with a trembled voice

Do you like to be fucked with me watching you; yes I answered

Pity you can't see what he is doing to you he has a big cock filling your tight cunt and stretching you. He is going in now drawing your lips in with his cock, he is withdrawing it now look how your lips are coming out with his cock that is great and exiting, look at his big balls slapping your asshole this is to much for me and she began working her hand in her pussy.

With all the I was getting and from the hot description she was giving I busted in a big orgasm that lasted for about one minute I felt every muscle in my body contract and felt my heart beats quicken and as I lost breath. And closed my eyes like I was going to faint.

Enough I said I can't take it anymore you've got to stop or you will kill me.

But I am not doe yet I need to cum or my balls will burst.

So what I can do for you I replied how can I help you, my cunt is sore and don't even think about getting back in there again.

His eyes lit and said well that leaves to holes to consider. I froze what holes did he mean. He then made it more clear well there is that little hole next to your cunt and inserted a finger up my ass and drove it al the way in with one trust and I let out a scream that made the woman at my head put her hand on my lips to muffle it.

No way I answered; take your finger out and now.

It is not that bad he said; no way I replied nothing but your finger went up there until now and considering the size of your tool I am not thinking of trying it. He took his finger out and said well that leaves one choice; name it I said; your mouth he replied, I can fuck your mouth; ok I said but without going to the back of my throat; ok he replied but I will cum in your mouth and you will have to swallow what I will deposit there; I waited and said coming in my mouth can be ok but swallowing I don't know I will try it but no promises.

Then him and the woman helped on all four he took his cock and put it on my lips after a little hesitation I opened and he drove in I held the base with one hand to prevent him of going deep and with the other hand I supported my weight.

He began pumping in and out of my mouth with me holding the base and squeezing his balls putting a finger behind them. He kept doing this for tow minutes then he began pumping with more force and speed and suddenly I felt something robbing against my cunt lips I turned back letting the cock off my mouth and saw the woman with a strapon black thin dildo coming from a belt she wore trying to stick it in my sore cunt. I tried to protest but wanted to taste what it looked like so I shut my eyes and let her slide it in past my sore lips, having had a lot of orgasms without randy Cumming in me my pussy was dry and she could not go in so she came and put it on my lips and asked me to lubricate it to make it easier for me and her I did and as she got back she put it on my cunt lips and forced it in going slowly but with one firm stroke when it was all in she began withdrawing and I felt randy grab my ears and shoving his cock back in my mouth trying to go down my throat and it was painful. I tried to back but the woman trusted forward and pushed me helping the cock to deeper until it went a little down my throat.

He withdrew and I backed suddenly she took the dildo out and aimed at my little virgin hole I panicked and tried to go forward to escape it but there was the cock wanting my throat waiting for me and went down my throat, I backed to avoid it but the dildo found it's way up my ass; it was painful; I never experienced such pain and couldn't scream because of the cock stretching my mouth.

So there I was stuck between the cock seeking my throat and the dildo that is hungry for my asshole so I stood still and let them do what they wanted and tears soaked my cheeks. Not being able to go all the way down my throat he asked the woman for help she reached for my hair gathered it with one fist and forced my head straight facing Randy's cock how drove down my throat and began fucking my mouth without mercy driving his meat all the way down grinding his bush on my nose then he was speeding and I knew he was close to Cumming so I tried to back to avoid tasting his sperm but the woman speeded up to trying to cum with him too, I felt his cock tremble in my mouth and a shot of hot salty liquid struck the back of my throat I tried to back again but the woman was Cumming to so she kept the dildo deep in my ass and pushed me forward I opened my mouth to let the cum dribble from my lips but there were to much so I swallowed some to make room for the rest of it. He then withdrew took his cock and wiped it clean using first my cheeks than my hair. he reached for his clothes dressed.

It was nice to fuck you bitch maybe I will be back with some friends next time he said on his way to the door and left me lying on my stomach with the woman on my back and her fake coke buried deep up my ass.

I felt ashamed humiliated and used, I felt soreness in my cunt, ass, jaws, I felt dirty I needed to get home take a shower and go immediately to sleep. I rolled the woman off me got up dressed and excused myself leading her to the door with her clothes in her hand, not looking her in the eye I closed the door and went down quickly to my car and went home.

Chap. -3 helping me to relief

So if this happened why do you keep doing it although you are not happy with it as I saw?

What I did not tell you is that while they did me the woman had the camera attached to my computer film me and she's got it now and is blackmailing me into what you saw and heard.

I am sorry, how can I help you. I don't know she replied, right now it's you who needs help, she said that putting her hand on my very hard cock.

It seems that my story did what it did to your friend here, let's see what I can do for it.

She reached the zipper and undid it and released my cock, which was killing me, and as her soft hand touched it's head I felt in heaven and how much I needed to cum, I helped her sliding my pants and panties down then she began stroking me, precum oozed from the tip as she moved her hand she licked it: nice taste she said, so how can I please you, how do you think your friend wants to be done. Needing so much to cum I said it doesn't matter just empty it anyway you like. She speeded the stroking and said is this good or maybe this is better and opened her mouth and swallowed my hard member all the way down her throat and kept it there for a while then withdrew her had and looked at my face and said you look nice when teased. I really want to suck you off or let you fuck one of my holes but I feel sore, yesterday randy was here and fucked me for a good hour and a half and that bitch worked her strapon in available holes too so they fucked the shit out of me that I can barely walk so I will stroke it for you and you may cum where ever you want on me.

With that she began stroking me good looking me in the eye. Come on sweetie give it to me blow your load, give it to my face, don't you like to see your cum all over my face. Will you come tomorrow to see me fucked, do you like to watch me getting fucked in every hole, do you like to see boys hurting me using me for pleasure, come on cum on my face and neck with those last wards I grabbed my cock and began jerking giving her access to my balls, she licked them and bit them which sent me to the edge and blew my load first blast into her hair then aimed to her face on her left eye the third hit her lips and dribbled to her breast just on the nipple and a fourth hit her neck under her ear, my eyes were shut I blew a load like I never done before and still want more.

When I opened my eyes I saw her gathering what I gave her and liking and tasting it. I will be glade to taste your sperm whenever you want dear neighbor your company is good and your taste is good too.

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