tagLoving WivesMy Wife and an Older Man Ch. 05

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 05


I'm the husband in the previously posted, My Wife And An Older Man, stories. My thanks to Cleo for how much she's helped both Anne and I get through this difficult period of our lives.

Yes, Anne and I are still together, now completely settled into our roles as cheating slut wife and cuckold husband. There, I've said it and it's out in the open now. This whole mess has all been my fault.

I let it happen the first time with Anne and that guy Walt who stayed at our home for a short while. He's working in the Far East now, but I'm sure he will return in a year or two once his job there is finished.

I know when he returns he will again stay with us for a while and when he does, Anne will sleep in his bed every night. I will once more lie awake all night, listening to their grunts, moans and squeals as he pummels her depths in every hole, clutching my own hard cock and feeling rejected and jealous. I know what I am, but I can't wait. I love it.

With that said, both Anne and I have now settled into our roles and I'm not sure we would change anything even if we could. I no longer try to deny the fact that I like watching what she does to other men, and she no longer fights her uncontrollable impulses.

She just compliantly, obediently lets the men I bring home do whatever they want to her as I watch and jerk-off. We are both completely addicted to it, and yes, we still love each other and have great sex together.

We have a few "regulars" she services. They will come by our house periodically, or when they're in town. Al, the guy I found him on Craig's List (I wrote about him in one of the previous stories), comes to Dallas every couple months, but he is becoming too abusive and perverse even for us.

After he'd finished using Anne for hours the last time in town, he actually urinated on her as she lay exhausted, laughing as he did. I was really pissed about that and told him if he did that again he couldn't come back. He just smirked as he left, and for some reason Anne wants him back again. He has one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen on any man, and I know that's the reason.

Later, she even said it wasn't all that bad being pissed upon. I asked Cleo about the incident and she said it was just "phase" and it would pass.

I work out a lot at the gym and sometimes notice guys in the shower who are well hung, befriending them and eventually inviting some of them over for drinks. Or, maybe Anne and I will just go to a bar or hotel lounge where she will indicate if she is interested in someone there, and I will do the rest.

One would think she'd go for the handsome hunks. She doesn't. Anne likes the big rough-looking guys, sometimes, even the fatter ones. Looks are not important to her. I once asked her if she wanted me to find her some bikers and she said, no, she prefers one-on-one situations.

Yes, I am jealous and it hurts as I watch her stare into a guy's eyes as she sucks his tongue, wallowing beneath him like a snake. But my throbbing cock doesn't know this. It never gets old watching as she slips to her knees on a new man and takes his cock into her throat for the first time - seeing him pounding a thick cock into her wonderfully-rounded ass as she moans and twists in front of him.

I'm hard now just thinking about it.

Once in a while, picking up strangers gets sort of dangerous. Like the guy last month. We went to one of our favorite places, an up-scale hotel near the airport.

Lots of out-of-towners stay there. One guy made a bee-line for Anne as soon as I made a pit-stop. I came back and saw him at her table, went to the bar and drank a beer as I watched them. By that time, I already had a boner.

He looked a lot like Walt, the guy I mentioned earlier, but a little younger - mid-forties. Big guy, older than me, with a beer gut, big hands, needing a shave. After a few minutes of chit-chat, they got up to dance, if you could call it that.

Anne wore a short pleated skirt, and heels. This guy had to bend over her, but his knee was tightly pressed against her pussy. They drifted toward the back of the dance floor where he immediately smashed his mouth down on hers. I saw their tongues were busy. I grasped my hard cock inside my pocket and watched them dry-fuck on the dance floor.

As the song ended, she led him by the hand towards me, smiling. His pants were protruding out a good six inches but he didn't seem to notice. I didn't say a word, just dug out my car keys and headed for the parking lot as they followed.

Anne got into the rear seat with him and I watched in the mirror. I was barely out of the parking lot when I saw her face-down in his lap, and slurping sounds coming from behind me. I will say this. When she pulled off of it, I could see the guy was hung like Walt - who had the biggest hammer I'd ever seen.

I almost ran off the road watching her lick down the shaft and then engulf it again, a tiny moan escaping her stuffed mouth. We were almost home when I saw him clutch the back of her hair, lift off the seat and grunt. It lasted for a full minute, Anne choking and gagging when he finally released her head. She took a deep breath and went right back down on it again, slurping loudly for my benefit.

Anne was out the rear car door as soon as I stopped in our driveway, dragging him by the hand. After what she'd just done, she was probably climbing the wall wanting that thing stuffed inside her drenched pussy. I'd had to look away several times to keep from cumming myself.

The guy didn't even look at me. It was as if I didn't even exist. As for me, my cock hurt so bad I could barely follow them inside. I found Anne's dress on the floor outside our bedroom door.

That hurt. She'd taken him into our bedroom this time. Usually it was the guestroom. I stopped at the door and saw she was already sucking his cock back to full mast again. It was like a horse's cock. Her slender frame looked small in front of his hulking figure. He did have a gut, but his chest was thick and hairy, his tanned thighs large and muscular.

A shiver of dread shot through me as I wondered if Anne might get more than she bargained for this time. He roughly shoved her onto her back and she lay there with her legs open, half fearful, staring up at him expectantly.

His little grin looked like a wolf as he moved his cock close to her opening, held it there for an instant. I could see she was more than ready, open, pink showing, glistening wet.

Still, the head of that huge thing looked like a baseball trying to get inside her, as he grunted and shoved it against her open pussy lips. Anne cried out with what sounded more like pain than lust, as he finally popped inside.

He offered her no respite as those large thighs drove forward, forcing the stiff meat along her smaller shaft, until I heard her cry out softly, "Wait. Please give me . . ."

He plunged into her, pulling her hips toward him, his thick arms knotted with effort as she cried out again. I wondered if I should try to help her, although I knew this guy could break me in two like a match if he wanted. He was finally inside her, mostly, his nuts dangling against her quivering ass, still grinning down at her. He stared at me for a moment.

"This is one fine-looking piece of ass you have for a wife, faggot. Watch what a real man can do."

As he withdrew, the pink lining of her pussy channel came with it, then he plunged back inside as she cried out again, tears flowing this time. She flopped around like a rag doll as he held her against his groin, pounding into her like a machine.

Finally her hands came up to grasp his shoulders, slowly sliding down to cup his ass, lifting up to meet his thrusts and pulling his ass into her as she fought to reach the orgasm she'd been wanting ever since leaving the hotel.

He lowered his mouth and my sweet Anne offered hers in return, licking his thick lips, biting them, sucking them, taking his tongue. Jealousy surged through me and I couldn't take any more, exploding into a tissue, over and over until my knees felt they'd collapse.

Gasping for breath, I sagged onto the carpet just as Anne screamed out with her orgasm. He was only seconds behind her. The only sounds in the room for a full five minutes, was us trying to catch our breath.

Then he said, "Get over here and lick this thing clean, Faggot."

What? He was talking to me! I stumbled to my feet and backed toward the door as he laughed.

"You like cock, don't cha? Come on."

As I retreated, I heard Anna explaining that I wasn't gay, I only like to watch big cocks entering her.

His name was Larry. He was a construction engineer, there to evaluate a new city development. He would be in Dallas for three more days. He told us both he'd be staying with us, not giving us an opening to complain. Larry was absolutely fearsome, his eyes boring right through you like he could pull your legs off and not feel a thing.

OK, I was scared of him, and Anne said she was too. Rubbing salt into the wound, he slept in my bedroom – with my wife. He also forbid me to watch them, relegating me to the guest bedroom, listening to their rutting all night, only able to imagine what they were doing to each other.

They were still sleeping when I left for work the next morning. I found them on the pool when I got home, he in swim trunks, her in the familiar white shorts and stretchy halter-top. He was wet, like he'd been for a lap in the pool, Anne looking fresh and beautiful.

I heard her laughter before I saw them. I changed from sport coat and tie, into shorts and t-shirt before joining them. Our bed was still unmade.

As I came out, Larry was seated beside Anne on the loveseat. He called out, "Bring me a beer when you come."

"You know where they are, Larry. I worked hard and I'm tired."

I knew instantly that was a mistake. His mean eyes froze me in place. "I'm tired, too, Faggot. I been fucking your pretty wife all day. Now bring me a fucking beer before I slap the piss out of you."

I brought him a beer, setting it on the table, taking a seat across from them. Staring me in the eyes, Larry dared me to say anything as he took Anne's unresisting hand and ran it under the loose leg of his trunks. I saw her grasp him through the cloth, watching as he grew stiff. He had that wolf's grin on his face, and I knew he was taunting me, his eyes locked on mine.

"How many times did we fuck today, Doll?"

Anne hesitated, but I could see Larry had somehow already intimidated her today as well.

"I . . . don't know. Maybe three?"

"And a blow job, right?"

"Yes," she responded in a small voice.

"I just can't get enough of this fine looking ass, Faggot," he said in a deep voice.

"I'm not a faggot."

"If I say you're a faggot, you're a faggot. Say another word and I'll have you sucking my cock. Got it?"

I nodded silently, glaring back. I had to tell him to leave, but if I did, he'd probably beat me to a pulp – at the very least. Maybe it was better to wait him out for, what? Two more days? An eternity. I silently groaned. I wasn't sucking him off, that was for sure.

"Just for being a wiseass, watch this. Suck my cock, Doll face."

Anne obediently dropped to her knees and tugged his shorts down, pulling them off. His sacks were huge, laying limply between his hairy thighs, that horse cock already semi-hard. Whatever he'd done to her earlier, she didn't hesitate, swallowing the whole thing. He grinned at me.

"She's good. The best I ever had. Best looking too. Maybe, I'll keep her."

That really scared me. I'd fight him if he tried something like that.

"I like people to do what I tell them. Your wife has already learned that, and you will too. Don't believe it? Watch."

He pushed her mouth away, raised his knees and wrapped his hairy arms under them, sliding down, spreading the hairy cheeks of his ass.

"Come on and show hubby you know what to do, Doll face."

Anne lowered her face into his steamy crack and began feasting on his hole. She licked, bit, slurped as Larry grinned at me. I couldn't hide the fact that I had a boner, sticking straight up inside the soft fabric of my Jersey shorts.

He finally pushed her wet face away, pulling her up to straddle his red cock. "Sit on it and get me off. Don't cum though. You know what will happen if you disobey me."

Nodding eagerly, almost frantically she climbed over him, positioned her cunt over his throbbing meat, and slowly lowered onto it. It pushed inside, stretching her lips apart so I'd never be able to satisfy her again. How she took it all I'll never know, but soon she was bouncing on it like she was going out of her mind, growing louder and louder as she approached her climax.

"I'm . . . almost there . . . baby . . . can I cum?"

"No," he said, staring at me.

"Please baby. I can't . . ."

"Better listen to me bitch. I said no."

"Oh . . . god . . . I pleaseeee?"

I could see her toes working and knew she was cumming. She was going nuts riding his cock, sobbing, hair flying around, covering her face. What he'd do to her because she disobeyed him, I didn't know yet. I was close, myself. Did I need permission, too? Fuck him.

As she slowly came down from her climax, he said, "Now you've done it Bitch. Get up."

Anne's face was tear-streaked, her eyes filled with fear as she stared up at him. "I haven't gotten off yet," he said. "Bend over the chair and spread 'em."

"Please . . ." she muttered.

He grasped her arm and I could see it hurt. "Remember?" he said.

"Yes." She turned around, bend over the chair, and spread her ass cheeks with both hands. Larry grinned at me as he positioned himself behind her.

"See how this obedience thing works?" he said, winking.

No way would that baseball-sized knob fit inside her puckered asshole. I knew Walt, who was also well-hung, and Al who was thick as a beer can, had done it to her, but this thing looked even more formidable.

My cock throbbed with pain as I watched him press its crown against the little brown ring.

"Please don't," she muttered softly.

Hands on each of her hips, Larry pulled her back against his rampant cock, pushing his thighs forward. Anne sobbed, softly at first, then louder.

"Better bite your arm or something," he said. "If you scream, I'm gonna bury it all at once."

I saw Anne's mouth close on her arm, and heard muffled screams as he ploughed deeper inside her bowels. I could feel my nuts churning as I fought to keep from shooting my load. I wanted to help her, but was rooted to the spot, heart beating like a steam engine. He took maybe five minutes to get inside, and I could see her swollen belly once he'd made it.

She was whimpering now, like a small hurt animal. Larry slowly pulled the lining of her bowels out as he withdrew, then back inside.

"You should've listened to me, Doll face. I said don't cum."

His pace was picking up some now, and soon, he was driving into her ass like he did her pussy. I noticed Anne no longer cried out, only moaning a little. Soon she was helping him.

Finally, she cried out, "Can I cum, Larry. Please let me."

He waited a moment, then said, "Do it Bitch. Do it."

Larry's nuts tightened up and his cock throbbed as he shot his load deep inside my wife's bowels. I could see Anne's swollen pussy lips quivering as she also came. I watched them climax together as I shot halfway across the pool.

As Larry withdrew a river of cum streams from her tortured little asshole, which was now gapping open and raw looking. The next two days was going to be hell.

The next day was Friday and as I arrived home from work around 6:30 PM, I met Larry and my wife just leaving. Anne was dressed fit to kill, in a short black dress and heels. "Going out to dinner," he said gruffly.

Then he grinned. "Looks great, doesn't she?"

I wanted to kill him, but I'd probably need a gun for that, so I helplessly watched them drive off in her Lexus. I made up my mind I'd tell him to leave as soon as they returned. I could call the police, but my neighborhood wasn't used to things like that and it would cause a real screen. I couldn't threaten him. He'd probably just beat the shit out of me – maybe her too. I'd have to think about this.

I was watching TV around 10:30 when I heard the Lexus drive into the driveway. When they came in, her face seemed red and I could tell they'd both been drinking.

Larry paused to see the score on TV, "The fucking Heat's gonna win this round, but when they get to San Antonio, the Spurs 'll kick their ass!"

I didn't answer as they sat down together on the couch. Anne curled up with her long legs under her, and Larry placed a possessive hand on her covered thigh. We watched the game in silence for a while and Larry said, "Get me a beer, will you Babe?"

Anne didn't look at me as she obediently went to do his bidding. Coming back, she handed him the bottle and curled up beside him again. This time her skirt was a little higher on her legs and his hand rested on her bare thigh. Toward the end of the 4th quarter, I glanced over to see his hand had traveled upward quite a bit.

"That was one fine steak," he said to no one in particular. He mentioned the name of the restaurant they'd gone. It was the best in Dallas, one of mine and Anne's favorite.

"Nothing like a good steak while a beautiful woman plays with your cock under the table."

I gripped the arms of my chair and glared at him, but he just grinned back as if he were daring me to retort. He looked absolutely evil. I kept my mouth shut for the moment.

"Doll face here just had a salad," he smirked. "She had her meat after we got to the car. Lots of sauce, too."

Anne's face was burning, but she just bit her lip – then she closed her eyes and I saw her long legs partially part to allow his big hand better access. As the Heat shot their last basket, I heard her softly moan. Larry abruptly stood.

"The Spur will get 'em when they come to town. Come on Doll-face, let's hit the sack." He headed straight for our bedroom without looking back. Anne followed, her eyes averted. I noticed she left the door ajar.

I switched the remote off and just sit there until I heard the unmistakable sound of sex. Although Larry had forbid me to watch them, I went into the adjoining bathroom and peeked in.

He hadn't even taken her dress off. It was bunched up around her slim waist. Anne was on her knees on the bed, Larry behind her with about half of that monster dick buried inside her. Both were straining to get the rest of it inside her wet pussy. He pulled her hips backward as he tightened his huge thighs and thrust into her.

Anne lifted her ass to meet each of his violent surges, seemingly oblivious to any pain he might be causing her. After a minute or two he was buried to the base inside her, his huge balls swinging freely beneath them. I could see Anne's face lying to one side on the bedspread. Her eyes were closed and she looked as though she were in heaven.

I suddenly realized my cock was throbbing so hard it hurt, wrapping my hand around it, seeking relief. Larry slowly eased out of her, pulling pussy walls with the large crown. Anne whimpered, lifting upward, seeking what he was taking away.

I hated the bastard and it hurt to see him doing this my beautiful wife, but I couldn't stop it – and I couldn't stop watching. Unexpectedly, he plunged into her exposed cunt, and began pounding her hole savagely. Anne cried out once, then began helping him violate her.

"Like that cock, Doll-face?" I heard him growl softly.

"Yes . . . yes," she whispered.

"Better than your faggot husband's little dick?" He was grinning down at the back of her head, and I knew he was trying to humiliate her. When she didn't answer right away, he slammed into her viciously.

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