tagLoving WivesMy Wife Fucks a Cyber Friend

My Wife Fucks a Cyber Friend


This is the story of the first time, my wife, Brandie, and I, had met and had a threesome with a fellow named Levi.

Brandie, had been chatting on line with, and swapping emails with Levi, for quite a long time before we ever met him. They had swapped pictures and flirted on line. Levi was in his early 30's, single, of Italian descent, his olive toned complexion and jet black hair told of his heritage. He wasn't a muscle building work out fanatic, but being a young, active, single guy, he was well built without being hard and he wasn't overweight either. About 5'10' tall with a handsome face, my wife was quite taken by Levi's appearance.

Brandie, at the time, was in her later 40's but easily passed for 30's. She carried a little more weight than she would have liked, most of it right around her middle, but she stood 5'7" tall, had blond hair, a pretty face, tanned complexion, 38C tits with nice big nipples, long sexy legs that many women younger than her would kill to have, and an eye catching ass! She had no problem getting a man's attention when she wanted it and Levi was certainly taken by her. He wasn't bashful about expressing his desire to fuck my wife!

We host swingers parties in our home several times a year, and my wife was trying to get Levi to come to our place for one of them. We hosted 2 or 3 parties, after we met him online, before he finally agreed to come to one.

On the night that Levi was suppose to come to the party, he wasn't there right as the party started and my wife was a little disappointed to think he wasn't coming, since she had been looking forward to meeting him, and no doubt, fucking him!

Brandie partied with her girlfriends around our bar, in our home bar/pool room. My wife and some of her girlfriends hang out at the bar, drinking beer and taking shots of tequila, when they aren't busy somewhere else in the house having sex. Once the tequila starts to kick in, my wife will generally go change from the blouse and skirt that she was wearing to start the party, into a slinky, see through sexy nightie of some sort. This night, a couple of hours into the party, she changed into a see through, green lace, short nightie, with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders. She kept her black thigh high stockings, and her black, silk, high heeled pumps on, but she wasn't wearing any bra, or panties. The lacy nightie did little to hide my wife's nice nipples and her cleanly shaved pussy.

It wasn't long after this wardrobe change, that Levi showed up for the party. I was in the dining room, near the sliding glass doors when Levi showed up. I shouted for someone to tell Brandie that Levi was here. When someone shouted out into the bar that Levi was here to meet Brandie, my wife came running through the kitchen to the sliding glass doorway off the back deck, where Levi was being greeted by my friend Eric, who is the "Official Party Greeter". Brandie, already loosened up by the liquor, was overly animated about welcoming Levi, whom she had waited so many months to meet in person. She immediately wrapped her arms around him and gave Levi, a passionate, open mouthed kiss, shoving her tongue into his mouth and grinding her body against his. Levi, I could tell, was very impressed with meeting my wife, especially with that greeting, and with her dressed the way she was! As they were kissing, Levi couldn't help but run his hands over my wife's ass. When they were done kissing and Brandie stepped back a bit from him, I could see Levi eying my wife up and down, taking in the sight of her barely covered, sexy body, stocking covered legs, and high heeled shoes.

Brandie took Levi by the hand and dragged him out to our bar in the pool room, and announced to all her girlfriends, "This one is mine girls! Keep your hands off!", to the laughter of all those in the bar, and a little bit to the embarrassment of Levi. But after a few minutes of partying at the bar with my wife and her girlfriends, Levi was relaxed and enjoying himself.

Since she was already liquored up and in the party mood, my wife was much more forward than she usually is when she first meets a new man, and she was making some pretty provocative sexual advances on Levi. I was sitting on a stool at the bar, watching my wife kissing Levi in hot, passionate, tongue swapping kisses, and encouraging him to feel her up, sometimes going so far as to grab his hand and putting it on her ass, or pussy, and once, she pulled her nightie top down and shoved a nipple in his mouth for him to suck on. I was very turned on by all this sexual display, as I absolutely love to watch my wife when she is hot, horny, turned on, and WANTING sex! One time I watched, as she and Levi were kissing, and Levi slid his hand under my wife's nightie and obviously slid a couple of his fingers into my wife's pussy. I saw her moan and gasp as he did it. My cock was hard as a rock in my pants and I figure Levi's was too, because after they made out like that for a couple of minutes and they came up for air, my wife rubbed the front of Levi's pants, then turned him around to show the big bulge to her girlfriends, who all had to take a turn rubbing it. Levi looked a little embarrassed, but by the smirk on his face, I think he also enjoyed being the center of attention of so many women.

After another shot of tequila, I saw my wife whisper something into Levi's ear and then take him by the hand. She led him out from behind the bar, into the kitchen, and disappeared into the inner parts of the house. I stayed seated at the bar and gave them about 2 minutes to get a head start on wherever they were going and whatever they were going to do, then I went looking for them.

I found them in the living room, my wife was on her back on the couch, with Levi already face down between my wife's legs, eating her pussy! Apparently, there hadn't been much, if any at all, foreplay here! I later found out, (my wife told me), that what she whispered to Levi, was that she wanted him to "eat her", and that when they went in the living room, there wasn't anyone on the couch, so she just laid down on it, spread her legs, and Levi went directly into her pussy, tongue first.

I watched them for several minutes and I was taking pictures with my camera too. There were some other people in the living room in other chairs and love seats watching, and once the word went around the house that Brandie was getting her pussy ate on the couch, others started drifting in and out of the living room to watch. My wife was really turned on from all these months of communicating with Levi and anticipating someday actually being able to have sex with him, being loosened up by the alcohol and already having had Levi's fingers in her pussy, knowing that so many people were watching her get her pussy ate, knowing that I was there watching her, and all that stimulation, had her building towards a tremendous orgasm!

Several times while Levi was making my wife squirm, moan, and groan with pleasure, she would open her eyes and look directly at me. The look of passion and pure sexual enjoyment that she had on her face was absolutely beyond description. I love to see Brandie with that look on her face. That's one of the reasons I love to share her so much. When I'm the one making her look like that, I can't see it as well. When another man is giving my wife that expression of pure sexual joy on her face, then I can stand back and see how erotic, and beautiful she looks when she's like that.

I wanted in on some of the action, so I opened my pants and let my hard cock flop out. Then I stepped over to the couch and bent over my wife's face as I leaned on the couch arm and fed my hard cock into my wife's eager mouth. Then I looked back and forth from the sight of my wife sucking my cock to Levi licking my wife's pussy. Levi's mouth on Brandie's cleanly shaved pussy was bringing her ever nearer to an orgasm and she was gleefully moaning and sucking hard on my cock with every thrill that Levi's tongue and lips were bringing to her snatch! I couldn't take too much of that, or I would lose my load, so after a few minutes, I backed off.

Once I pulled my cock out of Brandie's mouth, she became very vocal, moaning, gasping, groaning, and telling Levi, "Oh God that's so good! You're eating me so good! Oh yeah baby! Lick my pussy!" Then a guttural groan that seemed to start way down in her belly came out in a long, low groan as her belly muscles tightened, she raised her ass up off the couch and my wife had a tremendous orgasm that seemed like it lasted for a full minute as she screamed and squirmed her way through it! (Yes, she got the couch very wet and we had to steam clean it later.)

As Brandie eased back down and relaxed on the couch, I went over and kissed her deeply, and passionately on the mouth, running my tongue into her mouth where my cock had been just a few moments before, then I whispered to her how sexy she was, how beautiful she was, how much I loved to see her that way, and how much I loved her! She opened her eyes for the first time since her orgasm had begun more than a couple of minutes ago, looked me right in the eyes, grabbed me by the back of my head, pulled my face down to hers and said, "I love you too!", then she pulled my mouth onto hers and we shared another hot, passionate kiss.

While we were so engaged in each other, the room could have been full of other people, including the guy, who had just brought my wife to an orgasm, but to Brandie and me, we were the only two people in the room, at that moment. That's the way it is for us, when we have those special intimate moments just between us, even while there's other people near by and possibly other sexual action going on right next to us, we are lost in our own passion for each other and for us, we are the only two people in the room.

Then I stood up, and grabbing Brandie's hand, helped pull her up to a sitting position on the couch. Once she was sitting up, she ran her hands through her hair to smooth it out, then she looked at Levi sitting on the end of the couch and she leaned over and gave him a kiss and told him how wonderful that was.

Then my wife said, "Whew! I think I need some more tequila.", and jokingly said, "If them bitches, (referring to her girlfriends who had been in the bar the whole time she was getting her pussy ate), haven't drank it all!" So she, leading Levi by the hand, and I following, all went back out to the bar to party some more.

A couple of hours later, I was sitting on my bar stool chatting with friends, drinking beer, and I suddenly noticed that Brandie and Levi weren't at the bar. I asked one of her girlfriends where they went and she said, "I don't know. They left several minutes ago." I thought, "Several minutes ago"? Holy cow! I could have missed a whole fuck session already! So, I hopped off my stool and went through the house looking for my wife, and Levi.

I found them on our bed, alone, there wasn't anyone else in the room with them, and they were lying there passionately kissing, making out, and Levi was rubbing my wife's legs and pussy. I just stood there watching them, my cock instantly hard as a rock, and started taking pictures with my camera. A guy came out of the bathroom in our bedroom and as he started to walk past the bed, he stopped and got in on the action, by helping Levi finger fuck my wife's pussy for a couple of minutes. Levi didn't need the help, he was making my wife plenty juicy, (I could hear his fingers squishing around in her very wet pussy!), and almost like a room air freshener, I could smell the aroma of her sex in the air of the bedroom.

After a couple of minutes, the other guy left, and then there was just the three of us in the room. Several people came to the open doorway and peered in from time to time, to see the action, but everyone kept a respectful distance and let the three of us enjoy ourselves.

I sat my camera down and stripped down naked, because I knew this was going to lead to the sloppy seconds that I love so much, and I also wanted to be ready to get in on some of the upcoming action.

My wife and Levi weren't paying me any attention at all. They were totally engrossed in themselves and what they were doing on the bed together. While I was stripping down, my wife rolled towards Levi, pushing him onto his back. Then she opened his pants, and as he lifted his butt off the bed, she slid his pants down off his legs and threw them on the floor.

Levi's cock was of course, already hard and stood straight up as it came free of his pants. I'm not a cock admirer, and I didn't measure it, but Levi's cock was quite long, probably 7 or 8", but it wasn't huge in girth. Not skinny, but not huge either. I think my wife actually liked it just the way it was. She started stroking it up and down as she seemed to be admiring it, and then she slid her mouth over the top of it and started giving Levi one of Brandie's world class blow jobs!

I had been a later 20's GI when I first met my wife, Brandie. I had been around the world and had sex with many women. But I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a better cock sucker than Brandie! And many a man has told me the same thing, although some of them have had to do it when their wives couldn't hear them. So I knew that Levi was going to love this! I took a couple of pictures and walked around to the side of the bed. This was probably the first time the two of them even realized I was in the room. If either of them was surprised to see me standing there naked, with my hard cock standing out in front of me, they didn't show it.

Levi didn't seem to be upset about me being there, naked or otherwise, he didn't seem to be bashful, or nervous about this whole thing at all. Some men are pretty nervous the first time they are in a threesome with a couple they have just met, but I figured that all the many weeks and months that Brandie and Levi had been communicating on the Internet, that she had probably told him many things about what she likes and doesn't like, what I like, etc., and that had made him feel much more comfortable with us than he might normally have been. It wasn't until later the next day, that I found out the extent of the conversations that my wife and Levi had been having on the computer. In some cases, it was pretty close to being what you might call cyber-sex. My wife didn't normally engage in actual cyber-sex, (she didn't do phone-sex either), she can't get into just talking about it, she wants to, DO IT! But the next day, Levi told me some of the very graphic details of what she "likes" that my wife had told him during their exchanges. He also told me that she had reassured him many times just how much I enjoyed sharing her with other men and watching them fucking her. So, that explained Levi's ease and comfort with this whole situation.

In fact as I walked to the side of the bed and was watching my wife's mouth go up and down on Levi's cock, I noticed that he had a handful of her blond hair and he was gently using it to push her head up and down as she was sucking his cock. This is something my wife likes a man to do when she's sucking him and I surmised that she must have told this to Levi, at some point in time, while they were chatting back and forth. She later confirmed, that she had told him, about how much she liked that.

Further showing how at ease he was with the situation, Levi looked up at me and he said, "Man! Your wife really knows how to suck a cock!" Some men are nervous about talking to me, and certainly about talking "about" Brandie, the first time we have a threesome with them.

I told him, "She's the best I've ever had. If you're not careful, she'll make you cum before you want to."

Levi said, "Oh, I'm not gonna let her get me off just yet. I want some of that pussy!"

I assured him it was a long night, he didn't have to leave, he could spend the night with us, even sleeping in the bed with the two of us, (her between us), and that he had plenty of time to get some of her pussy, probably several times before the night was over. The whole time that Levi and I were having this conversation about my wife, she was dutifully working her mouth up and down on Levi's cock.

Then Brandie suddenly pulled her mouth up off Levi, started rolling onto her back, pulling Levi over onto her, and she said, "I'm not waiting! I want this cock now! Come on, FUCK ME!"

The only way my wife is that vocal and that straightforward with any man, especially one she's only met just a few hours before, is if she is slightly liquored up, and HORNY AS HELL! Her cunt must have been on fire and she needed some cock to put that fire out!

I watched as Levi rolled over between my wife's legs and she grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy like she has done me, and many other men, so many times before. It never seems to get old, watching her do that. Every time I see my wife grab another man's cock and pull it towards her waiting and willing pussy, it makes my own cock jump, twitch, and I sometimes have to fight off the urge to blow my load without ever having anyone touching it!

My wife rubbed the head of Levi's cock between her pussy lips, positioned it right at her waiting fuck hole and then put both her hands on his bare ass and pulled him into her. I saw his cock disappear up my wife's cunt until he was buried balls deep and then they just laid there, for a few seconds. I heard my wife moan with pleasure as Levi's cock sank deep into her and I knew she was enjoying this. Then my wife pulled her stocking encased legs up on both sides of Levi, holding her own ankles and laid there as Levi began driving the full length of his cock in and out of my wife's cunt, hitting it hard on the bottom on every drive inward, making his ball sack slap her ass with a very audible "spanking" sound .

Brandie moaned, and groaned with delight each time he hit bottom and pressed his pelvis hard against her clit. I walked around the bed, watching them fucking from every angle and taking a few pictures along the way. The sight of my wife, holding her own ankles, her shear, black, stocking encased legs, the delicate flower tattoo showing through on her right ankle, the heavy gold anklet she wore on that ankle glinting every time it caught a ray of light, and still wearing her satin high heeled shoes, up on both sides of this man she had only met a couple of hours ago, while he was fucking her, was nearly more than I could take! My cock was hard as a rock, leaking fluid and twitching, it wouldn't take much to make me blow my load, so I had to concentrate on not cumming!

At one point, Levi grabbed my wife's right ankle in his hand and pushed her leg higher up in the air, I was standing next to the bed, so I grabbed her left ankle and pushed it up, so now Levi could drive as deep into my wife's cunt as was humanly possible, and she was, LOVING IT! My wife has told me before, that the act of me holding her legs up, while another man is fucking her, gives her some sort of an extra "naughty" thrill! Knowing that her husband is holding her open and available for another man's cock, turns her on even more than whatever the other man is doing to her does.

Brandie laid both her hands palm down flat on the bed, she grabbed hands full of the bed spread and started screaming with delight as Levi drove in hard, and held it there for my wife to have a huge orgasm! The room filled with the strong aroma of my wife's cunt juices and I leaned back to see the white foaming juices around Levi's cock and juices running down my wife's ass crack and soaking the bed spread under her. Levi and I both let my wife's legs down, so she could put the soles of her shoes on the bed. Then as she came down off the high of that orgasm, Levi started slowly fucking her again. After several slow strokes, Levi got up on his knees, grabbing both of Brandie's ankles in his hands, he pushed her legs upward and outward so she was spread as wide as his hands would reach. Then he slowly fucked her as I stood right there by the bed, looking right down at his cock sliding in and out of my wife's sopping wet cunt. My wife opened her eyes and looked up into my face. The look of pure, unadulterated, sexual pleasure on her face was indescribable! I absolutely love it when my wife looks right into my eyes while another man is fucking her.

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