tagGroup SexNew Year's BANG!

New Year's BANG!


New Year's Eve is always crazy for me. I don't know how it always happens. I guess I just attract wild people to me or maybe it's that I look for this kind of stuff.

Last year, this girl I was seeing asked me to go to a New Year's party. I figured what the hell. I wasn't gonna be doing anything anyway.

We got all dressed up and bought some masks that covered our faces down to our mouths. That was the theme of the party, she told me... anonymity.

I thought it sounded strange, but I wasn't going to argue about it. This girl was so hot, and you could say I was "whipped." She had a gorgeous smile, huge 36DD tits, the firmest ass I've ever seen, and let's not even get into her pussy... although I did many many times.

This is all not to mention that she sucked dick like it was about to be made illegal. She loved the taste of precum so much that she sometimes sucked me until I thought I'd pass out. I actually begged her to stop a lot of times because it was too intense.

Anyway, we made it to the party about 10:00 that night. We made our rounds, talking to different people, laughing and having some drinks. I knew only 1 other person at the party, a guy I went to high school with. I recognized him because he had the same geeky haircut from high school, the same weak voice, the same wimpish demeanor. He even dressed kind of like he did in school, like he was begging people to make fun of him. The dead giveaway was when he walked up to a woman with a dynamite figure and said, in his nerdy way, "Hi. I'm... I'm Roger. Would you care to dance?" Just the same as at high school dances, he got laughed at and told to fuck off.

I noticed that there were some really good looking women at the party, at least from what I could see of them. You can't tell a lot about somebody's face when they're wearing a mask.

For the most part, the party seemed pretty lame to me. People were just drinking and talking, nothing serious happening. Occasionally, there were 2 people kissing, but that was as exciting as anything got. The music wasn't even that good. About every 4th or 5th song was something I kind of liked. I was hoping we might leave, partly because I wanted to get my girl into the sack... or onto the floor, a table, the hood of my car, whatever.

After what seemed like years, I noticed people staring at the clock. It was 3 minutes until midnight. Everybody started looking for someone to kiss when the new year rang in.

My girlfriend came up to me and told me to be ready for midnight. I thought ok, no big deal, same shit as every other year.

People began counting down before I knew it... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... "Happy New Year!"

My girl started to kiss me, but she kissed harder and harder, even beginning to grab my dick. The next thing I knew, her hand was down my pants, cupping my balls, right in front of everyone! It was then that I looked around, and she wasn't the only one doing something dirty. Everywhere, people were groping each other, some starting to take off their clothes.

I thought, "What the hell kind of party is this?!"

My pants were soon being pulled down. I was hard as a rock and didn't want other people to see it. I didn't get a chance to say anything, though. I felt my cock being taken out and warm lips wrapped around it while a hand rubbed my balls.

I was getting one of those blowjobs that I could tell was going to be too intense to handle. I started grabbing the back of my girl's head, pressing her hard onto my dick. That girl really could suck like a pro. It was unbelievable. I felt so much sensation running through the head of my dick that I knew I probably couldn't hold back long from blowing my load right into her mouth.

I opened my eyes and took a peek around. There were at least 4 other guys getting their dicks sucked, too and a couple of girls eating pussy. One guy had a woman on his face and one riding him. I thought, "Ok... I get it. New Year's party, masks... orgy, but you're not supposed to know who you're having sex with... I got it."

Focusing on what everybody else was doing took my mind off my dick being jammed down my girl's throat. Once I looked back down at her, I began to feel the startling sensations all over again. Within about 2 more minutes, I was holding her head against me as hard as I could and squeezing it, spewing the biggest, hottest load ever into her awaiting mouth. I came so hard that my toes curled while I was standing. I almost lost my balance and fell. If I hadn't had ahold of her head, I would've. I drained my balls into her, and she gladly took every drop. She even sucked me clean, which was more than I could handle.

When it was all done, she looked up, smiled, and said, "Thanks for the cum, Baby. You know I love a good drink." Laughing, she got up, wiped the rest of my jizz from her mouth and licked her hand clean.

After that, I sat down for a beer and a cigarette, watching the others have fun. By this time, lots of people were fucking... not just casual, typical fucking but hardcore, almost porn-like fucking. The whole place was filled with the sounds of loud moaning and grunting. It was animalistic in every sense.

I suddenly realized that my girlfriend was already blowing another guy. I started to get mad that she would do that to me, but then I figured oh hell, whatever.

Before I could turn away, a very tight blonde in a very tight black dress sat down beside me on the couch. She extended her hand, which made me wonder what it had been touching. "Hi, I'm Jen."

"Adam," I replied, reluctantly taking her hand and shaking it. I went back to my beer immediately. This was all so new to me. I couldn't believe my girlfriend brought me to an orgy. She didn't even bother to explain it. Was I supposed to just fuck any girl I wanted or wait until she said it was ok?

"Hey, Adam, you got one of those smokes for me," Jen asked, smiling at me in a way that seemed to say she would repay me for the cigarette.

I gave Jen the cigarette and then lit another for myself. We talked endlessly, not realizing that we'd each lit cigarette after cigarette. The conversation eventually turned to sex. Jen asked me how I liked to have sex, how many women I'd been with, if I liked to give or just receive oral, how big I was, and on and on and on. I was really turned on but at the same time, kind of annoyed. I still wasn't sure what to do, whether or not I could have sex with this woman that so obviously would be willing.

I thought for a moment and remembered that my girlfriend was off sucking some other guy's dick the last I knew. So, hard again, I whipped out my dick and showed it to Jen, which made her eyes pop out.

"My, my... that is one impressive cock you have, Adam." Without warning, Jen began to grab at it and give it a few strokes, biting her lip as if she really wanted to suck it.

I leaned back and closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them, Jen was halfway out of her dress. She grabbed for my cock again and after a few more strokes, put it in her mouth, massaging it tenderly. On one hand, it wasn't as good as the blowjobs my girlfriend gave me, but on another, it was better, gentler, more attention paid to the head.

Jen looked at me, her lips still pressed firmly on the head of my dick. She looked so beautiful with a dick in her mouth. I wanted to see more of her face, but we weren't supposed to see each other's faces... had to maintain that damn anonymity bullshit.

Jen took her mouth off of my dick, leaving me wondering what was going on. I couldn't help but exclaim, "What the fuck? You aren't gonna suck me off?"

Jen laughed hysterically, and slipping off her panties, replied, "Silly, I'm gonna fuck you!"

I grinned from ear to ear. Here was a gorgeous woman with a killer body that planned to hop onto my dick and take it for a spin.

Jen rode me so hard that I almost begged for mercy. She rode my hard dick like it was her last fuck, and she had to savor every moment.

After a few minutes, I picked Jen up, my cock still buried deep in her tight, soaking pussy. I moved down to the floor and began pumping her hard, making her scream. It was great that I'd came earlier. I was able to fuck for a long time now. Jen let out yelp after yelp of pleasure, until another guy came along and asked if she wanted a second dick. Jen happily and hungrily accepted, taking the other guy into her juicy mouth. I'd never fucked someone with another man around before, but oh well, that's what this night was about, hardcore, unadulterated filthy animal sex.

Jen started cumming again and again, drenching my cock in her cum. It wasn't much longer before I started feeling my balls tensing up, ready to spray a hot load inside Jen's pussyhole.

I couldn't hold back any longer and screamed, "I'm about to fucking cum! I'm gonna fill your pussy so full of cum, bitch!"

I was actually pretty surprised. I was still able to give Jen a huge load, despite having shot one not that long before into my girlfriend's mouth.

Jen took every drop of my load and a really big one in her mouth from the other guy. I could tell because it started running out and onto her face and neck.

After it was over, I thought about a lot of things... about maybe getting Jen's number since my girlfriend was a fuck freak that liked to go to orgies... so who knows what else she was doing? But then I thought Jen must be the same way... she was there, too.

I thought about just leaving and calling it a night. I thought about finding my girlfriend and yelling at her. I didn't quite know what to do.

I settled on having a whiskey and then another and then another. Getting drunker and drunker, I was getting more and more pissed off. I looked around the room but couldn't find my girlfriend anywhere. I finally found her in a corner, taking on 3 guys, getting every hole of hers filled to the brim. I knew it was her because of her angel wings tattoo on the small of her back. I just stood back and watched as these 3 strangers turned her out, fucking her like the cum slut sex toy she obviously was. I felt myself getting a little turned on.

The funny thing was that the 2 guys in her pussy and ass came at about the same time, filling her holes with cream. They pulled out, and you could see it all oozing out. The feeling must've been amazing because she moaned harder than I'd ever heard her moan before.

Even though it aroused me, it still pissed me off. Yeah, I'd just fucked somebody, but I didn't agree to come here or do any of this. If she'd just talked to me about it, I might've agreed to it. She was getting plowed by 3 dudes to my 1 woman. It seemed a little unfair.

I found Jen again, now getting fucked by the guy she was blowing when I left and sucking off a new guy. I thought holy fuck is she a slut, but hey, at least she wasn't my girlfriend. I thought about joining in since Jen liked me and was so hot and such a great fuck, but then I thought no, I'd better find a new pussy and try to catch up in numbers to my girlfriend.

Luckily, I found 2 women that wanted to take turns sucking my dick. They sucked for what seemed like forever, but I couldn't get all of the way hard... damn whiskey dick. It took a long time, but I eventually got most of the way hard. The girls took turns shoving their pussies in my face, which I licked happily, hoping there was no cum inside. One of them got tired of waiting and laid me down with her friend still on my face. She took her place on my dick and rode me as hard as Jen had, only this girl's pussy was so tight I thought my dick might break off.

We fucked and fucked and fucked, no end in sight. After she let out an almost blood-curdling orgasm, her friend started to shove her off, saying it was her turn.

The friend rode me just as hard, which felt incredible, and I was thankful. I didn't feel like doing any work. I was too tired to do that.

She quickly got off but kept riding, cumming again a couple of more times before her friend demanded she stop.

They got on their knees and sucked me so well, maybe a little better than I was used to. I started grabbing for hair, knowing I was about to shoot. I shot off like a rocket, right onto their faces, most of it getting the darker haired girl. It wasn't so big of a load, though. Her friend licked what she could off of her face, then slipping her tongue in her friend's mouth, sharing my jizz between them. I didn't mind. It was sure one hell of a show.

I left soon after that, but I was leaving, I heard Jen's voice calling for me. She stopped me at the door and gave me her phone number, telling me to call her if I ever wanted another hot fuck session. My girlfriend and I had come to the party together, but I figured fuck her. I was leaving, and I was definitely keeping Jen's number.

I made sure that the front door was locked and deadbolted, and I turned off my phone. I thought I heard pounding on the door about 5 A.M., but I didn't give a shit.

The next day, I took all of my girlfriend's stuff and threw it in the dumpster. I didn't even tell her about it. I changed my number and my locks. The stupid bitch thought she could do that, living in a house I own. Haha! Fuck you, too, Honey!

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