tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicola's New Boss Ch. 02

Nicola's New Boss Ch. 02


As soon as Nicola left Richard's office she ran to the toilet to wash her mouth with water. She brushed his dried up spunk out of her hair and put her long black hair back in a ponytail.

She then got into her car and headed to Tanglewood to see her Dad. Nicola arrived at her Dad's house and got out of her car. She heard a voice shout.

"Get your tits out." Nicola turned around to see who it was, it was a group of youths who were hanging about on the corner. This is why I hate this place so much, she thought to herself.

Nicola entered her Dad's house. Her Dad was sat on his sofa in the lounge. When Nicola saw the state of him she burst out in tears. Both his eyes were black, his nose was broken and he had a massive thick lip. He was a complete mess. Even though Nicola knew it wasn't directly her fault she felt really guilty.

"Don't worry Nicola it looks a lot worse than it actually is." Her Dad lied to reassure her.

"W..what happened to you Dad?" Stuttered Nicola, who was now sobbing.

"I left the shop and two burly blokes dragged me down the alley, and started to attack me. The strange thing is when they had finished they said that Marshy had sent them to beat me up. I don't even know who this Marshy is." He explained.

"Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity." Lied Nicola.

"Yeah probably." He replied.

Nicola then headed upstairs to see her Sister. When she entered Kimberley's bedroom, Kimberley was in there with her long time boyfriend Bobby Platt.

Nicola was quite glad that Bobby was there. He was twenty years old and he was very street wise, maybe he can give me some information on Richard, thought Nicola.

"You seen the state of Dad?" Asked Kimberley.

"Yeah he sure is a mess. I wonder who this Marshy is and why he would want Dad beaten up?" Answered Nicola.

"Bobby thinks it must be a case of mistaken identity." Kimberley replied.

"Do you know him?" Nicola asked him.

"Not directly, but I know who he is." He said.

"Spill the beans then." Nicola quizzed him.

"His real name is Richard Marshall he's responsible for ninety per cent of the crime around here. Nobody ever messes with him because if they do they end up beaten up or worse, dead." Bobby explain.

Nicola felt the colour drain from her cheeks. It finally began to dawn on her how much of a psychopath Richard really was. Nicola had a weird feeling in her stomach, she was scared but for some strange reason the more scared she got the more turned on she got. What is wrong with me, she thought.

Nicola made an excuse and left her Dad's house as she drove past the gang of youths who shouted her earlier thet all blew her a kiss. Nicola just ignored them and drove home.

By the time she arrived home she was shaking like a leaf. She hated her new boss but at the same time she knew there was a spark of chemistry between the pair of them.

Nicola ran herself a hot bath. When she was in the bath Nicola remembered that Richard had ordered her to shave all of her pubic hair off. Nicola hated the thoughts of shaving her pussy bald, it seemed so degrading to her he was deciding how she would have something as private as that. She also didn't understand the obession some lads had with women having a bald pussy, it seem unnatural to her.

Never the less Nicola proceeded with shaving her private parts completely bald. Once she had shaved all the hair off she ran her fingers down her labia to check that it was nice and smooth.

Nicola decided to have an early night. As she laid in her bed all she could think about was Richard. As much as she tried to fight these thoughts the stronger her thoughts became.

Nicola woke up the next morning and got dressed for work. She put on a pair of black knickers which had a strip of beige lace on the front of them. She then put on a black lace wonderbra. This created loads of cleavage.

Nicola then picked out a charcoal coloured knee length pencil skirt, which she tucked a purple silk short sleeved blouse into. She left the top two buttons of her blouse undone so that it showed off the top of her cleavage.

She straightened her long hair and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked sexy but classy at the same time.

Nicola then drove to work and entered her office. Susan was already there. As Susan stood up Nicola saw she was wearing a black lace, slash neck mini dress with an open back. Her hair was brushed back in a ponytail, she looked absolutely stunning.

"Susan I'd like to say sorry for saying that you had no self respect yesterday." Apologized Nicola.

"Don't worry about it, I would of thought the same if I was you." Said Susan.

The pair of women sat down started to get on with their work.

"Susan if you don't mind me asking how did Richard end up trapping you?" Enquired Nicola.

Susan explained that when she first started working for Richard she had a one year old baby boy, and that Richard was really flexible with the days and hours that she'd work. After a couple of months he'd start touching her up, discreetly at first then he started grabbing her boobs.

This was when Susan had a word with Richard about what he was doing to her. Richard just told her that she didn't have a choice, so she quit. Within hours her husband Joe was put into hospital and her baby was kidnapped. Richard came around to see her and basically told her that if she didn't do as she was told, she would never see her son again and her husband would spend the rest of his life in and out of hospital.

That was when she realized that she didn't have a choice and she agreed to do whatever Richard wanted her to do.

Nicola couldn't believe the lengths that Richard would go to, to get what he wanted.

"You must hate him." Nicola said.

"Hate doesn't come close to it, I detest the bloke." Susan explained.

"Have there been any other girls?" Questioned Nicola.

"There's been plenty. Some he got bored of, others wouldn't do as he said and they would conveniently disappear." Replied Susan.

Nicola now realized how much of a control freak Richard was and how much power the man had.

Richard then entered their office. He stood behind Susan as she remained seated doing her work. He started groping her tits through her dress.

"You girls getting on ok?" He asked, while still playing with Susan's breasts.

"Like a house on fire." Responded Susan.

"We are one big happy family then. Nicola I want to see you in my office now." Commanded Richard.

Nicola followed her boss into his office. Richard sat back on his desk and Nicola stood directly in front of him.

"Did you shave your cunt like I told you to." Asked Richard.

Nicola just stood there and nodded her head. She felt disgusted in herself for giving in to him so easily.

Richard stood up and circled Nicola while he gently blew on her. As his hands gently touched her arse through the fabric of her skirt Nicola could feel her slit slowly becoming wet.

"Did you enjoy shaving your cunt for me?" He quietly asked in her ear.

Nicola didn't reply she just stood there in silence trying to keep what little digity she had left. Richard slapped her arse cheek so hard that it echoed around the office. This made Nicola stumble forward and she had to put arms out to catch herself on the desk.

"We will try again. Did you enjoy shaving that cunt of yours?" He asked once more.

This time Nicola knew better than not to answer and nodded her head.

"I want to see, lift up your skirt." He ordered.

Nicola slowly lifted her skirt up her tanned legs all the way to her hips, exposing her panties. Richard was still stood behind her as he moved her hair and started kissing Nicola's neck.

Nicola could feel her clit swelling in excitment as Richard carried on gently kissing her neck.

"Now remove your knickers for me." He demanded.

Richard oozed power and it was really having an affect on Nicola. As she pulled down her panties she realized just how much of an affect Richard was having on her. They were soaking wet.

Now that her knickers were removed Richard ran a finger gently down her slit. Nicola was so wet that a digit slipped straight into her swollen mould. Nicola let out a quiet moan as he gently fingered her wet pussy.

Richard yanked Nicola's hair back and he could see that her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. She was obviously trying to fight her body.

"Oooooooooooooohhh." Moaned Nicola, as Richard slipped a second finger into her and started to finger fuck her roughly.

Richard knew that Nicola was losing her fight against her body and let go of her hair. His hand roamed down her back making it arch and her naked arse moved onto his rock hard penis, that was stretching his trousers.

Richard's hand made it down to Nicola's virgin anus and a finger rubbed her arse crack. Nicola wanted to moved his finger from her arse crack but she was either too scared or too turned on to move it.

Self consciously Nicola had spread her legs wider and was grinding her pussy down hard onto his fingers.

"Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Nicola groaned, as an orgasm shuddered through her body. Her juices covered his fingers.

Richard removed his fingers from between her legs and offered them to Nicola's mouth. Nicola didn't hesistate and sucked all of her love juices off his fingers.

Richard left Nicola stood there, still with her skirt hitched up to her hips and with no knickers on and sat down in his chair behind his desk.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked.

Nicola's cheeks blushed in embarrassment as she nodded her head.

"Fucking tell me." He shouted at her.

Fearing that Richard was about to lose his temper Nicola replied in a soft voice.

"Yes I enjoyed it."

"Enjoyed what?" He quizzed her in an angry voice.

Knowing exactly what Richard wanted to hear Nicola once more replied in a soft voice.

"I enjoyed you finger fucking me."

Richard let out a wide smile, knowing that he had Nicola exactly where he had wanted her for such a long time.

"Cover yourself up and get back to work." He commanded.

Nicola pulled down her skirt and put her knickers back on, left his office and went back to work. As Nicola sat down it her desk she was still in a sexual daze.

"Is everything ok?" Asked Susan.

"Yeah everything's fine thanks." Nicola answered. Everything wasn't fine though, she was still trying to work out how Richard had managed to get into her head. She hated the man with a passion so why was she getting more and more desperate to feel his cock inside her.

As the hours passed Nicola's frustration didn't subside. She still couldn't figure out why she was having these feelings for Richard.

Nicola and Susan had a hour of their work left when Richard called them both into his office. As they made their way to his office Nicola asked Susan.

"What do you think he wants with us."

"It could be anything." Susan replied.

The two women knocked on Richard's office door and entered. Nicola got that feeling in her stomach again when she saw Richard sat behind his desk.

"Susan come sit on my desk, right in front of me." He demanded.

Susan walked over to his desk and sat on it. Nicola was still stood near the door as she saw Richard lean forward. His hand opened Susan's legs and as one of his hands disappeared up her dress Nicola heard Susan moan and groan.

Richard suddenly removed his hand from between Susan's legs and sat back in his chair.

"Nicola come sit over here with me." He demanded.

"But thre's no spare chairs." Nicola explained.

"Sit on my knee then." Said Richard as he patted his knee.

Nicola was nervous but excited as she walked over and placed herself on her bosses knee. Nicola was facing Susan with her back to Richard.

As Nicola looked up at Susan she saw that she was wearing no knickers. Her pussy was shaved bald and was looking moist.

"Susan fuck that cunt of yours." He demanded.

Susan placed a finger in her mouth and swiftly sucked on the digit. She then removed her finger from her mouth and slowly flicked her clit. As she did this she let out a little moan.

Susans's finger left her clit and a finger disappeared into her wet bald love tunnel as she slowly began to finger fuck herself.

"Ooooooooooohhhh you like this baby?" Susan cooed.

"Yeah baby." Replied Richard.

Even though Nicola had never found women sexually attractive she couldn't take her eyes off Susan. So much so that she didn't notice that Richard had unbuttoned her blouse and had just pulled her bra cups down leaving her breasts fully exposed.

As Richard pulled on Nicola's nipples she realized what he had done as a quake of excitement zipped through her body.

Susan now had two fingers insert in her mould. Her hips were grinding her pussy down hard onto her two fingers.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Susan moaned loudly as she was obviously nearing an orgasm.

Richard was still pulling and pinching Nicola's now fully erect nipples. Nicola had began to rock back and forth on Richard's lap. She could feel that his cock was hard as it pressed on her arse cheeks, through the material of their clothes.

Susan was fucking herself at a frantic pace, her pussy was squelching as her fingers moved in and out of her drenched vigina.

Nicola saw Susan's eyes close as she leaned back on the desk and screamed in delight.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm cumming." As a trickle of her love juice drop off her fingers and onto the desk.

"You want me to fuck you Susan?" Asked Richard.

"Please fuck me with your big cock." Begged Susan as she carried on fucking herself.

"Bend over my desk then." He said.

Susan got off his desk and bent over it. She lifted her dress up to expose her dripping wet pussy.

Richard made Nicola get off his knee and unzipped his jeans dropping them to his ankles. Much to Nicola's surprise Richrd spat on his nob and pulled Susan's arse cheeks apart.

"Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh." Susan shrieked as he slammed his nine inch cock into her arsehole.

Richard pulled on Susan's ponytail as he furiously fucked Susan's arse. He pulled his cock out of her anus and teasingly rubbed it up and down her arse crack.

"Please fuck my arse now you bastard." Pleaded Susan.

Richard once more thundered his cock into her arsehole making Susan scream in delight again.

With her tits still exposed Nicola stood there watching her boss arse fuck her work mate. Nicola could feel that her snatch was getting really wet, she even thought about slipping a finger inside her wet cunt.

Susan's now had two fingers inside her pussy while Richard continued fucking her arse.

"Fuck my arse harder I'm so close to cumming." Susan screamed in ecstasy.

Richard fucked her arse even harder than he was before, his balls slapping onto Susan's hand that was inside her pussy.

"Arghhhhh." Richard growled as his jizz fulled Susan's arse.

He pulled his now limp penis out of her stretched butt hole and pulled his jeans up.

"Please fuck me again I'm so close." Moaned Susan while she continued to finger her gash.

"Open your arsehole for me then." Richard ordered.

Susan removed her fingers from her pussy and grabbed a buttock in each hand pulling them apart, revealing her wide arsehole.

Richard grabbed Nicola by her hair and dragged her over to where Susan was bent over the desk. He forced her onto her knees and stuck her face near Susan's sweaty arsehole.

"Please don't make me do this." Nicola pleaded.

Richard ignored her pleas and pushed her face into Susan's gaping butt hole.

"Clean my mess up." Richard demanded.

The smell was revolting and Nicola tried to struggle free but it was no use, Richard had a vice like grip on her head.

Knowing the sooner she started the sooner the ordeal would be over with Nicola relucantly stuck her tongue out and tasted Susan's cum filled arsehole. It tasted vile, even worse than what she imagined it would.

Susan backed her arse up to Nicola's face forcing Nicola's tongue further up her dark hole, as Nicola slowly rimmed her.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh more, lick my arse more." Moaned Susan, who was clearly completely lost in a sexual trance.

For some reason this spurred Nicola on as she started to lick quicker. Her tongue was now darting in and out of her anus.

Everytime Nicola swallowed some of Richard's spunk from Susan's arse she would gag. Nicola had never been so humiliated in her life. Up to yesterday she had never had any cum in her mouth, now she was eating cum out of another woman's anus.

Nicola had now managed to clean all of Richard's semen from Susan's dark hole and was tonguing her bob hole.

Nicola felt Susan's body shudder as an orgasm thundered through Susan's body.

"Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Susan moaned.

Richard let go of Nicola's head. Immediately Nicola shot her head away from Susan's anus.

"Susan you may now go home." He said.

Susan pulled herself up off the desk, pulled her dress down and left the office. Leaving Nicola alone with Richard.

"You enjoyed that didn't you whore." Laughed Richard.

Any feelings of lust that Nicola had felt for him earlier had now long disappeared. She now just felt a strong feeling of hatred towards him.

"Fuck off I hate you." Fumed Nicola.

As she walked up to him in a rage she launched a slap towards him. Richard caught her hand though. He pulled her arm up behind her back and bent her over his desk.

"Aaaarghhhhh." Nicola scream in agony, it felt like he was going to break her arm.

"Please let go of my arm. You're going to break it." She screamed.

Richard let go of her arm and pushed her face onto his desk, crushing her face between his hand and the desk.

He roll her skirt up her legs with his spare hand until her knickers were on display. He tugged her knickers down to her knees.

"You need to be taught a lesson bitch." He barked.

"SMACK." He Slapped her left buttock as hard as he could. It left a giant hand print on her cheek.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhh." She screamed as another blow landed painfully on her other cheek.

After slapping each cheek ten times he stopped slapping her butt and let her go. Nicola was crying uncontrollably she has never been in so much pain. Her cheeks felt like they were on fire.

"Now fuck off home and don't you dare ever try slapping me again. Next time I'll put you in hospital." He screamed at her.

Nicola pulled up her knickers and left his office still crying her eyes out.

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