tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNicola's New Boss Ch. 03

Nicola's New Boss Ch. 03


Nicola awoke the next morning, she couldn't face going to work and she decided that she would pull a sickie, being career driven this is something that she had ever done before, but Richard had completely worn her down, physically and mentally she was drained.

She rang Susan to let her know that she wouldn't be coming in to work today. Susan told her that Richard would be livid but Nicola was adament that there was no way she would be coming in to work, so Susan reluctantly agreed to cover for her.

Nicola went for a nice warm shower as the hot water landed onto her arse cheeks she would flinch in pain. Her buttocks were still sore from the spanking that Richard had given her yesterday.

At half past nine her mobile phone rang and she saw that it was Richard so opted to ignore it. She knew that Richard would punish her when she got back to work but she just needed a day away from her controlling boss.

After ringing Nicola five times Richard left her a text message. Nicola took a large gulp and read the message, it read.

You fucking little bitch, how dare you let me down you wait till I see you. Your gonna wish you were never born.

Nicola knew that he wasn't joking and she began to cry, how had she managed to get into such a mess. Her life was a complete mess even though she had spent her whole life studying and working hard so that she could have a better life and here she was hiding from her boss.

Nicola went for a lay down upstairs on her bed. She had been laid down for ten minutes when she heard a loud knock on the door. She looked outside her bedroom window and she saw that it was Richard who was banging on the door.

Nicola stayed upstairs where Richard couldn't see her. After ten minutes Richard gave up and left, much to Nicola's relief. As soon as he left Nicola rang Susan.

"Hey Susan, is he angry?" Nicola asked.

"Angry doesn't come close, I don't think I've ever seen him this angry ever." Explained Susan. This made Nicola even more worried what he was going to do to her next time she went to work.

"Ok thanks for covering for me. I'll see you in the morning." Said Nicola before hanging up.

Nicola decided to cheer herself up by looking at some of her childhood photographs. As she went through them she saw a man who she hadn't seen for a few years, it was Donald Adcock he was her god father. Donald was a policeman and was a very good friend of her Dad's. This gave Nicola an idea.

She rang her Dad up.

"Hello." He answered.

"Hi Dad." Nicola replied.

"Hello Nicola I was just about to ring you." He said.

"How come, is everything ok?" She asked.

"Everything's great. Your Boss, Richard as just been around my house. He's offered to pay for my HGV test and if I pass he says he'll give me a job. Isn't that great news?" He explained excitedly.

Nicola's heart began to sink, Richard was obviously trying to get to her through her Dad.

"Yeah thats great Dad. Have you seen Donald lately?" She asked.

"Not for a few months. Why do you ask?" Her Dad enquired.

"I'm thinking about getting some security at my house. I thought he might be able to give me some advice that's all." Nicola lied.

Her Dad gave her Donalds telephone number and Nicola thanked him and congratulated him on the job.

Nicola gave Donald a call, Donald said that he was really busy but because it was her he'd pop around to see her later on when he got a few spare moments.

At half past five Nicola heard a knock on the door. She peered out of the window and saw that it was Donald. He looked exactly as Nicola remembered him, he was a black man who stood at six foot four inches tall, very stocky, shaven head and a greying goatee beard.

Nicola opened the door and invited Donald into her home. Even though Nicola wasn't dressed up she just wearing a pair of black leggings and a tight plain white t shirt on and her hair was scraped back in a ponytail, when Donald saw her his jaw dropped, he couldn't believe how gorgeous his god daughter had become.

As Donald entered her house he followed Nicola into her kitchen, he couldn't take his eyes off her bottom.

"Would you like a drink?" She asked.

"Yeah a glass of water would be fine thanks. I haven't seen you for years. I think the last time I saw you was your going away party when you went to university. What was that five years ago?" He said.

Nicola poured Donald a glass of water and passed it to him.

"Yeah five years ago that was, I'm twenty two now. How old are you now?" She asked.

"I'm fifty next week." He answered.

After another five minutes of small talk Donald asked Nicola what she wanted. Nicola explained that Richard was blackmailing her and told him what he had done to her Dad.

Donald told her that he knew all about Richard Marshall and that the police have been watching him for quite a while but he was always one step in front of them.

Nicola said she thought that she could maybe get some evidence on him from his computer. Donald told her that, that would be brilliant if she could and that she should be very careful not to get caught as the bloke was completely crazy.

After a hour they had finished talking and Nicola walked Donald to her door and gave him a cuddle to say thankyou. When Nicola was cuddling him Donald could feel his cock begin to swell, it took all of his dicipline to keep his hands off her bum.

As Donald walked down the garden path Nicola turned and shut the door. She felt so much better now that she had spoken to Donald. She decided to ring Richard to apologise for not turning up today.

"Hello." He answered.

"I'm really sorry about today. I promise it won't happen again." Nicola said.

"I don't want to hear your sorry. Make sure you fucking turn up tomorrow and I want you in stockings." He barked at her, not even waiting for a response he hung up the phone.

Nicola knew that he was going to humiliate her more than ever tomorrow but it would all be worth it if she could get the evidence needed to get him sent down.

The following morning arrived and Nicola got ready for work. She remembered what Richard had said about wearing stockings. She didn't really like wearing stockings she found them slutty, but she didn't want to annoy Richard again so she put on a pair of black stockings.

She also put on a black lace thong and a black lace half bra. She wore a black bandage dress which was about two inches above the knee and a pair of four inch sandals.

She arrived at work and Susan was already there as normal.

"You feeling better?" Susan asked.

"Yeah thanks. I just really needed to get my head together." Nicola explained.

"I understand but I'm not so sure Richard will." Said Susan.

Nicola barely had time to sit down when Richard walked in earlier than he usually did.

"My office now." He intructed Nicola.

Nicola nervously followed Richard into his office. She had never been so scared in her whole life, her heart was racing. Once they got into his office Richard sat on his desk and yelled at Nicola.

"Where was you yesterday?"

"I..I..I was ill I'm really sorry." Nicola stammered.

"That's not good enough. Nobody lets Richard Marshall down." He barked.

As Richard stood up and walked over to Nicola who was stood in the middle of the room, she began to cower away. Richard grabbed her cheeks in one hand and screamed at her.

"I've given your worthless Dad a job and a swear you fuck me about one more time I'll cut the brakes on his truck or I'll set him up with a truck load of cocaine."

As tears slowly rolled down her eyes Nicola softly replied.

"I swear I'll never mess you about again. Honestly I've learnt my lesson."

"Good it's about time. Now show me your stockings." He commanded.

Nicola's shaking hands slowly lifted the front of her dress towards her crouth until the lacy tops of her stockings were visible.

"Very sexy indeed. Now strip but leave your underwear on." He ordered.

Nicola unzipped her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor, stepping away from it before kicking off her sandals.

She stood there in front of Richard in just her underwear, her half bra barely covering her huge tits.

"Now crawl over to me." Said Richard.

Nicola dropped onto all fours and began to crawl over to Richard, her breasts swaying in her bra each time she shuffled forward.

Nicola finally reached her boss and he remained seated on his desk.

"Are you gonna suck my cock good?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Knowing what he wanted to hear Nicola replied.

"Yeah I'm gonna suck your cock really good." She purred.

"What you waiting for then?" He asked.

Nicola got onto her knees and knelt in between his legs. Slowly her hands rubbed his cock through the denim material of his jeans.

"Stop fucking about and get my cock in your mouth." He comanded.

Nicola unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, his rock hard cock popped straight out. Nicola grabbed it in one hand and went to put her mouth around it but Richard stopped her by grabbing hold of her hair. He cupped her tits in his hands and pulled her bra down, exposing her breasts.

"Play with those tits while a fuck your face." He demanded.

Nicola's hands each grabbed a tit and began to pinch and pull her own nipples as Richard grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth over his rod. Slowly he moved his hips as he hold Nicola's head still, making his cock slip in and out of her warm mouth.

"Look at me while you suck on my cock." He demanded.

Nicola's eyes rose and met his all the while he continued to fuck her mouth.

"Now show me want you can do." He said as his hand let go of her head and his hips stopped moving back and forth.

She grabbed his solid penis in her hand and licked down to his hairy balls, taking them into her mouth while jerking his cock rapidly. Nicola's mouth licked its way back up to the tip of his dick and nibbled on his pre cum covered cock end, making his body jerk.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Richard moaned as Nicola sunk his entire cock into her mouth.

Nicola's hand furiously wanked his cock into her as her mouth followed her hand. Richard looked down at Nicola, her eyes were closed and her nipples had become erect. He realised that she must be getting turned on.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." Nicola moaned as Richard's hand moved down her body and quickly groped her right tit before tugging on her nipple.

Feeling that he wasn't far from cumming Richard gripped Nicola's hair and pulled her mouth off his manhood.

"Make me cum on your face." He ordered.

Her hand which was still wrapped around his pole was wanking his cock at a blurring pace.

"Cum for me baby." She cooed.

"Aaaaaarghhhhhhhh." Richard moaned as he felt his balls tighten and his knees begin to buckle as his cock unleashed a wave of cum all over Nicola's forehead and cheeks.

Just as Nicola thought that her ordeal was over Richard commanded.

"Get on all fours and clean my spunk up off the floor."

Nicola as ordered got on to her hands and knees and begun to lap up the drops of seamen that landed on Richard's office carpet.

Nicola heard Richard pull something out of his drawer, with the drawer being behind her she couldn't see what it was. Nicola feared the worst when she heard her boss say.

"Now it's time for your punishment."

As Nicola went to look over her shoulder she felt a stinging pain on her buttock, he was whipping her, not to hard just enough so that she could feel it.

"Aaaaarghh." She groaned as the whip landed on her other ass cheek.

"Keep cleaning bitch." He demanded Nicola knew not to argue and tried to shut out the pain in her ass cheeks as she continued to lick up his cum.

"Arghhhh." She kept screaming out each time the whip landed on a cheek.

Nicola hated to admit it to herself but now her body had got used to the pain she was actually beginning to get turned on, she could feel that her pussy had become quite moist. She prayed that Richard wouldn't realise how she was feeling inside.

Richard got on his knees behinds behind Nicola and pulled her up onto her knees. He pulled her mouth towards his and the pair started to kiss passionately, their tongues wrestled the other.

Richard's hands caressed her tits squeezing them together while his fingers tweaked her nipples. One of his hands then dropped between her legs rubbing her snatch through her wet thong.

Richard pulled away from from their kiss and one of his fingers invaded her pussy lips causing Nicola's body to shake breifly.

"Your fucking soaking." He smiled as a second digit vanished into her aching pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Nicola moaned as she began to feel an orgasm stirring inside her, his fingers were rapidly sliding in and out of her love tunnel.

He moved his fingers from inside her and offered them to her mouth, greedily Nicola licked and sucked his two digits.

"On your back, I'm gonna fuck you senseless." He instructed.

Nicola did as she was told and laid on her back with her legs spread. Much to Richard's surprise once his pulled her nob back out of his jeans Nicola grabbed his shirt and pulled him between her nylon covered legs.

He grabbed the base of his cock and slammed it into Nicola's soaked snatch making her moan as her pussy sucked his cock into her.

He grabbed hold of her ankles and pushed them behind her ears so that his nob was being forced as far in her snatch as possible, his balls snacking against her arse hole with every pump of his cock.

Her body had now completely betrayed her and was desperate for an orgasm, her hips were gyrating ono his cock and her finger nails were digging into his arse cheeks trying to push him further into her.

"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. Harder fuck me harder I'm so close." Moaned Nicola.

This spurred Richard on he began to thrust into her even harder. This was to much for Nicola who felt an orgasm thunder through her body. She closed her eyes and screamed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm I'm cumming all over your big cock. Give it to me."

Moments later Richard crunched is face up and he shot his cum into Nicola's pussy.

Richard climbed off Nicola and pulled up his jeans.

"You really are a slut. Now get dressed and fuck off back to work." Richard laughed.

Nicola was once more feeling humiliated by what her boss had made her do quickly grabbed her clothes and got dressed before leaving his office.

While walking down the corridor towards her office Nicola was left wondering if she really was a slut. Eventually she convinced herself that she wasn't a slut, that she only enjoyed being used like that because she had no choice.

Nicola walked straight past her office and headed to the toilet to clean her face and comb his cum out of her hair. After cleaning herself up and regaining her composure she returned to her office.

As she went to sit down on her chair she winced in pain as her arse cheeks felt the cushion of the chair.

"You ok?" Asked Susan.

"Been better, but I'll survive." Responded Nicola.

Ten minutes later Richard appeared and said.

"Come on Susan I'm taking you out shopping for the day. Nicola can manage here on her own."

Susan shut down her lap top, said goodbye to Nicola and left with Richard for her day shopping.

Nicola left it half an hour and nervously then went into Richard's office to see if she could find any evidence against Richard to pass on to Donald.

With her hands shaking she began to rifle through the drawers on his desk but she found nothing. She then turned on his computer moniter and found that Richard hadn't shut his computer down.

Nicola searched through his files when she finally found what she had been searching for it was a file showing all of his recent criminal activies and some which he had planned, including a lorry load of cocaine which he was planning bring into the city.

Nicola placed a disk into the disk drive and copied all of the information onto the disk. When all of the information had copied she put everything back how she had found it and left the office.

As soon as Nicola finished work she rang Donald

"I've got some information on Richard." She said excitedly.

"Very good. I'm still at work at the moment but if you want to pop the evidence around my house later I'll have a look at it." He said.

"Sounds good, what time do you want me to come around?" She asked.

"About eight o'clock." Responded Donald.

Nicola arrived at her home and she went straight into the the shower. After enjoying her shower Nicola sat down and had some dinner.

She got ready to go around Donald's house. She just slipped into a pair of skin tight dark blue jeans and a tight black t shirt. She left her hair down and drove around to Donald's house.

Nicola excitedly knocked on his door. Moments later Donald answered the door.

"Come in Nicola." He said.

Nicola followed him into the house and they both sat on his couch. Donald couldn't keep his eyes off the sexy young woman.

"Have you got the evidence for me? Donald asked.

"Yeah it's in here somewhere." Replied Nicola as she searched through her handbag.

"Here it is." Said Nicola holding a disk in her hand.

"Good I'll just go grab my laptop." He said.

Donald got up and left the room. He returned a few minutes later with his laptop in his hands. He sat back on the couch next to Nicola and put the laptop on his knees.

"Could you plug it in for me please?" He asked Nicola.

Nicola took the plug off Donald and walked over to a plug, as she bent over to plug in the plug Donald got a perfect view of her pert arse as her tight jeans clung to it. Donald could feel his cock becoming aroused as his eyes remained glued to her rear.

Donald was disappointed when Nicola plugged in the laptop and sat back down next to him. He turned on the laptop and inserted the disk. He got up all of the evidence from the disk.

"Looks like he's got a shipment coming in soon. We'll intercept the shipment and hopefully that will be the last we see from Richard Marshall for a few years." Said Donald.

"Thanks Donald, how can I ever repay you?" Asked Nicola as she hugged Donald.

"I've got an idea." Said a voice from behind them, Nicola turned around to see who it was. Her heart sank as she saw Richard stood there. She looked at Donald with panic in her eyes.

Richard started to laugh loudly, making Nicola feel even more uncomfortable.

"Donald here is one of my best cops he always tips me off don't you big man." He explained.

Nicola's eyes turned to Donald praying that Richard was lying, but the look on his face told her everything she needed to know.

"I sure am." Said Donald as he stood up, leaving Nicola sat on the couch by herself.

"Now for your payment Donald. I bet that you've been looking forward to this for a while." Sniggered Richard as he looked at Nicola.

Nicola knew instantly what he was talking about. The thoughts of letting one of her Dad's oldest friends touch her made her feel sick, especially now she knew what he was really like.

"Why are you doing this to me? Your my god father." She asked.

"Because you are so fucking gorgeous. You and your Sister are something else." He responded.

"The Sister hot too?" Asked Richard.

"Oh yes." Replied Donald.

"You leave Kimberley alone. She's never done anything to you." Nicola snapped.

"As long as you do as we say Kimberley will be fine." Explained Richard.

Nicola knew she had no choice but to let the two men use her as they felt fit. She just nodded her head.

"Get your truncheon Donald." Richard ordered. This made Nicola feel extremely nervous, what could they want with a truncheon she thought.

Donald left the room and returned with his truncheon and handed it to Richard. Richard walked up to Nicola who was still sitting on the couch and force it into her mouth.

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