tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 06

Not My Lover Ch. 06


After a long day of weddings and births, Gage followed Summer home. She didn't question why he wished to see her safely home, but she didn't argue. She barely had the energy to. It was almost midnight when Summer's midnight blue Mazda Tribute pulled into her driveway. Gage's black Dodge Ram pulled into a tight squeeze next to her but was able to have enough space to swing his extremely large door open.

Summer didn't know what was with these Ryan men and their abnormal obsession with large, black trucks. Grant had his Ford F-350, Gage had his Dodge Ram 3500 and Graham had his brand new Chevrolet Silverado 3500. She only hoped that these oversized vehicles weren't bought to compensate for something else of a smaller size. However, as Gage stepped down from his truck, she was beginning to doubt that those old sayings were true. He knew what he was about and exactly how to use it.

Gage was as informal as he could manage. He left his coat and tie in the car and had rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt to allow some ventilation to flow through, but his shirt remained tucked loosely inside his pants.

The sight of him made Summer's breath hitch in her throat. It should be a sin for a man to look so sexy, even with a weary scowl on his face.

Gage's insightful eyes narrowed on her, and Summer quickly darted her gaze away to avoid the intimate caress of his. He followed her to her door, and his presence was so close to her that she could feel his heat warming her. Before she unlocked the door, she glanced over her shoulder and stared silently into his eyes.

They were intense, their beautiful emerald color dancing in the moonlight with a light of their own. Her breath was short and uneven. "Would you, uh, like to come inside, perhaps for a drink?"

She was hoping he would say no, but it unsettled her how he continued to watch her wordlessly for a few moments. "You got anythang hard? I could go for some Jim Beam right now."

Summer rarely had anything harder than wine, which was considered to be soft to for what Gage wanted. She had always seen him drinking out of a Smirnoff bottle of some kind, which Gage admitted to liking the taste of, but she rarely saw him drink anything else. Asking for Jim Beam was something she thought she'd never hear him say.

She shook her head. "Nothing that you'd like," she replied quietly. "I don't think I would recommend drinking anything so hard right now. Not after the day you had."

Gage scoffed. "Sugar, now's the perfect time for a drink, but if you ain't got nothin' to offer, that's fine. I brought my own."

Summer frowned. "Where?"

"In my truck. I keep it in a cooler so I'd always have a safe supply."

"Nothing is safe in a truck, Gage," she replied as she went ahead and unlocked her door. "People steal. Liquor isn't excluded."

"But it's from my truck. Anyone who messes with my cooler gets a finger shot off. I don't play when it comes to what's mine."

His eyes measured her curves in the faint light coming from the kitchen Summer had left on. They had a mark of possessiveness within them as they took in every facet of her before briefly returning to arrest her gaze.

"You go on in," he directed smoothly. "I'm gonna get somethin' outta the truck."

Summer observed him return to his Dodge before shutting the door. She wasn't sure how long it would take him, but she would change in the meantime. She went to her room, throwing down her black veil onto a chair before unbuttoning her dress.

Her heart had yet to slow down. The way he undressed her with his eyes intrigued her, and made her body throb with desire. For some reason, she was wishing he would catch her removing her clothes, possibly the reason why she left her bedroom door partially opened? How she yearned for him to come and look at her tempting flesh and give into what they both wanted?

Summer pulled the dress from her shoulders, pushing it down her body until she was able to step out of it. She was left only in her black slip that looked so much like lingerie with a frilly lace border.

Perhaps she should close the door, just in case Gage did get inquisitive about where things were. Her second bathroom was near her door and he would have an easy viewing of her private strip show.

As she turned to her entrance way, she nearly stopped breathing. Gage must have heard her inner thoughts since he was now standing near her threshold, observing her with eyes flaming with hunger.


Gage had never thought he would be granted with such a vision on his wedding night. The option he had of getting drunk in a bar was out of the question, since Summer and himself spent the afternoon and evening at the hospital. Grant had calmed down and was going to stay the night with his wife and daughter. As for the doctor's note in the case of Aurora, they had been informed that everything so far looked good, but there was major testing to be done for other illnesses.

That was a good thing, in one aspect. Gage was imagining that things were beginning to get better. Since he couldn't get drunk, that meant that the alternative he did his damnedest to avoid was still open. It all depended on how far she would allow him to get and what parts of her she would allow him to touch.

Summer reached for her wedding dress to cover herself. But it was too late for shy modesty. Gage had approached her door, unable to stay in the living room, and witnessed her undressing. Her body was perfect. Full yet agile. She had the softest chocolate skin he had ever encountered, even though her tongue was sharp.

Desire formed in a heated pool in his groin and Gage had to suppress a groan. She was turning him on in this private dance for his eyes. The way the fabric of her negligee-like slip hugged her made him grip her doorknob and squeeze it with all the strength within him.

Celibacy be damned. He wasn't going to rely on his hand and lotion to bring him pleasure. On this night, if she let him, Gage was going to touch her in ways she had never thought possible and if he had to force the desire out of her, so be it.

"Gage? What the hell are you doing?"

Gage smiled. She had the nerve to pretend to be shocked. He pushed the door opened all the way, his sexy figure leaning against the doorjamb. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you wanted me to catch you like this."

By the lamplight, Gage caught the faint touch of crimson that resided in her cheeks. "I didn't expect you to come back here."

"With such a sight and such a body, what man in his right mind wouldn't?" he said before he came inside.

Summer backed away and began to stutter, "I-I-I t-think you should g-go, Gage."

She was about to sprint for her bathroom when Gage was fast to catch her around her waist. He pulled her loosely into him, but his grip was enough to make her stay.

"Not so fast," he said. Summer's beautiful dark brown eyes looked up to him, displaying to him a portrait of a very lovely woman. Gage cleared his throat at the uncomfortable sensations residing inside him. "Before I go, I owe you somethin'."


He took a forefinger and traced the delicate structure of her nose. "I owe you a better kiss. I woulda done better, but we were bein' watched...and videotaped," he added.

"I thought you'd be into kinky stuff like voyeurism. I bet having an audience would heighten the sex for you."

His green stare darkened. "You're talkin' to the wrong guy. I like my sessions exclusive and one-on-one."

Gage composedly seized her dress and pried it from her tense hands, nearly ripping the fabric in the process. He tossed it on the chair and moved his face closer until his lips hovered neared hers, a small smile of triumph flickering across his mouth. "What are you afraid of?" he murmured, his voice enveloped in velvet.

Summer finally managed to get her fear under control, even though Gage knew she still possessed it. "If you think I'm afraid of you, you're sadly mistaken."

"Yet you're tremblin'," Gage noted, then paused. "Perhaps you don't tremble out of fear, but desire."

Summer opened her mouth to deny it, but Gage immediately stopped her by placing his finger on her lips. "Don't," he said. "If it's a lie you're gonna tell me, don't bother. All you gotta do is prove to me that you don't want it and I'll leave you alone."

Summer couldn't find it in her to utter a single word, but continued to glance at him for a long time. She was taken by his new level of boldness. Gage stepped into her very personal space until their noses were barely touching. His olive-colored eyes were trenchant and absolute, as if he was trying to look through her.

"Now, I'm gonna kiss you, darlin'," Gage stated, sensing she was ready for that step. "If you gimme nothin', I'm gone."

Summer sucked in some air. "Just like that?"

"Mmm," Gage hummed, "but you need to understand that I ain't plannin' to lose." He pulled her flush body against his and lifted her chin when she tried to bury her face into his shirt. "Bottom's up."

Gage gently met his lips with hers, shaping her mouth and testing the soft surface. He was willing to take his time, though she was slowly killing him, trying his patience. Summer was almost as stiff as the rock in his pants, but Gage was determined to get her softening to him first before he creamed his boxers.

However, Summer was hell-bent on winning his challenge. As he continued to nurture the kiss, she kept her lips pressed firmly together to deny him entrance. Gage continued his fruitless assault while one of his hands came between them, weaving its way around Summer's arms, which were trapped against her chest and his. In the crook of her arm, his fingers managed to discover the jewel they were searching for and slowly began to glide over it.

One flick and Summer gasped, leaving her mouth open. Gage instantly dove into her sweet, sultry cavern of delicious joy. Summer was only too happy to comply with his desire. Her tongue ravenously greeted his as she yielded and declared without her words her complete surrender.

If Gage had the ability to smile at his victory, he would have, but the saccharine flavor she presented to him fueled his appetite to have her.

Again, Gage's finger swept across Summer's sensitive nipple, which was beginning to protrude against the flimsy fabric of her black satin bra and slip. His slight ministrations caused a moan of pleasure to escape her throat and her arms moved slightly, giving him better access to her nipple, which Gage took complete advantage of. His large, warm hand cupped her breast as he teased the tip between his fingers, slightly pinching it.

Summer jerked at the flaming sensations taking place. Her nipples were now dangerously hard, burning his fingers as he brought them to life. He wanted to know the flavor of them in his mouth and to feel the flaming hot tips burrowing against his chest as he took her ready body.

Her tongue was delightful, her body was yielding, and with a deep cry of uncontrollable want sounding from her, Gage almost exploded hearing it. He needed to feel her against him.

Between kisses, Gage muttered, "Unbutton me."

Summer was so enraptured that the meaning went over her head. "What?" she breathed, floored by the way Gage was playing with a nipple and ravishing her mouth.

"Unbutton my shirt, sweet thang," he said again. "I've been dyin' to know what your smooth, chocolate skin would feel like against the vanilla makeup of mine."

Slowly, Summer began to loosen the buttons on Gage's shirt. Opening the lapels and pulling it back, Summer was staring at the well-developed chest she had dreamed of. His muscles bulged and contracted as he managed to slip the shirt off. She spotted the Celtic knot tattoo embracing his arm, so much a part of him. She had expected more tattoos, but was surprised to find only one.

Summer was beginning to get slightly nervous around such power and shivered at the way his eyes captivated her. Gage distracted her with another hungry kiss as his hands went for her slip and slid the material off her shoulders to pool at her feet.

Gage niftily unfastened Summer's bra and peeled it from her. He pulled away to see what was revealed to him. For a while, he said nothing and Summer could feel her skin burn in awkwardness. It had been a long time since a man had seen her that way.

She attempted to shield herself, but Gage grabbed her arms and held them wide. Looking at him, he evidently admired what he saw.

Gage gulped before his eyes lifted to hers, his look full of amazement. "Never be ashamed of a man wantin' to see you. With a body like yours, you have the will to drive a man to drink just by lookin' at you. God knows I've done that too often."

His hands smoothed up her arms and down to her chest, where Summer felt the blistering cove his hands offered for her bare breasts. He lifted them, running his thumbs over both engorged nipples of dark chocolate. "Jesus, they're more perfect than I imagined them to be," he commented. "Makes me wonder what other perfections you've been hidin' under your clothes." The untamed look he gave her made her jump. "Your panties, especially."

Summer hardly blinked as he promptly pulled her panties down her legs, using his foot to push it at the crotch until it was at her feet. Before she could step out of them, he picked her up around the waist, the cloth manacles gone from her ankles.

He took a while in releasing her, her body sliding down his, feeling each delicious ripple of muscle beneath his skin, along with the enthusiastic jump of his harden flesh prodding against her. Tenderly, he took one of her hands, leaving Summer with the option to remove it when she wished. However, Gage had no resistance as he guided her hand to the rigid form that was nudging against his zipper.

Their gazes locked in a whirlwind of passion as Gage held her hand securely to the intimate part of him, guiding her to rub him through the straining fabric. A throaty groan sounded from him, his teeth clenching at the way her touch made him swell.

He kissed her again, but made sure she kept stroking him thoroughly. "You feel that?" he choked out. "I'm achin' with need." He groaned even louder after she had squeezed him. "God, take me out, baby. Lemme breathe."

Summer obliged him, and as her fingers fumbled at his fastenings, Gage's hand transferred to her thigh. He caressed the softness that housed the muscles just beneath, his hands magnetized to her. He shifted up, his hand lightly fondling her bottom.

Summer managed to get Gage's rigid manhood out of the confinement of dress pants and boxers. As she looked down, her eyes widened as she beheld the edifice that was close to making Gage a porn star. She bulked and slowly began to back away, but was detained by the arm around her waist. She glanced up to him. "You're enormous," she told him, bluntly.

"Enough," he shrugged. "It ain't nothin' to be afraid of, sugar. It's flesh, like you."

Summer shivered. "My flesh never gets that hard...or huge."

Gage brought her close enough to where her throbbing nipples were brushing his chest. Summer's eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head, the pleasure of feeling him so intimately was wonderful.

"You might not have such a huge endowment, darlin', but parts of you do swell."

To prove his point, he grappled for a nipple. Summer gasped and a smile lit his features. With his arms supporting her, Gage bent Summer backward, his mouth leaving a blazing trail down to her breasts. His tongue slowly circled her areole before grazing hard across Summer's distended nipple. Summer jumped when he unexpectedly sucked her throbbing peak into his mouth.

Summer whimpered, her hands winding themselves in his hair with agonizing pleasure. Unsuspecting, Gage had walked her back until her knees hit the side of the bed. Her body fell, her back cushioned by the softness of her coverlet. Not once did Gage lift his mouth from the divine torture he was delivering upon her.

His left hand drifted to the part of her being that was inflamed with need. Summer nearly fainted as his fingers slipped craftily inside her damp passage. She grinded her hips against his hand, feeling no shame of letting Gage know that he had her.

Gage's head raised, staring down at the varying emotions on her face. It was a beautiful sight to behold and his erection readily agreed. He wanted to be planted between her thighs and soon.

He reached down and kissed a chocolate nipple. "You're so hot, baby," he wheezed. "So damn wet and tight, your honey is racin' down my fingers."

Gage withdrew his hand from her scorching sanctuary, where his fingers felt warm and safe, but his member wasn't. His hand cupped her cheek, the dewy slickness coating his fingers and her face. The look in her eyes told him that she was willing. All he needed to do was position himself and sink inside her.

But Gage suddenly froze when the foreign object around his left ring finger flashed. The gold wedding band was a reminder that for the sake of the assignment, this mindset that he had about possessing Summer in all the ways a man should for his wife was fake. They weren't married for real and yet he was going to take her like a bride on her wedding night. Everything he was doing, all this, was just an illusion, and he fell for that mirage. He couldn't have her now, not with her not fully belonging to him.

And God, he was about to take her without wearing protection. He wasn't prepared for the consequences of getting her with his kid. That was Gage's number one rule in bedding someone. Countless times, women came up to him, claiming he was the father of their child. He'd always worn a condom for every job. Now wasn't any different.

Gage squeezed his eyes shut to shield his gaze from the aroused stare from Summer, though the luscious naked image of her was burned into the back of his eyelids. There was no escaping his mind, but he could make an exit in the physical sense.

Gage disentangled himself from her and stood, tucking his still raging shaft back into his boxers and zipped up his pants. Summer gaped at him in surprise and quickly sat up. She wrapped her arms around herself, picking a damn fine time to become modest. It took what was left of his power not to grab her arms and really show her what he thought about her body.

"Where are you going?" she asked, angry and stunned.

Gage reached for his shirt from the floor. "I need to get outta here before I lose my damn mind."

"Well, that's your problem," Summer hissed. "You can't leave me like this."

"If you had half a mind, you would finish the job yourself," he said as he shrugged on his shirt. "I can't stay without me makin' love to you."

"What's stopping you? We both want to."

Gage stopped midway in flipping back his collar. "I ain't got protection and I'm damn sure you ain't on birth control, are you?" The fire in her eyes dimmed to admit that he was right. "Then that means that what I really wanna do with you ain't in play."

He leaned down toward her, his forefinger tracing a fine arch of her eyebrow. Summer turned harshly away. "You're still a bastard," she fiercely snapped. "How dare you arouse me and then don't have the decency to finish what you've started?" She huffed. "Can't believe you almost had me beggin' for it."

"That wasn't too hard, honey. You were already wantin' it."

Summer's eyes ignited. "Why you pig-headed, obstinate jackass! I--"

Summer's mouth was covered with his hand, the look in his eyes shaded and unyielding. "No more tantrums or taunts," he breathed too calmly. "I'm holdin' on to my sanity by a thread, and I'm debatin' whether to make love to you or give you a goddamn spankin'. Now, if you don't keep your mouth shut, I'm gonna kiss it shut. And if I do, you're mine. Do you understand?"

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