tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 07

Not My Lover Ch. 07


The next week and a half proved that Summer and Gage were right back where they started, except this time, they didn't bother with an argument. They had nothing to say, but the silent glares they exchanged back and forth were enough.

Phillip Stallings thought this was the best they could manage toward each other. After all, while he went over their assignment in more detail, they were civil and quiet. He was surprised and concerned, had even half expected to have another world war on his hands.

He informed them that he had just received word that Harrison J. Tyler was out of the country for business and wouldn't be back until next week. Stallings suggested that they just go ahead and leave for Texas and waste a few of days since they both had vacation days coming up. He was sure that Summer had relatives she wanted to see.

Summer was personally on the verge of quitting her job. Here in Washington, she could avoid Gage by any means, but in Texas, there would be nowhere to run. Gage would always be there like white on rice.

Stallings had wanted them to get used to being a pampered rich couple so he had them treated with a day of spa treatments. Summer went along eagerly, feeling the stressful knots in her body placed there by Gage melt away beneath the masseuse's capable hands. Her husband was more reluctant, but once he got on the massage table, the soothing motions put him to sleep, which kept his griping down to a minimum.

Summer had her hair highlighted with bronze streaks to emphasize her curls and the beautician managed to give her hair more depth and fullness. Gage was about to shoot someone when they tried to cut his hair. He only had it trimmed and upon the urging of Stallings, it was better for Gage to get his hair cut to enhance his appeal.

But Gage wasn't going to have it. "He can take that appeal and shove it up his ass!" he roared loudly. "I'll be goddamned if I let anyone cut my hair!"

It took a while to get him calmed again with the assurances that no one would touch his hair. Summer giggled as she watched the antics. Though she was still angry with him, she found the man could still be intimidating.

Gage was doing his best to evade her. Whenever she entered a room and he was there, he would find a reason to leave. Summer would glare after him, murmuring that leaving was all he was good at.

Since that night, Gage stayed away from her house and only talked to her when he had to, strictly about their assignment. She kept her snide comments to herself, but she really wanted Gage to have several pieces of her mind until he was full of them.

Then it came for the day they would leave for Houston and they met at the J. Edgar Hoover building. They left Gage's truck in the parking lot and took Summer's car to the airport where they waited in the terminal for their flight.

So far, they had only exchanged twenty words like "You ready to go?" and "You drive like a damn idiot." Most of that came from Gage. Summer only replied with either a curt yes, no, a shrug or a glare. She had to bite her lip to refrain from saying anything else, especially about his comments on her driving. She was driving like that because the man was so close to her after a week and a half of distance. She still remembered the way he touched her and the way the earthy scent of him.

She swore, Gage Ryan's masculine aroma should be bottled up and sold in stores.

Gage had stayed away from her with the appropriate space, but as Summer was glaring from her seat as they waited, she caught him staring at her hard in return. It was a determined look, one that spoke, "What the hell do you want from me?"

Question was, what exactly did she want from him? It was a toss up between riding him hard or nailing his privates to a chopping block.

Finally, after debating much to himself, Gage came up and stood before her. He looked down at her wordlessly for a long time, his arms crossed. "You all right?"

Summer glanced away, her own arms crossed stubbornly. "Yeah, sure," she breathed scathingly.

She caught his frown out of the corner of her eye. "I'll take that as a no."

Her eyes flashed as she regarded him contemptuously. "A hell no, in your case."

"What's eatin' you?"

A sardonic scoff fell past her lips. "Well, it sure isn't you, is it, Gage?"

She had said it as a double meaning. Gage took it for what it literally meant. "Whoa, somebody's hostile," he whistled. "Woke up on the wrong side of hell this mornin', hellfire?"

"Why should you care that I woke up at all?" she snapped. "Surprised you're showing such concern."

Gage looked around him, Summer's rising voice gaining some attention. "Calm down," he grated in a low voice. "You're makin' a scene."

"Good," Summer retorted insensitively. "Then I'll be able to tell everyone how you are in bed and how you can never finish a job."

Gage's green eyes hardened, his lips set into a thin line. "So that's what's got you bothered," he recognized. "You're still angry with me for leavin' you hangin'."

"Like hell."

"Damn it, you gotta understand where I'm comin' from. You..." He did another quick peek around before he bent down to place his lips close to her ear. "You saw how aroused I was, pointin' straight at the moon. You knew how much I wanted you."

"Then why didn't you finish it?"

Gage stood erect, his face still retaining its seriousness. "I already told you why."

Summer's glower darkened even more as she stood to her feet, staring Gage Ryan insolently in the eyes. "Then here's something you can take to the bank. You will never arouse me again."

His stare was measured and calculating. "Wanna bet?"

Summer caught the announcement over the intercom telling the passengers flying to Houston to begin boarding their plane. She placed the strap of her carry-on upon her shoulder. "Bet all you want," she replied. "I'm not going to deal with you right now."

She began to walk away, and Gage watched her before asking, "Where you goin'?"

Summer kept walking. "To the plane, but if you miss it, I'll understand."

She continued walking a few feet before she heard his quickening footsteps after her as he caught up. Gage strolled by her side, his eyes glued to her in a brief, quiet study. "You don't look too happy," he noticed.

"Apart with being stuck on this assignment with you, I hate flying."

"Nah, flyin' can be fun," Gage assured. "You just gotta know how to take your mind off the fear."

Summer glared at him. "I'm sure with your frequent flyer mileage courtesy of the Mile High Club, you'd naturally have nothing to fear."

Gage smiled sinfully. "Well, I ain't done anythang to get me initiated in that particular club...yet," he drawled and grinned even wider as Summer's glare hardened. Gage laughed as they went down the hallway that led to the plane.


Summer was miserable on the flight. Grant it that they were nestled very comfortably in first class, but distressing factors were making it impossible to enjoy the splendors of it. She sat in a dark, back corner with Gage freezing her to death. There was enough space between them for a river to flow through, and Summer thought that the distance would prevent her from thinking about him.

How wrong she was. She could feel the heat from his body. She could sense each time he moved while she was reading her magazine. She was angry that he disturbed her so much, but another part of her wanted his heat to envelope her again.

She shook her head and placed the magazine up for the airplane movie. She began to shiver, rubbing her hands up and down her arms to build up body heat. Gage looked over to her, his gaze curious and smiling at her misfortune. "You cold?"

Summer gave him a scathing look. "No, bugs are attacking me. Of course, I'm cold."

Gage glimpsed around and flagged down a flight attendant. "Excuse me," he said politely once the female flight attendant came. Gage delivered his best lady-killer smile. "My wife is cold. May she have a blanket?"

The flight attendant, about the same age as Summer, looked as if she was going to swoon because of Gage's gentlemanly southern accent. Summer had to confess that it sent a thrill up her own spine to hear it.

"Of course, sir," she smiled shyly as she left. She came back almost in the same minute she was gone. Instead of giving the blanket to Summer, she handed it straight to Gage, her hold loitering. "Here you go, sir."

Gage smiled and pulled it from her grasp. He winked, "Thank you, sugar," he said benevolently. The woman took her sweet time leaving after she stared at him for far too long. It made Summer's blood boil hot inside her to know that Gage was just too irresistible. He could make the most righteous virgin view things his way.

She didn't know why, but the dark mask of jealously slid over her features. She shouldn't care if he flirted. This assignment wasn't worth her putting up with him flirting with just any woman when he was supposed to be portraying her husband.

Summer turned her gaze mutinously on Gage. He was casually smoothing out the blanket as if he did nothing wrong. Summer could feel her face turning red hot.

"Sugar, huh?" she fumed. "Did you just have a lapse of memory and forgot you have a wife sitting next to you?"

Gage shrugged. "Nothin' is wrong with a lil' kindness. And I don't know what's gotten your panties in a knot. You ain't really my wife now, are you?"

Summer huffed at his retort. "I am for the sake of this assignment. And even though this is only sanctioned by the FBI, I don't care to see every little hussy drooling over you and your damnable southern charm." Her hands latched onto the blanket and began to pull. "Give it here."

Gage kept an effortless hold on the other end, and he yawned as if he was bored of their small tug-o-war. "What's the magic word, darlin'?"

Summer smiled maliciously. "Please..." she implored, "...kiss my ass."

"Bend over and I will," Gage dared.

Summer rolled her eyes and glanced away. "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction." She twisted indignantly in the chair so that her back faced him and tucked her knees beneath her. "Keep what your tramp brought you. I'll get along without it."

But the tell-tale sign of her teeth chattering was loud enough for anyone to hear and she began to quiver. She heard him shift beside her, then felt his warm, firm hands on her shoulders and he gently swung her forward. "Damn idiot," he huffed. "Stallings will have my ass if somethin' happened to you other than being shot." Gage threw her a shaded look. "I wouldn't be surprised if I do that myself."

He laid the blanket across her lap, tucking her in real tight. Summer scoffed as she dove her arms beneath the blanket, warmth beginning to return to her body. Gage's hands lingered as if he couldn't stop touching her. Summer flinched away slightly. "Thank you," she said flippantly.

"Don't mention it," he answered, his green eyes never leaving her. Summer cut a glance to find his stare hard and intent. She knew nothing of her that could captivate his interest, but he continued to look at her to make her tremble from a different nature.

Determined to ignore his presence, which was impossible in any case, Summer reclined her chair and closed her eyes. She was going to blot Gage from her mind, even if it took her until Doomsday. Then, the bold man's heat seemed even worse and Summer could feel him extremely close to her.

Her eyes parted into observant slits to see Gage out of the corner of her eye. He was leaning nearer to her by letting up the armrest after he had also reclined his seat. The only thing that was separating the intimacy of their bodies besides for their clothes.

Summer's eyes shot opened to wide, black coffee saucers. Gage began to get beneath her blanket until she snatched the edge away from him. "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

"I'm cold," he enamored. "Ain't you gonna share?"

Summer scoffed, but she raised the back of her hand against Gage's brow and then his cheek. That was the first wifely concern she showed to him except for almost filling out her obligation of the sexual nature.

Summer took her hand back quickly after her hand accidentally grazed his lips. "You feel hot to me," she shrugged. "Feels like you're running a fever."

Gage's gaze bore into her. "You and I both know that ain't the case."

Summer closed her eyes, bent on cooling the heated desire coursing in her bloodstream. "Goodnight, Gage," she dismissed. Gage understood and left her alone, but his proximity and his singular scent encompassed her as she was finally able to drift off.

Her dreams had been raging with consuming intimacy with this man with the devil's eyes. The way his hands touched her made Summer hot and wanton. First, she felt the faint brush of his thumb across her nipple, and it instantly hardened. He pinched and teased, and Summer felt the boiling rush of desire hastening to the area that was throbbing the most.

His hand crept to rest briefly on her upper leg. Summer sighed passionately as she felt that very hand steadily rising up to the softness of her inner thigh. The slight caress against the only material that shielded her femininity was enough to make Summer jump.

God, it felt so real, and once she opened her eyes, Summer shortly realized that it was real. Gage was staring her straight in the eyes as his fingers swept past her panties and sought for the budding sex waiting for his stroke.

"Gage..." her voice trailed off, at first not sure she was telling him to stop or keep going, but she knew that they weren't in the best place to fool around.

She tried to still his undulating hand, but his other one grabbed for hers. She shut her eyes curtly as she felt the passion he was slowly beginning to agitate. "Gage, stop," she demanded in a breathless murmur.

"Shh," Gage hushed, "or we'll become the afternoon movie." He found her and began to stroke her. Summer bit her lip the stifle the powerful moan that wanted to fall past her lips. "Open your legs more."

But Summer was still scared. "Gage, not here," she pleaded, her eyes begging him silently for him to see reason.

Gage took a fleeting glimpse around before it landed on her. His eyes were focused, but she could tell that his sanity was out to lunch for the moment. His reaction was enough. He wasn't going to stop.

"If you're quiet, we won't get caught," he whispered. "I can either make it quick or draw it out, but a part of me won't live that comment down about me not arousin' you ever again, darlin'." He jerked his hand and Summer freed a quiet gasp. "But you're aroused now, aren't you?"

He jerked his hand again, forcing her to nod. A slow, cool smile surfaced on his lips. Summer regretted that she wore such a short skirt. It reached her knees, but when she sat, it rose to high heaven. Which was how Gage was having such an easy access to her.

He continued to sink his fingers deep inside her damp passage, his thumb toying the love button that was making Summer's legs quiver with each touch. Gage did nothing but watch her, and as her moans became slightly more audible, he did the only thing he could think of to silence them. He savagely took her mouth.

Summer wasn't sure which was more of a turn on, his fingers working wonders inside her, or his tongue swirling around hers. Either way, it was the sweetest torment ever, and she was asking him with her moans to finish her.

The next thing she knew, Summer was convulsing, her nether regions being swamped with her honey and coating his fingers. Gage caught her moans with his mouth and kissed her flushed face as she came back to reality.

She looked at him, a staggered expression on her face as he eased back, brushing a curl from her face with the hand that stayed away from her body during the ordeal. Summer was even more shocked when he took the other hand and placed his fingers into his mouth, savoring the flavor he was able to arouse out of her. Summer was getting flustered just staring at the way his tongue swirled around his fingers, licking every trace of her off. If that wasn't the most erotic thing ever, she didn't know what was.

Then, Gage smiled, looking boyishly handsome and sinful all at once. Summer's heart leapt in her chest. "Mmm, you taste delicious, honey," he murmured, his voice raspy with the desire he had yet to release. "I won another contest. One more bet and I'll have you beneath me in no time. And I won't stop until I have all of you. Count on it."


They touched down in Houston and Summer's legs were still affected by what Gage did to her. He kept her steady, keeping a supportive arm around her waist, already getting into the persona of her well-groomed, prosperous husband.

She was doing her best to play the wealthy, enamored wife, but it was hard playing the part. Summer was concerned about how to approach her role, since most married couples in the rich circuit only married for money and little else. Then again, Stallings had made it clear that he wanted them to be an actual couple in love. They basically had to play all the parts of a newly married couple and Gage wanted to check out the prospect of Harrison Oil before he bought stocks as a wedding gift to his bride.

Summer thought this would never work, but in order for them to pull this off, they would have to be believable. It was the reason why Stallings ordered them to leave for Texas early so that they could already have a feel for the roles they would have to play. Gage slipped into the role of the protective new hubby like a brand new pair of shoes.

As they retrieved their bags and walked to a taxi, Gage hauled her close into his side so he could lean down to whisper into her ear, "You're gonna hafta be more convincin' than that to make people believe that you're my wife."

Summer glanced up to him. "That's because I'm not really your wife, am I?"

Gage smiled at how Summer threw his words back at him. "Touché, but act as though you can stand me on a sexual basis with a hint of love in your eyes, got it, Mrs. Ryan?"

Summer nearly tripped over her own feet at hearing those words. She felt numb and didn't even object when Gage took it upon himself to direct the taxi driver to the car rental place and paying the cab fare.

She was faintly alert of the young man over the counter getting their paperwork and keys for the temporary vehicle. It was only when they were in the safety of their rental car and taking off that Gage was able to snap her to the present.

"Will you signal to me that you're alive, if barely?" he grumbled. "How about tryin' to blink or squeezin' my hand?"

He thrust his hand out to her where Summer could only stare at it before lifting her gaze to watch the blur of cars passing by. She could feel the solid heat of his eyes glaring at her profile before narrowing them back onto the road. "I've had a better response from a marinated steak," he commented coolly. "You gotta talk to me, sweet thang, or this ain't gonna work."

Still, no response. "Jesus, woman!" he roared, extremely agitated. "What more do you want from me?"

"Curl up and die," she hissed.

Instead of being insulted, Gage smiled. "Thank God, a sign of life." Then he turned serious. "I don't know what your deal is. If it's about me gettin' you off on the plane, that shouldn't be a problem. You wanted me to finish you off, baby. I only did what you moaned for me to do."

Her gaze whipped to him. "It only took you over a week to do it!"

Gage scoffed. "And that's all? Sugar, I've been celibate far longer than that."

Summer's newly arched eyebrows raised. "Oh, really?" she said mordantly. "By all means, astonish me."

"For a year," he replied gravely.

Summer was doubtful about that. There was no way in hell that Gage Ryan could be celibate for a day, let alone a year. But when she looked at him and the tense hold he had on the steering wheel, her mocking smile faded. "My God, you're not kidding, are you?"

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