Not My Lover Ch. 07



"But why?" she pondered. "That's suicide, even for you."

Gage sighed tiredly as he continued to direct his eyes to the road. "When your cravin' focuses on one woman, your libido won't jump at command. I find that I can't get on with my life until my desire for her is quenched."

He diverted his gaze to watch her carefully. Summer gulped at the blatant, flaming understanding his eyes delivered to her. She was the reason why he hadn't touched another woman for a year, and until he took her to bed, his sex life would be on pause.

Despite the moment, Summer laughed bitterly to herself. "No wonder you hate me," she said spitefully. "I've denied you your life and I refuse to give you comfort."

"It's not just you," he remarked. "It's the sense of obligation and wait that's wearin' my patience thin." He paused as he looked at her again and witnessed the sense of alarm in her face. "Sugar, I ain't gonna pull this car onto the shoulder and have hot sex with you in this heat, though the idea is temptin' as hell to me." He shook his head contritely. "You ain't ready for that and you'd hate me after it happened."

Summer hesitated briefly. "And what if I told you to?"

Gage smiled, again, in that sad way. "Then you'd be lyin'. I won't force you into it now, but I promise you that one day soon, you and I will be sharin' sheets."

The shock of his words caused her heart to pound and her nipples swell. Summer thought she should be flattered that she was the center of his desire for so long, but her knowing only tightened the tension. It would be floating around her head with every lingering stare that his lust for her was raging. And she trusted Gage's word with ever fiber of her being that he would stop at nothing to fulfill his oath.

She remained quiet to simmer in her own thoughts when she finally glanced up and realized they were no longer in Houston. Frightened, she darted her stare to Gage, who was relaxed in his seat, leaning against the door and supporting his head with his left hand as he easily negotiated the road.

Summer was far from being at ease. "Are we lost?"

Gage carefully awoke from his trance and transferred his eyes to her. "Not that I know of."

"Then where are we going?"

"Oh, Stallings suggested that we take a trip to San Antonio for a few days," he suddenly announced. "Think of it as a vacation and a honeymoon wrapped into one. After all, I've always wanted to see the Alamo, especially after I heard that Ozzy Osbourne christened it in his own, sick way." He released a sexy, scratchy chuckle from his chest. "God bless Texas."

Summer finally had the courage to laugh as well as she remembered vaguely about the rocker who decided to use the historic landmark as an outhouse. That was when she had visited her family there and saw it all on the news. Her aunt went on for miles about the act and applauded when he was banned to perform in San Antonio for ten years. If her aunt had it her way, Ozzy Osbourne would have never came back.

Staring back out the window, Summer watched the fleeting scenery, knowing that she was safe, but one day, what she had yet to fulfill with Gage would be unavoidable.


The River Walk was so beautiful at night. The way the lights shimmered in reflection on the water, the smell of foods mingling in the air from the various restaurants. The chatter of natives and visitors of San Antonio walking around. It had been years since Summer was able to adore the exquisiteness of this historical city but now she was able to show Gage one of the splendors of Texas.

They had gotten into San Antonio early that evening, Gage driving fast enough to put Speedy Gonzales in his place. Summer directed them to a hotel that was in the vicinity of the river walk and only a few walking blocks from the Alamo and the wax museum, which Summer had remembered was just across the street from the landmark. Since it was approaching nighttime, their visit to the Alamo and the surrounding sights were placed on hold until the morning.

To her dismay, Gage arrogantly asked for a room with one bed. Despite her sulking, the receptionist gave him the two room cards and told them to have a good night. Summer ranted at him all the way to their room, not caring that the other residence were giving her curious glances at her behavior.

They got settled in and Summer was thrilled to see that the bed was big enough for four people. That meant she could put quite a bit of space between them if they shared the bed, though there was still hope in her that he would kindly take the couch.

She placed her proposition to him and was met with only a cutting glare. Placing his hands on his lean hips, Gage set her straight once and for all. "Ain't gonna be none of that," he pronounced firmly. "I meant it when I said you'll share my bed, even though I told you I ain't gonna rush you into it, but I want you to get used to the idea of havin' my body next to yours."

He unzipped one of his smaller suitcases and took out some personal things. "I'm gonna take a shower," he replied. "Pick out somethin' to wear." His eyes trailed down her body in a blaze of polished heat. "Somethin' nice. I wanna take my wife out to dinner and show her a good time."

Summer's eyes widened, surprised he managed to even get the word "wife" out without choking on it. "Are you planning to seduce me into your bed tonight?"

With the most sexiest smile he could ever give a woman, Gage whisked by her, taking his personal belongings into the bathroom with him and closed the door without a word. Summer understood that his answer was yes.

Summer managed to select an attire that was dressy but not over the top. Those outfits were reserved for Harrison J. Tyler when they meet. It was actually one of her own, which was black dress pants with a black sleeveless top, followed by a tan-colored duster and two inch-heeled sandals. She was gathering her toiletries when Gage suddenly appeared with a towel snuggly around his waist and water oozing down the muscled essence of his body.

Summer's mouth flew open at this vision of masculinity. It was as if a wave had crashed into her hard. She couldn't stop staring at the way his dripping, ebony hair was swept back almost to his shoulders. His green eyes were bright and clear as he considered her stunned state.

A wry smile contorted his mouth. "What, sweet thang? Did I just spout some horns?"

Summer's eyes boldly traced his anatomy and watched as the slight bulge beneath his towel jumped. She wore a smile of her own as she gathered her toiletries and clothes. Before she passed him, she taunted, "No, but something else of yours is sprouting. I'd do something about that, if I was you. Don't want to poke someone's eye out in public."

And she closed the door on a very surprised Gage, locked it for good measure and quickly showered and dressed. When she came out, Summer was enamored by the casual demeanor that greeted her. Gage was dressed in his favorite color of black all the way, from his pinstriped slacks, his new Italian loafers, and his button up shirt, but sported that same green tie that he had worn to their wedding. It did his eyes justice.

His cologne entwined with his usual scent reached her and it was almost enough to make her knees buckle.

Collecting herself, Summer narrowed her eyes as she browsed his attire once more with an aloof air. "Do you think you're going to burn up in all that black?" she replied. "It's still fairly hot outside and we're going out to dinner, not a funeral."

His piercing green eyes swept her up and down. "Looks like I ain't goin' to that funeral alone," he replied, commenting on her own apparel. He finished securing his long hair back into a ponytail before opening the door. "You ready?"

Summer retrieved her purse and they locked up before casually strolling toward the river walk. They managed to dine at a restaurant where they could eat beneath the stars and listen to the various mixes of music that sailed through the night air. They were able to keep their conversation civil and off the subject of sex, for once.

Afterward, Summer showed Gage the mall, for what shops that hadn't shut down early, since it was almost closing time. Gage saw a glimmer of disappointment in her eyes when most of the stores were already shooing out customers. He promised her tenderly that they would come back before they returned to Houston. Summer understood that after they left San Antonio, they would revert back to why they were sent to Texas in the first place. A part of her wished that they would never leave.

Gage and Summer collectedly strode back to their hotel, but took their time, talking of idle things and taking in the sights. Gage had offered her his arm, and she took it, feeling intrigued by him. He had been charming tonight, as if this was one of those many dreams she had of him in such a light. However, Summer was aware that there was a charismatic side to Gage Ryan, and this one wasn't a show to impress the ladies.

Summer was so hypnotized with being in Gage's company, she was hardly conscious of someone calling her name.


She whirled around and her eyes widened at the sight. She squealed for joy. "Angel!"

Summer released Gage and flew over to the mystery woman to hug her. All Gage could do was watch as the two women laughed and hugged again as their excited chatter swamped each other's voices.

Angel stepped back, her hands still on Summer as if she was going to fly off to the moon. "God, it's great to see you!" Angel exclaimed. "It's been, what, three years since you've last been down here?"

"Just about," Summer answered. "I've been slightly busy."

Angel directed her gaze to Gage, who was observing them silently. "I'll say," Angel said. "Are you going to introduce me?"

Summer forgot for a second that Gage was even there. She looked to him, instantly turned on by the way the shadows and dim lighting crossed his features. "Gage, this is my cousin, Angela Spencer or Angel, for short," she introduced. "Angel, this is Gage Ryan. He's my..."

"Husband," Gage quickly finished as he pulled Summer into his side.

She threw Gage a surprised look but his glare obviously dared her not to contradict. Sighing, she turned her gaze back onto her cousin. "Yes, my husband," she confirmed.

The chocolate-hued beauty balked as she stared with stunned, dark eyes at Summer, Gage, and then back to Summer. "Husband?" she choked out. "When did you get married? And why didn't you tell anyone? Your own family, at least!"

"Only a couple of weeks ago," Summer slowly explained. "We're just now taking our honeymoon. And the reason why I told no one was because I didn't want any of my family prying into my affairs concerning him."

Angel nodded in understanding. "Ok, then why didn't ya'll just take off after the wedding?"

Summer was running out of lies or truths to tell. With indecision on her face, Summer peeped pleadingly over to Gage for a viable answer. He managed to answer it for her. "We ain't got that luxury where we work."

Angel's gaze searched Gage thoughtfully. "And that's where you both work? The FBI?" Gage nodded and she smirked. "I never knew that the FBI was the place to find good men."

Gage laid it on real thick as he crushed Summer harder against him, that lady-killer smile nearly killing Summer to see it. "She's found the best one," he boasted.

Angel was clearly impressed. "My, my, Summer dear," she smiled. "I always knew you liked vanilla in your Coca-Cola, but this one's homemade. Deep south?"

"Georgia, born and raised," Gage said proudly.

"Big truck, I'm sure, and a good shot with any firearm you can get a hold of," Angel calculated. "Am I right?"

Gage displayed that wide, lazy grin. "Yes, ma'am," he drawled.

Angel chuckled. "Thought so."

Summer was angry that her cousin was assessing Gage so intimately. "How in the hell did you know that?" she asked sulkily.

"Simple intuition," Angel shrugged. "The man looks like a modern cowboy, minus all the redneck twists. He smells of the country air, but he's a southern gentleman, which means that he has lots of charm. About time you got yourself a good man."

That's what you think, Summer grumbled inwardly. "Anyway, enough about my hubby," Summer tried to dismiss. "What are you doing here? I thought you had moved?"

"Out of my mom's house, yes, but hardly far from home. I'm still housed in San Marcos, still thinking about going to grad school."

Idly, she began to toy with a beautiful ring on her left ring finger. Summer was just now catching the sparkle of it in the faint light of the lamplights and caught her cousin's hand to hold it closer for her to see. The diamond wasn't overly large, but it was enough to blind someone.

"My God!" Summer exclaimed. "That's so beautiful, Angel! You're engaged and didn't tell anyone?"

"Sounds like déjà vu," Angel commented mildly. "It's recent. Only happened a few days ago, so I'm still kind of in shock. It was all so sudden. I've barely known him for a year, but it feels as if I had known him forever."

"That's so sweet," Summer replied. What's his name?"

"I won't tell you," Angel replied. "You must come to dinner tomorrow night at my mom's house. You can meet him then."

Before Summer could answer, Gage jumped in again. "We'd love to come over."

Angel smiled at him after briefly sticking her tongue out at Summer. "Lovely," she replied. "Then I shall tell my mom that we're having extra guests. Come tomorrow at seven sharp. Later, Sums." She winked at Gage. "Later, cowboy."

Summer watched as her cousin walked away, still in a daze. It was always hard to catch up with Angel. She was beautiful and so open that she could draw a conversation out of a monk who had taken a vow of silence. She wished that she had Angel's vivacious personality.

Gage was grinning like an idiot as his gaze found hers. "I like her," he replied. That comment made thunderclouds move over Summer, and he said that after just meeting Angel. If only she was like her cousin, Gage could like her as well.

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