tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 10

Not My Lover Ch. 10


"Hell, no! I'd be goddamned if I shave it off!"

It was like trying to talk a grizzly bear into behaving without tranquilizers. They had gotten word that Tyler was back in town and they wanted to survey the perimeters of his property before they meet him, which was in three days.

Theo had already told them that his job was to remain inside the unmarked van they had borrowed from the Houston FBI. He was only doing intelligence and electronic work. Nothing in his contract said anything about going undercover and that's where he drew the line.

Summer was drawing her own line. If caught, she would be very easy to distinguish through a disguise, which only left one person in their group. Gage was a handsome man who, with a few makeup additions and the right kind of color to a feminine wardrobe, would look stunning, even in drag. Summer supposed with just the right touch, he would be unrecognizable, which was what they were shooting for.

It took all day to convince him to agree to it, but in his inflexible mind, he knew that there was really no one else to do the job but himself, and he was better at snooping than anyone at the FBI.

It was an hour past sunset and already, Gage's slightly long hair had been washed, curled, and set into a womanly style that draped a part of the ebony mass over one eye. Now, it was the painful part of the beautification process: Gage just had to shave.

This was where he had been the most obstinate, since Gage wasn't exactly clean-shaven when it came to body hair, and he was particularly aggravated that he had to shave off the scrubby stubble that shadowed his chiseled features. This specific attribute of his made him as tempting as a pirate on a humid summer's night. Just so hot.

"But I don't have a dress that'll reach all the way down to your ankles, Gage," Summer enlightened him. "The longest one I have only reaches slightly past your knees, as you can see, so you'll have to shave that hair off. They'll think evolution took a wrong turn with you if you don't."

Gage was throwing a fit like a child in her black cotton dress that she had often worn to the coast when visiting other family along the beach. He stubbornly crossed his arms and his bottom lip pushed out into a pout that was so cute that Summer had to resist taking that lip into her mouth and sucking on it until his immature mood was replaced by the hot-blooded male he could be.

"I ain't gonna," he sulked even more with the stomp of his foot.

"I can shave up to almost your knees, how about that?"

"Hell, no," he breathed with a pacified voice. "Send Theo out to Wal-Mart or somethin' to get some tights to go beneath this bedamned dress. You already got me in this getup. I'd be damned if you take more of my manhood, woman. And I'll have you know you owe me like hell for this."

A delicately arched ebony brow cocked with surprise. "I don't owe you anything, Gage. This is part of the job."

"Like hell it is," he contemptuously scoffed. "And you better not have any pictures taken of me, or I swear to God, I'll make you pay for each shot."

Summer swallowed hard, not for the threat, but more because he found her out without him seeing the disposable camera in her purse. She sighed despairingly and Gage's features relaxed, knowing that he had that round won.

Summer quickly excused herself from the room and phoned Theo about the news on Gage. Theo laughed, for he found it hilarious that the manly Gage Ryan was reduced to make-up and dresses. "So, the big guy wouldn't go for it."

"Go for it? He flat out refuses to cooperate. I know there's a K-Mart or something down the street. Buy a pair of black tights or something that'll stretch, okay?"

"No problem," he chirped and hung up. Summer blew some air past her lips and stared resignedly at the bathroom door. Trying to get him ready was harder than she imagined, but this was something she wasn't going to put up with for the rest of the night.

With determination marked in her face, she strutted back into the bathroom to confront Gage once again. She searched his shaving kit and reached for the razor before turning back to him. "All right, you win," she yielded. "You have your way about the legs, but you have to shave off your five o'clock shadow."

Gage jumped back, holding onto his jaw as if she had slapped him. "No way in hell."

"Gage, you can't have your way in everything. It's just hair. It'll grow back."

"It took me a while to have my stubble to grow the way I wanted it to, so if you want it off, you do it. It'll be better to blame you for my bad mood."

She lifted her shoulders in a carefree shrug. "Why am I not surprised?" she remarked as she pointed to the toilet. "Sit."

Summer knew he was distrustful of the way she held the shaver, which was true to a barber's and would cut anything with lethal accuracy, even fatal if not careful. His emerald eyes fastened onto the blade, the shiny, silver instrument reflecting in his eyes as they widened with trepidation.

"On second thought, I think I'll shave it off myself," he said quickly.

Summer's smile was slow, calculated, and sensual. "Too late to change your mind, Gage, now stop dragging your feet."

Drawing on the strength that was slumping down inside him, Gage did as he was told. He watched as she approached him and slung a towel that was folded long ways across one of his broad shoulders. She snatched a can of shaving cream and sprayed some into her hand. She stood in front of him, nudging his knees with hers. "Open your legs like a good boy."

Grudgingly, Gage parted his legs to allow her to step between them. Carefully, she settled both hands on his cheeks, with the razor still in one, and gently lathered his face, chin, and neck.

The bright lights above the mirror caught the side of the blade and it gleamed proudly in its shiniest, unblemished best. Gage was having doubts while Summer smirked wickedly as she lowered the razor blade closer to his aorta. She was looking so damned happy doing this and it scared to witness that evil sparkle in her moonless dark eyes.

Inches from his skin, Gage caught her wrist to stop her in a grip that made the terrifying grin vanish. Summer's head tilted in question, but Gage was willing to let her know something here and now. "If you cut me, woman, and God help you if you do," he seethed in warning, clutching her wrist tighter with the enunciation of each syllable, "I swear you'll regret ever layin' eyes on me."

Summer paused curtly as she drowned in the depths of his eyes. She didn't have to call his bluff on something Gage was more than motivated to do. She would have to keep her hand steady in case an accidental cut would be her last mistake.

She jerked her hand away and cleaned her hands off with the towel, refusing to bring her eyes level with his. "Sometimes, you make me regret that a lot," she grumbled as she neared his face again. Gage, on instinct, tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes shut, his Adam's apple bobbing nervously as she hovered over him, yet she hesitated.

Gage slit an eye open before his full jade eyes were narrowed on her. "What?"

"I..." she stumbled. "What's the price if I accidentally cut you?"

His eyes were meditative as they observed her countenance quietly. "The price ain't steep, darlin', and I wouldn't be askin' for an arm or a leg, but your body."

Summer stood back a breadth of a space, disturbed by his closeness and his words that heated her to her core. Should she be comforted knowing that the penalty wouldn't be violence but the complete possession of her entire being? Gage informed her exactly in what way her body would become his.

"Your punishment would be me takin' you to the middle of nowhere and tyin' you to my bed where I intend to have you for days. And each time you'd come for me, and you'd come hard, you'd hate me for it. But I vow to you, hellfire, you'd love the sensation I'd give you and you'd be screamin' to stay beneath me."

She stared dumbfounded. Each time he described his intentions with her, it got more intimate, his husky southern accent whirling her senses like a spinning top. Moreover, in his eyes, she witnessed a hidden truth through his opulent expressions of assertion.

"You're planning to do that anyway, aren't you?" she discerned with a soft voice.

He did an unconcerned lift of a strong shoulder, his eyes reflecting a touch of disinterest. "Perhaps I am and perhaps I'm willin' to wait until we bag Tyler, but I ain't gonna wait long afterward."

His eyes morphed into that lush olive green. "I'm gonna request some time off. As will you. There ain't gonna be no cell phones, no people, and no bosses. Just you and me, nakedly entwined together with the sheets as our only separation..." An easy smile creased his mouth here. "...at times. I want uninterrupted time making love to you and knowin' how it feels to be inside you."

Summer released a harsh stream of air; her chest heaving with the anticipation of having her body aligned with his, him being the only taste in her mouth, sweet and decadent, almost like cheating on a diet. He was bad for her health, but Summer wanted the same thing he did. She wanted to feel his warm, masculine skin against hers, his hands mapping her body, shaping and taking to his delight.

She shook visibly at the thoughts of her in bed with a very naked and a very gorgeous Gage made the words she tried to say incoherent. "I...I..."

That was all she could manage to fall out of her mouth. The man, sitting on a toilet seat in her favorite dress with his hair done up like a woman, was seriously turning her mind and body to mush.

Another wolfish smile appeared on those lips she craved to feel against hers. "Know you want it too, but don't worry, baby. You won't have long to wait."

He tilted his head back and closed his eyes again, signaling to her that he was ready for his shave. Sighing to get her jittery nerves under control, she carefully approached him. One hand pressed gently on his forehead, the other bringing the sharp razor toward Gage's cheek. She hesitated slightly again and he knew.

"What the hell you waitin' on? Just shave."

And she did, taking the first swipe of shaving cream and hair off. It was so close that Summer was afraid she had cut him, but he didn't complain of pain, so she continued. She shaved his jaws, cautiously shaving beneath his nose and the mannish contours of his firm, proud chin. Now all that remained was the strong structure of his corded neck.

She went slowly in getting off all the shaving cream, her free hand lingering as her fingers flew constantly over his pulse, which was beating with erratic rhythm in his throat. She negotiated the blade gently over his Adam's apple, which didn't move until she had moved away from it.

His skin was so soft now, so warm beneath her wandering fingertips. She loved the way his scent exuded from his skin and wrapping around her like a comfort blanket.

Scraping off the last of the shaving cream, Summer reached over and dumped it into the sink. She took the towel draped over Gage's shoulder and wiped the excess cream from his face and neck. All the while, those haunting green eyes watched her diligently, and she believed that within the dreamy depths was the desire to do something wickedly sensual with her.

She shelved the thought and reached to place the towel on the back of the toilet. That was a major error on her part. It didn't dawn on her until she had already done it that her body was now pressed against his. He caught her around the waist, hauling her against him. She saw that harsh gleam of yearning in his eyes before his mouth began to kiss her breasts tenderly through her white dress shirt.

Summer was mesmerized watching these shapely lips moving against her chest with measured pecks. Gage clutched a handful of her abundant bottom and began kneading it through her jeans. She could feel the bountiful size of him growing against her thighs, since he had the dress hitched way up to admit her between his legs.

His hands guided her away from him, only to close his legs and sit her astride him. He slowly reached up and cupped her face before gingerly attacking her neck with playful, bite-sized kisses. Those wonderful hands of his traveled beneath her shirt, massaging her chocolate breasts through the white, lacy bra.

Gage caused sweet friction through the delicate material, rolling her hardening nipples beneath his rough palms, grinning impishly as he felt them push proudly against his hands. Letting him know that she struck with the same heat that resided in his body.

Patiently, he unbuttoned her shirt and parted it. He inhaled a quick draw of air as he lifted her bra and revealed her bare breasts. It was the same expression as before, yet his mouth had fallen open as if it was the first time he had ever seen them before.

"Christ!" he cried as he dove face first into the succulent mounds of smooth mahogany. He kissed the valley in between reverently and the soft curve of her breasts as his hands dipped down in her pants and caressed her bottom. Her own hands held on to the back of his head, thrusting through the hair that she had already styled, yet wanted it back to its semi-tidy fashion Gage usually wore it in.

"I've been dreamin' about these babies ever since that night..." His eyes lifted to hers. "Luscious, beautiful breasts of deep milk chocolate. You've had me cravin' for them like hell, darlin', and I honestly believe I'll shoot myself dead due to insanity if I don't savor that sweet taste of you."

His dark head descended to her left breast while one of his hands was cradling the other. The coarseness of his tongue grazed across her nipple before inhaling the bud past lips and sucking on it fervently.

Summer jerked, loving the way his hot mouth latched hungrily onto her. She arched her back to offer her breasts to him. Gage took the offering, alternating back and forth to worship both evenly. They throbbed with intensity as his mouth and tongue made them burn with the desire that was overtaking her. Even though their timing wasn't worth much, she knew it was time. She wanted Gage to take her now.

Her cheek rested on the crown of his head, her body shifting in his lap as she grinded the apex of her thighs against his. "Gage," she whimpered.

"Yeah, baby?" he gasped in between kisses.

"Gage, I..."

The bathroom door quickly swung open and there stood a petrified Theo, a K-Mart bag in hand and his chin on the floor. His dark brown eyes darted from Summer to Gage, and then back again. Luckily, Summer's back was facing him, but she was sure that he could clearly see them through the reflections of the numerous mirrors.

He threw the bag down inside the bathroom, his hands going up quickly in surrender. "My bad," he replied before he slammed the door.

Gage and Summer could do nothing but stare at each other before Gage lowered her bra back over her breasts to shield his weakness from his sight. She could tell he was infuriated for being interrupted, and this time, it wasn't on his own will. He angrily fastened her buttons, then resting his hands on her thighs.

"You better finish this up so we can get goin'," he commented darkly, avoiding looking at Summer.

"Yeah, I think we should," she replied as she stood from Gage's lap and strode over to retrieve the K-Mart bag to finish dressing Gage. Summer was disappointed the moment was gone. Nevertheless, she realized that it wouldn't be long until the fever would inflame her body once more in a consuming inferno that would irrevocably permit Gage to take her in ways they both knew he was capable of.


Summer felt restrained being inside the unmarked van parked inconspicuously down the street from the huge mansion that was the home of the sole heir of Harrison Oil, and since he was the beneficiary of millions in black gold, he had the resources and money to place his home wherever he wanted. Each generation of Tylers built their own homestead in a different location. Harrison J. Tyler chose to live out in the country, a nearly deserted setting about forty-five minutes west of Houston.

The sheer beauty of the place impressed Summer, but she was briefly passing by it in the dark. She only got a glance of the vast, lush yard that was beautifully landscaped. The house was three stories tall and definitely spacious, expanding in every direction possible. It was the type of house that you couldn't take in all at once, but in sections.

Tyler's home, which was aptly named Casa de la Tierra Grande or "House of the Big Land", had Spanish influence for decoration with terracotta walls and earth-toned tiles that laid the path for the expansive courtyard out front. It sat majestically in the safe protection of the escalating, thick, earthen walls that separated the house and the outside world and guarded the home like a fortress. A person of his influence needed it from the media and people like them.

And to think at this very moment, Gage was sneaking about the perimeters with a dress on and a purse slung on his shoulder. She had managed to get some heavy make-up upon him, Gage sitting with a pout the entire time she applied it.

As Gage surveyed the borders, Theo and she waited patiently for feedback. He had been gone only for a couple of minutes for the walk back up the street toward the house, and Summer was already worried. Gage out walking at this particular time of night and alone was a far-fetched possibility, but there were houses down the street, just beyond the borderline of Harrison J. Tyler's property.

Summer found herself on edge at every sound he made and she was still afraid for his safety. She pressed the earpiece closer to her ear canal as if she needed to hear the sound of his breathing and the click of his shoes steadily hitting the pavement to let her know he was all right. Still, her body refused to slacken as it remained rigidly upright on the edge of her chair.

"He'll be all right."

Summer turned to Theo, who was watching her while working on a broken earpiece he had tried to use earlier for Gage. She saw the look in his dark brown eyes, comfort integrated with pity. Summer scoffed inwardly. He had no reason to pity her. Gage wasn't her man, even though their bodies were craving for each other, she had no rights over him.

She attempted to relieve the stiffness in her body. "I wasn't worried."

Theo's derisive scoff told of instant disbelief. "Look, baby, you don't have to be brave with me. It's obvious like hell you care for him, even if you're not willing to admit that aloud. I have a feeling you've admitted that to yourself, which is all that matters."

Summer threw her shoulders back. "I don't care for him," she tried to deny, failing miserably. "I...I..." She glanced to Theo, who was still not wavering. "All right, I do care for the stubborn jackass, but you can't tell him."

An enigmatic, impish smile formed on Theo's lips. "Scout's honor."

"And I swear, if you let him know, I'll..."

She didn't get a chance to complete the threat. A sudden shuffle of feet and harsh breathing come from the other side of the earpiece. Summer instantly sat up to attention, her heart leaping into her throat. She grasped her mouthpiece closer to her mouth. "Gage?"

"Shh!" was the curt retort she received and she became silent, though it drove her insane to know what was going on. A humming noise sounded from the earpiece, along with the sound of a car driving away and a second humming noise with a loud clank following it. The quiet from the other end was too dreadful for Summer to bear and she was frightened that Gage had been caught and his communication piece had been taken.

"Gage!" she cried out. "Talk to me!"

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