tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 11

Not My Lover Ch. 11


A whole week passed before Harrison J. Tyler asked Summer if she would dine with him privately. She accepted, captivated by his warm hospitality and sense of gentlemanly obligations to her. However, when she informed Gage about her impending dinner plans, he hit the roof.

"Cancel 'em," he stressed roughly on the morning of her engagement. "There ain't no way in hell I'm gonna let you see him alone."

"This isn't just about you, Gage," Summer debated. "Remember, we're on assignment. What better way to gain his confidence?"

"Sleepin' with him is one helluva way to gain his confidence!"

Summer blinked at his callous assumption about her character. "Who said anything about sleeping with him?"

Gage stopped his intense pacing in the living area of their exclusive suite, the dark, shadowed look of his eyes reflected a deep revulsion for a man he believed was his rival. "I ain't stupid, sugar. I've been seein' how he's been fawnin' over you with his charms and wealth and how you've been reactin' to him like a goddamn idiot. Can't you see that he's been wantin' you to say yes to his lil' dinner party just to get into your pants?"

Summer defensively crossed her arms and her eyes were cool with measured consideration. "Like you haven't attempted that yourself?" she accused.

Gage sauntered toward her, invading her personal space as he regarded her levelly with his piercing green eyes. "To everyone else around here, I'm your husband and should have the right to get into your pants. There's a difference between that and that bastard who wants you just because you happen to be my wife. Now, I've put up with his advances toward you as long as I can bear it, but this is somethin' I ain't gonna let you do." He went to the phone and picked up the receiver to hand to her. "I want you to call and cancel now."

Summer's chin lifted with confidence. She had promised herself that she wouldn't be dominated by any man, least of all, Gage Ryan. "If you want that date cancelled, do it yourself, but I'm still going."

Gage wasn't prepared for that saucily prepared statement and slammed the phone back upon the hook. "Damn you! It bothers me like hell to even think of another man's hands on you, let alone him lookin' at you, and there ain't no reason for you to get into Tyler's bed when you still got mine to share."

Summer was so angry at each sentence he irritably spat out that she was shivering with a hot fury that wouldn't remain still inside her. He thought so little of her integrity that he would quickly believe she would climb into another man's bed?

Her anger barely contained, Summer casually wandered over to the fruit basket, and idly picked up a piece of fruit to study it briefly before hurling it hard into his direction. It missed Gage by an inch, but she wasn't finished throwing her last. She picked up more fruit and launched more his way.

"You stupid bastard!" she screamed, throwing the fruit with every other syllable. "How dare you think so little of my character that I would jump into another man's bed!"

With her luck, she was almost running out of fruit, but with each throw, her aim became better and better. Apples, oranges and pears hit Gage's arms, legs, and chest. Then, a nicely timed apple struck him in the forehead and that was the last piece of fruit she could pitch.

Gage stumbled back and splayed his hand against the wall for support. He closed his eyes for a second, stunned that she had managed to get a direct hit. He should have feinted right instead of left. Shaking his head, he pushed away from the wall and opened his eyes. Summer gasped and took a step toward him then stopped. Fear held her still for a minute but the ferocious growl that emerged from his throat galvanized her.

Her eyes widened and her reaction time was slightly dawdling as she watched her husband coming at her at a good speed and his shoulders hunched. Summer managed to toss the fruit basket at him. Gage didn't even stumble as the basket struck his muscle-hard stomach hidden beneath the skin-tight black shirt. All Summer could do was brace herself as he tackled her, sending her flying backward onto the couch.

He nudged her onto the couch before his weight plopped roughly on top of her, air leaving her lungs in a quick rush. However, she didn't let her temporary breathing problem stop her fists from hitting the bulky muscles that felt more like a brick wall.

Gage grunted with every smack of her fists encountering his muscled flesh but soon stopped her by pinning her wrists near her head. She bowed her back, arching her breasts toward him in attempt to buck him off. She released a frustrated snarl, her head thrashing from side to side. "Get off me!" she screeched.

Gage stubbornly stayed straddled across her ample hips and answered her shrieked demand with his lips on hers. The fight almost immediately went out of her and Summer was rendered helpless as his tongue surged into her hot mouth and took total possession. She was heady at the emotions that coursed outrageously within her, the way this man smelled, and the look of him with his hair falling around them like an ebony veil was such a turn on.

His lips took a detour down the soft, chocolate brown structure of her neck, nibbling fervently. Summer released a quivering moan that was like a quiet sigh of surrender in Gage's ear. He took it as a sign that she was slowly getting ready for him and instantly dove his tongue back into the sweet, hot cavern of her mouth.

She felt cool air upon her feverish flesh and realized that Gage had lifted her shirt to reveal the soft down of her belly and he released her mouth so that his could leave scorching, damp trails of kisses all over her stomach. Her hands were free, but instead of fighting him off, her fingers curled into his hair, guiding his lips to imprint their fiery brands upon her skin.

He pulled the shirt over her breasts, taking the lavender lace of her bra with it to reveal the dark mounds of velvety mahogany flesh. His warm, hands covered them, the calloused palms grating across her aching, dark chocolate nipples.

Summer bit her lip and arched her back, giving Gage the access he wanted in engulfing a fine, dark tip into his mouth. Summer seized him tighter to her breast as he suckled her nipple with barely contained intensity before transferring his passion upon the other.

"Gage..." she panted, coiling his midnight tendrils of hair around her curled fingers.

He rose above her, his emerald green eyes glimmering with the yearning that coiled in his loins with immense cruelty. Her eyes were dreamily cast upon his face, which was contorting with the supreme want to take her, and she heard the clinking of a belt buckle loosening and a zipper being drawn.

She could see at the apex of his zipper rested a throbbing bulge that was present against the resistance of his boxers. Gage murmured nothing of his intentions, but he settled his body so that his hips were nudging the intimateness of hers. With great drive, he began to rock his hips, grinding his covered erection against her own, needy place that sorely craved for the real thing to be driven between her legs.

The rough abrasion of his lean hips was enough for her, and she shivered at feeling him grating his manhood against her. He was breathing coarsely in her ear, getting faster and faster with every slight rasp of his body against hers. He rammed his hips quickly against her, holding his body there and freeing a moan from her.

"That's right," he gritted between his clenched teeth. "Beg me. Want it."

The second, hard thrust was enough to force the words out of her mouth. "I want you," she whispered in ready surrender. "I want you...now."

"Do you?" he inquired aggressively.

"Yes!" she cried. "I want you inside me!"

She should have known what this was leading to, because like before, Gage instantly stopped. However, this time it seemed as if him putting an end to his desires was also taking a toll on his own self-control. He was panting audibly with ragged intakes of air, trying like hell to get himself under restraint.

Finally, in a harsh, breathy voice, Summer heard, "If you go to his place, just remember one thang, hellfire. It'll be me you'll think about while you're beneath him."

Next thing she knew, his weight was off her. Her eyes opened to see his narrowed sneeringly at her as he buckled his belt. It was as if he was revolted at her for something she hadn't done nor did she plan on sleeping with Harrison J. Tyler.

She watched with shock as Gage headed out the door without a word and left her to wallow alone in what had happened between them. She shook her head as she slowly lowered her bra and top, scoffing at the verge of desire Gage brought her to, only to abandon her again.

Didn't he know that she wanted only him? She just admitted that loud enough for their entire hotel to hear and it wasn't enough. Summer was really having trouble gulping down the words and desire he forced down her throat. She rested her head in her hands, thinking about her plans for the night, but the actions of Gage surrounded her like a fog. She groaned, her desire still high and the temperature of her body even higher.

She was doomed. She was doomed to attract men of Gage's pedigree, but for the life of her, she couldn't stop desiring him and she wasn't sure if she even knew how.


Homicidal ideas invaded his thoughts as Gage stooped over a bed of white roses that were one of many that adorned the grounds of Tyler's Spanish-styled manor. Gage was able to explore the lands earlier that week, courtesy of Tyler personally; all the while this billionaire was drooling over Summer as if his saliva glands were overworked. Gage had found a hole in the security system that secured the perimeter, and with easy access, he managed to have a front row seat to Tyler's dining room that evening.

He wasn't supposed to be here. If the woman wasn't so damn unnerving, they would be at the hotel going at it like the animals they were as they sought sexual fulfillment. This morning, she had pushed him to his limit and he knew that she wasn't the only one who was suffering for his decision to leave her alone. He was throbbing excruciatingly as he went to find Theo, who didn't even try to decipher the reason for Gage's grisly mood, though he could hazard a guess as to who caused it.

The thought of Summer alone with that money-hungry bastard sat badly in Gage's stomach all day until he had to convince himself that breaking onto Tyler's property was just for assignment purposes. He even managed to convince Theo of his need to overhear what plans Summer could nudge out of the man, either at the table or in Tyler's bed.

One thing was for certain. After Gage got what he needed to hear, he would kill them both for being together in the first place.

It made him feel insecure to know that this man was capable of taking her away from him. She was warm and cordial around Tyler, a sentiment she rarely showed toward him. The man was rich and would probably pay Summer for her services toward him tonight. A service that Summer was supposed to show toward Gage.

Gage ducked low when the two people of his thoughts rose from the table and ascended the stairs, luckily to an area just above the dining room. He had already wired the study/den of Tyler's home when the oil tycoon had least expected it. Now he heard conversations word for word. So far, their dinner dialogue only dealt with Tyler's life and family history. Summer wasn't afraid to disclose some facts about herself that Gage knew were true, and some things he wasn't sure of since she had never told him.

He was getting so jealous that he smiled with twisted pleasure at the mere thought of squeezing the life out of Harrison J. Tyler. Summer would do anything for this assignment. She usually did on whichever one she was sent on, but it didn't ease Gage's peace of mind to think about her twisting in naked submission beneath a man to gain whatever information she wanted out of him.

The designs racing full speed in his head quieted slightly at the introduction of voices coming back into play. Gage backed up so he could see the figures of Tyler and Summer in the upstairs study.

The blood in his veins boiled as Tyler's hand rested at the small of her back, guiding her toward the opened terrace. Summer smiled obligingly, looking so damned beautiful in her casual outfit of black dress pants and a dark blue button up top with three-quarter sleeves. Tyler was also causally attired, wearing snug, faded blue jeans, a white dress shirt with a black Stetson on his dark head, resigning him to his cowboy appearance.

Gage edged into a dark part of the garden, camouflaging himself to make sure Summer or her new friend wouldn't catch the deadly glint in his foreboding glare. She leaned over the railing of the balcony, her eyes cast over the night shadows overtaking the garden and totally skipping over Gage's hiding place. Tyler joined her with a simple bowl of fruit in his hand and offered it to her. "Would you care for a piece of fruit? An apple? Pear? Perhaps some grapes?"

Warily, Summer reached out and picked up the apple, looking at it thoughtfully before delivering a shy, inside smile. It made Gage wonder what it could be that had her so introspective. Tyler wondered the same as he picked up a bunch of grapes before placing the porcelain bowl upon the small table occupying the terrace.

"Does something amuse you?" he asked with a small, pleasant smile of his own.

Summer sighed. "I guess you can say this apple reminds me of the argument I had with my husband this morning. I got so angry, I threw fruit at him."

Tyler chuckled at hearing that. "You, having a temper? That's unheard of."

"Oh, it's heard of," Summer affirmed. "I have a massive temper, especially when I'm around him."

"That's understandable," Tyler replied as he paused for a moment. "Is it too personal to ask what this fight was about?"

"It was about my coming here for dinner without him."

"Ah," Tyler comprehended. "So, he's jealous of my attentions toward you. That cannot be help. I've always found the company of a beautiful woman intriguing, as I find yourself."

Gage felt sick. The frilly words of Tyler were making his stomach turn violently. But now he knew that Tyler's attentions to Summer were purposely done to drive him to commit homicide.

Tyler turned to overlook his beautiful grounds, popping a succulent grape into his mouth. "I can't help but see how much he cares about you," he suddenly pointed out. "The way he looks at you reflects his love. That love must be truly powerful to withstand criticisms of your match. Not many corporations or influential families agree to interracial marriages, especially of those involving a white man and a black woman. Those matches are rare and almost forbidden."

Summer was quiet as she took a bite out of her juicy, scarlet-red apple. Gage waited tolerantly for her carefully deliberated response. "Society does argue that what we are together isn't politically correct. But I think it's time for someone to prove that opinion wrong. Regardless of color, it's still a man and a woman who are joined together as one and who can achieve the same amount of pleasure as two people of the same ethnicity."

Tyler nodded meditatively as he tossed another grape into his mouth. "I agree. I see that if one's seeking a partner in life, it must be with someone they can appreciate. And oftentimes, pleasures of the flesh doesn't care if the person is of a different, as long as that pleasure is sought and satisfied."

Summer blushed and quickly changed the subject after she caught his calculated, lingering analysis of her. "I noticed the name of your company is Harrison Oil, but your last name is Tyler. Why not Tyler Oil?"

"The answer's quite easy," he said. "Harrison is also a family name, usually skipping every other generation. My family's patriotic and frequently curses the men with names of presidents, especially those men who ran the country during the nineteenth century. There has yet to be a Benjamin Franklin Tyler in this family, so I think one day, I may change tradition for the hell of it."

Summer laughed heartily. "You would tamper with your family's history?"

"I sure would. No kid should have to endure such petty traditions with names of presidents they don't even like. That's cruelty in itself."

"No argument there," Summer uttered as she finished her apple and walked into the study to deposit the core into a wastebasket. Tyler joined her inside, and Gage had to move a little to still be able to see them clearly. He had heard Theo trying to talk to him, but Gage had long since turned off his wire. Theo didn't need to hear his growls of disapproval.

A new subject of conversation perked Gage's ears, not to mention, pounding his resentment hard against a wall. "I noticed you took a liking to my house," Tyler asserted. "So tell me, do you appreciate missionary style?"

Did she appreciate what? Gage's eyes bulged with disbelief at the question that was just shoved out into the open. Laughing like a bashful schoolgirl, she answered, "I really do like missionary style, especially upon the walls."

Missionary style upon the walls? Gage was on a narrow state of mind, not at all thinking that they were referring to the decorating style of the house, but about the sexual position. Was the woman submitting her résumé to the man of what sensual locations she would love to be taken in? Hell, they almost did missionary that morning! She begged him to finish her! Now she wanted missionary from this prosperous bastard? And not only that, she wanted to be taken against a wall, which was one of Gage's specialties, yet frankly, she didn't want to try that position with him.

The flaming hell in his eyes threatened to set the nearby plants on fire. The husky chuckle of Tyler made Gage's hands clench tightly until his knuckles popped and his fingernails bluntly dug into the palms of his hands. Gage observed heatedly as Tyler approached Summer from another side of the room, another hat identical to his in hand. He didn't hesitate as he perched the Stetson on her head and pushed it down for a snug fit. He smiled at her warmly. "There, now you're lookin' like you belong here."

Summer shyly shook her head and tried to take off the hat. Tyler stilled her. "Consider it as a gift."

She blinked at that bit of surprise, but then smiled. "Thank you," she replied humbly. "Though I've never thought I'd see the day I'd actually own one."

"There's always a first," Tyler said as he returned that damnable hand at the small of her back. "Now, I'd like to give you that personal tour of the house, and I believe I must show you my bedroom toward the end of our expedition. I uphold the missionary style there and I'm sure you'd be delighted to see it. I also have to mention that the bathroom's a treasure in itself. I hope you'll find the...equipment in there quite intriguing."

Gage had his hands around a rosebush, imagining he was squeezing the life out of Harrison J. Tyler and not feeling the thorns entering his coarsen palms, blood trickling from the wounds he inflicted. But those paled in comparison to the mental lesions Summer wife was causing. Now all he could do was watch the two figures leave the room, darkening his world with disappointed dreams of possessing the one woman who brought him to his knees with desire. But Gage was so pissed now, he couldn't see straight, however, he did manage to escape from the garden and the mansion that now held Summer as a sensual prisoner at the whim of this powerful oil tycoon.

His mood was threateningly black as he boisterously forced the van open, taking Theo by surprise. Frankly, Gage wasn't the only one in a foul disposition. Theo instantly stood up, slamming down some wiring he had been working on. "What the hell was that?" he asked with a hard edge. "You went against protocol by turning off that damn wire. You could've gotten caught and I wouldn't have known how to get you out, not to mention you could've placed Summer's life in danger."

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