tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 12

Not My Lover Ch. 12


Summer was dreamily taking the elevator, back to the room that had been the arena of her argument earlier that day. She was dreading coming back, knowing she had to share that suite with him, but this was something that couldn't be avoided. They still had to act like a married couple, semi-happy or not.

However, when she opened the door, she was astonished when her eyes clashed with aggravated green ones, incisive and lethally accurate. From the looks of things, he had been wearing a hole into the floor from all the pacing he was doing back in forth. Waiting for her? She would have thought that he would've cooled off by now, but his attitude suddenly diminished her good mood.

"Where the hell have you been?"

This statement was said calmly, but Summer could still feel the fire he breathed from across the room. She merely shrugged as she closed the door and stepped further into the room to place her things upon the kitchen counter at the far corner of the room. Thanks to him, her disposition was instantly irritable.

"What does it matter?" she shrugged.

Gage crossed the room in steady strides. "It matters a helluva lot!" He grabbed a vicious hold of an arm, his fingers biting into her. "It don't take that damn long to eat!"

"It does if you're with Harrison, and he took me around his house."

"Harrison?" Gage roared. "So now it's Harrison? What the hell were you doin' with him 'around his house'?"

His grip got tighter and Summer grimaced in pain as she fought to get free. "What the hell's your problem? Let go!"

"You come in here with that damn hat, not to mention I saw the both of you together at his place over fruit and missionary styles!" Summer didn't hide her draining color as he admitted that. "Yeah, I found a way past his security system. And in good timin' too. I had the pleasure of seein' you drool over him like the damn idiot I took you for."

He gave an eerie pause as his gaze grew hooded and his features became hard and drawn. "You slept with him, didn't you?"

Summer was shocked again by the harshness in his voice; however, her temper soon eclipsed her astonishment. "Oh, yeah, I slept with him," she sarcastically snapped. "I rode him good and hard and screamed his name while I was at it. And you know what? It was good. So damn good, I came more than three times. And you know what I think? I think it just makes you mad as hell that it wasn't you I rode like a bronco."

Gage jerked her closer, forcing her hand onto his arousal. Summer felt him jump at the personal contact of her touch. "You think so? Are you sure you won't be the one who'll be bucked from my saddle?"

Summer glared at him, slightly frightened, but her eyes silently dared him. "I don't think you have the balls for it, cowboy."

Gage enfolded her fingers over him with more pressure and she gasped, feeling his hardness prodding her fingers beneath his jeans. "That's a real, hard tool your fingers are graspin', and it's somethin' that's been wantin' to get inside you for years."

Summer released a shuttering breath, panic swirling in the depths of her soul, entwined with building desire, but they couldn't give into it now. Not while they were here. Frightfully, she shook her head. "You can't do this now. We're on assignment."

"But above that, I've been sanctioned by the FBI to have you as my temporary wife," he gritted out. "So, as your husband, I have the right to do what I want with you for the time bein'." He bent down and hauled her over a broad shoulder. "And our weddin' night's long overdue."

Summer fought vainly as she was brought toward the king-size bed in the bedroom and thrown without ceremony upon the expansive surface. The Stetson she wore tumbled off, and she was sprawled vulnerably to Gage's searching, impassioned gaze. And she had the right to be trembling beneath the rough scrutiny of his eyes. As he had flung her upon the bed, the buttons from her top had been forced apart almost all the way, the lapels of her shirt showing off her scarlet-red bra, hiding the soft, rounded chocolate skin that had Gage hooked. The same red bra with matching panties that Gage had purchased for her on their shopping spree.

Her husband's breath was ragged as his animated eyes lifted to hers, anger residing within them. "You lil' jezebel," Gage exhaled breathlessly. "You probably gave him a nice good view of this bra and you didn't even have the decency to show me when I was the one who picked them out for you!"

Despite being terribly aroused by this man, Summer's eyes narrowed into little slits. "Maybe because you're too much of a jackass for me to show you anything."

Gage suddenly dove on top of her, pinning her arms to the bed. He panted, looking straight into her dark coffee eyes, which were so beautiful in the lamplight as they looked up at him with fading fear. He almost hesitated, as if he was suddenly remembering what he was doing, but soon, lost himself to being in power.

"Would you lie to save your neck?" he unexpectedly asked.

Summer cocked a brow. "Why lie?"

Gage gave her a hard shake, nearly rattling the teeth in her mouth. "I don't give a damn if this is temporary," he uttered ruthlessly. "As long as we're here, you're gonna obey me. I promised myself long ago that any wife of mine that cheats on me, I'm gonna kill her and the bastard who laid his hands on her."

Summer didn't even blink at hearing the threat, knowing that it was something he was fully capable of. Calmly, she said, "If you think I'm such a whore, then go right ahead." She lifted her chin proudly and attached a husky dare. "Do it."

"I plan on it, honey, but it ain't with a gun or a knife."

And with that, Gage brusquely stripped Summer of her clothing, baring her to his hot, coveting stare until she was in her matching underwear. His burning green eyes glazed over to perceive the voluptuous, mahogany wonderland her body presented, finally revealed to his eyes and finally his to possess.

Leisurely, Gage eased off the bed, quickly stripping his own clothes until Summer was able to witness his erection standing proudly at attention. His staff was throbbing red, and it was no wonder Gage was a hit with the ladies. Endowed like that, along with his beautiful physique of corded, smooth muscle, any woman would love to have that instrument fill her. And now, it was about to fill Summer in a way a man hadn't done in such a long time.

Gage carefully eased back on top of her and instantly seduced her quickly with drug-induced kisses on her mouth and neck. Summer held onto his head as he explored the perfumed column of her neck and the slope of her chest that lead to the shielded brown mounds that he absolutely adored.

He made quick work of taking off her bra and underwear to feel the heated silk of her skin aligned with his. A hand returned to where her panties once protected the puffy, moist lips to her ultimate sanctuary. A finger deftly slipped in, causing Summer to arch her back and grind her hips into his hand.

Her slumberous, desire-filled eyes found his staring back at her with the same, silent passion that possessed a hint of frenzy and barely restrained self-control. "Well, well," Gage chimed. "It seems that my hot lil' darlin' wants to be taken badly." He added another finger to explore the silken flesh inside of her and forced a moan from her throat. He smirked with knowing. "Didn't satisfy your appetite, did he, love?"

Between pants, Summer managed to grit out, "And you're sure you can?"

He took her hand and guided it to the masculine steel of him, and she could feel his own tool hardening with anticipation. "That a dare?"

Her eyes flashed. "You're not up for the challenge."

"I'm set to prove you wrong, my delightful lil' minx, and I had warned you about makin' a challenge with me."

He suddenly rolled until she was situated on top of him. Summer gasped at feeling the seductive power of him between her legs and he slowly slid into her steamy womanhood, her slickness lending him an easy entrance. She released another gasp, feeling him stretching her and his hard flesh pulsing inside of her.

Summer was hunched over him, her forehead buried into his throat at an attempt to get adjusted to having him inside her. "What are you doing?"

"You were so willin' to ride him that you forgot that you had a ride waitin' back here." He took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked strongly on it. "Ride me."

Summer jerked at hearing that. "What?"

Gage nudged his hips forward and they both trembled as he slid deeper into her. "Ride me," he repeated before he took the Stetson lying beside them, placing it upon her head. "Ride me like the mount you want me to be. Nice, rough, and hard, 'til I come deep inside you."

Gage's hips began to move on their own accord, the patience of waiting for her to adapt to the feel of him was virtually enough to make him burst. He guided her into seeking her own rhythm until she finally had it down and allowed her to take control.

His hands molded themselves onto her full, chocolate-hued hips, and Summer looked down through hazy eyes to witness his features contort in sensual pain beneath her, his teeth clenched and his eyes tightly shut at the fanatical feeling coursing between them.

The silky insides of Summer's dripping haven reveled in the way Gage's erection caused fiery friction between their two bodies and how his well-endowed hardness sailed with ease in and out of her. Each assertive slide of his manhood into her caused the furnace of her being to explode and she gradually began to pick up speed.

A fine sheen of sweat glistened on their active bodies as Summer rode Gage with a vengeance, her hips moving rapidly up and down his erect pole. Her moans of sweet delight filled the room, accompanied by his guttural grunts and explicit words that voiced what the intensity of their coupling was doing to him.

Gage reached up and roughly grabbed her hair to pull her down for a kiss that drove Summer insane, the blissful taste of him making the honey of her nether regions surge liberally around his driving rod. Feasting again on the downy suppleness of her throat, Gage became more demanding. "Who's inside you now?" he moaned with authority. "Who's fillin' you?"

Summer gasped at the impulsive jolt of his body against her, no longer ashamed of admitting her desire for him. "You are."

"And who am I?" Gage gnashed. "What's my name, baby?"

"Gage," Summer sighed. "Oh, Gage!"

His hips joined hers in a wild attempt to find her now erratic tempo, causing the walls to fall all around them as the edge of their climax was near. "Say it again." He growled fiercely at the back of his throat, feeling the heat spiraling hot inside him. "Say it!"

"Gage!" she called again and repeated his name over and over like a mantra.

Gage gave a fleeting, twisted smirk as his green eyes radiated with possession and victory. "That's right, baby," he groaned just a split second before his eyes sealed firmly and his head reared back for a roar that shook the room. Summer felt the hot rush of his seed filling her and it did nothing but trigger her own climax.

It almost felt as if she was dying. Her head fell back, screams of relentless pleasure reverberating from her mouth and bounced off the walls of their room. She felt herself rendered weak by the accumulation and satisfying lovemaking she had just shared with Gage. Spent and the Stetson long gone from her head, she surrendered her body to slump on top of the man who had given her a ride that lasted way more than eight seconds. It had been just amazing, minutes upon minutes of endless gratification, and it was great to feel such a powerhouse moving with such precision and possessiveness between her legs.

Gage's hand buried itself into her hair, his lips lazily nuzzling the sensitive area behind her earlobe and flitting out to taste the saltiness of her fine skin. Summer indolently traced the dark shadow his stubbled jaw presented, giving him a gentle kiss of thanks for the ride of her life.

His hands traced her abundant bottom, stroking her cooling flesh with the unbelievable warmth of his fingertips. "Was it good?" he inquired faintly in a raspy voice. "Did I prove to be better?"

Summer shrugged unenthusiastically as she allowed her eyes to flutter close. "I wouldn't know. I didn't slept with him," she resignedly confessed.

The affectionate nestling immediately stopped and Summer suddenly found herself on her back staring into the strenuous eyes of Gage that were also filled with question and disbelief. "Don't lie to me, woman," he said gravely. "Not after all that."

"I'm not," Summer affirmed. "You're the one who jumped to the conclusion that I was a whore."

Thick, ebony brows knitted together in misunderstanding. "But you said that you did."

"Even you should be able to detect sarcasm, Gage."

Summer wasn't sure what did it, but Gage's change in attitude was instantaneous. He abruptly got off her and sat heavily upon the side of the bed. He raked his fingers through his ebony, unkempt tress, staring down at the floor. He released an indignant scoff. "Damn, I shoulda saw it comin'." He glanced back to her briefly, a remorseful spark in his eyes and a poignant smile warped his swollen mouth. "I'm sorry, baby. I really am, but I'd be lyin' if I didn't say that was the best damn sex I've ever had. You were hot enough to burn this place to hell."

Summer blushed at the statement he burred caringly, so she supposed it was a compliment. Conversely, Gage saw how he was in error in assuming something that wasn't true. Summer noticed the emotions that washed over his face and how he finally understood that the missionary styles she was referring to were far from what he had been thinking and apologizing for those errors took a massive toll on his pride.

Gage stood up and began to put on his clothes. Summer wrapped the coverlet around her naked body, the bedclothes already disheveled from their bout of passion. It was as if their line of communication had suddenly dissipated and all Summer could do was watch with eyes filled with curiosity and partial hurt.

"Where are you going?"

Gage shrugged on his shirt and tucked it into his pants. "I have some thangs to clear with Theo. I'll be back." He headed toward the door and then stopped, throwing over his shoulder, "Don't leave. Just stay here and sleep. We got some thangs to do tomorrow and I want you to have your energy."

Without another look, Gage slipped from the room. Summer eased back onto the bed, clutching the coverlet tightly to her breasts as she glanced longingly at the door, wishing for Gage's return.

Yet he didn't come and sleep soon captured Summer, dreaming that Gage was warming the bed by her side.


Summer turned on her side, suddenly slipping from slumber. She had been dreaming of Gage and felt exceedingly warm, desire washing over her skin.

She took a deep breath, her nose inhaling the sweet combination of two scents. They were pleasant as they entwined together for an endearing fragrance that lingered but didn't suffocate. Summer slowly opened her eyes, blurrily catching the outline of a dark flower resting upon a pillow.

She rubbed her eyes to clear it from sleep and adjusted her sight upon the blossom again, illuminated by the virgin moonlight tumbling from a nearby window. This time she was able to distinguish it as a subtle, crimson rose. She reached out and caressed the flower, enjoying the way the silky petals felt beneath her fingertips. A minute smile graced her lips before her features twisted in puzzlement. How did it get there and where was that second scent coming from?

Something told her to look behind her and Summer peeked over her shoulder, witnessing a white bloom propped on the pillow. She took the flower and placed it beneath her nose, closing her eyes and reveling in the scent floating into her nostrils, placing her at peace. She smiled again, enjoying the aromatherapy she was receiving from the pleasant fragrances of—

"Jasmine and rose always reminded me of you."

Summer jumped at the sound of the rich masculine voice that pierced the silence of the room. Her eyes searched around until she caught a figure sitting a few feet from the foot of the bed, carefully observing her from a one-arm chair. She could make out the strapping figure of Gage, his green eyes glittering in the dark when the moonlight struck them. He was relaxed in the chair, a glass of Jim Beam in his hand and taking casual sips of fornication. Not once did his gaze waver in their intenseness and they regarded her quietly for almost a minute.

He took another swig of Jim Beam, letting the ice and dark amber liquid swirl around in the short glass. "You wear them faintly but for some reason, I'm overpowered by them every time I'm in the room with you. And I've come to find that the more you're aroused, the more powerful your scent becomes." He closed his eyes to take a deep breath and released the air from his lungs slowly as his eyelids lifted to aim his carnal green gaze intensely her way. "Like now."

Gage swallowed more of his drink before setting the glass down on the end table. He held up his forefinger to induce her into his direction. "Come here," he murmured subtly.

Summer rose slowly out of bed, wrapping the coverlet around her body and strolled vigilantly toward him, her two flowers in hand. She stood silently before Gage and he merely patted his lap in a gesture to make her sit there, which she did.

The two sat in silence, just enjoying each other's company minus the fights and continual finger pointing that had gotten them in bed in the first place. The tension had built up to a straining high that it was impossible to put off the lust any longer. Summer was still reeling at having Gage so deep within her, loading her hot cavern in a snug fit that took her over the edge.

Gage stirred slightly between increments of time to clear his glass of his bourbon before inhaling the last of the contents and freeing a satisfying "ahh" at finishing it. Now his hands seemed to be occupied with her, tracing the contours of her back through the coverlet and sliding down the length of her arm. His left hand rested on the both of hers, which still held the two flowers. He carefully took one from her and placed it in her hair, tucking it behind her ear.

She glanced down into his eyes, catching the mischief in them as he took the rose from her and held it up to her nose. She inhaled the fragrance of it before the soft blossom moved from her nose to her check, sliding down her smooth chocolate jaw in a delicate caress. Summer's eyes fluttered close as the scented flower trailed down to her throat, tickling but arousing her at the same time.

She was startled at sensation the scorching introduction of her Gage's mouth on her skin, following the path of the rose with smoldering, opened-mouth and sensuous kisses. She held onto Gage as his lips memorized and explored each inch of her throat, his taste buds enjoying the flavorsome, saccharine tang of her skin.

Gage's hands went for the comforter that was shielding her nude body from him and unwrapped it with eagerness, hesitating again as if he was seeing her naked for the first time. Gage took the rose and trailed it down her chest to her awaiting mocha breasts. He ran the flower around each plentiful mound, teasingly closing in on her dark areolas and the pouting crests of her nipples.

Summer felt herself in utter ecstasy when the soft texture of the rose fleetingly brushed one of her engorged nipples. His head dipped while the tip of the rose teased her right nipple. Gage's tongue tenderly stroked the hardening bud of her left one, distending the nub further before taking it ardently into his mouth and drawing tenaciously on it.

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