tagRomanceNot My Lover Ch. 13

Not My Lover Ch. 13


As he had promised, it was at least three days later until Summer and Gage met up with Tyler again for breakfast. As she was sitting there at the quaint breakfast table, nibbling on poached eggs and bacon, her eyes constantly strayed to Gage as he immersed himself into profound conversation with their host.

He was truly amazing, this man who posed as her husband. The past three days were heavenly, and Summer constantly drifted off into a dream state every time it crossed her mind. Three days of wearing nothing but skin except when room service came with their orders whenever hunger struck them. But their main hunger was for each other.

Two days were spent almost like a marathon. They would make love, eat a little, make love again, and then converse with drowsy pillow talk before sleep claimed them. Closer and closer, Summer was finding out the many degrees that made the man Gage Ryan was today. She had learned his innermost thoughts, his fears and his passions, and Summer had readily disclosed her own thoughts to him.

He was deeper than she thought he would be, besides for this callous playboy who thought about nothing outside of guns, his job, and who he was screwing around with at that same job. They even returned to the painful subject of their parents, how it had been sorrowful to continue life without them. It was especially hard on Gage since he was so young and watching his even younger brothers struggle with a simple memory of the two people who didn't think they were worthy enough to raise. They comforted each other with kisses and caresses to let the other know that they weren't alone.

Day three consisted of recuperation. Two days of perpetual lovemaking had taken a toll, so they relaxed together in the whirlpool bath, gave each other massages, and made tender love before they drifted off for a sleep that could have lasted for days.

It was entirely blissful with no interruptions except for the day after. When Theo came knocking the morning after they had first made love, Gage allowed him to know with no kind words to get lost for the next couple of days and Gage made Summer call Tyler to inform him that they were indisposed. The friendly oil tycoon's soothing voice told of him already having a good idea of what they were up to and gave a knowing chuckle as he hung up the phone right before Summer was immediately tackled by Gage for another round of lovemaking.

Summer shook her head of her thoughts to clear them as a masculine voice called her by name. Her dark brown gaze focused upon Gage. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Darlin', JT just asked us if we wanna go to Louisiana tomorrow."

Summer blinked at that bit of news and directed her surprised stare to Tyler. "You've only been back for a week and already you wish to uproot?"

"Houston occasionally bores me, staying in one place all the time, especially out here where I'm lucky to get an intruder a few times out of the year," Tyler disclosed as if he was uninterested in giving a reason. "I own a house by the waterfront of Lake Pontchartrain in the Metairie Parish. I definitely hate going alone and oftentimes invite guests to tag along."

Summer glanced to Gage, giving him a look of uncertainty. He read it for what it was. It had been over a week, and Tyler was as clean as a newborn's conscience. Theo, from what he had reported, claimed that there wasn't anything illegal with any shipments Tyler had been receiving. They all checked out as the customs agents inspected each of the items he ordered periodically.

Tyler had explained all he could about Harrison Oil to persuade Gage to consider stock interests, which meant that time was running short for them to find something other than clean shipments of priceless objects that would take Summer years to afford just half of one on her paycheck.

However, this could be the perfect opportunity to give their acquaintance an extended amount of time.

Summer's tentative frown turned into a delicate smile. "It is sudden. I was sure that we would be leaving by this coming Thursday."

"No need to hurry," Tyler said. "Perhaps then if we leave today instead of tomorrow, you can stay a couple of days down at my house in Metairie with enough time to spare to catch your plane. I'll see to it personally that you both do not miss it."

"Was your house damaged when Hurricane Katrina occurred?"

Tyler's face displayed a brief look of sadness. "A few things were destroyed and washed away but what I had was easy to rebuild. Not everyone from Louisiana can boast of the same."

"Yeah," Summer replied forlornly before she turned to Gage who didn't show any outwardly emotions. "Do you want to go, babe? I mean, if you're not wanting to take a few additional days off, then..."

Gage cleared his throat after chewing upon a piece of toast and cutting her off. "I'm sure that a day or so missed won't be too taxin', honey. Donovan is fully capable of handling the shipping business as if I was there."

Her eyes shifted to Tyler, who was kindly watching the exchange between Gage and herself. "Are you sure it won't be too much of a bother for us to accompany you?"

Tyler shook his head. "Not at all," he smiled. "As I said, I enjoy having guests accompanying me and you are more than welcome. And I would be more than happy to have you along as guests."

Summer smiled as genuinely as she could manage. "Of course," she said, as her eyes moved back to Gage. "That is, if my husband agrees to it."

Gage was, again, becoming too quiet when he was usually the one brimming with conversation. "Well," she impelled, "what do you say, my love?"

His green eyes intensified at the endearment and he was silent for a few seconds more, not even to reason on an answer. If this was anything but an assignment, Summer would have laugh at the slight color his face took on. The thought was comical at her falling deep in love with Gage. He wasn't capable of love himself and whoever would be the unfortunate woman to fall for such a dashingly charming southerner would have her heart broken and swept under a rug like dirt.

No, Gage was not the sort of man she could love.

The man of her thoughts stirred slightly only to place his fork and knife back into their appropriate places next to his plate and briefly wiped his mouth with a napkin. Then, he smiled minutely, as if to humor her. "If you wish to go, darlin', then we'd best get back to the hotel and checkout."

Tyler slapped his open palm upon the table, his joy of their coming with him apparent in the jovial expression his features exuded. "Excellent! It's a quarter to nine right now. I can be ready in a couple of hours or so, and I'll meet you at the hotel and we'll drive from there. God willing, we'll reach Metairie in good time."


"Do you think he's hiding anything?"

Gage's eyes briefly diverted from the road to give her a drawn, studious look. "I ain't so sure anymore," he disclosed. "The man's been livin' the life of a saint as far as I'm aware of. No unlawful activity, no illegal imports or exports of goods. I checked out that warehouse of his three times and nothin' shows of foul play. Hell, the man hasn't even gotten a ticket!"

His wistful emerald eyes returned to the road as they followed closely behind Tyler's silver Mercedes. "Whatever he may be hidin', the man's doing a good job keepin' it from us. Jobs like these usually ain't this hard."

Summer's eyes sleepily roved over the scenic Louisiana countryside. It was all she had been doing for the past couple of hours from Texas to Louisiana since, of course, Gage was stubborn about letting her drive.

"Do you think he knows why we're really here?"

Gage relieved a great sigh from his chest. "I don't know about that, either. He probably does and is keepin' himself amused with our attitudes toward each other." He paused for a moment to consider what observations he did see. "You know, I've noticed how he looks at you and me with this secret smile on his face and those eyes of his glitterin'. It makes me wonder if he knows somethin' we don't."

His observation restored the car back to silence, Gage keeping up with Tyler as Summer slowly drifted off for a short nap. While navigating the road, Gage often stole a few meditative glances at Summer as she slept. This was the woman who, for the past three nights, had been in his arms, wild as fire yet sweet as honey. He had a taste of her body as well as her thoughts, feeling even more intimate with this woman who was slowly becoming essential to him. She definitely had him going each time he touched her and the thought of him letting her go made him uneasy. Perhaps when they got back to Washington he would let her know that their three day tryst wouldn't be the last.

A moan drew Gage's eyes from the road and he eyed Summer every other second. She filled such a need in him, Gage didn't know what to do with himself. He was aroused by the way the very scent of her mingled deliciously with his own, creating an aphrodisiac so potent, Gage was close to pulling his engorged shaft out to personally do something about it.

Unable to stop himself, Gage raised his right hand toward her, but he wavered a little when she freed another small moan and shifted in her seat. He waited until she settled in before he allowed his fingers to brush the soft curls of her hair. Summer shifted again, and Gage jerked his hand back. She relaxed back into another comfortable position, this time with her head facing toward him. Gage's green eyes idly traced her tranquil, chocolate-hued features, her luscious lips parted as she silently inhaled and exhaled. He really should be watching the road, but he couldn't help but have his eyes drawn to the delicate loveliness of her.

His hand approached her face again, this time, the back of his fingers skimmed the velvety softness of her skin. He brushed those lips that had pressed against his in kisses so turbulent, they whirled Gage's senses like a tornado.

She groaned once more and Gage quickly drew away again, his eyes narrowing upon the road and his hand on his thigh as if he had never touched her, but he was damning himself like hell for doing so.

Summer stretched and shifted her sleepy eyes toward him while she released a yawn. "Where are we?"

"Startin' to leave the Jefferson Parish. Just got on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway."

She frowned. "The what?"

"The bridge that goes on forever, baby. We're on it."

She froze in place. "We're on that bridge?"

Before he could make it clear that they were, he watched as Summer went into full panic mode. Her eyes darted out to see the full body of water that was beneath them on all sides of the bridge. Her eyes widened with fear, her breath instantly becoming short and erratic. The color drained from her face, and Summer tensely gripped the seatbelt and began wringing it in her hands. Tears slid down her face until she broke down completely, whimpering incoherently that made it hard to understand.

Gage rolled his eyes heavenward. Hell, not now.

He glanced over to Summer, who was holding on to dear life with her seatbelt, her eyes closed tightly, whimpering about God and periodically praying for her life. Gage knew it was useless wasting words in attempt to subdue her. She looked too far gone to even hear reason.

There was only one thing a man in his situation could do.

Gage's hand reached her, instantly covering the nearest breast. His hand tenderly squeezed, shaping the round flesh hiding beneath her clothes. His thumb swept persistently over her nipple, the concealed bud slowly peaking beneath her shirt. Gage heard her cries of hysterical fear slowly quieted into feminine meows as he affectionately massaged her nipple beneath his fingers.

Summer arched her back, placing more of her breast into his hand and clearly enjoying the distraction Gage was performing. And she wasn't the only one on fire. Just by touching her breast through her clothes, Gage could feel his hand burning with the desire to caress her all over without restrictions.

The car was no longer quiet, but the delicious sounds coming from her was enough to make him want to pull her onto his lap and drive into her and still manage to drive the car at the same time. Despite the idea was enough to drive him completely insane, Gage had to settle for what he had done on the airplane, except this time was for a good cause.

Gage's hand slid down toward her skirt, which was a miracle that she wore one. His hand smoothed over the downy softness of Summer's inner thigh, mere inches from her panty-covered center. He could feel the damp humidness radiating from her nether regions and he was amazed that she was drenched with such wanting. Gage had to clench his teeth as his fingers moved to her beckoning hotness awaiting him beneath her skirt. His forefinger brushed the damp material of her panties and Summer released a potent feminine groan.

He could no longer resist not feeling her sleek tightness and it wasn't long until Gage swept the material to the side and thrust his fingers into her. Summer visibly jumped, a powerful moan tumbling from her mouth. Her eyes parted to look to him, the dark chocolate pools glazed over as the desire took her.

She was just too damn hot to handle and Gage could feel his control slipping. Her desire coated his fingers for an easy access to her treasure and he used her fragrant essence to smother over her budding sex before caressing it. His fingers gradually picked up speed, bringing Summer to the brink of climax. Her legs locked around his hand like a vise, her hips moving in the rhythm of his fingers.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw speeding motorists go by due to his inability to even drive the speed limit, his attention to Summer more important than his driving. He received quite a few double takes, a couple of mouths dropping open, and a grandmother covering the eyes of a seven-year-old boy. But eighty percent of Gage's concentration was centered on making Summer scream in the passenger seat.

Finally, she let out a long, throaty moan as she convulsed in her climax. Gage kept rubbing her while she soared high, arching her back and thrusting out her full breasts. As she gradually came back to earth, Gage removed his fingers, his fore and middle fingers covered with her honey almost to his knuckles. He looked at his hand as if she blessed it. The scent of her on his hand floated up into his nostrils and Gage became heady with his own desire to be inside her.

Hungrily, he thrust his fingers into his mouth, savoring the divine taste he would never get enough of. Hell, at this rate, he'd never tire of her taste, her body or her, period. He wanted whatever she could give him and it made him wonder that with time, she could possibly give him what he wanted, whatever the hell that was. He had been searching for that something for so long, that need was unnamed. He didn't know what it was, but he felt empty not having it.

He started to drive normally except for the uncomfortable bulge that was on the verge of busting his zipper. Summer's breathing returned to normal, her eyes blinking in amazement. She visibly shuddered, her arms coming around herself. "Why did you do that?" she asked in a shaky voice.

Gage briefly glanced to her. "You needed a distraction," he replied. "I can't deal with a hysterical female in the middle of a huge body of water."

"You couldn't just talk me out of it?"

Gage scoffed sardonically. "Like you woulda listened. You were too busy prayin' to God to put Him on hold." His emerald gaze traced her body in an appreciative sweep. "And you can't lie and tell me you didn't enjoy it. I know our audience did."

Summer straightened to attention. "Our what?"

His nicely sculptured lips kicked into a whimsical smile. "Only a few people who passed by, but nothin' to get agitated about. They couldn't really see what all was goin' on beneath your skirt, or how your nipples were damn near burnin' through that top of yours, wantin' my mouth suckin' on them."

Summer gasped as she crossed her arms, her eyes throwing fire his way. "You ass."

"And I ain't denyin' it, but even though I'm an ass, you still want me. Don't ya, darlin'?" he conceitedly pointed out.

Her features slumped into defeat, knowing he was right and hating that he was.

As Gage continued to drive, Summer was eerily quiet for a couple of minutes, staring back out the window. Frankly, her silence was disturbing him when he would pay money to keep a woman's mouth shut. However, she stirred the next second and glanced over to him, her eyes gleaming as a devilish smile played over her mouth.

That placed tremors into his heart. "Why the hell are you lookin' at me like that for?"

Summer said nothing but unbuckled her seatbelt. She leaned over toward him, her left arm bracing her as her right hand reached for the lower half of his being, giving him an assertive squeeze. Gage nearly jumped twenty miles high feeling that.

She carefully unzipped him and took out his throbbing erection that was hard enough to drill for oil. She handled him with care, her fingers grazing his hardened shaft. Gage gripped the steering wheel, gritting his teeth as she explored him.

Summer looked up to him briefly, that damn, naughty smile still on her lips. "Turnabout's fair play."

Gage frowned at that. "What the hell are you--"

That was the last coherent thing he could think or say before Summer took him into her hot mouth.

The motion was so unexpected, Gage accidentally punched the horn with his hand. Having her very skilled mouth sucking him like a lollipop was enough to make him quiver from head to toe, and Summer felt every tremor.

Her tongue stroked him from base to tip before taking him back into her mouth and suckling hard on him. Gage gripped the steering wheel like a lifeline, his line of vision dimming as he fought hard not to close his eyes. Again, his foot eased off the accelerator, the speed of the car gradually slowing. Gage gritted his teeth, his eyes darting from side to side in search of a miracle.

Damn her, he needed to pull over but he couldn't find the crossovers that were easy to get to, but he had to do something. He was swelling hard inside her mouth. He was going to come soon if she didn't stop.

"God," he panted harshly. "You gotta stop, baby."

Summer's tongue wrapped around the tip of him, ignoring him. She hummed contentedly, deliberately putting vibrations to him that jolted Gage in his seat. He shivered, his eyes closing briefly at the sensations. Good Lord, she was good, her mouth lethal. She was going to be the death of him and that just might come true if he didn't get her sweet mouth off him. He was liable to make the car do a swan dive off the bridge.

"Mercy," he cried as she suckled harder. "Mercy, baby, I give."

He'd give her anything if only she would stop. Yet again, she still continued bringing him pleasure, her mouth holding him without any thought of letting go. This was a dangerous game she was playing with him and Gage felt himself losing. His orgasm was nearing, feeling the fire in his loins boiling over. He felt his hips lifting as far as the seatbelt would allow him into her awaiting, hot mouth, giving into the need to fill her in one way. He felt his very soul quake, his climax nearing...so close...

His cell phone vibrated in one of the cup holders beside him. Summer quickly took her mouth off him and sat up straight as if she had never touched him. Gage's manhood that was standing erect knew and felt differently. He felt cheated and he was in a bad state about it. He needed release and would've gotten it if the phone hadn't rung.

He resentfully snatched his cell phone and held it up to his ear. "Ryan," he barked gruffly. He didn't care who it was. He was angrier than all of hell combined.

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