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I was corresponding by email with a former employee of mine, a very attractive younger woman, who had moved out of state. One thing led to another, and we started sending racier and racier pictures of ourselves. By the time it was over with, we had exchanged some full nudes. In the process, I became pretty good at nude self portraits. I also discovered that electronic voyeurism and exhibitionism can be quite erotic - it's quite a charge to take the photo, to send the photo, and then to hear feedback from the recipient.

I have also seen online personals where people post photographs of themselves that are really bad. In some cases, they were not particularly good looking people to start with, but a lot of times it was the photography that let them down.

Before we get any further, I'd like to point out the importance of online safety and privacy. I would not recommend sending nude pictures of yourself that could be easily identified, even if you are sending it across the country. You can remain anonymous by cropping your face out, using darker lighting, or making changes in photoshop, from shading out areas to going black and white. Also, don't take photos in a setting that people could identify. It may also help to lower the size and resolution of the picture so it can't be easily shared.

If you are sending it to someone you know, recognize that whatever you send could end up being seen by others who will be told who you are. If you are sending it to someone who doesn't know you, they can send it to others but at least the others won't know how you are.

Also, if you are doing this on the sly, take precautions about where pictures end up on your hard drive. Make sure you delete the file and empty the trash when you are done. I store my pics online for future use, so I don't have to worry about someone coming across them on my computer.

Also, if you are a member of congress with a name like Weiner, you should probably think long and hard about sending naked pics.

First off, let's discuss preparation. For guys, this starts with manscaping. Some of the worst pictures I've ever seen show a guy with so much bushy pubic hair it makes his cock look like a bird in a forest. Trust me, cutting back the pubes will make your cock look better. I'm not into shaving, in fact the thought kinda makes me wince, but I do use an electric razor with a blade guard to trim back the hair to a reasonable length. I think shaved looks unnatural, but trimmed back looks neat and shows the subject better. For girls, my opinion is the same, just trimming back the bush is enough. Of course, it would also be sexy to offer a picture of a shaved beaver, so that may depend on the recipient.

I'd also take a shower, maybe have a beer or a glass of wine to get loose, put on something silky, whatever it takes to feel sexy. Make sure you have the room to yourself so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The best arrangement is a digital camera with a tripod. You can buy a tripod for $20. Most digital cameras have a self timer, so you can get the camera set, push the button, and have ten seconds or so to get ready for the picture.

The next step in preparation is deciding on props and clothes. Depending on what you look like naked or how risque you want to be, you may want to be partially clothed. I think pictures of scantily clad ladies in lingerie is more erotic than full nude. I think for a guy, having a button up shirt hanging open looks pretty good. One way to go is to gradually have your pictures become more and more risque, trading pictures one at a time, almost daring each other to go one step further.

Lighting can be tricky if you aren't versed in photography. If you set up by candlelight, the camera is going to flash, unless you know how to manually turn it off.

Setting the pose can be a trial and error kind of thing. Thanks to digital photography, you can do a lot of experimenting. You might want to google images of hot girls or hot guys and see how they are standing or posing in pictures and try to copy them. Use different camera angles, like putting the camera at floor level going up, or put it above you pointed down. One of my favorite poses is to set the camera low going upward, and lean back on a desk or bed. Another is to go from a high angle with the subject in a kneeling position. One thing you don't want to do is take a picture of yourself straight on, flat footed, looking at the camera. Nobody's hips look good that way. Stand at an angle toward the camera, maybe one foot in front of the other. If you are self conscious about weight, leaning back, or putting your hands above your head, or laying on your back can thin out thicker areas.

For guys, you have to resist the urge to take a close up of your dick, girls are rarely interested in that. Girls tend to like artistic nudes, so try some shadowy lighting and some artful, tasteful pictures showing off your body. In my opinion, pictures of naked guys who aren't at least somewhat aroused are not very erotic. Cocks tend to look unimpressive when flaccid. Try to be at least half mast.

For girls, I think guys like pictures of girls in action. In positions they would like them to be in. Laying back with hands above their heads, or on all fours on the bed. On their knees, subtly touching themselves, or with their hands covering their boobs.

Again, look at what models do.

If you have photo editing software and can operate it, you can fix a lot of things, from hiding a tattoo that could identify you to changing the lighting. Email one picture at a time, it creates more anticipation and excitement for both parties. Save a copy with an anonymous online web email.

If you're like me, you'll get a thrill out of taking the pictures, sending the pictures and getting response from recipients.

Have fun, experiment, and be safe. Whether you are taking pictures for your spouse who is out of town or someone you've been chatting up on the internet, photo exhibitionism is a blast!

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