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Oh! The Movies


Stepping into the cool interior of the movie theater, my body shivers and goose flesh ripples across every inch of my skin. Every sense I possess is heightened with my desire. I reach out and slip my hand into the crook of your arm. Looking down at me, we share a sweet smile as you reach out to the open the door to our screen. I can't remember the movie we chose, but then again I don't really care. I had made a decision earlier in the week when you asked me out. I had been looking forward to this all week and planned every detail.

Your hand slips down my arm and our fingers intertwine as I follow you up the steps. I whisper into your ear for you to pick the back row and you oblige me. My thighs quiver as my feet collide with each step, jarring my body and sending shivers of want through my flesh. I watch as you step into the back row and I slip in behind you. Like always, you choose a seat in the center of the row with the perfect view of the screen. As we sink into our seats, your arm brushes the side of my breast. My nipple hardens and I suck in a breath. I am still amazed how much I am affected from just the slightest touch of your body to mine.

I see you glance over at me and I couldn't help but smile up at you. My knees feel like jelly and I am relieved at the lack of pressure from standing and walking. The moment the chair fabric pushes against my cunt I force a slow breath from my lungs. I glance up at the screen, noting the fact that there are credits on the screen. Smiling, I slip my hand up your thigh and settle it on your cock just a slight pressure. Your eyes, flaring with lust, never leave mine. Casually you slide your arm around my shoulders, caressing the bare skin gently. Each stroke of your finger makes me increase my pressure on your cock.

The background noise creates a thrill as the sound travels around us. The advertisements on the screen. The chatter of people scattered through the theater. The clicking sound from the reels. The thought of doing this in such a public place sends a rush of want through my body. My hand wraps around you through your pants and slowly stroke you. I smile sexily at you as you lean forward and kiss my shoulder. A small moan slips from my lips as you trail kisses across my shoulder to my neck. I increase the pressure of my stroke the moment your lips collide with my neck, sucking gently. My eyes close in ecstasy as I lean my head to the side, giving you more access to what you want.

"Mm Sarah, that feels so good." You whisper against my neck. I whimper softly as you confirm what I hoped for. I pull away from your lips and look at you for just a moment, letting my eyes travel from your eyes to your lips and back again. Before I can stop it, desire steps in and takes over. I kiss you passionately and deeply, my tongue matching the strokes of my hand on your cock. I lean forward and your arm slips down my back, curling around me. A small growl slips from your lips as you pull me against your body. My breasts pressed against your chest, creating a nice friction for my hard nipples. I can feel the hard press of the arm rest against my stomach, the only obstacle keeping us from being fully pressed against each others bodies.

"Josh!" I whisper against your lips as I push the arm rest up between us. "I want to taste you." I pull back and look at you. "Please Josh. Let me taste your cock." I watch as your eyes darken even more. You shake your head yes unable to answer my request. I bite my bottom lip and give you a smile. This was turning out better than I hoped for.

The sound of the advertisement on the screen drowns out the zip of your pants being undone. Our eyes stay connected as I slowly slip my hand into your pants, pushing your boxers down. I slowly trace circles on your stomach before allowing my hand to close around your hardness. The silkiness of your cock touching the softness of my hand for the first time causes both of us to moan. Loud enough for anyone near enough to hear. I glance around and check to see if anyone is close enough. My eyes slip closed for just a moment before giving you a sweet wink. I lick my lips as I lean down into your lap. I feel your hand slip up my back leaving a trail of excited flesh. You caress slow circles on the side of my neck. One more quick glance up at you and I twirl my tongue around the tip of your cock, spreading the pre-cum along the silky skin.

My mouth waters as I taste the saltiness of your cum. I moan against your cock before slipping my mouth down the length of your cock. Feeling your warm flesh sliding over my tongue sends a fresh wave of wetness to my cunt. I feel you shudder when I take you fully in and my body echoes yours. Ever so slowly I move to pull my mouth off your cock. I watch as my lips slip up the flesh of your cock, leaving you glisten with my spit. My body reacts so quickly to the sight. My cunt clenching with want to be filled. My nipples harden even more. My tongue twirling around your length as I pull back. Your hand tightens around the base of my neck. I smile with a mouthful of you because I know you are reacting to not only the sight of my mouth on your cock, but the feel of it as well.

"Don't stop Sarah!" I hear you whisper as I tease you with my tongue. I risk a quick glance up at you. Your eyes are so intent on the movement of my mouth. My body quivers as I bend back to my work. Moving my mouth on your cock. Twirling my tongue around you. Slowly. I smile as you start thrusting up in my mouth. It is my cue to stop. I pull back and hear you growl as my mouth leaves your wet, warm flesh. Making sure I have your eyes on mine, I place a soft, wet kiss on the tip of your cock.

"Josh, watch me!" I whisper softly and lean back in my chair. The dress I chose was perfect. Strapless and short. I slowly caress the inside of my thigh. I watch your reaction as I inch the dress up to my hips. Risking a quick look around, I see we remain undetected. I hear your intake of breath when you notice I didn't wear panties, bringing my eyes back to you. You look as if you are about to launch yourself at me, so I put my hand on your arm to restrain you.

Shifting my hand, I glide my fingers over my wetness. Your eyes follow each movement of my fingers. "Sarah!" A small warning sounds from your tight lips. I can see how much you are reigning in your want. Answering silently, I glide my fingers into my warm cunt. I can't stop my eyes from closing or my cunt from clenching my fingers roughly. Just the feel of being invaded brings a moan from my lips. You must have anticipated that happening. Your lips collide with mine stopping my moan from reaching other ears.

Passionately kissing you, I begin moving my fingers stretching my pussy gently. "Do you want a taste?" I don't wait for your answer since I know it already. I gently rub my finger across your bottom lip taunting you with my smell and my taste. Your hand closes around my wrist, restraining mine. Keeping our eyes connected, you suck my fingers into your mouth. Whimpering, I can feel your tongue slide around my fingers, sucking my juices off, then in between my fingers. You are so thorough in removing my juices. Sucking in my bottom lip, I realize that this is going to go further than I thought. I was just going to tease you, but the small action of sucking my juices off took it past the point of no return.

The lights around us dim, placing us in darkness. The clicks of the reel begin again as the previews start. They remain unnoticed. Our eyes are connected. Your hand, wrapped around my wrist, drops mine and before I can stop you, you shove two fingers into my cunt. My eyes close and I clench around your fingers. Bigger than mine, they stretch me in just the way I wanted. It is just one step away from your cock. Blindly I search for your lips. I hear you chuckle as our lips collide. My taste on your lips and tongue spurs my desire for you beyond what I am use to. Unable to stop myself I grind my hips down, pushing your fingers further into me.

"Sarah, look at me." You whisper against my lips before pulling back. I watch as once again as you taste me. You close your eyes and savor my taste. I reach for your cock as your eyes are closed and wrap my hand around you. Your eyes snap open, dropping down to look at my hand then at me. A naughty smile graces your face as you replace your fingers in my cunt. "Is that how you want it?"

My grip tightens around you as you thrust your fingers harder into my pussy. "I am going to make you pay Sarah." I can't help but smile as you lower your lips to my neck again.

"Is that right? Make me pay is it?" I spread my legs further allowing you full access to me. Pulling my dress passed my breasts, I whisper, "Make me pay Josh. Punish me!"

Placing a small nip to the side of my neck, your mouth places small kisses down my collarbone to the swell of my breast. "I am going to punish you Sarah. I know for a fact you can't be quiet." You give me a wink before sucking my hard nipple into your mouth. Creating a delicious rhythm between your tongue and your fingers, you bring me close to release. Slowing down, you kiss a trail to my other nipple. "Do you like that Sarah? Do you like me teasing you with my mouth and fingers?" Your mouth just a mere inch from my other hard nipple, you wait for my answer.

I know you are purposefully teasing me with questions. You know what they do to me, turning me on more than I can handle. "Yes Josh. I do like it. Please suck my nipple." I whimper my answer.

Smiling, your tongue darts out and flicks my nipple, causing me to suck in a breath. Just a slight tease wetting it, you blow a soft breath across my nipple. It sends a shiver through my body, tensing it. "Josh! Please." I close my eyes for just a second and feel your mouth close roughly around my hardened bud. I jerk my eyes open and grind down on your fingers again. You reward me with flicking your thumb over my clit. Moaning a bit louder than I should I run my fingers through your hair. "That's it Josh, tease me. Tease my cunt."

I almost groan as I feel your fingers leave my wetness. I grip your arm to give you a hint I am not ready for you to leave, but my strength doesn't match yours. I can see my juices glisten on your fingers. I can smell my sweet scent as you slowly bring it up my body. I bite my lip hoping you plan on sharing with me. I cock my eyebrow at you when you stop near my breasts. You smile at me and twist my nipple between your fingers, spreading my wetness onto my already wet nipple. Pinching me roughly, you move on to my other, doing the same thing. Keeping my eyes, you wrap your hand around my breast squeezing it before lowering your head. Sucking my bud into your mouth roughly, your tongue glides over it. Knowing what you just did seem to make me more sensitive to your touch. "Oh!" I have the strong urge to close my eyes and revel in the feel of your mouth, but my eyes won't close. I watch as you suck every bit of it off my nipple and then watch as your mouth does the same to my other nipple. The contrast of your hot mouth and my chilled nipple makes me suck in another breath. "I can't wait Josh. I need you to fill me. Please."

I pull your head up and kiss you roughly. Before I can process what you are doing, I am settled in your lap, my breasts back in my dress, pressed against your hard cock. I glance over my shoulder at you as you slip into my wet cunt. Biting my lip hard was the only way to stop from screaming at the sensation of your filling me. Pulling me back against you, you whisper in my ear "Ride me Sarah. Ride my cock until I come in that sweet little cunt of yours."

My eyes wander around the theater. No one has noticed what is going on in the back row. I clench around you hard on a downward stroke. I hear you suck in a sharp breath and I smile. Your hands grab my hips and push me down harder on your cock. I close my eyes and allow you to guide me. I struggle to not come as you thrust up into me. I lean back into you and you wrap your arm around me. Twisting my head around I kiss you deeply, thrusting my tongue in your mouth matching your thrusts. "Oh Sarah, come on my cock. Please." Whispering in my ear, I shake my head no.

"Not yet Josh. Not yet." I sit up and begin bouncing on your cock. I can hear the suction sounds of your cock leaving my cunt. To my ears they are loud enough to hear at the bottom row. I look over my shoulder at you as I slip my hand between my legs. "Does it feel good baby? Do you like fucking me in a movie theater?"

Your eyes travel up my back and you smile at me. "I love fucking you. I don't care where." You moan out. I feel you tensing below me. Knowing I do that to you excites me more. I rub my finger gently over my clit and a loud intake of breath slips out of my mouth. My thighs tense as you push up into me. I lean forward more taking you further into my cunt. One of your hands closes around my breast, squeezing hard.

"Oh yes Josh." I quicken the rubbing of my clit when you pinch my nipple. Moaning softly, my head falls back and I enjoy the sensations happening to my body. The feel of your cock pushing against the walls of my pussy, stretching me. Your hand my hip gripping my hip hard. Your other hand teasing my nipple and breast.

My cunt tightens around you and I felt the rush of release about to burst open. "Josh I am going to come." It took only a few more thrusts into my cunt and a few brushes of my fingers across my clit to take me over. I bite my lip hard as I rode out my orgasm, trying my hardest not to be too loud. You continue to thrust into me carrying me further.

"Yes Sarah, come on my cock. Release your sweet juices on my throbbing cock." Slowly stopping, a huge smile slides across my face. I quickly glance around to make sure we are still unnoticed. Assured we have been, I slip off your cock and back into my chair.

The look on your face almost has me laughing hard, but I kiss you deeply and whisper, "I am going to suck my juices off your cock. Trust me, you are going to come." Growling you slip your hand around my back and up to my neck. I smile as you push me towards your cock. I can see it throb, wanting release.

"Then start sucking your juices off Sarah. Taste yourself on my cock." Your grip on the back of my head is insistent. I give you a quick wink before opening my mouth. The taste of my come on your cock makes me want to feel you stretch me again but I reign that want in. I twirl my tongue around the tip of your cock as I work my way down. "No Sarah. Don't tease. I can't stand it. I need to come."

You hand holds me still as you begin thrusting into my mouth. I move my tongue against you with each thrust up. Humming against you, I feel you intensifying your movements. "Oh Sarah...mmmm...I am going to come." You tense and I feel your cock twitch in my mouth. A burst of salty come fills my mouth as you still pump into my mouth, pushing your come into my throat. The combined taste of our come makes me moan. "Sarah!" You growl as I pull off your cock.

Your grip turns into a caress as I swallow your come. I smile gently as I shift to pull down my dress. "I was only suppose to tease you." You chuckle and zip up.

Leaning forward, you kiss me gently on the cheek and whisper, "Thank you. I enjoyed it so much Sarah." I glance up at the screen to see the movie is already half way over. I pull on your arm and stand up. Walking seems a little tough, but your hand steads me as we walk out of the theater. I can feel my come slip down my naked thighs with each step. All I could do is smile knowing what we just did.

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