On the Subway?


Sarah stood at the subway platform, trying to hide the blush that was rising to her cheeks. She shouldn't be here, she should be... back at home? Watching TV and letting her life slip by? Yes, that's exactly where she should be, doing normal things, going out on weekends and meeting normal people.

Instead, she clutched the note in her hand, half wishing that it was just a joke, and half wishing that it wasn't. All it said was:

Ninth street station 9am.

Black trench coat.

Stylish shoes.

Nothing else.

So here she was. Luckily she owned a black trenchcoat, otherwise she didn't know what she would have done. Gone out and bought one? Maybe. Then again, maybe she wouldn't have gotten up the courage, and then she wouldn't be here at nine in the morning, surrounded by rush hour crowds and hoping that no one noticed the way her coat clung extra tightly to her breasts. Or realized that, with the coat only going down to the middle of her thighs and no other visible clothing past its hem, she was either wearing a bikini or nothing.

She also wore the shoes. Strappy and black, they hugged her feet and lifted her a few inches off the ground, but that was about it. In the cold morning air she was more than a little chilly, and goosebumps tickled her flesh all the way from her toes up to her neck.

Other than the minimal clothing she'd been instructed to wear, Sarah had also gotten a little dressed up. Her raven hair was done in a tight bun with an elaborate concoction of long hairpins holding it in place. She'd put on just the right amount of makeup: enough foundation to bring out her skin in this lighting, but not enough to look cakey. Her lips and eyes were done with a wild blue, a colour she'd hardly ever used before. Still, this was the most adventurous thing she'd ever done, so it seemed fitting that she'd used her most adventurous shade.

She didn't know how long she stood there, clenching the note with sick anticipation, but she nearly screamed when one of the bodies rushing past and around her stopped and hovered close to her shoulder.

"You look amazing." The voice was deep and rich, but she didn't know it. It didn't matter... that tone was one she would recognize anywhere. This was the man she'd been waiting for, a man she didn't even know and yet would go into public nearly naked for. The thrill of that alone was enough to banish some of the chill creeping up her legs.


In the pressing crowd, no one seemed to notice the way he was standing too close to her, but she could feel his presence. It was richly male, saying to anyone who cared that she was his. No one also seemed to notice the hand that planted itself firmly on Sarah's ass, giving her firm glutes a squeeze.

It was an effort not to make a little noise of pleasure, but Sarah's tinge of embarrassment managed to keep the noise down. Instead, she felt herself leaning back against his warm bulk, unconsciously rubbing against his side. She found it hard to believe that she was so aroused by this person whose face she'd never seen before, but that was the whole point wasn't it?

"You said you haven't done this before." The voice was a little teasing, but Sarah knew there was a very real question there.

"I haven't."

"Ha. Well, you're a natural. Come with me."

Sarah felt herself beaming at the praise, and his hand guided her forward. With only a thin layer of leather between his fingers and her ass, she was loving the contact and wishing it would never end. She also was wishing for more, but now was not the time.


"Where to?"

"Wherever I say."


Sarah's hands trembled a little as she looked at the email on screen. She'd, innocently enough, signed up for a steamy erotic chat room the other night but was stymied in her attempts to get instant satisfaction by what seemed like a lengthy admin process. Since then she'd nearly forgotten about it, but this email that was sitting in her inbox had brought it all back to her mind.

"You can't be serious."

Apparently, the chat room was not the average internet fare of people behind keyboards typing dirty words to each other. According to this email, it was actually a secretive group of people who arranged steamy X-rated meetings in person by mail.


Apparently you input information about sexual preferences and then they 'matched' you with prospective partners. More amused than anything, she started ticking off boxes that sounded interesting. She skipped anal and a few others, but picked anonymous, public, group, 69, karma sutra and bondage. What the Hell, right?


The unknown man guided Sarah onto the subway car, and amazingly managed to find a seat. Sarah was too concentrated on the feel of his hand and the musky male scent he was exuding to really notice how he did it.


There was only one seat.

She pouted when he took his hand off of her and sat down. She finally managed to look at his face, but found that it was shrouded in the shadows of a large fedora while the rest of him was obscured by a much less revealing trench coat than hers. She thought about searching for features, but then decided this was part of the fun. So, instead, as the train lurched to a start she put her hands up to the overhead bar and let herself hang forward a little, giving him an ample view of her generous breasts.

"Where am I going to sit?"

"On my lap." It wasn't a request, and Sarah found herself immediately drawn to respond.

Caution made her stop though, and give his lap an obvious glance, then looked at her own incredibly short coat. If she sat there, her coat would ride up and everyone behind her on the train would get a clear view of her bare ass.

"I'm not..."

"That's the point." She felt that he was raising his eyebrows at her in the shadows, and blushed a little again.

He was right. This was the point.

Gingerly, she let go of the overhead rail and started to position herself. First she placed her hands on his shoulders, leaning forward even more so that her breasts were practically in his face. She could even feel the heat of his breath on them, which drove her mad.

Then she put one knee beside him and slid it forward until her leg ran down his side. She chose to ignore the small gasp behind her as the coat rode up and exposed half her ass. Then she slid the other knee on the other side of him, and presto, she was on his lap.

She'd been right, too. Cold air wafted across the exposed skin of her ass, which some of the other passengers were clearly noticing.

"Comfy?" She was blushing, but there were bigger concerns than the other passengers. She could feel the heat and bulk of his cock beneath his coat, the leather pressing maddeningly up against her pussy.

"Undo me."

She nodded, responding to the tone of voice without thinking. His coat turned out to be concealing a pair of jeans, which she thought was cheating, but she didn't comment. The feeling of the bulge of his cock against her was incredible, and she wasn't going to waste any time. The zipper came free easily, and his briefs tugged out of the way simply enough so that his thick cock sprang free.

Her hands wrapped around the velvety shaft the moment it appeared, and there was a small moan of pleasure as she caressed it. Oh, that was her.

"Whenever you're ready." His voice held a hint of amusement, probably because half of the people near them were looking by now.

Well, she'd damn well give them something to look at. Her need was too great now to do anything but slide forward and thrust her hips down. Christ that felt good! The feeling of his warm shaft filling her up was unlike anything she'd felt before. She'd had sex before, but this? He was huge, and yet somehow he fit entirely inside her.

She realized, as she put her hands back on his shoulders to get a good grip, that she'd said the 'Christ' part out loud. People were definitely noticing now, and the background hum was turning into a shocked whisper.

Fuck it.

She started to ride him, this person she didn't even know. Only a crumpled note and a cryptic email, and here she was, her hips milking him for all he was worth. She realized, at about the time he opened the top two buttons of her trench coat, that she was gasping with pleasure every time he sunk into her.

It only got louder when warm lips surrounded her nipples. His tongue did bedazzling things to her breasts, and his teeth nipping at them was almost better. She would have expected it to hurt too much, but lost in the moment as she was the sharp reminder of reality was actually tantalizing.

Lost in the rhythm, Sarah became strangely aware of the background noise, to the point that she could actually tell what they were saying now.

"What's she doing?"

"She can't do that!"

"That's indecent!"

"She's fucking him!"

"Holy shit she has great breasts."

Then the voice faded into the background again. She was aware of hands on her ass, one squeezing and guiding her, the other...? The other had slipped a finger up her ass... and, surprisingly, that felt good.

"Keep doing that." She was moaning nearly incoherently, but he apparently didn't need to be told what to do.

She didn't know how long it was, but it couldn't have been longer than a few minutes, when she felt the telltale signs of a climax building inside her. That had been her one worry... sometimes she climaxed during sex and sometimes she didn't, but what she really didn't want was to be trapped somewhere in the middle of the subway after sex and needing some release. It looked like that would not be the case today.

Instead, she rode him harder, thrusting her hips faster so that his thick cock filled her and the thin layer of fur on his belly caressed her clit. She was breathing hard, gasps and moans of pleasure lost to breathless abandon, and she barely noticed that he was no longer sucking on her breasts but instead concentrating on the motion.

Well and good then.

The flickering of the subway's lights became a kind of touchstone, each time encouraging her to go faster and faster, each squeal of breaks and grinding of wheels on rails bringing her closer to...


"Holy fuck!"

She bucked hard against him. Once. Twice. Three times. Momentum forced him deep inside her, where she felt him hit his own climax. Later, she would think it was good that she was on the pill. Right now, she gasped and rocked against him as hot waves of pleasure coursed through her.

Then it was over.

"That was amazing." Coming from him, it felt like the highest compliment in the world.

She climbed off, but her legs wouldn't function and she spilled into the aisle. Seemingly from far away she heard some clapping, and maybe some cheering. Others were saying things about a disgusting display or actually jeering. To them she flipped a middle finger, too spent to muster up the will for much else.

When the car stopped next, he left, but she took her time collecting herself. They were halfway to the stop after that before she'd managed to put her breasts back inside her coat and pull the hem down enough to cover the slick, wet skin between her legs.

"Now..." Sarah said to no one in particular, which meant everyone. They were all still watching her, a little shocked, a little awed. She didn't care. "Where the Hell am I?"

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