One Lovin Day on Oahu


I stood in front of the mirror on the back wall. Asking for opinions, I drew both men close behind me. I looked like a kitten that had tumbled in a sewing basket, wrapped in string and bits of cloth. The bikini bottoms were miniscule, allowing a tuft of pubic hair to peek out over the top. I pulled the material out away from my mons as I tugged it up, giving my observers clear views of my full bush. The tiny triangles on top barely covered my nipples too, and I managed to expose both nubs to them during repeated adjustments.

Twisting my body around, the three of us had a look at my backside in the mirror. We saw all of me, covered in nothing more than two horizontal strings and a third disappearing into my butt-crack, resembling some freak mishap with a giant yoyo. Almost naked, I was traipsing around in front of this stranger hoping to excite him into ... what? Cashing the sex-coupon my husband just gave me? It looked as though I would have to be the aggressor.

With the stranger in the right position just outside my cubicle, I ducked back in but left the curtain wide open. Quickly, I pulled off the bikini and turned to face him. Tweaking a nipple with one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other, I watched him while he intently watched me. I was extremely aroused and could have cum simply by jilling for him but I wanted more.

I reached out to pull him by the arm into my cubicle, assisted by a nudge from behind by Woody. I put one of his hands on my breast and one between my legs. My juices were flowing over our hands as he hesitantly probed my love hole. He started slow but then got into it. His probing found my clit and my reaction convinced him to give it plenty of attention. Unable to hold back the tide, I leaned against him and shuddered in a hot, melting orgasm.

I wasn't going to let his mind or mine change. Dropping to my knees, I grabbed his cargo shorts and yanked them to his ankles. Pulling down his boxers, I quickly put his slender cock past my lips. I marveled at the tangy pre-cum of this excited lad coating my tongue. I could take him deep and still be able to curl two fists around his shaft. Figuring his recent masturbation would make him last a long time, I worked him energetically, slurping and sliding my mouth on him.

Woody entered the cubicle; I figured it meant he wanted a ringside seat to watch his wife suck another man's cock. I was wrong; he wanted a box seat. Woody lifted me off my knees without disturbing my oral ministrations. A loud moan escaped my mouth when Woody's hard cock slid into my sopping-wet pussy. I noted every sensation I could identify as I enjoyed two cocks for the first time.

Woody's thick phallus easily bumped me to two orgasms while I slobbered over the young man's dick. When Woody moaned, "Oh, Babe, I'm getting close," I pulled away from both cocks. Turning around, I took my man's cock orally as deep as I could and wiggled my tongue under his shaft.

I nearly jumped when the stranger's long cock slid into my vagina. Whether Woody had suggested it with some gesture I didn't see or simply permitted the act, he willingly let another man fuck me. With all former rules and limits cast aside, I enjoyed both men shoving their hard cocks into me. Honestly, used to only Woody's girth inside me, the slender penis felt more like a finger but reached where no finger could. My passion exploded again, introducing the young man to my vagina's orgasmic flooding and contractions. His grunts became more intense as he slammed into me harder and faster.

Hot semen erupted from my husband, gushing down my throat, and I swallowed all he offered. I felt another orgasm begin clenching my gut when suddenly, warm fluid seeped deep within me from the young man. With body numbing pleasures sweeping through me, I nearly collapsed despite dicks skewering me from both ends as if my body was on a BBQ spit.

When our bodies stopped convulsing, Woody pulled me up and held me tight. Completely disregarding the third person's presence, we embraced with a deep soul kiss. I love it that my husband will kiss me with hints of his semen coating my mouth, unafraid of the fluids he puts inside me. His kiss pulled my body against him in a languid hug.

Did our affection disturb the young man? Did he regret participating in a sexual act with a married couple? Was he just uncomfortable with the public location? Whatever the cause, our one-time partner dressed and beat a hasty retreat without a word spoken.

Still held in Woody's arms, I asked, "What have I done, Woody? How did this happen?"

"Babe, we've been married a long time. I am secure with the knowledge that no man can ever take your love from me. We left our hard work and busy lives behind to have a good time here. I want you to experience everything exciting you can imagine. The sex with him happened because I was ready for it to happen. We've talked about this enough. What better time and place to start playing? It worked out that you went first and I have no regrets. Another man just became a sex-toy in your life, a living dildo to please you, to give you mind-blowing orgasms."

"What about you, Woody? Do you want to have sex with someone else?"

"If the right situation developed, yes, I would be willing to explore that."

"I don't know, Woody, I just don't know. Somehow, it doesn't seem to be the same thing. I don't know if I can handle that."

"Okay, Babe. You have to be on board with it. We're still going to have fun here. Come on, we have more shopping to do." That's right; I have a husband that wants to go shopping with me; the fact that I was without underwear might have had something to do with his eagerness.

I ending up buying two bikinis, the one that inspired the sex and one more appropriate for public beaches. Woody bought a knee-length suit, the kind surfers wear. At the cashiers, as Woody picked up our purchases, he spoke softly to the saleswoman, "Ya know, I don't want to complain but I have to tell you, the changing rooms smell like sex!"

I nearly snorted snot out my nose trying to stifle a laugh. "Woody! You're so bad!" Not long after, while we shopped at another store, I felt something wet running down my thigh. When I mentioned it to Woody, he looked to see a pearly glob of semen moving snail-like in plain view toward my knee. After Woody wiped up the man-seed with his finger and flicked it away, I found a ladies' restroom to clean up more thoroughly. Eventually, at another store, we purchased quality (not toy-like) swim fins, masks, and snorkels.

* * *

Hanauma Bay is snorkeling paradise for amateurs. As a volcanic crater open to the sea, the shallow bay is sheltered from high surf while its coral and rock reefs teem with marine life. The bay is a thirty-minute commuter bus ride from Waikiki and was our first destination after procuring our snorkel equipment.

When we arrived, we set out our rattan mats and I pulled my beach cover-up off to reveal my new orange bikini printed with pastel-pink orchids. For hours, we enjoyed exploring the marine world below the surface. I discovered that the bikini top I wore didn't fit me properly after it was wet and several times, it slipped sideways to let my boob and nipple peek out for some sun. Thin and translucent when wet, the material also offered hints of my pubic shadow and clung to my labial cleft. I had exciting fun giving other snorkelers views of a pink-tipped boobie-fish both while swimming and when standing to adjust my mask.

Eventually, I asked Woody to adjust the suit's straps behind me. I think he purposely made the situation worse because I never could stay covered after that. Later, I used the bikini malfunction to full advantage, swimming with both breasts hanging uncovered while an experienced snorkeler swam deep below me and looked up. I got so excited playing the peek-a-boob game with him for nearly ten minutes that I slid my bottoms down enough to let him see hair. I only wish he had reciprocated by showing me his cock.

Because we stayed about seven hours at the bay, we spent multiple sessions soaking up the tropical sun and applied several layers of sunscreen. Woody used generous quantities of lotion to coat every inch of my skin, even areas not exposed to sunlight. A gentleman spectator wearing dark sunglasses sat about fifteen feet away while watching Woody smear cream all over me. Knowing the man in shades was watching him, Woody exposed my breasts and even pushed his hands between my legs inside my bikini. With my knees up, most bathers saw nothing, but with my pelvis tilted and Woody's hand lifting the material, the voyeur behind us had a good look at my pusstache.

When we prepared to leave the bay, I didn't want to wear my wet bikini on the air-conditioned bus, but nearby families made it inappropriate to try changing on the beach. Ducking into a bathhouse on the beach to change solved the dilemma. Since I wore my bikini under my beach cover-up when we arrived at the bay, I had nothing to wear beneath the rather short, dress-like clothing.

Gathering our gear into beach bags, I became aware that the spectator was looking down my dress as it hung loosely away from my breasts. Although his glasses were dark and he was facing straight-ahead, the tell was when he leaned over to get a better angle. Knowing he wanted to see my charms, I couldn't disappoint him. When I squatted to roll up my mat, I faced my open legs directly at him. He gave up all pretense of not looking by taking off his sunglasses to stare with a slack-jaw at labia splayed wide and pink inner flesh.

With our gear packed, I gave my shocked observer one more money shot. Standing with my back to him, I bent at my waist to pick up a beach bag and my rattan mat. I could feel the air on my exposed vulva and then I peeked under my arm to see him rubbing the bulge in his trunks. I kept the view extending for nearly ten seconds, even beginning to feel excitement lubing up my sex.

As we walked away, Woody drew close and spoke. "You are so naughty, Babe! You made that man so horny I think he'll jerk one off right on the beach."

"I'm pretty horny now too," I admitted.

Climbing to the parking lot and bus stop area, I felt the breeze playing with my cover-up hem and tickling my vulva. Nearing suppertime, many people were leaving at the same time, creating a crowd at the bus stop. Two twenty-something young men sat on a stone wall, both looking me over as we approached. The light-haired one seemed embarrassed by something his dark-haired companion quipped and he looked away. The other one, the one with dark eyes that matched his hair, unabashedly stared at my groin. We took a position only two or three feet in front of them.

I could feel breezes again. A strong puff lifted my dress to expose my naked ass to our rear guard, causing their conversation to fall silent. To give them an extra show I bent at my waist to place the things I carried on the ground. Whispered comments suggested they had something to say about me that they were afraid to share.

When the bus pulled up, people crowded the door to get on. Packed so tightly, people all around pressed against me. The young guys from the wall made sure they were close behind me and one of them bumped my rump several times. While Woody stopped to pay our fare, I waited one step down but two steps above the guys. Imagining they were near enough to easily see my twat and maybe smell my arousal, I was close to having a touch-less orgasm.

All seats were full and the bus driver encouraged people to stand close to accommodate as many passengers as possible. By the time we began moving, several men squeezed around me and I endured constant body contact with all of them. I had placed the things I carried between my legs so I could hold Woody's hand and a seatback for support. Straddling my belongings kept my legs stretched wide until I felt my lips pull open. One of my breasts pressed against Woody's arm, the other against the arm of the young man with the dark eyes. The same arm hung down with the back of his hand touching the soft skin of my inner thigh. Behind me, a hip bumped mine when the bus rocked and something touched my ass.

I became aware that the something against my ass was the back of a hand that gently slid back and forth across one cheek. I couldn't turn to see who might be groping me nor could I have stopped it from happening without making a big scene. Woody standing at my side was a good position to intervene if needed, so I felt protected. The anonymous contact was thrilling and I wondered how far it would progress.

The hand flipped over, becoming five pressure points lightly holding one cheek through my cover-up. Slowly, they began to rotate, circling around my cheek to trace along the line where it meets my leg. Such a sensual touch started my juices running; I closed my eyes and waited. Up between my cheeks, the unknown hand reached. Then retracing their path, the fingers moved down and around to my hip. Back and forth, they swung; what could only be his right hand appeared limited in reach from the furrow of my ass to my right hip.

Suddenly, this brazen hand became even braver, sliding fingers down under my cover-up hem and then back up onto my bare butt. Slowly, the rotation started again, once up the furrow like before. I loved the sensation and started to drip. If my beach bag smelled like pussy, there was a good reason. Another rotation began but the hand surprised me by changing direction, sliding right between my legs, and cramming two fingers into my wide-open vagina.

With a gasp, I rose up on my toes. Woody looked down at me with a puzzled brow. Having gained access to my honey pot with no protest from me, the stranger began to wiggle his fingers and slide them in and out of me. Still on my toes, I began to quiver.

"What is it, Babe?"

Pulling his ear down to me, I whispered between sharp inhales, "Someone is ... finger ... fucking me."

"Stop or go?"

"Go!" I gasped, starting to lower myself, pushing back against the stranger's hand taking liberties with my body, feeling him pawing my sex like a badger digging a burrow.

"Don't fall over," Woody recommended, knowing my inability to stand when I orgasm. He stiffened his arm holding me and I let go of the seatback so I could lean against him.

The shift of my body changed how the dark-eyed lad's hand touched my thigh bringing my focus back to him for a moment. Perhaps he simply heard what I said to Woody and felt emboldened enough to move his hand. For whatever reason, his fingertips were between my thighs now, just below the cover-up hem, mere inches from the hand working me over. Such brashness I never imagined! The young man reached up and started rubbing my clit. Our eyes met in a wordless, lusty query. I could barely catch my breath to speak. "Yes," I hissed.

My hand that I removed from the seatback now hung at my hip. The bus lurched and a wet bathing suit pressed against my open fingers. It withdrew briefly but returned ... and stayed. I let my fingers subtly explore what I was touching. It didn't take long to know I was caressing a cock. It couldn't belong to the hand that was fingering my cunt so now I had a third partner. Rubbing the cock made it stiffen. I crooked my elbow to raise my hand, a helping hand pulled loose the waistband of his swim trunks, and I lowered my fingers around a very fat cock. His manhood had swelled to steel hardness, the soft skin too taught to move with my thumb and fingers sliding up and down.

Like something from a porn movie, I was standing with my husband on a public bus having sex with three strange men, two I couldn't even see. Groping, finger fucking, jilling, frotting, and jerking; all at the same time; who would be next to include me in some other sexual activity? Well, you know if I brought it up, there had to be something else. An old Japanese woman, sitting in the seat I held earlier for support, watched the men pleasure me. For whatever reason she had, the voyeur calmly looked on but gave no hint of emotion.

My orgasm was incredible. Did I fall down? Woody told me he ended up holding me upright with two arms, meaning I certainly would have. What did the other partners do? I don't know. I can say I got off the bus later with a handful of semen from the steel hard dick. Did I make enough noise for non-participants around us to know? Only a person who was there can answer that. I wasn't; my mind was floating through heavenly places.

My mind and body reunited, forced by our need to exit the bus with all our gear. Exertion and concentration brought reality to my world; reality that declared I was horny as hell. Just as I have found it necessary for satisfaction all my life, I needed a dick inside me to finish the sex. I hurried my husband through the lobby and onto the elevator. On the ride up, I was all over Woody, feeling his lust grow for me, encouraging him with hot slobbery kisses, begging him to fuck me. As we slowed to a stop, I pulled my cover-up off before grabbing belongings in each hand. We walked quickly down the hall to our room, me naked, right past a wide-eyed maid.

Woody stripped on the run and we collapsed onto the bed in a lover's embrace. Pele's ancient residence off our shoulders stood sentry while our bodies erupted with human-passion infernos. We fucked hard, fucked long, and fucked until darkness blanketed our bodies. My vagina might have had a recent visitor but Woody was lord and master of my sexual world. We had the hottest, most passionate interlude we enjoyed in recent years and that's not to say we hadn't had wild sex lately; this day was just top-ten caliber. Aroused and inspired by public displays and sexual contact with others, we ignored the passage of time as we made love without stopping for supper. Our final sixty-nine session lasted over thirty minutes until Woody pumped his final reserve into my loving mouth. I fell asleep on top of him, his glans resting against my lips, my pussy leaking his earlier love serum deposit out onto his chest.

* * *

Hunger forced us to seek a meal at ten o'clock. Dressing simply, me in a sundress sans underwear, Woody commando in athletic shorts and T-shirt, we took sustenance and libations in the hotel bar. Strawberry Daiquiris, five to be exact, had me floating in numbness but filled with desires to have a cock pounding into me. I would have to be patient, I knew, because Tarzan needed rest.

Walking out into the garden terrace well after midnight, I was eager to use the whirlpool. So was Woody, but he wanted to go to our room to get our suits first. I didn't want to waste the time or my buzz so I suggested going naked. We could always wear our clothes in the whirlpool if decency demanded. Woody was there to have fun as he proclaimed, so he joined my adventure.

Approaching the whirlpool, despite the lights being off, we could see an elderly gentleman in the water. I almost turned away but decided someone seeing me naked would not be a deterrent. When we got close enough, I recognized the man as Bill whom I had flashed at the buffet the day before. After exchanging greetings, I told him, "Bill, we came to sit in the whirlpool but don't have our suits. You won't mind if we get in naked, will you?"

"The scenery can be quite beautiful at night too," he remarked, his way of saying he'd love to see me naked but I was lifting my sundress off even before he spoke. I stood nude for him to admire while Woody shed his clothes. Little woodie looked exhausted, turtled-up for the night in all likelihood. Together we climbed into the whirlpool and I sat next to Bill with my hubby easing in on the other side of me. Big Woody was exhausted too, evident when he stretched out low to get his shoulders under the surface and closed his eyes.

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