One Lovin Day on Oahu


Chatting with Bill, I sat upright to keep my breasts above the water. Bill would only look at them when I looked away, too much of a gentleman to feast his eyes when I faced him. After spending several minutes in a catch-him-looking game, I said, "Bill? Do you think I have nice breasts?"

"Oh, they are lovely, dear."

"Then I don't want you to be too shy to look at them. I came to Hawaii to have fun and that means show my boobs to people. I want you to have fun by looking, all you want."

He smiled and looked longingly at my chest. I felt the familiar tingle that meant my nipples were stretching out for him. I reached under water and found his hand. Pulling it up, I placed it on my breast. Fingers with gnarly joints like oak limbs proved to be soft and gentle.

"Kiss them, Bill," I whispered. He did and I felt the need for passion stir in my belly. When he sat back, I leaned over him, placing my naked breasts against his chest; my lips covered his and we shared a long, sweet kiss. In his ear I whispered, "I think you need to enjoy this night the way I like to do, totally free. You should get naked with me."

"I couldn't do that, I'm too shy," he offered but his glance at Woody suggested my husband's presence was the real inhibiting factor.

Inspiration struck me. "Woody? Bill is afraid someone will see us. Will you stand guard by the gate?"

Woody slowly stirred and climbed out of the pool. After pulling on his shorts, he turned to leave. Pausing before disappearing behind the rocks, he advised, "Bill, sometimes the starting pitcher runs out of gas and a veteran from the bullpen has to finish the game. Babe? Any kind," he emphasized, confirming the freedom I had in choosing my sexual-options. Shortly, we heard the scrape of metal chair legs on stone as Woody got comfortable some distance away and out of sight.

I stood up facing Bill, fully exposed with my pussy breaching the surface, I held out my hand until he gave me his. With a tug from me encouraging him, he stood up too. I stooped to untie his drawstring then slid his suit below the water. His cock was a fireplug, short but incredibly fat. I thought about sucking him but I feared he would go off too easy or be unwilling to kiss me afterward. I wanted to have tender, romantic sex with him so I acted accordingly.

I guided him back into a sitting position and swung onto his lap from the side so I could hang an arm around his shoulders. Bill let out a groan as my soft bare ass settled on him, his cock poking up between my legs. I laid my head on his shoulder and cooed, "Bill, tell me something about your life." He told me stories about coming to Hawaii often since being there at Pearl as a young man in the Navy.

We started kissing, just as I desired. He was a fantastic kisser, nice firm lips, energetic tongue, and delicate lip excursions to my neck and shoulders. His hands hungrily explored my body and easily stirred the fires of my passion. We spent close to twenty minutes cuddling and caressing until I could wait no longer.

I moved off his lap, stood in front of him, and backed my ass over his hard cock. His manhood was so fat I had to work him in slowly, akin to sitting on a beer can except he had a conical glans to help pry me open. Eventually, Bill was inside me, stretching my vagina beyond known experiences. I sighed heavily and sat quietly a moment. Bill's hands cupped my breasts and played with my nipples while my fingers twiddled his balls.

Rocking forward and back, my vagina began to slide up and down his plug. His fatness worked my G-spot to perfection until my orgasm boiled out from my belly, engulfing my whole body with muscle tightening convulsions. Bouncing on him, my body was making waves in the pool, my breasts splashing against the surface. Still riding the elderly Clydesdale of a man, he began thrusting up into me with powerful drives.

"Oh Bill, Bill! This feels so good. C'mon, honey, give me all you got!"

He started to grunt and the force of his cock plowing into me made me squirm. I started to cum again. With rapture swallowing my consciousness, I moaned and pleaded, "Fuck me, ooh, fuck me, yes, yes, yes..."

Bill stiffened and raised his hips. "Oh, my God!" he cried and a huge blast of sperm shot out of the semen-hydrant buried in my womb. I held on, feeling spurt after spurt flooding my sex until we slowed to a stop.

Tenderly, he held me, stroking his fingers through my hair, dabbing kisses on my lips and cheeks. I heard him sniff. Opening my eyes, I saw tears spilling from his eyes on down his cheeks. Was he regretting our passion?

"Bill, don't cry. Everything is all right. I wanted and truly enjoyed this special moment with you here in paradise."

"These aren't tears of sadness but of joy. You gave me something wonderful. I can't fathom the generosity of you and your husband but I will remember this night for the rest of my life."

"Me too," I responded and kissed him long and tender.

We stood up. Bill stopped to pull up his suit while I climbed out to put on my sundress. Walking with his arm around my waist, we found our guard sleeping on the job. I roused my dozing husband and we headed for our rooms.

Lying on our bed, the balcony doors open to a tropical breeze, I reviewed the remarkable day I had. If the rest of our vacation was anything like the first day, I might never want to leave. Sun, water, passion, love. I had it all, plenty of lovin' and weeks of summer in the middle of January.


"Yeah, Babe."

"We need to find you a good-time partner too. This open sexuality is wonderful."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I love you, Darlin'."

"I love you, too, Sweetheart."

Spooning with my husband, the slumbering shadow of Diamond Head disappeared behind my heavy eyelids.

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