tagGay MaleOral Friends Ch. 05

Oral Friends Ch. 05


Oral Friends Five – Double Suck

This is the fifth story in the Oral Friends series. Each story stands on its own I believe but the characters carry through them all and sometimes incidents from previous stories are mentioned. This story is pure fantasy, as have all my previous ones been. I've been very pleased with the reception my stories have received. Thanks to all who have emailed or commented publicly. It is because of your feedback that authors continue to write.


Hi, my name is Phil. I have a best friend, Rich, who has been my friend with benefits for the last few months. We've explored our cocksucking fantasies with each other and have driven ourselves to new heights of enjoyment. We're only interested in sucking cock and swallowing a hot load of cum. We're not gay; we don't find ourselves looking to pick up guys at the mall or anything like that. I couldn't see myself telling Rich that I love him in the heat of passion. We're both married, very happily, to wonderful women with whom we have an active and satisfying sex life. Our times together are our way of satisfying an itch our wives can't; being sucked off by a guy.

I'd like to tell you about our most recent meetings where we tried to satisfy a new itch that Rich had developed.

We'd been visiting each other's houses a couple of times a week for a quick suck. It was fun, exciting and didn't involve a lot of time. In all this time we've never done anything in the house when our spouses were home. We'd always go out to the garage, under various pretenses, to have our fun. I didn't know it at the time but Rich wanted to raise the stakes a bit and try to suck me off with my wife upstairs. I'm kinda glad he didn't tell me what he was going to do before he did it because I probably would have talked him out of it and I would have missed out on one of the hottest experiences of my life.

We have a finished basement with a TV area at one end and a pool table at the other. I was downstairs shooting pool when I heard the doorbell ring. A few minutes later Rich walked down the stairs.

"Hey, Buddy," I said "want to shoot a little stick?"

He looked at me with a grin I'd come to know very well recently. "I'd like to suck a little stick, if you know what I mean."

"Here?" I said a squeak in my voice.

"Yes, right here," Rich said as he walked over to me and ran his hand over my rapidly hardening cock. "I see you don't think this is such a bad idea, do you?"

"I'll admit, I'm excited, but geez, what if Marilyn came down here?"

"You know she never comes down here while we're shooting pool, she hates the game. Besides the door is closed, we'd hear her if she did."

He grabbed the front of my pants and dragged me to the other end of the room where he sat on the couch, stopping me in front of him.

"Come on, get your cock out, your wasting time!" Rich whispered.

I knew I'd regret this, one way or the other, but right now I knew I'd regret it if I didn't follow his orders. I unzipped my fly and hauled my cock and balls out through the opening.

"I'm not dropping my pants, you can suck it like this or not at all," I said with a hiss.

"No problem, Buddy. You know it's too bad you can't walk around like that all the time, your cock looks really good hanging out of your pants like that."

I groaned at the thought of walking around like this with other people around and my cock twitched at the thought. I'd have to give this some more thought for our next fishing trip!

Rich moved his face closer to my cock, nudging his lips with my head. He liked to use his mouth only, no hands, so he took his time rubbing my cock all over his face before he took me fully into his mouth. I loved the feeling of my cock in my friend's mouth. It was so different to the feeling I got when my wife blew me. It wasn't better or worse, just different. I suppose it comes from having a guy do it. We know what we like and we do that, plus the technique is different, a little rougher so to speak. There's nothing like five o'clock shadow scratching my nuts when Rich runs his tongue up and down my cock.

I knew this couldn't take long, and to be honest the situation was driving my lust to new levels. It wasn't many minutes later before I felt that familiar tingle in my nuts, signaling my impending orgasm.

I'd been pretty complacent for most of the time he'd been sucking but I wanted to be a more active participant. I wanted to control the timing of my orgasm. I looked down and saw that Rich had his eyes closed, savoring the feelings of sucking my cock.

I put my hand on his head, getting his attention. He opened his eyes, looking up at me. "I need to fuck you," I whispered. He groaned and closed his eyes again, silently giving me permission.

I grabbed his head with both of my hands and started to really fuck his mouth. Rich held on to my hips as I picked up my pace. My balls were stuffed hard against my cock, unable to hang due to their position outside my pants. With each thrust into Rich's mouth my balls banged up against his chin. It was almost painful, but it hurt so good, if you know what I mean. I felt my come rising and pushed my cock fully into his mouth just as the first spurt exited the head of my cock.

"Uh, I'm cumming, Rich!" I whispered with a growl. I jammed his face into my crotch as the cum poured into his mouth. I could feel him swallowing, trying to keep up with the flow, not wanting to lose a drop. All too soon I was empty and I slowly slid my cock out of his mouth. Rich was panting from the excitement of the blowjob he'd just given me.

"God that was hot, Rich!" I said as I put my softening penis back in my pants.

"It sure was Phil. I love it when you take charge like that. I feel like such a slut, getting mouth fucked like that!" Rich said with a smile.

"Yeah, you're a slut all right, you're my slut! I'll give you all the mouth fucking you want, all you have to do is ask," I said seriously.

"I'll keep that in mind," Rich said with equal seriousness.

I was a bit thirsty after all that 'exercise' and I had to think Rich was too. "Hey, you want a beer or something?"

"I'd like a soda, if you don't mind. Joan and I are going out later and I don't want to drink before then."

I ran upstairs and got us two sodas. Returning to the basement I found Rich shooting at the rack I'd been working on before he arrived. Tossing him his soda I picked up my stick and we finished the rack. Rich had to go after that, he'd just stopped by for a quick suck, though I didn't know that when he'd first arrived, and he needed to get going.

I walked upstairs with him and saw him to the door and bade him goodbye. I found my wife in the living room reading a book.

"Has Rich left already?" she asked.

"Yeah, he only stopped by to kill some time. He's taking Joan out tonight." I paused thinking that going out sounded good. :"Hey, why don't we go out tonight too. I haven't taken my best girl out for a date in a while!"

Marilyn was off the couch and up the stairs before I realized she'd moved. Who knows, if I played my cards right I might get lucky tonight!


It was the next weekend that my wife was on one of her many shopping trips with Rich's wife that I got an idea for something new to try. I called Rich to come over and he said he'd been waiting for my call. Five minutes later my doorbell rang.

"Hi Rich, come on in!" I said as I closed the door behind my friend.

"Gee, you took long enough to call, Phil. I almost thought you'd forgot about me being all alone."

"I couldn't forget that, I was just finishing up some chores, you know work before play. Marilyn would be peeved if I didn't get her list done, especially since I can't exactly tell her what I was doing instead."

"I guess, so do you have any ideas today, you sounded excited about something over the phone." Rich said, his desire to get started obvious.

"Yeah, I do. How do you feel about 69?" I asked.

"I love it! I love it when Joan sticks her little pussy in my face while she inhales my cock! It almost as good as fucking, why?"

"I was thinking we could try it. I'd love to suck your cock at the same time you're sucking mine. It would almost be like sucking ourselves off."

"I tried that once, when I was a kid," Rich said. "I was never limber enough to get my cock in my mouth. About the closest I could get was a couple of inches away. It was really weird to see my cock head expand when I came from so close but the feeling of shooting my own cum in my mouth was something I'll never forget."

"That's odd, I thought I was the only one who tried that! God I wish I'd had the courage to ask you to do this all those years ago. Think of the time we've wasted!"

"We're wasting time now, where do you want to do this?" he asked.

"How about my son's room. He's got a nice comfortable full-sized bed. We can stretch out and really enjoy ourselves."

I lead the way upstairs and into my son's room, shedding my clothes as soon as I entered. Rich was right behind me and it wasn't too long before he was as naked as I was.

"How do you want to do this?" I asked. "We can do it on top or lying side by side."

"Why don't we try side by side? I think it would be easier the first time."

Nodding my head I moved to the far side of the bed and lay down with my head facing the foot of the bed. Rich lay on the other side facing the head of the bed. We scooted closer to each other and opened our legs, giving each other free access to our goodies.

It was a weird feeling at first. I'd done hundreds of 69's with my wife but seeing a cock in the same position as I'd always seen a pussy was very exciting. I stroked my hand over Rich's cock, enjoying the twitch it made as he reacted to my stroking. At the same time I felt his first touches as well. Again, Rich handled my cock more surely than my wife ever did. He knew instinctively how hard he could squeeze or stroke or pinch. I loved having my nuts scratched and stretched and Rich played my cock like a virtuoso.

I leaned closer and inhaled the scent of his groin. It was clean but masculine and the aroma drove me wild. I moved closer, finally enveloping his cock in my mouth. This position didn't allow for a lot of head movement so I settled for some deep sucking and plenty of hand action on his shaft and balls. The sensations I was receiving from my cock were wonderful and they drove me to new heights. I wanted to give Rich as much pleasure as he was giving me.

I pulled back to admire my handiwork. His cock had a nice sheen of spit from the head to his balls. His nut-sack drew me to him again where I laved his balls with my tongue, drowning them in spit. I could hear the slurping sounds I made as I wet his nuts, getting them wetter than I'd ever done before. Holding his cock down I slurped back up to the head to gather the precum that had gathered there.

We laid there for at least half an hour, pleasuring each other with nibbles, licks and sucks. I tried not to do the same thing for too long as I wanted to keep Rich guessing. I think he took the hint as well because I couldn't tell what he was going to do next. I looked down, catching Rich's attention.

"Slow down, Rich," I said, "I'm getting close and I want this to last, okay?"

"Sure thing, Phil," he said as he backed off allowing me to cool down enough so that the urge to come was no longer imminent.

We teased each other with licks and caresses for another fifteen minutes. I could feel Rich's balls tighten like mine were. "I'm ready whenever you are," I said as I attacked Rich's cock with renewed vigor.

About a minute later I got my reward, a nice hot load of sweet cum from my best friend's cock. My orgasm wasn't far behind as I came just as he was finishing. When I was done I flopped over on my back, breathing heavily from my orgasm.

We lay like that, our breathing slowly returning to normal. Rich spoke first.

"That was awesome, Phil. I really enjoyed that. I loved the feel of your cock exploding in my mouth while I was shooting in yours, though it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing at the end."

"Yeah, it was great. It was as good as I'd hoped." Another idea popped into my head that I had to share. "Hey Rich, what do you say we try a daisy chain the next time we get together with Rod?"

I could see that the idea interested him as his cock twitched even before he had a chance to answer.

"You mean the three of us at one time?"

"Yeah, what do think?"

"What do I think? I think it's a great fucking idea! I'm going to call Rod tonight and tell him all about it. He'll probably cum in his pants just thinking about it."

I chuckled at that thought, he probably would. He'd been hinting to Rich that we needed to go fishing again. Maybe next weekend.

I climbed off the bed and put on my shirt and pants, I'd left my underwear off, as usual when Rich and I would meet like this. Rich dressed as well and we straightened the bed covers before we went back downstairs.

I headed to the fridge and removed two beers, tossing one to Rich. We headed out to the patio where we relaxed in the sun and nursed our beers.

I'd been thinking about what Rich and I had said when he'd sucked me off in my basement the other day. He'd hinted that he'd like me to treat him like a slut once in a while. I thought that now might be a good time to see if he really meant it.

"Rich, the other night, were you serious when you said you'd like me to treat you like a slut once in a while?"

Rich blushed a little but he knew I wouldn't judge him or think any less of him for expressing his fantasy. We'd agreed during the fishing trip to explore our fantasies with each other, no questions, no recriminations. "Yeah, I would. I don't want it all the time or anything but I get so hot when I think about you using me for your pleasure, making me do things to or for you and getting nothing in return. I don't know if I'm a bit submissive or what but I just find the idea very hot."

"Okay then, slut, follow me." I stood up, walking to the north side of my house assuming Rich was right behind me. Our house has a fence surrounding it with bushes along both sides. The side fencing is solid, about four feet high. The part facing the street is standard picket fencing with a large bush blocking most of the view into the yard. I stopped very near the bush and turned. As I expected Rich was right behind me. He looked confused but excited as he stood there waiting for my next order.

"All right, slut, this is what we're going to do. I'm going to drop my pants and you're gonna suck my cock."

"Here?" he said shakily. "Someone could see."

"That's not your problem, slut. Your job is to open your mouth while I fuck your face, where is none of your concern. Oh, and for questioning my orders now you can do it naked. Now STRIP!" I hissed.

I could see that Rich was really excited even though he was nervous. I knew nobody could see us and as long as we were quiet nobody would ever know, but the chance of discovery raised the stakes. He quickly pulled off his shirt, followed by his pants. He dropped to his knees on the soft grass and opened his mouth.

"Very good, slut. Maybe you'll learn to do what I tell you without questioning me next time."

I quickly pulled my cock from my pants like last time and roughly shoved it into Rich's mouth. I grabbed his ears as hand holds and began stroking, setting up a nice steady pace. I figured he'd enjoy some verbal encouragement so I kept up a running commentary as I fucked him.

"You're a good slut, aren't you?" I asked. Rich groaned letting me know he was enjoying this very much. "Open your eyes, slut! I want to see your eyes as I fuck your slutty mouth!"

Rich's eyes snapped open and he maintained eye contact for the rest of the fuck.

"Oh, yeah, you have a real nice mouth, slut. I can't wait to cum. Your mouth is almost better than a pussy but the handles make up for it," I said as I pulled harder on his ears as I bottomed out in his throat.

"Oh look," I said looking down "the slut's cock is hard." I moved my foot to it causing it to sway as I batted it with my shoe. "If you're a good slut I *might* let you cum when we finish here."

Rich groaned again but never lost contact with my eyes. His eyes were almost glassy with his excitement and I wondered if he was really seeing me at all. I decided to get his attention to make sure. I sped up, my hips flying faster and my balls mashing against his chin with each stroke. I had planned on shooting my load down his throat but since he'd been the only one who hadn't had a facial yet I decided to blow my wad on his face instead.

I pulled out, holding him in place with my left hand as I jerked my cock furiously with my right.

"Hold still slut, I'm going to cum all over your slutty face!" I hissed.

I pushed my cock as close to his face as I could without actually touching it and grunted as the first shot splashed on his nose. The next shots covered his eyes, lips and forehead before I was finally done. I wiped my cock though the mess I'd made on his face then I stuck it back in his mouth.

"Suck it clean, slut. I don't want cum on my clothes."

Rich sucked and licked my cock so well it shone with his spit when I removed it. "Nice job, slut. You deserve a reward. I think I'll let you cum."

Rich started to stand, thinking I was going to suck him off but I disabused him of that idea real quick. "What do you think you're doing slut? Did you think I was going to suck *your* cock? No fuckin' way. Get back on your knees and jerk off for me, and when you cum I want you to catch it all in your hand then suck it clean." I stood there a second looking down at him. "You'd better start stroking or you can just get dressed. I'm sure a slut like you would love to have blue balls the rest of the day!"

Rich grabbed his cock so hard I thought he was going to break it off. His hand flew up and down the shaft so fast it was almost a blur. He'd been hard and excited so long I knew he wouldn't last long and he didn't. With a groan that I'm sure half the neighborhood heard he came in his hand. Five hard spurts later his palm was filled with his warm sweet cream. Looking directly into my eyes he raised his hand to his mouth and slurped the cum into his mouth. He had to lick his fingers a number of times to get them all clean but he did it, sitting back on his heels, a satisfied look on his face.

"You did well, slut. I'm proud of you." I walked back to the patio leaving him alone to get dressed.

Rich appeared around the corner of the house soon after I sat down. "Why don't you use the bathroom and wash up. Bring us a couple of sodas on your way back and we can talk about this, okay?" I said in a friendly tone.

Rich disappeared into the house and was gone for about five minutes. He handed me my soda, sitting down next to me.

"Well, what do you think? I wasn't too hard on you was I? I'd hate to think I ruined your fantasy," I said looking at him carefully.

Rich sat quietly, sipping his soda and not saying anything. I started to get nervous. Had I ruined our friendship? God I hoped not. I was about to apologize when he started speaking.

"I don't know quite how to say this but I think I liked it too much," he said shyly.

"You did?" I said feeling relieved. At least I knew I hadn't ruined our friendship. "I was sure I'd gone too far but I kinda got into it once we started. You didn't seem to object so I figured you were enjoying it."

"Oh I was, believe me. That was *the* most exciting sexual experience of my entire life, bar none. I guess I'm just surprised at how submissive I really am, given the right circumstances." Rich looked at me shyly but I smiled at him reassuring him that nothing he'd said made me think any less of him.

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