tagIncest/TabooOur New Neighbors

Our New Neighbors


I live in a quiet, middle class residential community, with my sister. I'm twenty-three and Kitty is a year and half older than me. Our parents were killed in a bus crash while touring South America four years ago. We both have decent jobs and prefer to live in the upscale home that our parents purchased ten years ago.

I do security work, alarm systems as well as surveillance cameras, hidden cameras, hidden bugs, etc. etc.. I make a very good living as people today are more aware for the need for all kinds of security. I do work for banks as well as folks that want alarm systems as well as hidden cameras with recorders, in their homes. They want to make sure that the house-keeper or baby sitter is not stealing from them, or not being mean to their young children, as well as for other reasons like keeping an eye on their kids.. Kitty is a computer programmer and does just as well financially.

The amazing thing about my work is that people are so damn trusting, of course, I'm the security guy, if they can't trust me, who can they trust. In the summer time when I'm doing an installation, females will run around the house just about naked or with see-through cover ups In some cases they will be out in their pools naked. Then again they leave money, jewelry, as well as personal things, like vibrators and dildos out in sight. The only thing I can think is that they are really trusting or they may be trying to tempt me. I've smelled a few of those toys and I can tell that they had been used just a short time ago. I could tell you about a lot of what I see, but some other time.

Speaking of naked girls, that's another thing, Kitty constantly walks around the house stark naked. I tell her that she should put on at least a robe of some sort and then she'll tease me by saying things like, "What's the matter Bob, your sexy sister giving you a hard- on? Do you want me to give you a HAND?" I know that she does it on purpose, sometimes she'll sit in a way that gives me a full view of her BALD cunt.(She has me shave her.) Yes, she does give me a hard on and then I have to go and jerk-off.

In spite of what I say about my sister, we are very close and care for one another almost to the point that you would think that we were man and wife, however, in our case, Kitty being more aggressive, would be the man. We never had sex, (according to Clinton's definition of sex,) with one another until after our parents were killed, but we had masturbated together, as well as each other, and we talk about our sexuality a lot.

Kitty and I both have strong libidos, so after our parents died we decided to have sex together when either one of us was real horny and didn't have another partner at the time. Sexually we're very compatible; we both like to experiment and have done some pretty wild things. She has fucked me in the ass with a strap on dildo, I have tied her up in bed and just used her body in any manner I so desire. She has taught me a lot about how to go down on a woman and as a bi, she has let me secretly watch her with another female, make love when she has brought her to our home.

Six months ago, a couple moved in next door to us. I would say that the wife was in her mid thirties, the husband looked like he was about ten years older. They had a sexy looking daughter about sixteen that I really got the hots for, (I found out later that the girl was the child from the husbands first wife) even though she looked a lot like her step- mother, that was also beautiful. The husband was some kind of consultant, or so I thought, and traveled a lot, in fact, he was gone more than he was home, but they were very friendly and I enjoyed them as neighbors. On week-ends I would do our garden work and if I knew that he had been away for a while, I would mow their lawn as well. So we got to be good friends and either the wife or daughter would come out to talk or offer me something to drink.

Our homes are about twenty feet apart and their master bedroom is just opposite mine. Their teen-aged daughter's bedroom is just opposite our parents room that I now use as an office as well as my computer room. Both, my room and my computer room have windows looking into their bedrooms, and I did a lot of looking because they rarely closed their blinds, now in retrospect I realized that they had the electrician install motion activated spot lights surrounding their home so they would immediately be alerted for any movement outside.

I could make out, with the use of binoculars, some of their bedroom activities, and I have to say, they were highly sexual people. On one occasion I've watched Don and Kim fucking in various positions for about an hour. On a couple of occasions I've watched Nicole masturbate in front of her full length mirror. Watching that sexy girl do herself got me off in a second.

One day when I was working on my lawn, Don, the husband, came up to me and told me that he was going to be away for a considerable amount of time. He wanted me to install a security system in their home as well as surveillance cameras so that his wife, Kim and his daughter, Nicole, could see who was outside at the door as well as hear them. He went on and told me that he wanted the best. After he gave me all the details, I told him that I'd be happy to do it but even giving him a good price as a neighbor that it would cost about ten thousand.

Here is what got my curiosity going, without blinking an eye, he said, "Bob, I see from your truck that you also do armed response." I told him that I did and was licensed to carry a firearm. He looked at me and said, "Bob, I've only known you for a short while but I've got to be honest with you, I've had you checked out and you come out as clean as anyone." I was kind of shocked at what he just said, but then what followed even shocked me more. "Bob, I'm going to give you twenty-five thousand dollars and if you want more I'll give it to you, just tell me how much."

Don wanted me to keep an eye out for his wife and daughter's security and well being. He told me that he wanted me to monitor everything that goes on in his home and if I see any signs of trouble, that I should not call the police but instead, just go in and protect his family, even if it means that I may have to shoot someone. Then he gave me a number to call if anything happened or any emergency, but not to call the police. Who the heck am I dealing with? Mafia, C I A, F B I.

I told Don that I would do everything he asked, I wasn't taking any chances, I figured this guy was connected. I have to admit, I was all charged up and pretty excited but I couldn't tell anyone, not even Kitty or his wife or daughter. Don told me that it was to remain just between the two of us and I agreed to secrecy.

I was excited about another aspect of this set-up, I was going to be able to watch every move that his wife and daughter were making and in any location of their home, inside as well as outside. What I didn't see while from my computer, I could watch on the tapes that I will be recording. Also, with my large screen monitor, I can split my screen and watch one, or up to four rooms at the same time. Don must have known this but I figured that he thought that safety of his family was more important than me being able to see his wife or daughter naked.

I started immediately, with the help of a couple of my employees. My helpers had security clearance, but I only let them help with the wiring and not the finishing, they would never know what equipment that I installed other than it was a normal alarm and monitor system.

When I was installing the finish work, the daughter and wife just wandered around the house as if I wasn't there. This isn't uncommon, but the thought of me being able to watch these sexy looking women do anything inside or outside of their home after I finished installing all this equipment, made me horny as hell. Just thinking that I could watch them in the bathroom, shower, bedrooms, back yard, in their pool, etc. etc.. But the part that got my attention was that they seemed to touch each other a lot, not necessarily in a sexual way, but just a pat on the butt or a quick peck on the lips.

After the first day of working by myself, I came home so damn horny, that I immediately went to my room and started stroking my hard cock. I was just getting to the point of no return when Kitty opened my door and said, "I figured that you were up to something like this," and then smiled. The fact is, Kitty usually gets home before I do and the first thing I ask her is, "what's for dinner?" The fact that I don't eat anything from the time I leave the house till the time I get home, I'm starving.

"Well Bob, I think for right now, we'll start with appetizers." She only had a light cover-up on and quickly removed it, hell, she was hot looking. I knew from the look in her eyes that she was as horny as I was. She got on her knees and quickly devoured my cock down her throat and wrapped her long tongue around it, damn she gave good head. I had been sitting on the edge of my bed and my pants and shorts were down around my ankles. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and then started stroking my cock with one hand and started sucking on my balls as she fingered my butt with her other hand, she knew that really got to me. Then she just got up.

"Damn it Kitty, I was just about to cum, why did you stop?"

"I want you to beg me to suck you off and let you blow your load down my throat." She said this with a sadistic smirk on her face and I could tell that she was in one of her wild moods. She was rubbing her clit and I could see how excited she was as I saw the glistening pre-cum on her fingers.

My cock was throbbing but I knew that I had to play her game. I grabbed her and spread her out on my bed. She quickly started to rub her clit again and I could see her swollen lips and her rigid clit eagerly waiting for me. I tore off my clothes and got on top of Kitty, in a sixty-nine position. I started fucking her mouth with my cock as I went after her hot and excited opening with my tongue, I love eating pussy.

Kitty taught me well as far as eating out pussy, I knew how to gently suck on her swollen lips and then run my tongue up and down the length of her opening. I knew how she liked me to lick her little rose bud and push my tongue into her rear hole. I lightly ran my tongue around her sensitive and swollen clit until she was now humping my mouth and I knew she was ready to cum. Just then I shot my load of hot cum down her throat and pulled my mouth away from her pussy.

"Oh damn, Bob, why did you stop, (sound familiar,) I was just ready to cum," Kitty said in an agonizing voice.

"Well Kitty, you're going to have to beg me to make you cum, otherwise, you're going to do it yourself. In fact, my sexy sister, I'm kind of tired and just want you to get yourself off a couple of times so I can get all worked up again."

"O.K. Bob, enjoy it, but you better plan on making your own dinner." Kitty really enjoys masturbating, she does it with so much enthusiasm and gets into it like it's going to be the last time for her to cum. Also the fact that I'm watching her and knows how much it turns me on.

Kitty slithers her body around while pinching her nipples that stood hard and erect from her stimulation. She was moaning as if in pain, but I knew better. She then took her hand and started on her waiting cunt, her lips were spread open and engorged, pouring out its sweet nectar, my limp cock jumped as if it was touched by some electrical current. She shoved in two fingers and pumped them in and out, not too fast but just fast enough to tease both of us. Kitty pulled out her fingers that were now thoroughly covered by her sex juices, she reached her hand over to me so that I could suck her fingers clean, she knew how much I loved the taste. She brought her hand back down to her mound and started teasing her clit, but it didn't take but a few seconds when Kitty let out a loud moan as her butt pumped into the air, her back arched, and she came, her cum soaking my bed sheet. After Kitty caught her breath, she continued on and brought herself off three more times, her last orgasm was so powerful, her entire body shook as if she was having convulsions and she almost passed out.

A week later, I was finished installing all my equipment in Don's house and was eager to see how everything worked. That evening I went into my office and started looking into every room of my neighbors house, there wasn't a spot that I couldn't see, I was in heaven.

The following evening, Don called me up and asked if I was finished, and if so, was everything working as planned. I told him it did and was there anything else he wanted me to do. He was happy and told me that was it for now and again he reminded me if there was any emergency, or if I needed more money, just to call the number he gave and to leave a message. He then told me that he was leaving in a couple of days and said that he wasn't sure when he would be back.

That night I thought that I would observe the house just to make sure that everything was working. I went to my computer and then started looking from room to room, when I went to Nicole's bedroom, she wasn't there so I checked her bathroom, not there either. I went to Don and Kim's room and they were having sex. I have to admit, I was jealous of Don, He was fucking Kim in the doggie position and Kim was screaming for more. But where was sweet Nicole, I had scanned all the rooms, then I found her. She was in the hall outside her parents bedroom, the door was slightly ajar, and she was watching her Father and Kim having sex as she was masturbating like crazy, her hands were a blur.

Just as I pulled out my cock to relieve some of the pressure from being confined inside my shorts, I heard Kitty's voice from behind me say, "my gawwwd Bob, your spying on our neighbors, that is fucking hot." I had a split screen and you could see Nicole on one half of the monitor masturbating and Don and Kim on the other half. It was erotic.

As we watched the scene on the monitor, Kitty was making comments about how she wants to get more friendly with Kim and Nicole. I knew what Kitty meant about getting 'more friendly' with our neighbors, she wanted to seduce both of them. Kitty was playing with her cunt as she was talking and I could smell her juices of arousal as well as the squishing sound of her fingers going in and out of her love hole. Kitty kept this up and then bring her juice covered fingers up to my nose so that I could savor the smell before I sucked on her fingers clean.

I should have locked the door, but even if I had, Kitty would be yelling her head off for me to open it. I looked at Kitty and said, "sis, if you ever mention this to anyone, and I mean anyone, we could go to jail." I didn't tell her that I had written consent by Don, to do this. Needless to say, Kitty and I fucked all night long, as did our neighbors.

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