tagIncest/TabooOur Second Time

Our Second Time


My mother and I didn't talk all that much over the next couple of days. I think we were both a little bit in shock after that first encounter and didn't know what to say to each other. We tried to pretend as if everything was normal, living life as usual but there were some awkward pauses in our conversations. We both knew that a line had been crossed, that we'd have to sort out our feelings for each other sooner or later. As it turned out, it was sooner than I expected.

It was less than a week after that first time. The memories of those moments were still fresh in my mind. I felt butterflies in my stomach every time I thought of the moment I had reached out and pulled her brassiere off...

I came down to the kitchen one morning to find my mother sitting at the table, having a coffee. She was deep in thought and looked startled when I walked in. I bent down and kissed her on the cheek then poured myself a coffee. I sat beside her, asked how her night had been. She smiled and spoke for a moment then reached out and took my hand. She began to talk, quietly, her voice a little shaky, about the other day, about how we'd both lost control of our feelings, how we had let our desires take over and allowed them to take us to a place we both knew was out of bounds. She shook her head as she spoke about us making love and the passions that had been unleashed. She told me how confused she felt, how she was at a loss about how to move on from here. Slowly I began to realize that she wasn't talking about putting an end to our new relationship. I had fully expected her to take a different view and bring it to a full stop but it became obvious that she wasn't willing to do that.

We talked for some time about our feelings for each other, how there had been a spark of desire for many years, how that spark had grown over time and ignited the fire between us. She spoke about my father and how she felt about him. I realized how much she loved him and how confused she was with her desire for me. She told me that she didn't want to stop making love with me but warned that it could become very difficult in time. We had to be cautious about what was happening between us. If he ever found out, it would be devastating for all of us. Fortunately, his job kept him away for long hours, sometimes for days. That would take some of the pressure off and give us a chance to learn how to be with each other without the added distraction of him being home with us. We sat and talked a little longer, then parted ways. I headed off to my summer job while Mom arranged plans for her day.

I was grateful for my mother's frankness and found that our talk that morning helped me to relax and breathe a little easier around her. Even as I started work it didn't take long for my mind to fill with images of her lying under me in her bedroom, her breasts heaving, her legs wrapped around me. It was a moment that I had relived again and again every day and night since. I was filled with desire for her and completely amazed at the thought of her wanting this to continue. As I got closer to the end of my shift that day I found myself wanting nothing more than to rush home and be able to make love with my mother.

The three o'clock bell finally rang. It was all I could do to stop myself from pushing people aside and running full tilt out the door for the bus. The ride home seemed to last for an eternity but to my relief I was soon opening our front door and calling out hello. I heard my mother's voice calling back to me from the depths of the house. I found her in the laundry, finishing another load of washing. As usual, she'd been busy all day working around the house. She smiled at me over her shoulder as she carried on with her task and asked how my day had gone.

She suggested I grab a cold beer from the fridge. A cold beer? She was full of surprises this week. I'd never been offered a beer by either of my parents. It took me a minute to respond. I guess she sensed that and again looked back at me and winked. "Go ahead Hon, and get me one too while you're at it please? Dad dropped by at lunch to say he's been called out of town and won't be back until the weekend. He packed his grip and left a little while before you got home. He asked me to say goodbye to you...and to take care of me while he was away." Her voice change slightly as she said that last part. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. If I'd understood her correctly, I think my mother had just told me we were going to spend the next day and a half together. Not together in the normal sense but in the way I had been thinking of all day long.

I went to the kitchen and opened a couple of beers, pouring hers into a glass – she never drank from a bottle. My hands were a little unsteady as I walked back to the laundry and set the glass down beside her. She thanked me and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek. I watched as she took several long sips. I jumped up onto the counter behind her and watched as she finished the last load for the day. I drained the bottle as I stared at her back, totally amazed by the woman in front of me. She was wearing a white cotton blouse, tailored, over tight, beige Capri slacks and low-heeled sandals. She had a fabulous figure regardless of the fact she was a woman in her mid-forties. That hourglass shape and those long legs would be the envy of any woman, no matter what age.

She switched on the washing machine, then picked up her glass and turned to face me. She raised it to her lips and took another long drink. As she did, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. My eyes had drifted down to her bust as she stood there, eyes closed. Two dark circles, punctuated with an obvious bulge in the centre of each could be clearly seen through her blouse. I couldn't believe it. My mother was not wearing a brassiere! I was awestruck. Sure, there had been reports in the news about "bra burnings" and free love and all, but that was far away, in the big cities. The idea of a woman - especially my mother - not wearing a bra was beyond comprehension in our small town. My cock immediately began to swell. My face was burning as she lowered her glass and looked up at me. I quickly turned away, hoping she hadn't noticed me staring at her breasts. Even after our first passionate time together, I still felt a little nervous about being really forward with her.

She stepped toward me and gently placed her hand on my cheek, a concerned look on her face. She asked if I was ok, that I was looking flushed, hot. I nodded that I was fine and that it was just...well...it was that I could see she wasn't wearing her brassiere. She smiled - giggled actually – and asked me what I thought about that. She said she'd heard so much about the women's liberation movement and had wondered what it would feel like to not wear a bra during the day. She told me how delicious it felt to be just a little bit naughty. She'd never dream of going out in public like that she said but at home, with my father away, well...it made her feel free. Suddenly she frowned and asked if I was bothered by it, if I wanted her to put one on. I shook my head and told her no, that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I knew, that seeing her like that made me proud of her. After a brief pause I told her, hesitantly, that I liked seeing her nipples through her blouse, that it was very sexy. I was surprised to hear the words come out of my mouth. I had never in my life thought that one day I would be telling my own mother that I liked seeing her nipples, that I thought she was sexy. Maybe it was the beer...

She stepped back from me and nodded, told me she understood completely. She told me that she had hoped I would notice and that it might make me feel the same way I had just a few days ago. She told me how I was always in her thoughts. Her hands were trembling as she took hold of mine and brought them to her lips. She kissed them and then stood up close to me and kissed me on the mouth, softly but with a trembling urgency behind it. I took her in my arms and pulled her close to me. We kissed again, longer and harder. We broke apart and she whispered close to my ear. She told me how much she wanted me, how much she longed for me to be with her.

She pulled away from me and ran her hands down across my chest. She noticed my soiled shirt, dirty from a day's work and told me to give it to her so she could add it to the laundry for later. Before I could move, she began to undo the buttons, slowly peeling my shirt off until I was bare to the waist. She dropped it to the floor and then pulled me off the edge of the counter to my feet. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her cheek against my chest. She began to trace her fingertips up and down my back as she pressed her lips to my skin, kissing my neck and shoulders again and again. I felt a shiver surge through me as she brought her hands around to the front of my pants and undid them. She hooked her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts then bent down and pushed both my pants and underwear off of my hips and down my legs. As she did, my cock sprang out into the open, almost hitting her in the face. Lifting each leg, she undid my shoes and tugged my pants off. I stood rooted to the floor, stark naked in front of my mother. She pushed my clothes aside, then looked at me. Her face was gleaming; her cheeks were a bright pink.

She stepped back and straightened her blouse. She looked me in the eye and said again that she wanted me, that she wanted her son to make love to her. She began to unbutton her blouse, staring into my face all the while. When the last button was free, she unzipped her slacks and let them drop down her legs, then kicked them off her feet. Another surprise! She was not wearing panties either. My mother stood before me, partially nude. Her bulging vagina was in full view. Her blouse draped open, revealing the deep cleavage between her heavy breasts. She stepped toward me and took my cock in her hand. With a few strokes, she had me rock hard and ready.

She let go of me, then took hold of her blouse and spread it wide, exposing her bare breasts to me. She asked if I would do something for her. I assured her that I would do anything – anything – she wanted me to do. She asked me to tell her how I felt about seeing her breasts and what I thought of them. I told her that I loved the shape of them, the way they stood out from her body, how firm and heavy they were. I loved her nipples and how they sometimes grew long and hard. I told her that seeing them excited me and made me want to touch them. I told her how beautiful she was, that I was so proud of her.

She smiled, paused for a moment and then asked me to touch her breasts. She said she wanted to feel my hands on her. I hesitated for a moment, then reached out and cupped them in my hands, feeling the weight of her supple flesh. I squeezed them gently, massaging them, watching them move under the touch of my fingers. I watched as her nipples hardened and grew until they were thick nubs that I could hold between my fingers. She looked down and watched as I ran my hands over them. She raised her arms, put her hands behind her head and asked me to keep touching them, to do anything I wanted. She told me sensitive her breasts were, how the feel of my hands on them made her shiver.

This was a dream come true for me. I had wanted to do this for as long as I could remember. Even though we'd already made love once, I still couldn't believe this was happening, that I was actually standing naked in front of my mother, fondling her breasts. I lifted the heavy globes up away from her chest and let each one drop, fascinated by how they bounced and jiggled as they fell back against her. She began to moan as I played with them. I found I was losing my inhibitions the more I handled her. Finally I asked her to do something for me, something I had always wanted to see. She nodded, said absolutely, just ask. I told her how much I liked to see them move and asked if she could make them jiggle herself. She smiled and then somewhat self-consciously began to shake her shoulders. She kept her hands behind her head and I watched as her breasts swung from side to side, sometimes slapping against each other, quivering. Without thinking, I began to stroke myself as I watched her breasts bounce back and forth.

She was breathing hard now, obviously very turned on by the attention she was getting from me. She stopped shaking her shoulders and stepped up close. She scooped her breasts up and held them, asking me to suck them. She shivered again as I bent down to take an erect nipple between my lips. I drew it deeply into my mouth and sucked hard, stretching her breast out from her chest. I ran my tongue across the pebbly surface of her nipple. She moaned. Her knees were trembling as she stood in front of me, letting me fondle and suck her breasts as much as I wanted. Suddenly I had a thought. Without letting go of the nipple in my mouth, I lifted her other breast toward her face and brushed her lips with it. She hesitated but then finally understood what I wanted. Shyly, she began to suck on her own breast. It was an amazing turn-on to watch her lips and tongue caress her own nipple, inches away from my face.

She moaned again. She reached down and grabbed my cock. "Please," she said, "please Hon, I want you now. I want you inside me." She shuffled her feet apart until her legs were spread wide. She pulled my cock toward her crotch and began stroking herself with it. I dipped my hips down under her and tried to enter her. She rose up on her toes and guided my cock in between her swollen labia. We struggled like that for a moment, me trying to enter her as she tried to lift herself up onto me. She was gasping for breath now. She stopped, backed away and moved beside me. She bent down and put her elbows on the counter that was behind us, then thrust her hips up high into the air.

"Come around behind me Hon. Oh god, fuck me from behind. Hurry Hon, I need it now," she gasped. It was like re-living that first time. Listening to her breathing, hearing her use the word "fuck", seeing her swollen, wet vagina – it made me so excited that nothing could stop me from mounting her. She spread her legs and tilted her hips as I moved around behind her. I had never thought of entering a woman from behind like that. As I've said before, my sexual experiences were very limited. I looked down at her long back, the curve of her hips, her smooth, round ass. I took hold of those hips and pressed my cock between her legs. She reached down and guided me up inside her, opening her vagina for my thick, throbbing shaft. I lunged up into her until I was buried so deeply that her lips pressed against the base of my cock. Her vagina was on fire. She was already flowing heavily. Her tunnel was soaked and ready for me. I pumped myself into her once, twice. Her entire body was shaking now. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter and she bent down low, her head between her arms.

I pushed her blouse up her back and held her waist. For the second time in a week I began to fuck my own mother. I listened to her whimper and groan as I pressed my cock into her again and again. She was pushing her ass back against me each time I slid into her. The feel of her ass pressed tightly against my hips was amazing.

We were moving faster now. I reached down and felt for her breasts. I found them hanging down and swaying in time with my thrusts. I took them in my hands. I dug my fingers into the heavy flesh and pulled until I could see them stretched out from under her arms. Her nipples pressed into the palms of my hands. I gripped them tightly, feeling the flesh squeeze out between my fingers. I let go of them and leaned out to the side, trying to see her breasts as I kept banging my cock into her over and over. I was fascinated by how they hung down, how they swayed and bounced each time I shoved my cock up into her.

She was talking to me, gasping out words as our bodies pushed against each other. "I'm starting to come, Honey. Unh! Oh god, yes...unh...I'm going to come! Pinch my nipples Darling, quickly!" I reached down, my fingers searching for the hard nubs as her breasts swung back and forth. I caught them between my fingers and squeezed. "Oh god, yes! Don't stop, don't stop!" she squealed. I pulled hard and felt her breasts stretch out from under her. "Yes! That's it, yes! Yes! Oh god, I'm coming!"

Suddenly her body went rigid and she let out an almost feline howl as the orgasm washed over her. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She gave out a loud grunt each time I drove myself into her, trying to keep her orgasm going. She was gasping, calling out "oh god, oh god!" and "yes, yes, yes" as she twisted her hips around my cock. It was when she began to cry out "fuck me harder Hon, fuck me, fuck me harder!" that I finally lost it. I drove my cock into her as deeply as I could. I banged my hips against her ass, fucking her for all I was worth. I soon felt my own orgasm begin to surge through me and into her. She clamped her vagina around my cock, drawing my orgasm out of me. I let go of her nipples, arched back and furiously drove my cock into her. Gasping for air myself, I shot load after load into her body through my throbbing cock. I thought it would never end. I'd never climaxed so hard or for so long.

Both of our peaks finally ebbed away. I was doubled over, lying on her back. She rested her head on the counter. My cock stayed hard for a long time after. We stood there together, swaying slightly. She let me stay inside her for several minutes before we finally stood up and faced each other. Her skin was damp with perspiration and her breasts were red where my fingers had squeezed and stretched them. She cupped my face in her hands and planted a long, loving kiss on my mouth. We held that kiss, wrapped in each other's arms.

She turned away, picked up our scattered clothing and dropped them into a pile on the counter. I stood there, my heart pounding as I watched my mother walk naked out of the room. She stopped in the doorway and turned to smile at me. "I love you Hon. I love you so much."

"I love you too Mom."

"Go have a shower and get ready. You're taking me out for dinner tonight." She winked at me and disappeared out the door.

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