Our Summer at the Lake


Eric spoke loudly over the motor's whine, "Boy, he's showin' off for you!"

I shook my head in disbelief. "I've never seen anything like that!"

"Yeah, he's pretty good, but he's really pushing it today, 'cause you're watching, I think."

Woody skied endlessly. We did sharp U-turns and traveled back and forth along the two shores about six times until Woody started pointing. I told Eric he was pointing at something and he looked back at Woody.

"He's saying 'in' to go into the beach. Watch how he does it. You have to know what you're doing and be able to turn sharply because of the docks."

We passed by the beach first and then turned around so we could approach from the north. When we started to turn out to avoid a long pier beyond the beach, Woody cut across the wake, shot way out, and released the rope. I saw him turn in between the piers and coast into knee-deep water. I helped pull in the towrope as we beached the boat.

Woody came to help me step out, but I leapt into his arms instead. Forgetting I had skied for the first time ever, I wanted to praise his performance, but Woody and Eric made a big fuss about me and the rest joined in the congratulations. In a mood of celebration, I hugged Eric to thank him, prompting a scowl from Carol.

Leaving the boat out of the way, all seven of us went for a swim. The sandy bottom of the swimming area made for pleasant conditions compared to the muddy ponds or rocky rivers I knew in my youth. Jumping and diving off a pier added to the splashing fun. Most of my previous swimming experiences were with other kids and seldom included a parent or two. With this being my first all adult activity, it seemed entirely different although it was the same in many respects. A key adult element was the hugging and discreet groping shared with Woody. I admit that several times my hand slipped into his swimsuit and squeezed his member.

Before I knew it, we were collecting our things to head to the cottage for lunch. We left the boat right there on the beach, taking only the key with us. Lunch was a cooperative effort with everybody doing something to make the hot dogs and burgers. I can't explain it, but somehow grilled food tastes different when eaten outside in the sunshine and wearing wet bathing suits.

After eating, everyone else decided to relax for an hour. Woody grabbed the boat key and pulled me out the door. He told me we would take a cruise and refill the gas tanks for more skiing later. We cruised around the entire lake. Warmed by the sun and riding alone with my beau made me dream of summer pleasures in our future. Woody showed me cottages they had rented, areas he had fished, and places they found conditions good for skiing. He let me drive some before we stopped at the marina to get fuel.

Gone about forty-five minutes, we returned to the beach just as Eric walked up. Jerome wasn't interested in skiing again that afternoon and the others wouldn't be going out in the boat anyway so just the three of us prepared to go. Eric took his turn first and watching him was just like watching Woody who went second to simplify changing equipment. Both of them skied for a short time because the mid-day winds made the water quite choppy even close to shore. I went again and took another three times to get up, but once up, I began to get comfortable on the skis instead of just hanging on.

The afternoon's activities included more swimming and some bobber fishing with Woody and Jerome off the docks. The active bluegills provided a sporting diversion. I demonstrated my ability to bait my own hook and release my catch. Supper was a full meal Mom liked to make despite being on vacation. While we digested our meal, the whole family joined in playing a crazy game of croquet around all the obstacles they could find.

Afterward, Eric, Woody, and I went down to check the water conditions. Sunset usually brings calm winds and thus a glass-like water surface. We saw only two swimmers and no boats disturbed the lake. Finding the optimum conditions, we headed out and each took another turn skiing. With darkness closing in, we beached the boat and covered it for the night.

* * * * *

Changing from my bathing suit right into pajamas, I suddenly realized how tired I was from all the water activities. While everyone else sat down to play cards, I stretched out on the hide-a-bed. When I opened my eyes again, it was morning and I was the last to arise. So much for sleeping with Woody, I had been in bed with him for most of ten hours without even knowing it.

I joined Mom and Carol for coffee, toast, and cereal while the guys fished or went off on errands. Carol was itching to tell me something because she kept steering the conversation to my relationship with Woody, asking how serious I felt we were. She even asked if we were talking about marriage.

I certainly had thought about it, but we hadn't discussed it other than to say it was absurd to talk about marriage while in high school. Measuring my words with Carol carefully because I didn't trust her motives, I said, "No. I'm still in high school so there's no rush."

She wasn't just being curious and she wouldn't let go. I sensed Mom was as uncomfortable as I was with her digging. Carol asked, "Would you say you're in love?"

Again, I wasn't going to give her anything she could tear apart. "We're teenagers so we still have things to learn, but yes, we think we're in love."

"Are you guys going steady?" she asked.

I found her question strange; she had to know we weren't because just last month she had met Mary, the girl who tried to have sex with Woody. The proverbial light bulb went on in my head. She didn't know if I knew about her. Maybe she even suspected that dating others was only Woody's explanation to cover for being with another girl.

I felt smug that I was a step ahead of her, but I still didn't know whether she wanted to warn me about Mary or give me reason to doubt Woody's feelings. "No. We're both dating others. It's Jack's idea. He felt he was too isolated dating only one girl in high school and didn't want me to suffer the same way. If we're meant to be, it doesn't matter who else we see."

"Does he tell you about the girls he dates?" She didn't want to be the one who broke the news.

"Uh-huh. We have no secrets," I admitted, then decided to open the door for her. "I know he met a very pretty girl on the train last month, the one you met."

I could see Carol was visibly relieved. She felt compelled to warn me about Mary. "Pretty is not the word, a real knockout. She was the cutest little thing. An' she was ... uh..."

"Dressed sexy as hell?" I finished for her. "I know all about her, more than you do. Mary was blonde, about a hundred pounds and wore a dress so short you could tell what color panties she had on." I glanced at Mom and saw worry in her eyes.

Carol replied, "I'm impressed. I don't understand how you guys feel about dating but Mary seemed so wild. She's a troublemaker." She had the best intentions for Woody and me. How she said things sounded wrong sometimes but she was clearly on my side.

I assured her, "You're not the first person to wanna warn me about Mary. My girlfriend Jane met her too and pretty much said the same thing. There's nothing to worry about 'cause Jack is already done with her. He said she's not a nice girl."

"Not nice?" Carol asked.

Without thinking, I answered with a frankness that stunned them both. "She offered to have sex with him on their first date. The next day, she tried to force herself on him. It made him angry and he wants nothing to do with her." When I saw the look on Mom's face, I wanted to say something that would make her proud of her son. "Jack is a nice guy and he wants a nice girl." I smiled at Mom and her eyes sparkled. "He wants me," I finished.

* * * * *

Strong south winds brought heat but also rough water. We skied only after breakfast and after supper. Taking frequent dips kept us cool as we enjoyed the day. Lunch was sandwiches at the restaurant followed by a nap that helped my energy level. After dark, we all went to a miniature golf place that had a driving range and baseball pitching machines as well.

Woody didn't drive many golf balls well but he hit a few so far I couldn't see them land. Both Eric and Woody tried the batting cages. It amazed me how hard they could hit the baseballs; they hit every ball hard. The miniature golf game was a riot. His entire family and I enjoyed the competition and camaraderie of navigating the obstacles.

Returning to the cottage, everyone headed right to bed. The others had bedrooms in which to undress; Woody and I had to take turns in the bathroom. I changed first, going into the bathroom with everybody in the central room and coming out with just Mom up, still in the kitchen. His mom went to bed before Woody came out wearing only white gym shorts.

Before he turned out the light, I watched his package jiggle across the room and saw the yellow lamplight paint his tan chest golden. When I realized that the scantily clad, sexy hunk of a guy I was observing was going to climb into my bed, I felt my body become aroused. The light snapped off and darkness exploded in my face.

I felt the bed shift as he climbed in next to me. Prone on my back and him on his side next to me, his leg came down with its calf weighing on my sex. A hand slid under my pajama-top and warmly cupped my breast. His mouth found mine in the blackness and he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He smelled of coconuts and tasted of mint.

Woody's leg lifted off me and his hand moved inside my pajama pants. Led by his fingers, his palm slid over my pubic hair and his finger entered my labial cleft to explore my hooded joy-buzzer. His tongue and finger matched pace in side-to-side wiggles. In another thirty seconds, I was going to orgasm but he stopped. His shadowy silhouette moved back and spoke to me. "Goodnight, my love." Woody was keeping his word.

"Goodnight, Darlin'," I murmured.

Rolling onto his back with me snuggled against his side, my head rested on his chest. I felt it rising and falling, his measured breath rustling the hair on the top of my head. Hugging him like a giant living pillow, I fell sound asleep to the thu-thump, thu-thump of his heart, secure in my guy's arms.

* * * * *

I awoke to daylight filling the room and an empty bed, the last to wake up again. Several figures sat at the table. Cooking noises came from some energetic person in the kitchen. By process of elimination, I had worked out that it was Woody just as he brought two plates out of the kitchen, set them on the table, and then came over to sit on the bed next to me.

Running his fingers through my hair, he asked, "Would my princess like breakfast in bed or at the royal table?"

"In bed," I replied quickly, wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him down for a kiss. I didn't care who was watching. We both giggled with silliness.

Carol spoke from the chair closest to us. "Geez, guys! Get a room!"

'That sure would be nice,' I thought to myself. 'Can we borrow yours for an hour?'

Mom was the voice of no-nonsense. "C'mon. Your eggs are getting cold."

We got up and Woody held out my chair for me. Evidently, Woody could cook, too. Laid out before me were two perfectly cooked over-easy fried eggs, two strips of bacon, a slice of buttered toast, and a glass of orange juice. Carol did the honors and poured coffee for us.

Saturday was a completely different story at the beach compared to the previous two days. Weekenders and locals had come out early. A flotilla of boats dotted the lake and a stiff wind roiled the water; we didn't go out to ski. Instead, we all piled into the boat and went for a morning-long cruise. We navigated narrow canals among large vacation homes and later followed a river to a cement dam with a gentle spillway that we enjoyed as a water slide.

After lunch, I had fresh fruit from a roadside stand, the most succulent peaches and cherries I ever ate. The whole family dressed nice and went to the only restaurant in town for an early supper. Just before sunset, we made our one ski run of the day. Jerome made it a foursome and I ventured outside the wake for the first time. At the cottage, I fell asleep before the others again.

* * * * *

Waking up to a gray pre-dawn world, not a sound but Woody's light breathing behind me reached my ears. I rolled over to hug my love-pillow. My cheek rested on his pectoral, tickled by little chest hairs. My hand explored his bare stomach down to the bed sheet drawn up to his waist. A disobedient notion led me to believe I had a perfect opportunity and gave me the pluck to test his resolve.

I tilted my head up to watch his face for a reaction when I slid my hand under the sheet. Sliding through soft hairs, I was startled to encounter his hard cock sticking halfway out the waistband of his shorts. Did the corners of his mouth turn up in a little smile or were the disappearing shadows playing tricks on my eyesight? Watching his face closely, I rolled his penis like a big cigar ... nothing. He may have been faking sleep but I turned my head and my attention to the joy-toy that was definitely awake.

My head rested below the arch of his rib cage and faced down to his groin; my hand peeled the bed sheet out of the way to expose Popeye squinting back at me, inches away. I pushed his shorts down to lever his love-monument vertical and admired it silhouetted against the pale light outside the window. Letting go, his cock fell back to his stomach with a light smack. While staring down the barrel of his passion, I lightly stroked his column with my fingertips. It was so hard! I could feel veins bulging out on the smooth skinned shaft.

His breathing was still shallow and rhythmic, his hips relaxed and motionless. No sign of an orgasmic eruption warned me before semen splashed against my mouth. Involuntary reflexes tilted my head to take the second blast under my chin before I could cap the gushing organ with my palm. A tiny bit of his love juice leaked past my lips to activate my salt taste buds, my nose filled with his manly sex scent.

I sat up and pulled the bed sheet up over the scene of the crime. His face was so serene. How could he lie there looking so smug after what he did to me? I would deal with him later! I grabbed my clothes and ducked into the bathroom.

Standing before the mirror, I beheld an incongruous sight. A milky drool ran from the corner of my mouth to my chin. Gravity had pulled a pearly pendant from my neck down to my cleavage. Annoyance was melting into wonder. Could I take his cum-shot inside my mouth? I heard that some girls swallowed the stuff, could I? My tongue timidly sampled the drool; slimy, salty, manly, it wasn't wonderful but I imagined pleasing my lover would make me try it someday.

A tap on the door and Mom's voice spurred me into action. I cleaned up and dressed. Walking out past Woody who was now on his side in a fetal position, his eyes opened to give me an innocent look. He wasn't fooling me. Mom was making coffee and I started the toaster. Woody remained curled up in the bed when Mom and I went outside to drink our coffee and enjoy the already warm morning.

We sat in metal lawn chairs. The sun had just cleared the trees directly across the lake, making the water sparkle with a ribbon of orange light. Twenty minutes later, Woody sauntered out wearing his swimsuit, munching on a donut with coffee cup in hand. I peeked at his stomach as he pulled a chair up next to mine, no sign of the early morning gusher.

"Good morning, Babe," he greeted me cheerfully and kissed my forehead before sitting down.

"Good mornin', Woody," I retorted and patted his thigh.

Maybe sensing something in our banter, Mom rose and announced she needed to get dressed, leaving us alone. When I heard the screen door bang behind us, I asked, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"About what?" he asked and took a bite of his donut.

"What do ya mean, about what? This morning!" He gave me a puzzled look in silence. "Don't tell me you don't know," I added.

"I'm sorry. I don't," he begged after swallowing.

Experience told me he was being truthful. "You came in my face!" I disclosed.

He had just started to tilt his coffee cup to his mouth but stopped dead, a look of genuine surprise and horror covered his face until his mind analyzed the facts, and then amusement twinkled in his eyes. "Oh my God!" he swore and then burst into laughter, spilling the remainder of his coffee.

My look of dismay changed his attitude immediately and he begged for forgiveness. "Sandy, I'm so sorry! I had no idea. I woke up and thought I had a wet dream but I wondered why my jizz was on my stomach and not in my shorts. Please tell me what happened."

I related what I did and his chocolate eyes peered at me filled with lust.

"Did you put your mouth on me?"


"Good. I want to be awake when you do."

"You want me to put your dick in my mouth?"

"Oh, yeah!" He was honest as always, with no shyness.

"Well, whip it out, mister!" I dared.

He actually looked over his shoulder at the cottage door before suggesting, "Don't tempt me. Listen, sweetheart. Maybe oral sex is something we should hold off on until we're lovers. I don't know if we can handle the excitement."

I reached over and put my hand on his cock bulge. "I can handle you just fine," I promised and rubbed his crotch vigorously until he dropped his donut.

"Babe! You're giving me a boner!" he declared.

Indeed, I felt him chubbing up. We mashed lips and I mashed his cock some more. When I stood up, his donut was ant-food, his cup empty, and his erection stretched his suit, forcing him to remain seated. I made sure he was looking at me when I ran my tongue tip seductively and slowly over my upper lip from end to end. "You taste good, Woody," I said in a sultry voice and walked away, leaving him swearing under his breath.

* * * * *

We made a quick ski run before returning to pack and vacate the cottage. Although packed for returning home, we didn't leave the lake for several more hours. Lunch was at the restaurant and we swam at the beach until four. Woody and Jerome drove the boat to the marina and Eric met them with his car and boat trailer.

Riding home cuddled with Woody, I reflected on the wonderful weekend we experienced and the kind of life I could have with him. An erotic mood led my thoughts down new paths. I imagined feeling his cock glide between my lips and slide across my tongue. 'Next time, Woody, I will taste you for real.' He couldn't see the smile sneak across my face.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/30/13

High praise from 2 excellent authors!

Sandra, the last 2 comments were from authors who have received high marks for their submissions to Literotica. You earned it!

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by Privates1stClass08/29/13

Don't play with a loaded weapon

It appears you discovered too late that if you mess around with a stiff cock, it might erupt all over you.

Thanks for an honest story. Not as erotic as some posted here, but it wasn't enhanced withmore...

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by patientlee08/27/13


Such a nice story!

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by woody123008/27/13

great beginning. set up for a second chapter. would love to read more. true stories or better than fiction

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by Anonymous08/26/13


Gave it 5 stars. You have earned high marks on all your submissions here. Hope you give us a sequel!

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