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Out of His League


November 25, 2011

I was unsure what to do with my life. I was at home thinking about how my first semester went. I was in college and it was time for me to be more responsible. So I just finished a hard first semester. A nursing major and volleyball do not mix together well. I know I did good in all my other classes but anatomy was my hardest class. It just so happened that every time I had an anatomy exam, I traveled the weekend before that exam. It was hard and a lot of studying but I'm sure I passed the class.

But I'm starting to second guess my major. I want to help people and I thought that nursing was the how of my helping people but now I'm not so sure. It's a hard major and plus I'm not really a science person and this requires a lot of science. Also, so many people do nursing and the job market isn't really that great. I would love to finish nursing school but maybe this isn't for me.

I would really like to study languages and minor in sociology or Africana studies but I can't do that, nursing, and volleyball. I'm just so unsure but I'm kind of gearing towards linguistics.

This was one of the many things on my mind as I lay stretched out on my too-small-not-long-enough-for-my-tall-frame bed. Another thing on my mind was money and how I didn't have it and how no one had it which is why I need to figure this thing out now because time is money in this household. Just as I was about to make a list of what I would with 10,000 dollars Monie, one of my closest friends, calls. When I first got back from break, I told her we needed to find some clubs to go to. Tonight was the night, she found one.


Hey what's up

Nothing, jus chillin, you?

Same but listen I found this club downtown that a friend told me about. We were thinking about going. You comin?

Um, I don't know.

It supposed to be real nice. You have to come. You're the one who told me that we need to go clubbing.

Yea I know, but I don't have anything to wear.

Yea, that's your favorite excuse. Get dressed and meet me at 13th street station at 12. Okay?

Okay. Bye

Wait, hey!


Wear something sexy for me.

Hahaha ofcourse, see you later.


Ughh. I did want to go clubbing a couple of days ago but now I didn't feel like it but I was going to go anyway. I got cute to the best of my ability and left.

I met Monie at the el stop and we walked a couple of blocks to this shady looking alley way. At first I wasn't going to go in but Monie convinced me at least to look. I agreed but only because I remembered I had my pepper spray. We got closer to a door and walked in. Once we were inside we had to walk down this hallway with this big black guy standing next to a door at the end.

Monie said some weird ass word and he let us in but not before he looked us over once. I thought he was gonna card us. But we looked pretty old; mature. I felt like his gaze stayed a little longer on me, probably because I was 6 foot 1 compared to the three other people. Monie, her friend tyler and my other friend Mia were all about 5'6", all of them very much shorter than me. On top of that, we all wore three inch heels so while Monie and Mia were 5'9, I was 6'4. I wasn't too sure about his gaze but it really didn't matter just as long as he let us in.

We walked in and the place was bumpin'. The music was good, a mixture of every type of music under the sun. There were people everywhere and the dance floor was huge. To the left was a lounge and to the right was the bar, further back was another lounge and straight ahead was the dance floor and I was already swaying to the music. Monie turned around and smiled at me, I smiled back; this was going to be a good night.

We made our way to the lounge next to the bar and found a table. By that time, we were all moving to the music and ready to go to the dance floor but I wanted to get something to drink first. As I reached the bar and stood waiting for the bartender I noticed someone looking in my direction. I wasn't sure he was looking at me so I just kept my head straight. I noticed him as I was walking over.

I also noticed how faun he was, not fine, but faun; from head to toe. He just screamed money, not that that's what I'm looking for but one can't help but notice. He was dressed simple but it suited his physique just fine. I could tell he was built, not too much but enough and I could tell he was a player from just the way he was sitting. I was struck by his extreme handsomeness but I kept my eyes as straight and emotionless as possible as I headed to the bar.

As I waited for the bartender, I chanced a glance and sure enough, he was looking at me. At first I forgot I was looking at him. He had the prettiest eyes; hazelnut, and what girl isn't a sucker for eyes. Then I remembered who I was looking at, someone way out of my league and finally the trance was broken. There were butterflies fluttering all around in my stomach. What was I thinking? He doesn't want me and where is this bartender?

Please don't let him say anything.

Just then, some girl came out of nowhere; a short, petite, pretty brunette and hugged him a little too long. Of course, he wasn't even looking at me, he was probably looking at that girl.

Where is this bartender? He's down there flirting with some chick. I feel like I've been waiting for forever.

"Excuse me!" My voice was drowned out by the talking and the loud music.

Excuse me!! Well he heard me, but told me to wait. Ughhh, I'm about to go off.

"Excuse me. Michael. This young lady wants a drink." With that, the bartender came over. What the fuck? Does he only listen to men?

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Alpine" Mr.? Who is this guy? I need to get away from this bar.

This young lady will have... He looked at me. I was not about to have him buy me a drink and he think it was his one way ticket into my panties.

"Oh no. Thank you. That's fine. I have...

"It's no problem. It would be my pleasure" Well damn, when you say it like that. And the way he says pleasure. Yup. It's time to go.

"Okay. Slippery Nipples."

I turned my head toward Mr. Alpine and he was raising his eyebrows at me, a small smirk on his lips. "That's very strong. Are you sure?"

I smiled. "Yes. Mr. Alpine. I'm a big girl. I'll be fine."

He smiled back and handed the bartender the bill.

Shit. I forgot I had to wait for my drink. I kept a straight face but my stomach was doing flips. He was looking at me. This time I could see from the corner of my eyes.

"I saw you give me the once over on your way over here."

Dammit. His voice is too much for me. That, on top of him seeing me check him out was making me feel funny. His voice was so damn smooth. It was nothing liked my voice, which could reach a really high pitch depending on my emotions. I actually thought my voice could be a little annoying. Great! Something else to add to the list of 'Reasons why he's out of my league.' With my stomach whirling and my mind racing, I tried to think of something clever to say.

"How do you know I was looking at you?

"I know because once you got to my face and my eyes met yours, you turned away." He smirked as he knew he was right.

Just then, the bartender gave me my drink. I chose that moment to order some more drinks for the table.

"Well, you caught me. What can I say? I like to take note of a good looking man when I see one. Thank you for the drink. Mr. Alpine. Have a nice night."

With that, I smiled and walked away. Good thing I wore 3 inch heels! I felt like I was going to bust my ass right then and there, my legs were so numb and I prayed that I wasn't walking funny but that's what it felt like. I would try my hardest to stay away from that section of the bar. I got back to the table and sat down. I let out the breath I was holding and downed my drink and let it numb my thoughts.

"Who was that guy you were talking to?"

"I don't know. The bartender called him Mr. Alpine. He bought me a drink though."

"What? Of course you can get a drink and not even be carded and have some fine ass man buy you one at that."

"The perks of being tall and you don't even know the half of it. Being next to him is a little threatening, he is so good looking. If ever I felt out of my league, it was right then... Wanna go dance?"

Yes. Let's go.

Tyler. Mia. You comin?

No, y'all go head.

Okay can you watch my drink then? I have some more drinks coming over for y'all too.

Yea sure.


Monie and I danced till we couldn't anymore and were a little too sweaty to be comfortable. The streaming lights just made it even better. I let all my reservations go and danced with a couple of guys that were my height, some a little taller or shorter. If he could keep up, I wasn't going to deny him. We sat down and I downed another drink. I took a chance and looked toward the bar but he wasn't there. At first I was disappointed but then I had to step back into reality.

He was not for me. He seemed like he was tall, maybe my height or taller but he also looked to be about 25 and already successfully into a career and he didn't seem like the type to go for black girls; maybe one night 'em but nothing long term. Either way, I was only 18 and I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate that I let him buy me a drink. I was in my first year of college, and barely had any money. Not even mentioning the fact that he's gorgeous, everything about him is: his eyes, hair, lips, even his damn hands.

I'm not ugly, but I'm not gorgeous. I know I looked pretty tonight, and I do have a nice body-thanks to the gym and volleyball- but let's state the obvious I'm 6'1'', I wear size 13 woman's shoe, and I do have a little acne. He probably likes smaller girls with smaller feet, and clear beautiful skin. I just need to get off whatever high horse I was on when he was talking to me and come back to reality.


It was about 4 am and I was yawning. YAWNING! No one yawns at a night club but if I was being truthful with myself, it was way past my bedtime. Going clubbing is not something I do often, but tonight I was a different person.

I was confident and used my looks to my advantage. Whereas before, I would've been carded for looking so timid, I exuded confidence and sexiness and got what I wanted to night or this morning. I actually had a lot of fun.

The song ended and with that, so did my thoughts. I walked over to the table. Tyler was busy talking to some girl at the table next to us. Mia looked like she was ready to pass out, she drank way too much and was way pass the point of giving a fuck. She sat in her chair, legs and mouth open, in a daze. I couldn't help but laugh at her. Monie was busy trying to get her to keep her legs closed, so that everyone on the dance floor wasn't getting a private show.

The DJ's voiced boomed through the club. It was last call. We decided to leave then before it got crazy. Monie and Tyler helped Mia up and walked her to the door. As I held the door open for her, I felt eyes on me. I looked around but everyone was doing their own thing. I was about to turn back around when I connected eyes with him. Mr. Alpine.

He was sitting in the VIP lounge. It was an upstairs suite that overlooked the dance floor. I don't know how long I stood there holding the door open, looking at him. Once again the trance was broken, but this time it was by Monie calling my name. I realized how crazy I must've looked. I chanced one more glanced, he was still staring. I smiled and waved and walked out the club.

The club door closed behind me. I stopped and listened to it shut. A small smile played on my lips as I remembered the handsome man that seemed to not to be able to take his eyes off me. It gave me confidence boost for a moment before I brushed it off as always.

It was dark and he couldn't fully see me. He was one man who was way too good looking for me. I would never see him again so there's no point in me standing here grinning so dayum hard.

It's funny. I always think of how I would want a good looking man like him to be mine and when I get the attention from one, I shy away and make him out to be too good for me.

I shook my head and walked out the alley way, emerging just as a cab pulled over to take the four of us home.

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