tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOver My Head Ch. 03

Over My Head Ch. 03


Dan and Audrey had been together now for about a month and a half and it had been one hell of a ride so far. They had spent a lot of time getting to really, know each other and having fun together both as a couple going places and sexually as well. One of the things that Dan was interested in was learning more of Audrey's little fantasies. She had told him that when she fucked him in the ass over the sink that morning, that had always been one of her fantasies. Since then they had acted out another of her fantasies, which was fucking in the middle of the woods. She'd' had him pinned against a tree while she plowed his ass and stroked his cock at the same time until they both came together and then switched off so it was her pinned against the tree with him fucking her ass. Now he wanted to know what else she was interested in doing.

Dan lay in his bed while Audrey was out on the apartment balcony smoking a cigarette, wrapped in a bathrobe she had brought with her for the weekend since she would be staying over until Monday morning. She came in from the balcony and lay down on the bed alongside him, leaning on her elbow and smiling seductively at him. "Hey you," she said. He chuckled and sat up to kiss her on the lips.

"So, would you like to have a little bit of fun?" she asked as she began stroking his cock underneath the sheets. He groaned and kissed her again. "Actually; I kind of wanted to ask you what some of your other crazy fantasies might be. Like the one where you bent me over the sink and fucked my ass; anything else like that in mind?"

Audrey laughed as her cock started to grow from the memory of him bent over his kitchen sink while she fucked his ass flashed through her mind. "Well; there is one that involves the shower and you dropping a bar of soap. You know that old line they always say to people who are going to prison. Don't' drop the soap? I've' always wanted to do something that pokes fun at that little line sort of."

"Really; well you've got my attention." He said.

She laughed and took his hand standing up and pulling him out of the bed with her, she led him towards his bathroom. She turned on the light, and pulled back the shower curtain and turned on the hot water motioning for him to get in the shower. He climbed in under the hot water and groaned at the feeling of it washing over him. Audrey climbed in too and pulled the curtain shut as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately on the lips. Her tongue slid into his mouth and she began fondling his balls as the hot water washed over them both. She stopped kissing him and handed him the bar of Irish Spring Soap and whispered in his ear, "You know what they say; don't drop the soap."

He laughed as he kissed her on the lips once more then turned around towards the wall and conveniently proceeded to drop the soap. It landed on the shower floor with a splash and Audrey laughed as he looked back at her and gave her a knowing smile.

"Well, look at that; I dropped the soap," he said jokingly.

He proceeded to, slowly bend over to pick up the soap and once he had bent over, he felt her hard cock probing his asshole. She ran her hands up and down his back in a soothing manner as she gave a light push and her cock popped into his asshole. He groaned as she slid her entire length all the way up to the balls inside of him and grabbed him by the hips.

"Time for me to make you my bitch," she said in a serious tone.

She proceeded to begin pounding his ass with long hard strokes, the sound of her hips slapping against his ass made a loud wet sound from the shower water. Dan straightened up a bit and leaned against the wall in front of him groaning as he felt his ass begin to tighten around her cock and his own dick began to twitch as he shot a rather large load all over the shower wall. Audrey did not stop fucking his ass though, instead she picked up the pace and began fucking him even harder until she felt her balls begin to tighten and her cock begin to swell up as she prepared for her own orgasm. A few more hard strokes and she buried herself deep inside of him moaning in pleasure. She kissed his neck and breathed heavy as she pumped her load deep into his ass until she had nothing left to shoot. She delivered a couple more light thrusts before slowly pulling out of him, her cum dripping from his ass to the shower floor. She stepped away from him and he straightened his back again this time so the shower water could run down his ass crack. He turned around and they kissed for a few moments before climbing out of the shower together and starting to dry off. "So did you enjoy your little fantasy?" he asked her as he dried his hair. She laughed, "Yeah I definitely did; you know I'm very glad that I met you Dan. I really am."

"Well, I'm glad I met you too."

Just than the phone rang in the living room and he wrapped the towel around himself' and ran out to grab it.

Looking first at the caller ID, he groaned in annoyance as he picked it up and breathed heavily into it. "Yes Chelsea,"


She actually said something other than "what are you doing." That was new for him, because the last few times she had called she had come off seeming rather nosey by asking him flat out what he was doing at that exact moment. "Hi yourself," he replied. Then the silence followed and he sighed shaking his head. "Chelsea; why did you call me?" he asked. "I don't know okay? I just...I am lonely and I'm' depressed. You should come over."

He knew where this was going. She was not aware that he and Audrey were' a couple at least to his knowledge anyway, but she did know that they were friends. "I can't okay; I'm hanging out with Audrey right now."

She also knew Audrey was a transsexual so maybe telling her that was not the best idea because what she said next made it pretty' clear she knew something was going on between the two of them.

"You don't have time to come over and have sex with a hot woman but you've got plenty of time to spend with a fucking man in a dress right?" she asked. "Hey, don't talk about her like that; would you calm the hell down Chelsea? Seriously, you're losing your cool over nothing."

"What so you're saying you aren't having sex with a transsexual right?"

He could not lie about that. He had no interest in lying about it; he wasn't ashamed of what he had with Audrey and he felt that it was no business of Chelsea's but to shut her up he decided maybe it was time to tell her the truth about what he had going with Audrey. "Yes, I am having sex with Audrey."

She laughed into the phone but it was more of an aggravated laugh. "Yeah, that's what I figured," she said. "So your fucking gay now right; well what were you a faggot the entire fucking time we were married or is it my fault for cheating on you?"

"No, Chelsea it's neither of those okay? Look, I don't' view myself as gay so no I was never gay while we were married and no you did not make me gay. I met Audrey at a bar and I did not even know she was a transsexual when we first met; I found out later and by that time I already really liked her and I decided it just didn't matter to me."

There was silence after he finished explaining how he and Audrey had come to be and finally, she sighed and began to speak again. "Look; don't mind me okay? I'm' just a little drunk right now. I'm going to hang up now," she said. Sure enough, she hung up the phone and he sighed, placing his own phone back in the charger. He turned around to find Audrey sitting on the foot of his bed waiting for him to tell her who had been on the phone; she already knew though. "What did she want this time?" she asked. He sighed and sat down beside, her shaking his head. "I don't know; to insult me I guess. To let me know that she knows what you are and that we're' together and to tell me she thinks I am in her words a faggot. Not that I give a shit what she says; I just wish she would leave me the hell alone now."

Audrey knew it bothered him whenever Chelsea would call. She never wanted to talk about anything nice, she always wanted to try and guilt trip him; it was her way of trying to get him back with her but it had not been working and she did not seem to get the point that it probably never would work. Audrey started rubbing his back and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You want me to take care of her?" she joked. He laughed and shook his head. "No, that's okay; she just messed her own head up. She'll get over it eventually I just wish she would let me get over it too."

He gave her a kiss on the lips. "She needs to leave me be; because I have found someone who I think is incredible and I know she cares a great deal about me." He kissed her again and she knew of course that someone was her' and she giggled at the thought that he was falling for her. She was falling, for him too of course. She wanted to do something nice for him to try and, cheer him up; she hated Chelsea. They had just had some fun in the shower, and he had been in such a good mood and now he looked so sad and depressed.

"Let's go to dinner," she suggested. "My treat,"

He smiled and stood up. "Okay; if you really don't mind." He said. She kissed his cheek and grabbed her car keys off his dresser motioning for him to come along. They walked out of the apartment and out to her car and she took him to a nice dinner. He could not have asked for anyone else to make him happy, he knew Audrey really truly cared about him and that was all that mattered to him right now.

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