tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPaid for a Show!

Paid for a Show!


This is the first time I have ever written a story about one of my escapades. So please be gentle and give me some feedback as to where I can improve.

It was a Friday night and we were out a friends place playing a board game called Oil Barons. Our host had been drinking and was getting quite drunk. It was about 2 am and I was losing the game pretty badly. It was then that our host said he would give me a million game bucks to watch me suck my husband's cock. What he didn't know is a.) I love sucking my husband's big thick cock b.) I am a bit of an exhibitionist and really enjoy being watched when I fuck. As there were other guests around we all sort of just laughed it off.

As the night got later most of the guests went home and it was just my husband, our host, and I. Our host went to the bathroom and gave me a moment alone to ask my husband if he would be into letting Brian watch us. My husband knows how much I like being watched and how wild I get when I am being watched so he readily agreed. I told my husband that I wanted to lead this and was going to mess with Brian a bit.

Brian came back into the room and we chatted about the game we had just played. It was our first time playing it and Brian said we'd get better with time. I asked Brian if he was serious about paying to watch me suck my husband's cock. He said he was real serious and would even pay me real cash to do it. It was then when I said well how much will you pay me? He replied that he would give me $100 to be able to watch me suck my hubby. I said I would do it for that, but for $200 I would suck hubby while I was topless so he could see my tits. Men always compliment me about my tits and I was hoping he would want to see them.

Brian was very excited about that thought and immediately opened his wallet and took out $200. I think he thought I was joking and wouldn't go through with it. Little did he know the whole idea of getting paid to be watched was making me wet.

I took the money and stuffed it into the pocket of my jeans. Then I slowly pulled off my t-shirt. I would like to say I was wearing a fancy frilly bra but in reality I was wearing just the standard white bra. I have been told numerous times that my 34DD are great tits. After I had pulled my shirt off, I gave my bra covered tits a shake in front of Brian. My nipples were already starting to harden and I was getting really excited and wet.

Then it occurred to me that I could make this little show for Brian even better. I grabbed my purse and took out some bright red lipstick. I looked right at Brian and said let me add some lipstick so you can really see my lips wrap around hubbys cock when I suck it. Brian didn't really say anything he just sat in the chair watching. I licked my lips and then slowly applied the lip stick. I made sure to take my time to drag the lipstick across my lips. As I was doing this I looked over at my husband and I could see his cock getting hard in his pants. I am very fortunate as my husband has a very thick 7 inch cock. His cock always fills me and he has been known to fuck me so good that my knees are weak after.

After I had put new lipstick on I started to play with my tits. Slowly squeezing them causing them to pop over the top of my bra and reveal my erect and hard nipples. Brian appeared mesmerized by my little show so I knew I was doing a good job. I then got on my knees between my husband's legs, he was sitting on the couch. As I was getting paid for this show I wanted to make it as good as possible. I started to drag my tongue over the bulge in hubbys pants making his cock twitch. After doing this for a couple minutes I used my tongue to flip his zipper tab up and into my mouth. I gripped it with my teeth and pulled it down. As I did this I heard Brian groan across the room. I was definitely having the desired effect.

Then out of nowhere the doorbell rang. Here I was between my husband's legs on my knees no shirt with my big tits bubbling over my white bra and hard erect nipples. I grabbed my shirt and escaped to Brian's bedroom while hubby escaped to the bathroom. I heard Brian's brother's voice; he had forgotten something and was just returning to get it. It was kind of funny as Brian was trying to hurry his brother along. I noticed that I had gotten so wet my jeans were damp. I was about to take them off when I heard hubby come into the room. I slowly slid my pants down revealing my wet pink thong.

I told hubby to take off his pants ad lie on the bed so we could give Brian a good show. At the end of the bed against the wall was a chair. I laid my pants across the arm of this chair and got on the bed beside hubby with my face and boobs facing the back of the room where the chair was. I wrapped my hand around hubbys hard cock and started to slowly stroke. It was then that Brian walked in and sat down in the chair at the end of the bed. I could see a small bulge in the front of his jeans. He said we were alone now and I could continue my show.

It was then that I saw him notice I had removed my pants and now was only wearing a little pink thong that had an obvious wet spot. I started dragging the tip of my tongue over the edge of the helmet on hubbys cock, making sure Brian had a good show. I slowly licked and nibbled up and down hubbys cock. Several times I noticed Brian shifting in his seat in the chair. It was then that he said "I paid you to suck his cock not just lick it." I quickly took hubbys hard cock deep in my mouth. I slowly raised my head and mouth to the tip of hubbys cock and then swallowed it as deep as I could again cause me to slightly gag as his cock touched the back of my throat. Then I started bobbing my head furiously up and down on hubbys hard cock. I did this for a few minutes and then I let hubbys cock pop out of my mouth leaving a trail of my spit.

I then began to lick hubbys cock again paying special attention to flicking my tongue along the opening at hubbys tip. I looked up at Brian who was sitting there stroking his cock through his jeans. I asked is the show worth the $200? He responded that if definitely was and that he would give me another $50 to take off my thong. I said for $100 I will take it off and throw it to him. He got his wallet out. Took out another $100 and started to put it in the pocket of my jeans that were on the chair beside him. It was then he noticed that my jeans were damp. He picked up my jeans and rubbed his fingers on the crotch before taking his fingers to his nose. Brian made a slow quiet moan as my musky smell entered his nostrils.

I got up off the bed and stood in front on Brian who was still on the chair. He had his pants undone and open. There was a visible wet spot on his underwear and I could see the outline of a semi hard dick. I told Brian that I thought he would be more comfortable if he took off his pants and underwear. He didn't move, he just sat their squeezing his cock and looking at my tits. It was then that I slide a finger under the waist band of my thong to touch my clit. I was literally dripping wet and as my fingers caressed my clit I let out a little moan. I turned around so my ass was facing Brian and slowly peeled my wet thong off. Making sure to bend over and expose my pussy and asshole right in front of Brian. I stood up and turned around and Brian's glance immediately went down to my nicely trimmed landing strip. As he gazed at my pussy hair which was glistening from my juices he let out another moan.

I purposely crawled on the bed between hubbys legs so Brian could have a good view of my pussy and ass. With my ass high in the air I began to suck hubby again. It was as I started playing with my clit that Brian commented on my husband's awesome stamina. Brian was amazed that my hubby hadn't cum yet. At this I looked over my shoulder to see that Brian had cum and it was all over his stomach. I said to Brian that I bet he wanted to see me ride my hubby. He nodded and asked how much that would cost. I simply started to climb on top of hubby to ride him cowgirl style and said this one is on the house.

As I slid hubbys hard cock into me I let out a deep moan. I am normally very vocal and this time I am sure I was even louder than normal as I was so turned on. I was grinding my pussy into to hubbys pelvic bone to take him as deep as I could. Hubby was pinching and twisting my nipples which was making me even wilder.

After riding like that for a while I turned around to ride reverse cowgirl and give Brian a splendid view of my pussy filled with hubbys cock. I leaned back so that Brian could have a full view of my husband's cock going in and out of me. I was moaning really loud and I was sure I was waking up the neighbors as it was about 4 am.

Then hubby pushed me over and started pounding into me doggy still. He was really pounding into me hard and my moans turned to screams. Brian looked like he was really enjoying watching my tits sway back and forth from hubbys relentless pounding. Brian interrupted hubbys pounding by asking me if I wanted to make another hundred bucks. I looked up and he said "I will give you another $100 if you have your husband fuck you in your ass."

Now and again I enjoy hubby fucking my ass but everything has to right. As he is very thick and sometimes it can hurt quite a bit. I counter offered Brian and said that would cost $200. Brian and considered this and then told me he only had $200 left so if he was going to give it to me then hubby had to fuck my ass hard. He wanted hubby to just start pounding my ass and not start slow and gentle. I told him we'd compromise and I would do the best I could.

With that hubby pulled out of my pussy and put the tip of his cock at my asshole. Brian stood up to get a better view of hubbys thick cock stretching my tight asshole. Hubby slowly started pushing his cock in my ass until all of a sudden without warning he slammed it into me. I sort of screamed and whimpered at the same time. It really hurt but there was still some pleasure there. Brian was cheering hubby on to fuck my ass hard. Hubby started to speed up pushing his cock in and out of my ass. It was just too much and I couldn't take it. I started to whimper and even had tears in my eyes. I asked hubby to stop and he did. Brian relented and agreed it was a lot of cock to have in my ass. So instead he would get to keep my wet panties and hubby and would finish fucking with cumming in my pussy and that would earn me the $200. I agreed.

Hubby then flipped me on my back and put my legs over his shoulders and began to pound my pussy again. I was moaning again and you could hear how wet my pussy was as hubby drilled me. After I few minutes he filled my pussy with his load. He crawled over to me to let me clean his cock with my mouth. I kept my legs spread so Brian could see the cum dripping from me.

As it was about 5 am Brian told us to sleep in his bed and he would sleep on the couch. Hubby and I were completely spent and fell asleep easily. Around 10 am I was making my way to the bathroom when I happened to look into the living room and saw Brian using my panties from the night before to jerk off....

To be continued

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