tagSci-Fi & FantasyPeers Ch. 05

Peers Ch. 05


Natalia, Claudia and Moesha had an invisible Grandma in the room when Anishka came by early that next morning. She helped guide them through the paperwork and as they asked the girl questions she was given a mug of something that smelled like chicken soup to drink.

"This is good stuff, who made it?" the girl asked.

"Grandma and she wont tell us that recipe either," Natalia answered with a bit of fake petulance.

Anishka smiled and drank her soup in silence.

The ladies really liked that girl and she seemed overjoyed to sense that.

Soon Marc and Hu brought Anishka confirmation of her fully paid scholarship from the Liszt Institute.

She kissed Claudia, Natalia and Moesha several times and seemed to be ready for some lesbian lovemaking so the men left the room.

Natalia said to Marc, "Honey, come back when we are ready."

Marc understood and when Claudia came for him he returned to his room and fucked his wife as she devoured the girl then fucked Anishka as Natalia kissed the girl and sucked her tits. When the girl was overwhelmed by an orgasm Marc fertilized her egg. Anishka fell asleep and Marc got dressed. When he left the room Natalia was cuddling with Anishka. He kissed both.

Marc, Hu and Carlos then went to the concert hall and waited for the Polish girls to perform. One guy seemed to be excellent on cello and Hu was impressed.

"He will probably be hired by someone so we will not get a chance at him, "Hu said.

He was not and the men asked him to sit with them. He was from Japan but could speak Mandarin and English. He had rudimentary knowledge of German. He was pleasant and well mannered so they offered him a scholarship to either the Liszt or Julliard schools. His joy told the men the young man was definitely gay.

They wondered if he had not been made an offer because he was gay or because of his limited German.

Carlos asked him if he ever fucked women. He blushed and said he had but they were not his preference. Marc told him it would be selfish of him to withdraw from the genetic pool since he had so much to offer. The young man relaxed when he saw that his scholarship offer was not in danger.

He also admitted to them that he had never considered things in that light.

They asked the young man to remain with them and they waited until the Polish twin girls performed.

They were excellent by college standards but needed to do a lot of work by professional orchestra standards. They were not chosen by any of the area scouts for their ensembles.

The girls were in tears but they were not tears of sadness, they did not truly expect to be chosen. They had dared each other to try out and were happy they had made it through the audition alive. They were encouraged by the words the judges had said to them. They were just nineteen years old and had the talent so all they needed was coaching and practice.

Marc approached them and asked them to join the men. They did and gave the cellist cheek kisses before they sat down.

They listened to nine other performers and the guys listened to the youngsters as they made comments about them.

One such comment was, "She is such a bitch but so good."

That performer got a job offer.

Another said, "He is so nice you root for him but he is already as good as he is going to be. He needs to be a teacher or a conductor."

"How old is he? Marc asked.

"Just turned twenty-four," the cellist said.

Hu invited to young man to sit with them.

One girl was exceptional with a flute and the others ran up to her and gushed over her performance. The girl blushed and smiled. Marc, Hu and Carlos noticed she was blind.

A scout for an orchestra talked to her and then another but she was not hired. The scouts promised to put her on as a soloist when a flute concerto appeared on their program but said they were seeking expert sight-readers.

The four others then looked at Marc, Carlos and Hu with hope. The men laughed and spoke to them.

"All of you have some work to do before you can join a major orchestra as you just learned. Fortunately we can offer each of you some help with that. Please follow us."

The five followed the men hoping they would be financed for further studies but all also hoped the men would fuck them. The second guy, from Brussels, was also gay.

Anishka had left by the time the men returned but the wives were still naked.

After greetings and a pause for a cup of chicken soup for their guests Natalia, Claudia and Moesha asked the girls to take their clothes off, take their instruments out and sit with them. The girls sat on the bed directly in front off the wives.

Claudia and Natalia guided the bows in the girl's hands at just the right angle and began caressing the strings with it. It took the twins several moments to concentrate since the women's breasts were pressing on their backs but soon the girls were astounded by the sound they were producing. Natalia and Claudia released the girl's wrist and allowed them to continue.

Moesha was whispering into the blind girls ear as she caressed her tits.

The girls followed the blind girls lead and accompanied her on a Vivaldi concerto but the girl soon lost her complete concentration to Moesha and began to moan.

Natalia covered the hands of one of the girls and began Tchaikovsky's Tempest. The girl was suddenly very nervous.

"Relax, you can do this," Natalia said and kissed the girls neck.

Claudia had the other girl follow the new piece and she followed Natalia through the first storm then both women slid their hands off the instrument and hugged the girls from behind. The girls did the second storm well and the third expertly.

The sex began immediately after.

Moesha was already kneeling on the floor with her head between the blind girl's thighs so the other two got on their knees with their heads between Polish girls thighs. After their young lovers had several intense orgasms the women covered their bodies with theirs and just kissed the girls as they rhythmically pressed on their pussies with their own.

All six had fine orgasms then the women stood and their husbands took their place as the girl's lover. Although the girls didn't need to be seduced the men seduced them anyway.

Marc made love to the flute player while Carlos and Hu made love to the Polish girls. Their wives kissed both throughout.

The girls really enjoyed the fuck and had very intense orgasms.

The two young men were watching the entire episode and afterward Marc asked them if they had noticed the technique the men had used.

Both nodded yes and Marc added that the same technique would work on men.

Both blushed, both had erections. Each fucked a Polish girl, as the newly arrived Mizuki loved the newly pregnant blind girl.

Her eyes would rebuild themselves in two years.

After the orgy ended Marc and Hu handed each of them scholarships, the girls to Liszt and the young men to Julliard, the older guy was going to study conducting.

All were still in euphoria after they dressed and left the hotel singing.

The girls followed Carlos' suggestion and ordered potato soup and the chef Anishka that evening.

"Do you have your violins with you?" Marc asked Natalia and Claudia.

"No, I don't," Natalia said.

"Me neither," echoed Claudia.

"This will probably be a good town to buy new ones. I need a French horn," Marc said.

Hu said, "And I need a cello."

"I need a viola, Carlos added.

""I need an oboe, Jim said.

"I have my flute," Moesha said smugly.

The three ladies gave her the finger and Moesha pointed at her clean-shaven pussy.

Natalia rushed to it but was blocked by Mizuki who said,' Hey, that's mine.

Claudia then dove at Mizuki's pussy as Natalia buried her head in Moesha's.

"Ladies, when you finish I know where to go," a suddenly visible Grandma said.

Two hours later they were playing a mini concert for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.

The instruments they purchased cost a fortune each but Grandma reminded them that in a little less than two years no more would be made, except in Cel she hoped.

"Add instrument makers to our list of very needed people," Moesha said,

Grandma informed them that, "Each legacy instrument is regularly in the hands of people we want to save so fortunately all those instruments will be saved with the artists."

"I am so glad to hear that, I was wondering how I was going to steal Hilary's violin." Natalia said.

The other women swatted her butt; which she enjoyed.

Natalia was the bratty little sister to Claudia, Moesha and Mizuki that they adored, in every way.

Grandma had been astonished by their behavior from day one; no such relationships were part of their program. Neither was the pride the others had for her and for each other nor the fun they had just being together.

After a pause to enjoy the moment Claudia interrupted Grandma's train of thought and asked, "Grandma, how did you become Protectors?"

Grandma was again surprised; all the others simply accepted she was one. "Each planet in the Federation has two and our jobs are to oversee planets that may be admitted into the Federation within five hundred years. Our Emperor chose us to oversee Earth. If it will make you feel better your planets catastrophe will likely advance your cause by hundreds of years."

"But how did you get saving Earth as an assignment? We are thousands of years away from being advanced enough to merit saving," Marc said. "The catastrophe would have pushed the re-set button and the next civilization would likely give us better odds."

"True. But our Emperor and his mother were stranded here not too long ago. A large solar flare fried all of the ships circuits so they could not navigate or communicate. An Earth woman took them in and saved their life.

The three ended up loving each other dearly. Our Empress and the woman became lovers. Our Emperor dearly loves the woman.

That woman set up equipment in her home that allowed the Empress to call for help. When my rescue ship reached the Empress she ordered my technicians to come up with a way to allow her and the woman to communicate.

I was reluctant to do that for her, we were not to be seen by Earthlings much lees open lines of communication, but our Empress trusted the woman implicitly and obviously loved her so we did. They managed to communicate before we left your solar system.

The Empress and the fire haired woman communicated that way for fifteen years.

Over that time everyone in the palace could see that the woman was not getting older and understood our Empress had broken a law. They were not surprised when she nullified the law. We can now actively help other peoples.

Three other planets of the Federation have since annulled their restrictions too. The others never had such restrictions but followed the rule to keep the peace with the others.

Even to us not helping others in time of need now seems misguided.

That was done before we saw the catastrophe coming by the way.

Less than a month after the Empress left Earth the woman's human lover learned of the extraordinary relationship between her and our Empress and asked to be included as a friend.

In our planet that is the highest compliment anyone can give an individual and we never turn that down. We soon saw she had stopped getting older too.

When the succession ceremony approached the women were invited to attend. I was assigned to go get them and before we reached my planet we were making love often.

They are the still the only humans to have ever visited our planet although Carmen and Jordan will be going with us in two weeks.

Both consented to minor surgery so they could hear us speak. Both received a rudimentary neural translator. Both understand our language and the Devils and Kindred languages. The other people's languages are not oral.

We speak Akkad, as we are the Akkad people.

The representatives from other systems had imagined humans to still be barbaric apes and were very impressed by the women.

Everyone knew our Empress loved the First Friend.

When our Empress Ohm ceased to be as is the custom at coronations the entire planet saw how emotional the women were. We learned about tears. They taught the people of our home and the beings of six other planets that it's OK to mourn.

First Friend lambasted the Emperor about the silliness of the custom and ordered him to end it. She said she would not be able to see him cease to be when his daughter became Empress.

The ambassadors and the court understood just how important she was when he immediately ordered the custom annulled, after he ceased to be.

The woman understood but still pummeled his chest in tears. The Emperor hugged her.

Hitting the Emperor is an offence that calls for immediate banishment but I just nodded and none of the guards moved. They probably would not have anyway, all adored her.

The Emperor just waited her out then simply took her hand and walked to the Ambassadors and introduced her. All the women hugged her. The Devil's entire planet gasped when she hugged their ambassador in return. Seven planets fell in love with her.

The two stayed on our planet for three of your months, they became friends with members of the seven species; they made love to women from four. A Devil woman is still a frequent lover.

The fire haired and golden haired women are now the two most popular other worldlers on our planet. The little Empress calls First Friend Mah, a term of endearment for female family members.

Your rescue is entirely due to the Emperors and Empress' love for that woman."

"Where does First Friend live?" Natalia asked.

"On the coast of Texas. We stayed with them for two weeks when we took them home and we made love with them every day those two weeks.

The Devil Sehel came with us but they are shape shifters and she can mingle openly with their friends. She spends a month out of every thirteen months in the town. Either my daughter or I or both of us come over with her. Sometime Rah the Kindred comes with us. Kindred look a lot like humans except they are hairless and muscular, their planet has the highest gravitational pull of the advanced planets. It is a crew of workers from Kindred that are building Cel.

Ashel the Sprite has been there with us. She is a newscaster and has done reporting from there. She has wings and can fly although their full-grown males cannot do so very well. The females are slight, small people as are the Devil women compared to their males.

Ashel folds and covers her wings with a tunic when she is out with our friends; my daughter and I are cloaked.

By our third trip to her town my daughter Ahn, Sehel, Rah, Ashel and I secretly mingled with her friends but found that two women could tell we were there. The sightless one knew we were not human but knew we loved her friends. She could also hear us.

When the two women were alone with the five of us both women asked us to be their friend.

The sightless one then turned to the Devil and asked her to please assume her normal form.

We were astounded she could sense that Sehel's form that everyone saw was not her own and that both could feel us behind our cloaks.

First Friend nodded to us, we could trust them she said.

The Devil did shift and my daughter and I removed our cloaks. The sprite took off her tunic and unfolded her wings.

The women began to caress us; which made us horny.

The sightless one immediately fell in love with all of us, the older woman did too but was at first taken aback by the Devil woman. Soon all of us were naked and we were having sex less than three of your minutes later. The older one was loving Sehel in less than five.

Before we returned home we had ten women and two men aware of us and making love to us. One of those women is Jim's foster Mom. He didn't know about that until just now.

All have managed to keep us a secret from others.

At first everyone at home was scandalized by our behavior except our Emperor. When they saw he approved they approved, now many want to visit Earth with us.

Nearly a billion beings over seven planets see First Friend's updates on the galactic web. Twice as many see the Devil's accounts of her trips here. Her accounts are funnier and sexier; she likes to fuck more than anyone we know.

The Sprite and my daughter also have popular sites.

As a member of the royal guard I am prohibited from doing so but the others mention me often.

Nearly a million of us over four worlds know many of the citizens of that Texas town by heart. The Kindred love them.

My daughter and I communicate with the fourteen of them regularly. You will be in our communication loop when you are in Cel. You already know the Devil and Kindred languages.

The Sprites can communicate with either; their own language is one of the ones that are not oral.

Since we are the planet's Protectors we come to Earth often. We always stay with First Friend.

Grandpa and I were there for the two weeks before we began our assignments here. The two older women have made love with him.

I just learned he can communicate with the sightless one and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I know they fucked everyday we were there.

My daughter, Sehel and Rah are still there as they were assigned by their planetary counsels to help get them ready for their exodus. Ashel is there to record the news.

Sehel's planet was very happy to see that not all humans think of them as malevolent gods. Their experience in trying to shape human civilization millenniums ago was disastrous and was the root cause of the non-interference rule.

It has affected their self-esteem but the people of that town have gone a long way to restore it. Seeing one of theirs intermingling and sharing kisses with twelve humans, two Akkad, a Sprite, and a Kindred during a dinner party was the most popular visual in their planet for months.

One medium sized bay island is for the people of that town in Texas. It will have a physical duplicate of the town and it will be in the bay of Jim and Mizuki's duchy. It will contain the larger spaceport.

The Empress' lovers and our lovers have stopped aging normally. Those lovers have given over five hundred of their friends some measure of the health potion but none of them know what it was. They call it chicken soup. That was what Anishka drank. That was what the five today drank. It keeps all of Earths diseases away and makes the bodies work more efficiently and repairs cell damage faster. The blind girl will not remain blind for long.

The side effect of that potion is it retards aging.

We expect to be saving nearly six hundred of the three thousand in town.

The ones from the town we are not taking have a character flaw we cannot correct, Xenophobia. Many are too old although we have chosen several that are well past the age of twenty-six.

They're also a few hundred that are simply not peaceful people and a few hundred more that would not contribute positively to the genetic pool. All we do not take will be presented with golden opportunities in Denver.

The townspeople will be in Cel soon after it's ready. They will leave town just before a hurricane approaches and simply will not return.

We expect the new town to become a must go place for a vacation by all species. The Kindred have already set up vacation tours as have the Sprite. Akkad will have one soon. The Devil people will wait to see how the people of Cel receive their representative, Sehel.

Ask Jim about the town."

"Is Clara the First Friend?" Jim asked.

Grandma nodded yes and said, "If you think about it you also know all the others."

"When are ambassadors coming?" Marc asked.

"Twenty years after the event has passed although there may be representatives of the planets in Cel before the catastrophe.

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