tagSci-Fi & FantasyPeers Ch. 12

Peers Ch. 12


Cel was now working on all cylinders. All citizens had a job they loved and all were happy with the one thousand credits per month they received. No one had to pay for housing, transportation or utilities so their checks were all spending money.

Their most expensive cost was dinner out but in all of Cel there were just three restaurants in which a dinner could cost more than thirty credits. All ate out at least once each day.

Grocery stores were somewhat expensive but many used a quarter of their salary to indulge in their own cooking. Dinner at home had become the preferred method of seduction.

Some used their money for clothing, jewelry and accessories.

The trailers they had given each major museum had been recovered and their contents were now on display at the same named museum in Clara.

The museums were facing an octagon shaped plaza and each weekend a chamber orchestra would play for the visitors on a gazebo in the center of the plaza.

Even though you could visit all the museums in one day most people did just one at a time. Many school kids were there during the week.

The Cel museums were not as big as the originals because few of their contents outside the trailers were recognizable. All was kept in hopes of finding an art restorer among the survivors.

The British crown jewels were recovered intact from the Tower of London. The Wright Brothers plane had been dismantled before it was placed in the trailer and was still being re-assembled, as was the Spirit of St. Louis.

The Prado, Armitage, Uffizi and Tian'an Men Square museums attracted the most crowds but that was because most of the people of Cel had never visited the originals. The Louvre and the Smithsonian were the two with the most repeat visitors. The British Museum of Natural Science was not completely open yet.

People came in droves to see the artifacts and the works of art most had never seen before.

In Penza, Ponce, Hong Kong and Vienna there were open-air markets surrounding the main plaza as well as a popular restaurants and nightclubs. Each town also had popular restaurants although the most popular were in Felicity.

Twelve years had passed since the first meteor hit the Gulf of Mexico. Cel had sent out rescue teams to every shelter they knew about and had found no signs of life in any for years but was still sending ships out simply scouring the planet for signs of life.

No one knew exactly which mountain Marcel's shelter had been in but every mountain that had shed a measure of its snow cover was immediately explored but to no avail. All assumed he had supplies for ten years but no one was going to give up yet.

There was one communication from them after the Gulf Asteroid that seemed to suggest they may have to move but had heard nothing from them since then. Some wondered if the mob that had attacked the shelter in Germany had been them. If so Marcel was not among them.

The women near Darren's shelter were doing well; the exiles they had sent them were either gone or had been assimilated by the group. There were now sixty-four women there.

They had requested grapevines; they hoped to grow a vineyard. They also requested live chickens; they needed protein in their diet they claimed.

Akira took them their requests in the ship commanded by her youngest son. The ship also had a security force with them and two more exiles.

The women greeted them formally but were obviously very happy they would get their supplies.

Akira found the woman that appeared to be the leader and introduced herself as Darren's widow.

The woman said, "And you want to know what happened to him? We do too. He and his uncle left the mansion a week before the first asteroid hit. When floodwaters covered the valley below we though he would be safe, he was the smartest man any of us knew.

But he never came back. There were forty-four girls here and twenty men including Darren and his uncle when it all started. When the other men realized Darren would not be coming back they began to rape us.

The girls and I killed them all one night and threw their bodies out.

That was a mistake as marauders found us. We could keep them out but they never left and died outside the mansion during the bombardment.

Six girls decided to remove the bodies from our entrance so the next set of bad guys would not find us so easily. We did not know the air was bad.

The girls did dispose of the bodies but three days later they all died.

Some of the girls lost it and began screaming we are all going to die. While restraining one she died. The others then thought we were going to kill them all and ran outside.

Your first two teams had it right we are murderers."

"And cannibals?"

"Hell no, we still have some of our original food supply. Darren set this place up for one hundred fifty people for ten years. We never had near one hundred. In fact we assumed Darren went to find the others that were supposed to be here.

The only people we eat are alive and well and enjoy it," she said with a small smile.

"What happened to the two we sent you and are not here?"

"They escaped, but we let them, all they ever did was whine.

We know they tried to go down by way of the cliff but we have not looked to see if they made it or if there are two bodies at its base."

The Peer were human lie detectors and Akira could tell the woman was telling the truth. Akira smiled at her and told the security team, "Bring the prisoners to her, she needs to interview them."

She then got on her communicator and took the colony off the restricted list and asked for another housing unit. She then ordered two female officers to go through the housing unit and install the visualizer connections and make notes on what they needed.

After the prisoners were interviewed the woman said to Akira, "If you do not have another place for them we will take them but both have major anger issues."

Akira answered, "We have alternative placement sites, they will depart with us. We will not bring any more exiles here; any one coming with the ships from now on will be a colonist and wants to be here.

Tell me, how did you become the leader of the amazons?"

"Oh, I am neither. The others don't like to deal with strangers, situations, or problems so they keep making me do it."

"Do they respect you?"

"Yes, well, I don't know. I am not the oldest or a preferred sex partner but they do come to me with their problems often. The oldest one of us is the shyest of us. The next oldest is a lovable dingbat. Then there is me. I guess I play the big sister part."

"What is your name?"

"Sara, Sara McCoy."

"Sara McCoy you are now an officer in the Akkad colony serving our Queen Carmen. All official notices and directives will come to you. I grant you the title of Baroness. You will now have free communication with Cel and visuals."

Sara was catatonic for a few moments then had tears rolling out over a big grin.

Akira gave her a few moments to absorb the news then asked, "Would you by any chance wish you had a baby or two?"

"I can't have babies. I was fucked often enough by Darren and his uncle and his men, I would have been pregnant already."

"You are pregnant but your embryos will not develop. My son however has the ability to end that pregnancy and begin a new one. He is apparently very good in bed as is his father. If you wish I could double check his work when he finishes, orally."

"Please stay the night with us. Do you have any other men with those powers?"

"Not on this ship but there are ten ships. Do you think any of the girls would be interested to be Moms?"

"I will find out."

A ships officer approached and said, "Lady Akira, we found some items they need, may we supply them?"


The young lady blushed and said, "Yes, those too."

"Permission Granted. Send Marcus to me, please."

"Yes, Lady."

When he joined her she said, "Son, please fuck the hell out of her, she wants twins."

"Yes, Lady."

A very eager Sara led him to the building.

Lady Akira watched as the supplies were delivered then watched as the chickens and their coop were off loaded. There were eighty egg layers among the three hundred chickens and their rooster. They were fenced in and two large bins of feed were offloaded.

Finally the three hundred grape roots were brought out.

Akira surveyed the area and decided that their encampment would need to be moved down to the valley. She consulted with the horticulturist and he agreed, there would not be enough sun where they were and the ashes from the volcanoes and fires was thicker down in the valley. He also suggested that coffee and cocoa beans would likely do well on the upper slopes of the valley.

Akira waited for her son to reappear and asked, "How difficult would it be to move their encampment down to the valley?"

"Not much, their habitat would be transported under she ship but the chickens and coop would need to be reloaded.

"Make it so. I will be in the habitat. Is she pregnant?"

"She said she is."

"Good, and order a third habitat so they can have a protected circle. They will need it with all the twins coming anyway."

Akira had Sara in the midst of a stupendous orgasm as the ship lifted the habitat and placed it above the shores of a small lake in the valley. It took both women a second to get their bearing when they came out of the shelter.

Before they left the valley two nights later the shy one and the dingbat were also pregnant by Marcus. Five other of the original women would need to wait for the ships that were bringing the shelter sections.

All the other ships that passed through stopped to fill new requests. Eight months later a doctor from Cel went over and stayed until the last babies were born. She then decided to stay. She had fallen in love with the shy one.

Five years later the first bottles of wine were exported from Darren, Australia to Cel. It got rave reviews. Sara and the two older women from the colony were invited to Cel to receive a prize for their wine. While there Sara was made a Viscountess.

They soon had tourists coming to Darren's Colony to see how the grapes became wine and to drink all they wanted. They also bought bags of coffee and cocoa beans to take home. They were now Earths second self-sustaining colony.

Australia was now a series of islands and Darren was just one of three with humans living on it. The three were separated by more than one hundred kilometers of sea but Sara was made their leader too.

Eventually both of the other colonies were transported to Darren, neither of the other islands had the prospect of being self-sustaining.

One island had three extended family groups and the other had just one, most were women.

Darren remained mostly populated by women so it also became a Mecca for lesbian love. A gay men couple emigrated there so they could handle the colonies finances and were seduced into having sex with the women often but could make few of them pregnant. All of the original women of the colony sexual organs had been imprinted by the son of the Peer that had impregnated them.

Sara and the dingbat were the only two of the founders impregnated a second time but there were now well over two hundred women in the colony and all that wanted children eventually were impregnated by the merchant ship crews. Several of those men married the one carrying their children and stayed. The number of men in the colony was now forty.

A spring had created a lake at the basin of their valley and that fed a river that flowed down forty kilometers away to a large bay that now occupied most of what had been the outback.

Fish and crustaceans were added to the waters and their numbers were harvestable in two years. A souse chef from Felicity came over and opened a seafood restaurant on the shores of Lake Akira.

A bicycle path was built from Darren to the bay and cabanas were built along the shores. A train to and from what eventually became a second town was built as soon as the influx of tourists increased.

More tourists came and twenty years after the Gulf Asteroid Darren had become the second most popular vacation destination on Earth. Several Devil, Sprite, and Akkad women and three Kindred men had decided to stay there and Darren was now the second colony with many permanent resident aliens.

Akira visited often to play with her grandchildren and their mother.

On one of her trips the king and queen accompanied her and they made Sara a Countess.

Then The Emperor came to visit.

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