Dale thought Ruby was a dream come true, but dreams quickly turn into nightmares. Not the insufferable kind you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, but the seductive kind. The kind you know you deserve deep down.

Ruby came out of the hotel bathroom wearing only a white, see-through gown. He was stunned that he should have the honor of seeing the promise of her naked body, peaking for the first time through her thin clothing. She was ready to bear herself to him. That thought shook him.

She had her hair down and was wearing his favorite red lipstick. She was an angel, and he could hardly believe she was his.

He felt ashamed.

There he sat on the edge of the bed, a skinny, pale-faced yuppie in his briefs, slumped as if to hide the erection guys like him can't afford to show to beautiful women like Ruby. He has been with women, but always with a price. He once thought about saving up for one of the high-end, Girlfriend Experience kind, but he's just a cashier at a gas station.

If she knew this, there's no way she would be his wife. But he had to tell her. Because of what she is about to do, he must tell her.

After all, it would be her first time.

She stood before him and stroked the back of his head gently. Her nearly naked body was now closer to him than ever, and he'd waited a long time. He watched her nipples as her gown slowly slide around on them. He was so awestruck, he hadn't noticed her reach her hand down into his underwear and touch his penis. It wasn't the first time she did that, but they hadn't seen each other fully naked and the thought sent a powerful surge through him. She was stroking it and looking sweetly into his eyes as she did so.

She really has no clue, he thought. She is about to regret this if I say nothing. It hasn't been consummated, she can still back out.

He decided to say nothing.

She pushed him down and climbed onto him. She grabbed his penis behind her with her hand, and knowing nothing of its secrets. He ran his hands up her gown and felt her breasts. Yet the harder it made him, the more wrong he felt. She mustn't begin what she can't take back. Not with him. Not with measly, pimple-faced him.

Then a slight twitch appeared on her face. Or so Dale thought. It looked a bit like apprehension.

I knew it. She's second-guessing. Good for her.

She continued rubbing his penis, but did so with less energy.

"Is something wrong?" he finally asked her.

She lit up immediately, as if to erase a dirty thought. "Fine. Very fine." He knew what it was immediately. He'd seen that look once before. In a dark movie theater nonetheless, but he'd seen it clear enough. Just before going down on him for the first time, she had that look. Only, she explained later that she still had feelings for Dirk. Her ex.

Was she having feelings for him now? Dale always thought he was a scumbag, but then so was Dale. He said to her twice that she could go back to Dirk if she wanted, but she said she didn't want to. He found out later than it was merely because he didn't want her. Some guy.

She kept her hand on his penis while he played with her nipples. It felt very wrong to him. Like they were avoiding something, and vainly pleasuring each other to avoid it as long as possible.

He caught himself staring at her pussy, but she didn't notice. The sight made him feel all the dirtier for not telling her about the other women. And he felt her growing distant. He wasn't even sure he loved her. It wouldn't matter if he did. Not now.

"I'm the luckiest person in the world right now," he said. The words just came out.

She offered a feigned smile and a sigh, then began caressing his chest with both hands. Her motions said it all. She had resolved herself to marrying him. She still had second thoughts, but thought it too late to back out. She was committed, and not necessarily in a good way.

But before Dale could think about it too much, she slid down his body until he felt her pussy touching his member for the first time. She wasn't wet. He thought about rubbing her, but before he could she sat up slightly, put her fingers between her and did it herself. She tried licking her fingers and closing her eyes, and Dale was unsure what to do or say.

In the process, he felt himself going limp as she tried to stimulate herself. She wasn't sure she had done so when she grabbed his penis to get it started anyway. She shot him a disappointed look when she discovered he was limp, and the look made it nearly impossible for him to start again.

When she realized this, she slid off of him and sat facing away from him with her knees to her chest. Neither knew what to say.

She began biting her nails and staring straight ahead in thought, and Dale considered whether to pull his underwear back up or not. They still clung to him just below his scrotum. It shamed him to still be exposed, but didn't want to cover himself because he felt that would surely put an end to it.

"Do you want to leave me?" She turned to acknowledge him, and he instantly regretted saying it. He didn't want to know the answer.

She spun around to sit with one leg crossed and the other hanging off the end of the bed. He was drawn to her curves once more as her eyes locked on his. Her gentleness returned, and she replied, "no."

She stroked his leg and smiled, and it was enough for him to start getting aroused again. She began to move in on him, sliding her hand up his leg to his thigh.

But just before she touched his penis once more, there was a knock at the door. Dale froze, while Ruby got up and looked through the peephole.

She gasped and darted backward to sit on the edge of the bed. She stared at the ground and began to breath heavy.

"Who is it," Dale whispered to her.

"No one. It's... no one."


Then, a voice said, "You know who it is. Open up so we can talk. You'll wanna hear what I have to say." After a moment, the stranger knocked again and said, "I promise you, if you don't open up, you will never see me again." Ruby had become quite anxious, and after looking slightly to the right to see Dale out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the door once more.

All at once, she got up, ran to the door to unlock it and flew it open. It wasn't enough time for Dale to even think about covering himself first, and so the stranger saw him and his nearly naked almost-wife.

It was Dirk.

He was much taller than Dale, with broader shoulders and a baseball cap turned to the side. He was wearing a tank-top which revealed the sharp tone of his arms and abs. He stepped into her and into the room without saying anything.

She looked up at him, still shocked by his mere presence. He closed the door with ease and smiled. He gave Dale a quick smirk before looking back down at Ruby.

Her legs found the bed and she sat down, still in a daze. "You shouldn't be here," she said. Her voice sounded like she might as well have said, "I'm so glad you're here."

"I want you, and it has to be now."

Ruby's eyes were wide, but she couldn't find the words to respond. She couldn't say no. She couldn't say yes.

Dirk stood before her and ran his hand through her hair and then held her head with ease. She couldn't look away from him, and her eyes filled with desire.

"But we waited!" Dale blurted out to Ruby. "I thought you've never been with... anyone..."

Not looking away from Dirk and talking softly, Ruby said, "I haven't."

Dirk leaned in and kissed her and she threw her arms around him and kissed him back. He put his hand between her legs, which opened slightly for him. He rubbed her pussy and she started to moan.

Then he stopped and pulled back. "No," she said. "I want you."

"I'm not stopping you," he quipped, tossing his sandals off. She unbuttoned his jean shorts and brought the zipper down quickly. The jeans fell and revealed a bulge in his boxers, which she feverishly removed.

Dale knew he should protest, but didn't want to challenge Dirk. He had already seen his limp penis, and now he was about to see his Ruby suck his dick. And it wasn't small either.

Ruby hadn't seen or sucked his dick before, and Dale could tell by the way she looked at Dirk right after she pulled his boxers down and revealed it. Dirk took a step forward and guided Ruby's lips to the head of his penis, and she opened them for him.

She sucked it for several minutes in silence while Dirk grinned at Dale. His eyes said everything. He was going to fuck Ruby, and she was going to love it.

He pulled her back and pushed her onto the bed and knelt down. He spread her legs apart and then bent over, putting his lips to her pussy. She held her legs apart for him and he slid his tongue in. She was already wet and her skin was flush. Her breathing quickened and her moans rose to a sharp scream that was cut off.

She just had her first orgasm.

He pushed her body back and got onto the bed, and she was still somewhat delirious. Her legs were like putty in his hands, and he spread them apart as far as they would go. He placed the large shaft of his penis on her pussy, teasing her with it. She yearned for him to put it inside her, but he just waited and stared at Dale, who said nothing.

"Please," she said, still lost in a daze, eyes closed. She grabbed at the penis and tried to put it in herself. She had to move up the bed to bring the tip to meet her lips, and tried in vain to put it in. Dirk was still staring at Dale and smiling while she did all of this.

Then Dirk laughed, and Dale realized something that rather surprised him: he was hard as a rock.

"Don't do this," Dale finally said evenly.

"It's too late, she wants it too much," Dirk responded. He positioned himself to penetrate her and said, "She is mine now."

Then he gripped Ruby's legs once more and entered her for the first time. Dale was studying Ruby's pleasure, but wished it were him. He knew that he could not give her this pleasure. He saw now that his penis was barely half the size of Dirk's, and she would never forget it. She would always be his from now on.

Dirk was slow at first, and had full control of every movement. She winced a couple of times before he began a more moderate pace. She bled briefly onto the bed sheets, but he didn't skip a beat. Before too long, she was moaning his name. He repositioned her legs between his arms and held her knees to her chest. He started going deeper and pushing her limits even further.

After he had penetrated her as deep as he could go a couple of times, he really began to fuck her. And he really enjoyed himself.

She began shouting his name, and he spoke hers back to her as well. "You like that, Ruby? It's all for you, baby. You feel that? You feel me inside you?" He started to groan louder and louder, saying, "Yes, I'm gonna come. You wanna feel me come inside you? Oh God, I'm gonna come! Oh, here it is baby! All for you!"

He slowed his movements and then stopped deep inside her while his come flowed into her. She reached up with all her might and held him while he remained deep within, still coming.

Finally he sat up and took at deep breath. He enjoyed the sensation of a few more playful thrusts before pulling out slowly, to the sound of her gasping. Once his glossy penis was out, he put two fingers into Ruby's now-shiny clit and pressed down on the bottom. White beads of him and her dripped out onto his fingers and he turned again to smile at Dale, who was still erect.

He licked one of his fingers and returned them to the same spot. Ruby simply lay there, barely aware of this and clearly in euphoria.

Dirk put his fingers all the way in and made a scooping motion with them, leaving them covered when he pulled them out. He held them up proudly and then used them to play with her nipples. She giggled and slid toward him again.

He responded by getting out of bed. He went to put his clothes back on and Ruby sat up, puzzled. "But I'm coming with you, right?"

"You're staying here with him. That was fun, Rube, but you had to know it ends here."

"But I'm yours now!"

"Yes, you are. And I'm giving Dale my permission to be your husband."

"I don't understand. I thought..." A moment later, Dirk was out the door and gone for good.

The two sat in silence for two whole minutes, neither moving a muscle or looking at each other. Dale still had a pounding erection, but didn't know why. He couldn't make sense of what had just happened, or how to feel about his wife. Why would he still be aroused when another man has just had his way with her.

He gave into the urge to have her. He wanted her, and couldn't explain why he only now felt the urge.

He removed his underwear and moved to meet her on the bed before Ruby even noticed him. He took her face in his hands and made her look him in the eyes.

She was surprised by what she saw in his eyes, and could not understand the feeling of joy she felt when he finally kissed her.

He removed her gown and lay her down on a pillow at the head of the bed. When he leaned over her, she opened her legs to him and smiled. This time, he didn't think. He didn't have to.

She guided him in, and he felt her warmth for the first time. She didn't scream like before, but she smiled all the same when he came. He decided to come on her breasts, and she enjoyed the thought very much. He delighted in rubbing the come on her breasts, and she giggled while he did.

When he finished, he kissed her passionately, feeling their wet bodies touching. When this made him hard, they made love once more, and neither of them wanted to stop.

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