Playing with Mom Ch. 01


"Oh, that's sweet, Jay. That's very fair of you. You're a gentleman."

"And I'd like to see your other dresses, too. And any other clothes you'd like to model."

"That's precious. I'd love to show them to you."


"Yes, dear?"

"Can you give me a goodnight kiss. Like you used to when I was little."

"But I'm only going for an afternoon nap."

"Still ..."

"OK." And she turned her face up to give me a peck.

"No, a real kiss. I'm grown up now."

I turned my face into hers. She didn't turn away, she just waited with her lips partly open and her eyes closed. I pressed my mouth down onto hers, folded my arms around her, and kissed her. It was a long kiss. When it was finished, I immediately started another, and then another. She put her arm up around my neck. On the fourth kiss, I slipped my tongue gently into her mouth. It was the longest kiss yet but when it ended she pulled away and whispered, "I've got to go, got to go," and she was gone.

Mom didn't come down to make supper so I put together a meal and took a tray up to Father. He was working on his memoirs, and didn't want company. I left and knocked softly on the door to my Mother's room. There was no answer. I pushed the door open, calling softly, "Mom, mom?"

She didn't respond. She was laying face down on the top of her bed, her navy blue dress still on, looking a little rumpled and sitting high up on the backs of her legs. Her legs were open, letting me see the bottom of her panty clad pussy.

"Mom," again softly, "Mom?" She stirred. "Do you want some dinner? I've made some stew."

"Oh, hi sweetie." She didn't move to close her legs, or pull her dress down. "In a few minutes."

She stretched, tensing the muscles in her back and legs, which moved even further apart. "Come and lie down with me for a minute."

I stretched out beside her. She smiled and said, "Rub my back for me, baby."

I started to stroke my fingers along her spine between her shoulders, tracing down her bare back to the top of her buttocks.

"Mmmmm, that's lovely. Do that for a while, will you, sweetie?"

I dragged my fingers up and down her back, over to the sides, running along the edge of her dress at the sides of her rib cage, feeling the swell at the side of her breasts, over and over again. After some time, she whispered, "Do my shoulders too."

"They're covered by your dress."

"Oh." She pushed herself up on her arms, fumbled with the chains holding the front together, and fell back to the bed. "Push the dress off my shoulders, sweetheart."

I tried, but they would only go a little way down her arms, and then slipped back. She pushed herself up again, lifting her upper body off the bed, and let the dress fall down her arms, lifting her hands out, and then collapsed again onto the bed. But not before I had a clear view of her beautiful tits hanging down, swaying gently as she worked her hands out of the dress, nipples poking stiffly out.

"There you go."

I massaged her shoulders. After a bit, I got up on my knees so I could reach better, kneading her entire back, pushing her firmly into the bed. Then I moved behind her, straddling her left leg and placing my right knee in between her legs, close to her crotch. Eventually, I pressed my knee firmly against her ass, rubbing it against the bottom of her pussy as I pulled her back towards me. When I brought my hands down her back I pulled on her dress, dragging it up and over her ass, exposing her panty covered cheeks. I moved my hands from her shoulders to the top of her ass, then slid them over the panties covering her cheeks, kneading them as I pushed my knee into her. Soon, I was rocking my knee up in a circular motion when I massaged her cheeks. Mother had appeared to be dozing but when I became this brazen she stirred, as if waking, and I quickly pulled my knee back.

"We better go downstairs and have dinner." She pulled herself up, kneeling on the bed, holding the dress to her bosom. She turned, walking on her knees to the edge, her hair swinging across her shoulders. "Can you get my robe for me, sweetie?"

"Don't you want a nightie?" I asked.

"No, I'll pick something out after dinner. Or, we could do a fashion show after we eat. I have such beautiful lingerie. Would you let me show you some?"

"Sure, Mom."

"Oh, you're so sweet. Let's hurry up and eat."

I brought her robe over to her and stood, holding it up for her to slip her arms into it. She just looked at me, waiting.

"Oh, uh, I can look away if you want, Mom," I said sheepishly, as if I didn't know what I'd been waiting for.

"No, no," she shrugged, "It's no big deal." She stood up, still holding the dress against her breasts, "It's not like you're a stranger."

As she slipped her right hand into the proffered sleeve the upper part of her dress fell away, exposing her breasts. I swung the robe around her back as she pushed her hand into the sleeve, and held it there while she twisted her left hand back into the other sleeve. Her gorgeous tits arched up, never escaping my gaze.

When she got her left arm through the sleeve, she just stood there with her robe hanging open. Finally, she said, "If you going to be such a gentleman, then you have to do it all." When I stood there, dumbly, she said, "Well, push my dress down and belt me up, silly."

I reached into her robe, placed my hands on her bare hips above her dress, and pushed it down, over her hips and down her legs to her feet. When I stood up, I could see that I had pulled the straps of her panties down over her hips as well, so they went out straight sideways instead of up over her hips. The effect was to leave a thin band stretched very low across the top of her pussy mound. Mother just stood there as I stared at her tummy.

"You better fix my panties, and belt me up so we can go eat."

I pulled her straps up over her hips, closed her robe and tightened the belt around her narrow waist. As I finished, she stretched up and kissed me on the lips. "Thanks, tiger," she said, and turned away. I followed her downstairs as best I could with my cock bulging against my jeans.

Dinner involved reheated stew and buttered buns. It was hard for me to concentrate because the belt on Mom's robe had loosened and I was continually treated to tantalizing glimpses of her tits. She seemed oblivious to her display or the effect it was having on me. She chatted gaily away, about what, I have no recollection. She was similarly unaware that her loose robe also exposed a lot of her legs. It was often hard for me to choose what to look at. I'm sure my gaze was moving back and forth, as if watching a tennis match.

As we finished our meal, Mom suddenly announced, "I don't feel like a fashion show, now. Let's go to a movie instead."

What? A movie? I was dying to see her show off her lingerie. A movie? Out in public, with no opportunity to ogle her? No way.

But she was off upstairs, turning to yell back, "I'll be right back. I'll tell your father we're going out."

When she came down, she had on a knee length coat. "Come on, Jay, let's go. Did you pick a movie?"

We got in a car and went to the large theatre complex near our house. Mom picked a chick type movie that was almost empty, having been there for some time, I guess, or else it was just plain bad. She walked right up to the top and sat in the middle of the back row, away from the dozen or so couples strewn throughout the theatre. At least, I wouldn't be seen out with my Mother at a chick flick.

Mom ate popcorn soaked in butter and drank coke through the previews and the first part of the movie. Then she slouched down in her seat and said, "Come on sweetie, you have to at least act like my date. I don't want to be the only woman in here without an arm around her."

I shifted closer and put my arm around her shoulder.

"Can you undo my coat for me? I've got butter on my hands."

I dutifully started to undo the buttons on my Mother's coat. As the buttons came undone, and in flashes of bright parts in the movie, I could see that Mom had decided to give me a lingerie show after all. She was dressed in a negligee. It was navy blue like the dress she'd worn earlier, and like that dress, it was parted all down the front, held together not by chains but lace straps.

"Open it right up for me, sweetie, I'm a little warm."

Not sure exactly what she meant, I continued to undo all the buttons on her coat. Then I just looked at her. She paid me no mind, fixated on the big screen. I tentatively reached in and laid my left hand flat on her tummy, outside the nightie, below her breasts. Mom, forgetting the butter on her hands, pushed the coat closed, hiding my hand. I began moving my hand in a circular path, slowly widening until I was brushing my fingers very low on her tummy. There was no objection from Mom; she just kept watching the movie.

I kissed her hair and the side of her face as I sat facing her. When my hand passed over her lower belly again I slowed its passage and let my fingers trail near the top of her mound. Again, there was no objection, so when I passed under her breasts, I rubbed my hands across their underside. Soon, I was regularly swirling my hand around her torso, almost stopping on her mound, then up and lifting her tits as I rubbed my hands under them, fleetingly cupping each one as I went by.

On one pass over her lower tummy, my hand stopped on her mound, seemingly of its own will. When I realized what I'd done, I readied myself to yank it back at the slightest protest, but there was none. Keeping it still for a while, I slowly started to move up past her navel and then to the bottom of her tits. This time, I cupped her tit in my hand and gently squeezed it, then moved on and repeated the action with the next one. Mom didn't react at all.

Moving down, I again stopped on her mound. This time, I pressed my hand into her, barely exerting any pressure, again ready to retreat at the slightest objection. I pulsed my hand as if I was squeezing a fragile, thin skinned plum. I should have moved on but I couldn't bring myself to let go. I kept my hand there, scared that I was going to ruin everything but unable pull away. My arm tingled with a strange electricity.

Finally, I did pull away, slipping my hand straight up to grasp Mother's left tit. This time, as I cupped and squeezed, I let my fingers and thumb slide off until they pinched her nipple between the material of her nightie. I kept her nipple there, as unable to let go as when my hand had been stuck on her mound. And Mom ignored me. I rolled her nipple between my fingers, and tugged on it. When I moved over to the other tit, I went straight to her nipple. I played with that nipple even longer.

It seemed that I could do what I wanted to, and Mom would just pretend nothing was happening. An interesting game. I decided to test its boundaries. Instead of running my hand down to her pussy, I pulled on one of the lace bows keeping the negligee closed across her breasts. It slipped easily apart, opening to expose the swell between her tits. Mom kept staring intently at the screen.

I grasped the next lace strap, under the weight of her breasts, and pulled that too. It parted even easier than the first and Mom's tits were fully exposed for my eyes to feast upon. I just stared. Mother ignored me, then laughed at something on the screen, and arched her back, pushing her tits up and stretching the nipples taut. I quickly moved my hands down to the final three laces and pulled them all apart, pushing the negligee to the side and exposing the entire front of Mom's body. She continued to watch the movie as if nothing improper was going on.

Biting the bullet, I slowly slipped my hand up her breastbone between her tits, being careful not to touch her bare tits directly, or come in contact with her naked nipple. Nothing. I dragged the tips of my fingers down again, and retraced the same path back up. Then I played my fingers sideways along the upper swell of her breasts, back and forth for several minutes, slowly working my way lower toward her nipples. No reaction. Going for the gusto, I strummed my fingers over her nipples, which were sticking straight up more than half an inch high, like hard little cocks. I could hear her breath catch, but there was no other acknowledgement of my activity.

I pulled her closer to me in my arm, and grasped her tit firmly in my other hand, squeezing her nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugging it out, rolling it between as I did so. Then I closed my hand over her entire tit, squeezed it, and repeated the nipple tugging and squeezing several times in quick succession. She turned her head closer to me and whispered, "I hope you don't mind that I picked such a long chick flick."

"No, Mom, I don't mind," I whispered back as I kissed the top of her head. I took her comment as permission and a hint, so I slowed down and began to stroke her more gently, brushing my hands over her tits, then down over her tummy, and eventually over her panties. She offered no objection to that either. Soon I had pried my hand in between her legs and was sliding it up and down, rubbing her pussy. When the male member of the couple closest to us suddenly stood up, Mother quickly grabbed the sides of her coat and pulled it closed. As he started walking down the stairs away from us, she let it fall to her sides again. I quickly pushed my hand between her legs and began rubbing her vigorously, as if trying to make up for lost rubs. She grasped my wrist, saying nothing, but slowing my hand down.

I pulled my hand up and played with her tits again. This time, when I pushed my hand down I slipped it under her panties and pushed my fingers down to her bare pussy. She grasped my hand again, and pulled it up until my fingers were outside her panties. I slid my hand over her pussy, outside her panties, and cupped her mound firmly. No reaction. A boundary had been set.

I pressed my finger into the crevice between her lips, still outside her panties, and rocked it side to side, working it deeper into the crevice before sliding it gently up and down. Her breathing quickened. I continued this for awhile and when the man returned, Mother surprisly didn't try to cover up but let me play with her cunt the whole time he made his way to his seat despite the way he looked at us. I thought she might have had her eyes closed but she didn't.

As I cupped her pussy, I pressed my fingers into her crevice and my palm against the top of her mound. I massaged her like this, pulsing my hand open and closed. When she started reacting with deeper breaths and a very quiet, mewling sound, I pulled her head closer and turned her face into my shoulder. Her hips were bucking up against my palm, fucking it and the fingers digging into her below. Suddenly, I felt her upper body go slack, as it had earlier in the afternoon, but her pelvis kept jerking against my hand, slowly subsiding until she was still. I turned her head up a little and kissed her for several minutes without any tongue play. Then she pulled away, closed her coat and started to do the buttons up.

"Let's go home, Jay. I'm too tired to finish the movie."

And off me went. Mom showing no awareness of her recent orgasm, and me acutely aware that I desperately needed one.

On the way home, Mom cuddled right up to me. But when I tried to slip my hand under her coat, between her legs, she pulled my arm up and around her shoulders. We drove all the way home like that. As we walked to the house, Mom kept pressed against me but she pulled away when we reached the light in the porch. When we entered, she looked around and called Dad's name. When there was no answer, she turned back to me and lifted her face up, "Give me a kiss goodnight, Jay."

I guess the night was over. I gave her a quick kiss on her lips. She looked both disappointed and concerned. "Are you upset?", she asked.

"I can't give you a proper kiss when you're dressed in an overcoat."

"Oh," she replied. She dropped her hands to her sides, lifted herself toward me on the balls of her feet, pushed her breasts up, and waited. I began to unbutton her coat. When the last button was undone, I spread the coat open and slipped it off her shoulders and down her arms, letting it fall to the floor.

She stood there in her nightie which hadn't been refastened, the silky material hanging off her breasts, held fast only by her stiff nipples. I took her in my arms and kissed her, a long, deep, searing kiss. When we broke, she tried to turn away but I grasped her head and pulled her back for another long kiss. When she tried to break away at the end of that one, I said, "No, Mom. At the end of the night you get to neck with your date," and I pulled her from the hallway into the living room, toward the couch at the far end. When we reached the couch, she stopped me.

"I can't lie down with you while we neck," she said.

"But you did this afternoon," I complained.

"We weren't necking then. You were rubbing my back."

"But, Mom ..."

"No buts. Everything has rules. You have to learn to play by them."

Right. Her rules. Lots of leeway when she wants to get off, but I'm left hanging. Nevertheless, I knew had no choice but to play along if I wanted to keep feeling her up. If I confronted her, I knew it would be game over. I had to find a way to win within her rules, or somehow, get her to change them.

I pulled her to me and kissed her, standing up. I immediately slipped my tongue in and probed her mouth as my hand slid up her side to fondle her tits. I pressed my knee between her legs and started to rub it against her. Adolescent in my urgency, she nonetheless patiently allowed it, reaching up to put both arms around my neck. I slowed down, kissing her more gently. When we broke, she said, "Only for a few more minutes. Then I have to go up and say goodnight to your father."

This again increased my urgency. When we started to kiss again, I pushed my cock into her and jabbed my tongue into her mouth. She relaxed her pelvis, spreading her thighs, as if bequeathing a consolation prize. I rocked myself in her while increasing the intensity of our kiss. Dropping my hands to her ass, I pulled her against my hardon. But when I started to dry hump her, she broke away. "Ok, necking time's over." And off she went.

I'd been too desperate. I'd have to make a plan and learn to act with discipline if I was going to play with my Mother and win. I had to make sure she never saw us as being on opposite sides. Somehow, we had to be on the same team. If I wanted to get into her pants, I had to learn to play smarter.

To be continued ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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