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Positive Reinforcement


The gentle rain tapped at Renee's bedroom window as she sat at her computer. The allure of the games online was nagging at her determination to complete her college assignment.

Forcing herself to read the college textbook for her class, she continued with the assignment. During the brief pauses in her work, she daydreamed about seeing her boyfriend in her free time after the assignment. However, she soon refocused and continued. It wasn't until she received an instant message that her progress halted.

"I need to see you," the message said. She didn't need to look at the sender's username to know who sent it.

She smiled as she replied, "You know I can't."

"Yeah. Yeah," came the usual daunted response. "We don't have to do anything. You can study."

"Right," she typed, knowing all too well his intentions and her weakness.

"LOL," was his reply which had become the response of the decade that technically means "laugh out loud," but often means, "I don't know what to say. How can I make you see things my way?" So, even the electronic laugh has become a nervous one.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm finishing an assignment then I have to study for a test," she replied.

"I could help you study," he offered.

"If you want, but I actually have to study," she said.

Renee and Gary agreed upon a time to meet at her apartment. Renee had calculated the time it would take for her to complete her assignment. Looking forward to seeing Gary acted as a motivating force to help her focus. She always responded well to the lure of positive reinforcement.

After completing her assignment, she took a quick shower and changed into a red, tight V-neck sweater and black mini-skirt. Her long, blonde hair cascaded across her shoulders to the middle of her back. She applied her red lipstick and smoky eye shadow. She hurried to be finished before Gary's arrival. It wasn't long before there was a knock at her apartment door.

"Hey, Gary," Renee greeted her guest.

He smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek as he entered her apartment. "So, what are we studying?" he asked as they walked towards her bedroom.

Whenever they spent time in her apartment, they stayed in her bedroom as to not be disturbed by Renee's roommate. Gary plopped on Renee's bed while Renee pulled her desk chair near him.

"Psychology," Renee said as she picked up the psychology textbook from the desk.

Renee turned to chapter eight and handed him the book. "Do you want to quiz me?" Renee asked.

"Um, sure, but I was thinking that we could make this interesting."

"How?" she asked.

"I'll ask you questions and any time you get a question wrong, I get to chose your punishment," Gary suggested.

"A punishment? What kind of punishment?"

"You'll see. Are you game?" he asked.

"Um, I guess."

"Okay, so, you need to know the definitions of these words in bold?" Gary said with a huge smile while flipping a few pages of the chapter.

"Yes, and the people mentioned in the chapter," Renee said.

"Okay, let me find a hard one," he said.

"It's in your pants," Renee joked.

"Not yet it's not, but we'll get to that," Gary said laughing. "Okay, what is the removal of an aversive stimulus to encourage the repetition of a behavior?"

"Negative reinforcement!" Renee said.

"Good! Okay, let me look for the next one. Um, what is the pairing of a neutral stimulus with a natural stimulus so that after repetition, the neutral stimulus causes the same response as the natural stimulus?"

"Oh, the Pavlov's dog thing?"

"Yes, what's it called?" Gary asked.

"Um, operant conditioning?" Renee guessed.

"No, classical conditioning," Gary said.

"Geez, I always get those mixed up," Renee said.

"Now, it's time for your punishment,' Gary said as he unzipped his jeans.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm giving you a punishment, though I think you'll enjoy it too. You have to get on your knees and suck my cock like you did the other night," Gary instructed.

"You're right. I like this punishment," Renee said.

She flipped her hair behind her shoulders and got on her hands and knees. She looked into his eyes as she crawled toward him. Kneeling between his legs, she licked the length of his cock from the head to his balls. She stroked his balls with her tongue before licking back up to the head. She took his stiffening cock into her mouth and sucked the entire length of it into her mouth.

When she could feel the head of his cock against her throat, she sucked upwards and back down.

Gary gripped the edge of the bed and groaned. She spit on his cock and wrapped her hand around it. Stroking his cock, she looked up at him.

"Ask me another question," Renee said as she continued to give him a handjob.

"Um, I'll try," he said as he tried to focus on the words on the pages of the book laying beside him. "What is the school of psychology that is founded on the belief that human behavior is learned?"

Knowing that the correct answer is behaviorism, Renee searched for an alternative answer. "I can't think of the name," she lied.

"Behaviorism," Gary said. "Now, take off your clothes and lie down."

After removing her sweater, she stepped out of her skirt and panties. She slowly unhooked her bra and let the straps slide down her arms. Tossing the bra on the chair, she crawled onto the bed and laid on her stomach.

"Like this?" she asked while giggling.

"Are you offering your ass to me?"

"No!" she said and rolled over.

"Spread your legs."

She obeyed. Gary ran his fingertips along the contours of her pussy. He slid one finger into her which elicited a groan from Renee. Fingering her, he rested his thumb on her clit. Thrusting his finger harder and deeper, he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Between groans, she whispered, "Next question."

Gary continued to rub her clit as he looked at the book. "Who developed operant conditioning?"

"Skinner," Renee answered.

"Very good! For that, you get a good licking," Gary said.

Gary lowered himself between her legs and licked her moist folds. She moaned as his tongue flicked her clit. Slowly, he eased two fingers into her wetness and thrust them into her while he licked her clit. Moans turned to whimpers as Renee's legs trembled and her pussy tightened and pulsed around his fingers.

Gary paused for a moment and kissed her inner thigh. He sat up and glanced at the book. He gently rubbed her clit while he asked the next question.

"What is the removal of a rewarding stimulus as a punishment?" he asked.

"Positive reinforcement?" Renee guessed near breathless.

"No, negative punishment," Gary said. "Think of 'negative' as taking away something. So, if I stop rubbing your clit, that's negative punishment," he said as he stopped rubbing her clit.

"Oh! Negative punishment sucks!" Renee whined.

Gary laughed. "Time for your punishment. It will be a positive punishment, which would be?"

"Positive punishment? Well, if negative punishment is taking away something good, positive punishment is adding something bad. Right?"

"Yes," Gary said. "Roll onto your stomach."

"What? That's not fair!"

"Trust me. You may see it as a positive punishment right now, but you will change your mind and see it as positive reinforcement very soon," Gary assured her.

Gary stood from the bed and got the bottle of lube from the drawer of Renee's bedside table. He slathered the thick lotion on his cock and fingers. After he rubbed his fingers around her puckered hole, he slowly and gently pushed one finger inside. "Relax," he instructed.

"Okay, I'll try."

"I'm not going to hurt you," Gary said.

Renee moaned softly in response to Gary's exploring finger. After working his finger deep inside her, he removed his finger and rubbed the head of his cock against her well-lubed ass. He gripped her ass with one hand while teasing her pucker with his cock. With gentle pressure, he pushed the head of his cock inside her virgin ass.

He grunted as he slowly pushed deeper. With gentle thrusts, he pushed deeper still. Renee moaned in unison with his thrusts.

"Doesn't that feel good?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," was all Renee could manage to say between the moans.

Renee reached under her stomach to her clit. Pushing her ass upward, she rubbed her clit while Gary thrust into her. Gary grunted and paused, then continued his thrusts.

"You're going to want this all the time now, aren't ya?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," she said.

Rubbing her clit faster, she whimpered.

"Yeah, come for Daddy," he grunted and thrust faster.

She cried out and trembled as she came.

"Yeah, that's it. Oh, Daddy's new anal slut," he said.

Grunting, he thrust into her several times very quickly until he filled her tunnel with his cum. Slowly, he withdrew his cock from her.

After collapsing on the bed next to her, he said, "See. I told you."

They kissed and held each other. He ran his hands across her curves as he held her.

"You want to help me study again tomorrow?" Renee asked.

"Anytime," he said.

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