Possess Me Ch. 06


And then he was on her like the storm waves at shore, crashing with conquering force and searching need. She molded her body to his as he enveloped her in his crushing arms. Her mouth opened to his assault, equally desperate for the taste of the other. His tongue stroked against hers sensually, quickly drawing tender moans of complete desire. Brynna's hands smoothed down the front of him, running over his shoulders and neck and chest, her fingers aching to caress his skin.

Their joined passions soon returned her confidence to that of the previous night and she threaded her hands through his hair, grasping the thick locks, pulling him deeper into her. One of her legs lifted to curl around him, opening herself up and cradling him into the wanting crux of her body. Brynna rolled into him, delighting the throbbing morsel hiding just inside her swollen folds.

But Malik pulled away before any relief could be found in her grinding, causing her to frown in frustration. He quickly untied the blue ribbon from her waist and then stepped back. "Strip," he commanded. Brynna shivered in the harshness of his voice even though she knew him well enough to know it wasn't his cruelty speaking.

Despite the intimacies they had shared, baring her flesh before him still unnerved her and so she held her blue shift in her arms, telling herself over and over her fears were baseless. "You still think to hide yourself from me?"

Brynna looked at him, her heart thumping in free-fall, confirming the lunacy of the feelings he created in her. She knew he waited for her to comply to his unspoken command. What was that he called me? Oh, yes, his brave one. She certainly did not want to risk losing such an honored title from him, and so, her determination setting her frame into rigidity, raised her chin and looked at him daringly. Her arms released the dress to float to her feet.

Still holding herself erect, she stepped over her clothes and closed the distance between them, tilting her face in curious challenge. He stood unmoving, but watched her with his predatory eyes. Not wanting to wait longer for his touch, she lifted her hands to his chest, sliding them up to his shoulders and then to the buttons of his jerkin to flip them free. As she had done so many times before when preparing him for his bath, she moved on to his shirt, slipping those buttons out, one by one, thrilling at each inch of revealed skin beneath.

Pushing the luxurious material over his muscular shoulders, she dipped her mouth near so she could run her tongue over the hard contours she uncovered. Her mouth moved to one of his nipples. Knowing the erotic sensation teasing her breasts created, she tried to return the favor. Her moist, hot breath covered it like the mist of dawn. Only when it was adequately taut did she run her tongue around it, circling with varying pressure and speed.

Her fingers trailed along the top of his pants, her fingers skimming the skin there. She couldn't restrain herself from the silky feel of his nipple any longer, and so bathed her tongue over it, feeling it bead even harder under the liquid heat of her mouth. She sucked at it as best she could before clamping her sharp front teeth over it, and, holding it securely, she pulled back. She only felt the smallest movement from him as he breathed in sharply from the exquisite torture. She softened her ministrations and laved the flaming tissue with more kisses and gentle, erotic licks.

Brynna wanted to hear him pant, moan, beg, anything. But no sounds came from him. He didn't even hold her or grip her close to him. Baffled at his lack of participation she looked up at him, hoping to encourage him along. The look in his eyes stopped her of her planning.

They were cold and determined, cut from stone and unaffected by her amorous attentions. His change of mood set her inner voice screaming in warning, and many emotions were racing through her chest, each waiting to be justified by his next words. "My lord, something displeases you?"

His narrowed eyes flashed with something Brynna might have thought was amusement, but was unwilling to believe anything just yet. "Brynna, tell me; did I give you permission to touch me, let alone undress me?"

Her own eyes reflected her annoyance. Partly due to his arrogant manner that still demanded complete control of her, but mainly because she was doing her very damnedest to be provocative and sensual, evoking a deep need in him to consume her, and yet, here he stood not only unaffected, but more focused on controlling her than devouring her.

She placed her hands on her hips and took a step back, ready to lambast him for his pompous, irritating attitude when she noticed the incredible bulge in his breeches. Her eyes slowly slid back to his stern face. She did affect him, and his pants held the proof.

It was then ideas began sifting together, bringing clarity. He does want me, as I do him, and he is just as easily and deeply stirred. But he also enjoys controlling me. Does he like it when I fight? she wondered to herself. That thought quickly warmed deep parts of her, and made her stomach flutter with delicious titillating feelings. She knew she must be blushing as her cheeks felt spiking hot. She bit her lip, and decided to find an answer to her question.

"My lord, you tell me; did I ask permission?" Her stomach fluttered again when his face did not change, but his massive body condensed and drew in the energy from the surrounding air, empowering his pull beyond belief. Again, she felt the inherent dangers of taunting such a predator. She breathed in slight awe at the power radiating from him, but was too far implicated to turn back now. "What shall we do, my lord? I will not ask permission, and you cannot be civil unless I do." She frowned at that. "Well, as civil as a man like you can be."

At her words, he sprang forward. She reacted quickly and turned to dart away, but he was too quick and captured a trailing wrist, holding her to the spot until he rounded the corner she had tried to escape from. She pulled against his hold, whimpering from the exertion. Captured, as she was, Malik was able to stalk at his leisure, increasing her fear with his slow pace.

Malik took her other wrist in his hand, and despite her struggles, brought her to him and wrapped her arms behind her back as he smashed against her front. He peered down on her, capturing her haughty eyes with his own deadly ones. Working quickly, he bound her wrists together at her back and pivoted so he could place her seated on the tall work bench.

Brynna gasped and tried to orient herself to her now bound and precarious position. Malik stepped boldly between her legs, and wrapped an arm around her waist while the other hand dove into her thick tresses grasping firmly until her head was forced back, revealing her neck.

Helpless and open to him, Malik leaned back so he could take her in. The beating of her heart echoed in the large vein running up the length of her smooth throat. The pulsing, promising life drew him in until his lips closed over it and his tongue, pressed flatly against it, felt the thumping of her excited heart.

Brynna moaned mindlessly at the heavenly feeling of his hot, possessing mouth on her, sucking gently and then fiercely. Eventually his mouth found the sensitive skin just below her ear and continued its torture there.

The mastery over her body freed her to respond in full, and she quickly was writhing against his body pressed aggressively against her. The juncture of her pelvis made contact with the hardened muscles of his trunk and ground vulgarly into them. Brynna moaned at the wonderful feeling and knew, given a little time, could find release against him.

Malik tightened the hold in her hair, pulling painfully. She hissed and squeezed her eyes before trying to move from his hold. But he relinquished nothing, and instead used her dark lengths to turn her face towards him. Despite the passion easily visible, a glint of cruelty still lingered in his eyes. He pressed his mouth against hers, but not in a kiss, as he growled into her mouth, "Who told you were allowed to move?"

She whimpered in frustration. "You wish to bed a lifeless piece of wood, my lord," she huffed at the ridiculousness of his statement.

"No, I wish to fuck you. But if you want to do anything you will have to ask, or else I will tie you down so hard you won't be able to move an eyelash."

"And then you would be fucking a piece of wood." She could feel at her scalp just a hint of that force he was willing to use and shuddered at the thought of not moving while he drove all those many sensations into her. In the moment she stared into the those dark blue eyes, all the many scenes of him attempting to strip her of her will and her continually contumacious responses surfaced. She stood looking back at her wild self that fought the countless bindings of control Malik tied around her, tearing them off with the ferocity of a free soul.

None of that fire existed now. She didn't wish to be free of his hold, of his will. She wanted her wild self to tell her it was okay, that this was the way every woman felt and that she was doing nothing wrong. But as he tugged at her hair harder, she was suddenly overcome by the feeling of betrayal. The wild girl stood standing in the darkness of his eyes, and Brynna watched as she slowly began to dissolve, a vaulting cry of 'Run!' wringing softly out before she disappeared altogether.

She was disappearing into him.

Brynna no longer had a desire to sit naked before her master and beg for the freedom to move. She looked him in the eyes. "You should not expect such needful obedience from me; you will only become disappointed." With that, she wiggled her bottom, but in gesture to move off the bench, not to be closer to him.

Malik did not budge, but moved his hands to her hips, digging them painfully into the prominent bones there. "What I expect is for you to accept the fact that I am your master and that there is nothing you can do about it. The more you fight it, the more of our time you waste." And with that finality, he launched his mouth onto hers, leaving her no room for argument and no ability to think.

Brynna tried to wiggle free of the tight ribbon wound round her forearms and wrists, but could only dig her fingernails into the palms of her hand in an attempt to counteract the desire flushing through her. Her body responded to its master, and she began to kiss him back, though anger at her weakness fueled the aggression of her mouth.

The biting hands at her hips began to change as one softened to move around her and cup her bottom, pulling her closer, while the other trailed the crease at the top of her thigh to find the dark, wet curls in the deep valley. Brynna jumped at the tender, but only teasing, sensation over her sex and moved her legs further apart for his easy access.

Malik broke away from her mouth to watch her pleading, brown eyes. As the tops of his fingers grazed down over her slit, he asked, "What was that about disappointing me?"

Brynna bit her lip to keep her mouth shut. She closed her eyes and turned her head away from her shame. But Malik wouldn't allow it and quickly grabbed her hair again, turning her back to him. "No, open your eyes,brave one," he said almost in sneer. The obvious dig at her courage gained the desired reaction as she opened her eyes in subdued fury. And there went that haughty chin, announcing her continued obstinance. "Good girl. I want to see those beautiful eyes as I..." his voice trailed away while he watched her. His fingers gliding along the slicked folds dipped in gently, hitting all the places that made her twitch in response.

Two fingers slid into her depths, wet and heavy with want. Malik's eyes narrowed at the promise of the intense pleasure to be found there. His thumb angled down upon the sensitive clump of nerves at the top of her pussy while his two fingers began rubbing in and out of her, gliding over the hidden pleasure spot just inside her tight canal. Brynna's eyes wavered from the building pressure, but she never broke his gaze. Malik's fingers worked like magic inside of her, intensifying the pink across her cheeks to deep red. Beads of sweat had begun to appear across her brow, despite the rather chillish air in the plant room.

"Now," he grated against her mouth, "ask me now."

She cried a little against him as he drew her tongue into his mouth to suckle it while he waited for her submission. Her hands tugged against her restraints despite the futility in the action. Should she fight him? Could she fight him? She fell from his mouth to rest in the crook of his shoulder. "P-please, my lord, I want to...I don't know. I want to move."

Malik turned his head to brush kisses on her neck. "That's my girl," he whispered. "Yes, move for me. Move on my fingers."

The eroticism of his words burned through her and she shuddered as she began to roll her hips into his hand. But she soon realized it was not enough. It was not what she truly craved. "Please, make love to me. Cum inside me, please," she breathed desperately as she too devoured his neck.

Her words seemed to incense him for he pulled his fingers from her only to grab her thighs tightly and press his forehead to hers. Brynna wiggled her hands futilely, still itching to scrape her fingers down him. When he wouldn't comply with a kiss, she growled her frustration. "Why do you do this to me?"


"Make me feel as if I'll die if I can't touch you?"

He groaned coarsely, as if in pain. "I could ask you the same thing." And with that, he eased their misery by granting her kiss. Malik eased from his pants and broke from the kiss so he could lift himself to the bench next to Brynna. He quickly lifted her and settled her on his lap as he lay back on the table. He guided her until the head of his cock touched her thoroughly slickened lips. She closed her eyes at the welcome sensation, and her breathing quickened as her body prepared itself for the all-possessing feeling of him inside her.

Brynna slowly rolled her hips as he dragged her forward so his hard length slid across her sensitive spots, causing her to give a wavering moan. When she was completely filled, her body clenched in attempt to adjust to the magnificent size. He sat up with his feet dangling off the table and his arms wrapped possessively around her.

Positioned as she was, her breasts were at Malik's starving mouth. With her mind half-buzzed with ecstasy, she could only lean into him as he slowly devoured her creamy flesh. He languidly bit and sucked the pale skin, leaving his mark on her over and over. Brynna arched into him, her ragged breathing joining the slanting rain against the hundred windows to echo in the otherwise stark and quiet room.

The gentleness of his actions ended there. He allowed Brynna to control the first two or three thrusts, but his hunger grew and he aggressively took over. Malik moved his arms under her thighs, and began to thrust her on and off his shaft. Brynna could only lean forward to maintain her balance as he used her, bound and helpless, to exploit her body for their mutual benefit.

How she wished she could hold onto him.

But she was bound and completely under his control. Her body fractured, and she cried out unrestrained. As she came around him, her cunt spasming wildly, Malik drew her onto him two or three more times violently before he erupted. He continued to move her forcefully on him, but in unmeasured, sporadic jerks before he finally rested deeply buried in her. Malik's arms held her tightly compressed to him.

Time passed before either was able to think or move. Brynna had nearly fallen asleep and was stirred to consciousness when Malik slid her from his body and set her feet on floor. After stepping down himself, he turned her around to unleash her hands and told her to dress.

As she tied the ribbon around her waist, she looked up to Malik who had just slipped on his jerkin. Brynna stepped up to him and slowly buttoned each toggle, sliding her hands to enjoy the last feel of him. When she finished, she looked up to him, no coyness or thought at teasing. She knew her face gave away her need, her emotion. She knew he must be able to hear the thudding of her heart, knew that she wanted him to kiss her again.

She leaned forward seeing his eyes fall to her lips, and for a moment they were both held by the same desire. But just as she thought he would reach down to her, he turned and left instead. Brynna was a little disoriented at his abrupt departure and could only blink in confusion after him. Though she tried to focus on her work, her fingers often fell silent as her mind wove through him and her and the countless things in between.

Brynna had once fancied herself in love with Jacob, a sweet farm boy from her village. He was two years her senior and had given her special attention since they were children. He was vibrant and handsome and had seemed perfect to her. But those feelings that had filled her were nothing to what filled her now. Though she acknowledged the basis of her relationship to her master was primal desire, she also knew that no other man in the world could compare. No other was as handsome, or strong, or smart, or powerful. No other could control her or draw out her desires like Malik. She wanted to live her life with him, to never leave, and to be completed only by him.

Do I love him? she asked herself slowly, the idea seeming like treacherous ground to walk on. Though she didn't know what to call her feelings toward him, she certainly didn't think it would make a difference if she did love him. He was right; she belonged to him.

Several hours later, Brynna walked from his study, his afternoon refreshments having been delivered and nothing exchanged between them. She walked dreamily down the darkened hallways until a voice stopped her. She turned to see Eleanor approaching.

The woman stood with her features obscured by the shadows of the windowless hall. She was quiet for several moments, making Brynna wonder why she had stopped her at all. And then she spoke. "I must say I am quite disappointed. I was certain he would not break you, that you would have realized that as soon as you gave yourself to him, he would discard you."

Brynna recoiled slightly, not only at the thought that Eleanor knew of her liaison with the master, but that she believed he was only trying to break her.

"I have watched him grow since he was a boy, and I know him well. He only keeps you as he would a pet to break and train." Brynna's face grew even more aghast before turning slightly hard-set. "I can understand this is not to your liking, so let me provide you this one warning: do not be so easily persuaded by his influence over you, or this love will be your downfall." With that, she turned and disappeared into the shadows of a side hall.

Brynna stood, slightly fuming, and perhaps just a little bit shaken. Though she had felt the passion and desire in Malik, was it possible that he was only trying to break her, as Eleanor had warned? The rest of the day passed in growing tension, making her increasingly edgy. During his nightly bath, Brynna could only mistrust every look he gave her and every word uttered as a secretive invitation. Her new unease in his presence made her naturally want to escape once he was dressed, but he wouldn't allow it. And after he persuaded her body to respond with several of his kisses, Brynna was able to push her warring fear to the back of her mind and stay with him.

The next day she finished her cleaning chores with an hour to spare before the midday meal. As the weather had cleared, she took a special pastry she had made that morning and headed to the stables with thoughts of bribing Brom to help her address he fear of horse riding.

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