tagFetishPregnant by a Werewolf Ch. 01

Pregnant by a Werewolf Ch. 01


Jason shifted around on his science-lab stool, trying to find a better position. He was bored out of his mind, and had been watching the clock for ...ever. He was tired, fed-up, and as horny as fuck.

Quickly glancing left and right to check that nobody was watching, he lifted himself slightly off the stool. He reached his pudgey hand under his waistband and down into his trousers, then into his underpants. Grabbing his dick and pushing it hurriedly down over his balls and ramming it tight between his legs in a flash he withdrew his hand again. He looked around. Nobody had seen anything.

He moved to sit so that the square seat of the stool was arranged diamond-ways beneath him and with his dick tugging tight between his large thighs and running halfway along his undercarriage. He began to discreetly thrust his pelvis back and forth. Grinding into the front-facing pointed corner of the stool beneath him, bearing down a little harder each time, he quickened his pace.

Still careful not to move noticeably, he clenched his thighs and buttocks with each forward thrust to increase the pressure on his hardening cock and created a little friction.

Making these little discreet jerking movements his eyes bore purposefully into the back of Gabriel's head. Gabriel was beautiful. At just under 6 feet tall, his 18 year-old body was lean and just starting to become properly muscular. His jaw was strong and defined, his smile was kind, his eyes were endlessly deep mahogany pools. He was gentle, his manner was easy and though he didn't talk much. He exuded a reserved, quiet, confidence.

The virginal hormone-bomb wanking directly behind him, and currently going by the name of Jason, wanted desperately to caress his body and rub up against him. And although Jason was lacking in specific – in fact, any – experience of the concept, he also rather wanted to fuck him senseless.

Grinding harder, and pushing all of his weight down on his tingling penis he felt it harden further and begin to pulsate with increased speed.

It swelled up. It throbbed. It writhed in the end of his foreskin beneath him as his thrusts broke rhythm. He imagined what it would feel like to slide himself smoothly in and out between Gabriel's fresh, pert buttocks. grabbing his strong arms for traction, burying his face in his dark-blonde hair. The scent of him. His satisfied grunts.

Playing these specifics over in his mind as his dick hardened beneath him.

It started to become painful. Trapped beneath him by the stool his hard penis strained to stand erect. Approaching climax and thrusting less discreetly, the erotic sensation burst through Jason's groin, he began to orgasm! With His cock bent underneath him it turned solid as glass and stabbed like a thousand scratching needles where it bent over his balls. The pain was immense and his legs jerked upward, standing briefly only enough to release his cock.

It shot underneath him in a rupturing orgasm, and out of the leg of his underpants firing hot wet cum against the wall his new trouser-tent, as three smaller orgasms bounced around his groin and spurted out of his dick into his cum-soaked jeans.

"Aaaaaaaaah, aah, oh," He tried to stifle his reaction, but had limited success, and pretended to sneeze in order to try and disguise it. Every head in the room turned his way. Jason flushed bright red.

Looking back at a sea of intrigued faces, he saw Gabriel, dead-ahead of him.

Was that an understanding smile? Had he noticed him rutting in his peripheral vision? Did he know? Was the vocal reaction to orgasm noticeably familiar?

He flushed redder. The embarrassment churned butterflies in his belly. He went cold. He felt like throwing-up. The rod in his pants dribbled cooling cum over his crotch. As a few students returned to their work. Most still stared his way.

He knew they knew. And worse, he knew they knew he knew they knew. Or something; it was more of an emotion than an algorithm.

"I'm not feeling too well, Sir. May I use the bathroom?"

Not waiting for an answer he stuffed his book into his bag, grabbed his jacket and holding it close to him to disguise his pulsating, proud member he left the room with cold cum dripping in congealed lumps down his tingling thighs.

Ducking into the toilet cubicle he dropped his trousers, worked his underwear to his knees, and sat down. Wiping the semen off of his trousers and the end of his dick, he sat there feeling the familiar post-climactic emptiness wash over him as he stroked himself until he was completely limp.

"Fucking idiot" he muttered to himself. His masturbating, especially over Gabriel, was becoming uncontrollable. He was so horny, his hormones governed his every waking thought.

He dressed himself at the mirror and looked at his watch. He was supposed to be somewhere, he was sure. ...Shit!

He was guarding his witch-Aunt's werewolf brother tonight!!!

Jason decided to blame the paper basket and dealt it a swift kick. Then headed out of the door.


Soaked to the bone, Jason wriggled his shoulders out of his backpack as he trailed up Aunt Josie's driveway. He swung the bag round to hold it in front of him and fumbled around in the bottom of it for her spare key. He could smell the scent of wet semen on his Jeans.

The key came out of the bag with a jangling sound, and as he turned it in the door he heard the familiar rumbling "grrrrrrrrrrrowl...!" to greet the bedraggled and sodden intruder. Jumping up before he'd even shut the door, Uncle Gary the werewolf nearly knocked Jason straight to the floor and nudged hard into him, sniffing at his damp groin.

4ft tall at his haunches, with a massive muscular head, Gary was a thoroughbred 320lb of lean muscle, with a deafening bark. He was an impressive creature, and he had an appetite to match. Jason wondered how his aunt had managed to keep the werewolf a secret all these years.

He circled the bringer-of-food with his tail whipping around and mortally threatening several prized ornaments as Jason pushed past him, – a little intimidated by the huge creature -, into the kitchen and read the post-it on the fridge door.

**Steak already chopped for Gary. One bag each evening. Back in a fortnight. Love, Aunt Josie. PS. Envelope on the side is for you. Sandwich next to it. Help yourself to food etc. **

Jason picked up the envelope and opened it. 100 big ones – not bad for a fortnight of watching someone else's telly and eating their food. Besides, he felt sort of grown-up, being in charge of a house; he'd never slept in someone else's house alone before, and his parents and sisters were a 40 mile bus ride away. He opened the fridge, took out one of the polythene bags and emptied the mass of diced steak into Gary's bowl. The werewolf's head was in there immediately, greedily chewing away.

Aunt Josie told him that Uncle Gary, her brother, had been bitten by another werewolf as a young man thirty years ago. Initially he had transformed into the beast on a full-moon, but as the years passed, the wolf took him more often, until after ten years there was nothing left but the beast.

There were all sorts of rumours when he was younger about what aunt Josie got up to with that creature, ..incest was the lightest of the accusations, and the family had distanced themselves.

Some folk believed the rumours, some just decided he was a regular domestic pet and tutted at an old lady keeping such a big dog.

Jason tossed the bag into the bin, grabbed the sandwich and sloped off, tired, to the living-room. He drew the curtains and turned the table-lamp on as more of the rain-water dripped off his hair and down his face. He was soaked. He kicked off his shoes, put his jacket on Aunt Josie's teaching chair next to the piano stool to dry, then peeled off his wet trousers and his wet socks and draped them over the fire-guard. Fuck it. There was nobody else for miles! He took off his wet t-shirt and underpants too, and flopped down onto the sofa, stark naked, and turned on the telly. He took a bite of the sandwich in one hand, the other hand slowly and noncommittally fondling his flaccid penis.

Hours later he woke up to the warm glow of the lamp, the late-night/early hours news...and the curious, moist, sensation of Gary licking his exposed balls. Jason instinctively pulled back and sat up in disgust, looking down to see that his sandwich has fallen into his lap and Gary was fishing out the bacon from the less appealing prospects of lettuce and tomato.

Jason froze for what seemed to him like an age, not knowing what to do. But his indecision gradually, bit-by-bit, turned first into curiosity, and as he relaxed his position a little, sitting back down in a more reclined pose, he began to rather enjoy the new sensation.

He slouched and opened his legs as he lay there, naked, in his wealthy aunt's large, empty house. Alone, at night, whilst her werewolf's massive head worked between his legs, lapping at his dick and balls. Pushing its tongue into every crack and around the tops of his chunky thighs and licking at his bulbous testicles. Jason began to feel his penis pulse.

First it pulsated slowly, once, ...he held his breath...twice, ...Gary's tongue poked under his ball-sack...three...times....then the tongue lapped lapped lapped the length of his cock.. he let out a breathless gasp. ...the beat of his pulse speeded to a throb. Jason felt the swell of pre-cum start to build inside him, his penis ached with desire, and his breaths became short, desperate. His stomach filled with unspeakably dirty sin and guilty butterflies, but his penis throbbed and pulled him on as he moved his hips to meet the huge shaggy creature. Slobber dripped and glistened over his genitals. Jason was becoming erect. He lay down, brushing the discarded sandwich from his lap, and to his pleasant surprise, Gary continued to work his long smooth and slobbery tongue in and around Jason's pubescent private region.

Fully erect now, Jason began to slowly and carefully, – so that he didn't put Gary off -, thrust his pelvis to meet the werewolf's giant head, which stooped to pleasure him. He groaned and arched his back as he felt the pre-cum release from the head of his swollen, aching cock. With each tentative thrust Jason got a little more confident and moved his pelvis a little deeper into the beast's waiting, salivating, mouth, where the lengthy, oddly muscular, tongue wrapped around his aroused girth, making strong deliberate tugs at it, and causing Jason to slowly and deliberately drive his sinful cock deeper still.

He became aware that his werewolf uncle was responding, perhaps even sensually, to his shy advance, but he knew how very wrong what he was doing was. How illegal it was. How disgusted his parent would be. His young sisters. His teachers. His peers. His whole picture-perfect community. He could never even look them in the eye if they found out his guilty pleasure. If anyone found out and word got round their small town. They didn't even know he was gay. And here he was:

The 17 years old gay only son, and eldest child, of the local Baptist pastor, and his strict missionary mother, lying spread-legged in his maiden aunt's front room, and having delicious, revolting, rabid, oral-sex with her captive werewolf brother.

This thought alone filled him with erotic sensation and prompted his engorged cock to become most fully erect, as he thrust himself with quickening pace into the open jaw of the large, docile beast that lapped furiously between his tingling, aching, legs as if it had found a delicious bowl of water on a baking-hot day. With the incestuous creature positioned almost on top of him, he slid himself further down on the couch and took Uncle Gary's head in his hands as he piled into it with his turgid penis, his balls swinging back and forth below the beast's lapping jaw.

Jason breathed hard and began gasping at the rapturous swelling in his virgin dick. He felt his cock run and bump against the ribbed roof of the creature's cavernous mouth, before the snake-like tongue wrapped around his thrusting member and pulled him further in. He let out a long faint whimper as it tugged at his foreskin and released, to leave a filmy residue of slobber on the proud head of his throbbing, thrusting, juvenile cock.

He felt his pelvis and the depths of his balls contract in quick succession as he began to climax, both hands on the werewolf's mangy's head, pulling it onto him, his cock harder than it had ever been before, and his breathing becoming a labored, erratic wheezing as he abandoned himself to guilt and dirty, bestial pleasure and plunged stroke after sinful stroke into the caress of Uncle Gary's frantically lapping incestuous tongue.

The werewolf now pushed its strong head into his yearning groin so that Jason's deep, frantic thrusts made him grind into the beast's hard lapping jaws as he felt the orgasm and the cum swell deep inside him as he made one final incestuous desperate push into the werewolf's thrusting head and flung his arms out with an agonising cry as he climaxed; his teenage body in ecstatic spasm after spasm as he orgasmed and ejaculated over and over again. Screaming out in his effeminate, breaking teenage voice. Bucking violently on his back; legs wide open in the raptures of incest. Shooting cum into Uncle Gary as he thrashed and broke loose of the werewolf's jaw, sending cum flying out in orgasm after screaming orgasm as he writhed and cummed on himself and the expensive upholstery.

He lay there; naked in his private disgrace, and panting.

Gary, eventually padded off to his basket in the kitchen, and Jason nodded off some time before the sun began to rise.

Disturbed, guilty and excited by his sexual awakening...

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