tagErotic CouplingsPrelude to the Opera

Prelude to the Opera


My eyes fluttered open and then quickly close when I notice the sun is streaming across the bed. Grumbling I flip over onto my stomach away from the window and hear a crinkle. I reach down and pull up the envelope. Opening an inquisitive eye, my lips curl up into a slow smile as I remember how it came to be in the bed.

Soft kisses over the smooth skin of my shoulder towards my neck has a sleepy smile grace my lips as I open my eyes and look up at you. The moonlight casts a wonderful glow across the bed. I feel your arm casually draped over my body and I can't stop the automatic shuffle of mine to sink further into you. I see you smile before leaning down to kiss my lips. Closing my eyes, I allow your kiss to take over all my senses. Pulling back just a little you whisper, "Mi Angelito (My Angel in SPANISH)," as your hand slips between my face and the pillow to caress my cheek and lips.

"Hi." I whisper and close my eyes again in ecstasy. After just a few moments, your hand stills in it's caressing. I feel you shift and settle yourself beside me, arm still around me. Small kisses are placed all over my face and jaw. Opening eyes, I look into your eyes and pout. Chuckling you finally lean down and kiss me again, deeper and more passionately than before. I wrap my arms around you, leaning back against the bed and pulling you on top of me. Quick in your movement, your hand drifts down my naked body and pull my leg around you, bringing your body snug against mine in a perfect fit. A soft moan slips out of my lips against yours.

"Sarah!" You whisper as your hand trails back up my body, much slower than its trek down. Slowly caressing every inch of skin it comes in contact with. Down the softness of my thigh. Over the curve of my hip. Fingertips grazing my waist and my rib cage lightly. Caressing the underside of my breast before gently rubbing your thumb over my erect nipple.

My tongue darts into your mouth in a quick tango of lust. I feel you push against me in a silent question and my hips answer with a quick and deliberate push against you. Your hand slips up my collarbone sending a shiver through my body. Your palm gently slips across the sensitive skin of my neck. Gently sucking my bottom lip between yours, you pull back, your thumb caressing my jaw line. Looking down at me you whisper, "Tu eres tan bella. Te necesito. (You are so beautiful. I need you.)"

"Yes Christian. I need you too!" I whisper and slip my other leg out from under you. I slip my hands down your back to the hem of your t shirt. Yanking it gently up your back, you chuckle and lean up to remove it. While your hands are busy, I unbutton and unzip your pants. Without waiting, I slip my hand in. The shirt is just past your shoulders when you suck in a quick intake of breath. Your whole body stills as my hand closes around your cock. I see every line of your body strain to hold back the need to push into my hand. One small pull of my hand up the silkiness of your cock and a twirl off the tip of your cock has your cock visibly jumping in my hand. I hear you groan as my hand slips back down your cock. I take my eyes off my prize and glance up at you. Your shirt is around your neck, your arms pulling it tightly and your eyes are glued to mine.

I suck my bottom lip in between my teeth and hide my smile. I give you a mischievous look before sliding my hand back up your cock. Your eyes glaze over slightly. "Stroke my cock baby. Por Favor." My whole body tenses as you say that to me and I slip my hand back down your cock.

"Like this baby?" I give you a sexy smile as I ask. I don't even need to hear the answer. I know it already. You thrust into my hand and yank off your shirt.

"What do you think?" I chuckle and continue to stroke your cock. You look down your body to mine, proudly pushing your cock into my hand. You groan as I continue. My eyes are glued to the prize in my hand, concentrating on causing groans. Glancing back up at you, I tug gently on your foreskin. I watch your body jerk with pleasure. In a quick motion you pull out of my hand and slide into me. "You will pay for that Sarah!" Your teeth scrape across my breast before latching onto my nipple. I arch my back and push my hips against you in a silent plea, but you ignore me. You do not move. Your cock is just shoved into me, stretching me, filling me. Invading me.

"Christian! Por Favor!" I push trying to move against you and can't.

"Oh no! You have to be punished!" Slowly you pull out an inch and push back into me just as slow. You place small, soft kisses to my other breast. Sucking my nipple into your mouth, you push against me again. "You have been so bad!"

I give you a look of pure innocence. "Me? Not me! I am good!"

You look as if you don't believe me and pull out of me. I get a smug look because I believe you are about to shove back into me giving me what I want. It turns to confusion as you lean back. "Suck my cock Sarah!"

My mouth drops open and immediately wetness pools in between my thighs. "What?"

"You heard me! Do it Sarah!" You give me a stern look and glance at your cock. "Now!"

I shift and get up on my knees. "You want me to bend over and suck your cock?"

"Sarah!" You growl and grab my head, pushing me down towards your cock. "Either you begin sucking my cock or I will take what I want!"

I glanced up at you. My face was close enough to your cock to smell myself and to see the juices glisten on your cock. My mouth waters thinking about what I am about to do. Your hand gently threads through my hair, putting gentle pressure on the back of my head. I dart my tongue across the tip of your cock, giving you the pleasure of watching and both of us the pleasure of feeling it. I close my eyes and enjoy the taste of your pre-cum and myself. Salty and sweet. I darted my tongue out again. This time to tease you more, swirling my tongue around the tip.

"Sarah!" You moan and push my mouth onto your cock. The taste of you fully in my mouth was euphoric. Closing my eyes, I moaned against your cock, sending vibrations through your cock. I can't help but devour the taste of you, sucking roughly and taking all that I can. I feel your hand slip through my hair, caressing my head and pushing me to continue.

So entranced by the silkiness of your cock against my tongue and the salty taste of your come, I don't notice the shift in your body as your hand slides down mine. I close my eyes and take your cock further into my mouth and gasp on your cock as your fingers glide over my clit. "Do not stop Sarah! You are not allowed. No matter what I do, continue to suck my cock!"

I moan deeply against your cock and try to push against your fingers. Teasing and tasting you like this has made me so wet and achy for you. "Please!" I moan around your cock.

I hear you chuckle and I glance up at you. You give me a naughty look and slip your fingers into my cunt slowly. "Is that what you want Sarah?"

"Yes!" I moan around your cock. You reward me with a rough push of your fingers into me and then pull them out. A moan of frustration slips out and I nearly push back from your cock. Knowing I might do that, your other hand pushes me back onto your cock.

"Sarah! I told you. Do not stop sucking my cock." A growl slips from your mouth as my mouth slides back up your cock, pulling on your foreskin. You stop what you were doing and just enjoy the feel of my mouth on your cock. Suddenly, you stop my mouth on the tip of your cock. Giving me a mischievous smile, you slide your fingers down the shaft of your cock, coating it with my juices. My eyes follow your fingers and then dart up to your eyes. You watch as my eyes dilate with even more lust. I moan against the tip of your cock and without you asking, slide my mouth down the length of your cock, taking you fully.

"Mmmm...Sarah!" You place your hand back on my head and push me onto your cock. Not allowing me a breath or a rest. "Take my cock!" Without warning you spurt your come into my throat and continue to pump into my mouth frantically. I swallow your come and look up at you as you pull out of my mouth.

"I told you I was a good girl!" You chuckle and push me onto the bed.

"Yes you were very good!" I wrap my arms around your neck and your mouth falls on my jaw. Slowly you begin kissing down to my neck, teasing me with your lips and tongue. "I almost want to leave you here, wet and aching for me."

Pouting softly, I whimper. "Please Christian. Don't do that to me." I move my hips against your cock and grin. You still want me. "Por favor. Chicha mi chocha papi." I grind against you harder and arch my back. "Necestio tu bicho."

Growling you kiss me roughly and push into me. "Is that what you want baby?"

"Si. Por Favor!" I start pushing against you, trying to move in just the perfect way that will push your cock into me. Suddenly, you push roughly into me and stay there. My body is snug between you and the bed. "Please Christian!" I try so hard to move against you. Your lips trail kisses across my jaw to my lips. Kissing me passionately, you pull out and shove into me again. It becomes a dance of lips against lips and hips against hips. Each had it's own rhythm. One could not dance with the other. You made it so. Finally, you lean back and look at me.

"Do you need me? Do you need my cock?" It came out in a growl. I see that you are trying to hold back the need to push into me roughly, taking what you want and need.

"Yes Christian. I need your cock. Please!" I moaned softly as I tried arching against you.

Without answering you push into me roughly. Taking what you want, giving me what I need. Your hand exploring the valleys and peaks of my body, alternating between caressing and roughly grabbing what belonged to you. There was no time. Just quick releases of pressure and slow building of a massive orgasm for both of us.

Slowly, your hand slide down my body, positioning your fingers gently over my clit. "Please Chris. Don't touch me yet. I can't handle it." Ever so gently, you rub a finger against my clit. My body clenches and jerks around your cock. My eyes close to the overwhelming sensation. "Chris!" I moan your name softly, begging with my body to end the torture you caused. Without mercy for me, you continue to include small, gentle rubs to my clit as you pound into me. Soft and hard. Fast and slow. Over and over you take what belongs to you and take me along for a wonderful ride.

Stopping suddenly, I glance up at you and see you smile at me. You lean down and kiss me before leaning back on your knees. Slowly, without sliding out of me, you pull my legs up so that my knees are on your shoulders. Using my legs as leverage, you begin moving me in again. Curious to what you are doing, I watch. I feel your hand caressing my ass cheek and I smile. Without giving away what you are doing, you smack my ass, rub my clit and slam into at the same time causing me to moan loudly and clench your cock hard. Knowing I am close to coming, you slowly slide your finger around my anus. I give you a sweet smile and question you with my eyes.

"No." You growl out as you slam into me harder. "Sarah! I am going to come into that sweet pussy of yours and you cannot come until I am telling you. Do you understand?"

I know that I am too far gone to do that, but you won't give me a choice. I shake my head yes and bite my lip.

You pick up the pace slightly and slam into me frantically. The need to come overwhelms both of us. I clench your cock and watch as you throw your head back and slam into me fully. I feel your body quivering as you squirt your come into me. Your hands become vice grips on my hips, holding me against you. I am aching to come, begging silently to be allowed to come. Growling, you demand "Come Sarah. Come on my cock!" Without a thought, I explode all over your cock, squirting come against you. It drips out around your cock and slides down my ass cheeks.

Leaning down you kiss me and pull me on top of you. Slowly your hands begin caressing my back as we lay there. "This is not what I had in mind when I came in here Sarah." Chuckling, you place a kiss in my hair.

I lean back, looking down at you. "Oh? What was your intentions?" I watch as you reach to the bedside table in the dark. You pick up something white, shimmering in the moonlight. "What is that?" I question softly.

"It's for you!" Handing it to me, I lean back bracing my knees on either side of you. This pushes your cock fully into me, causing both of us to moan. My eyes close in ecstasy and I move gently against you. Your hands stop my hips from moving. "Open it!"

I pout softly in mock hurt, but then smile as I slowly open the envelope. Inside were two strips of paper, black as the shadows of the room. I pull them out and turn them in the moonlight. My eyes strain to see what is written as your hands caress my skin. I open my mouth in surprise and glance at you. "Really?"

You smile up at me and whisper, "Really? Will you go with me?"

Forgetting all else, I slide back down to you and hug you. "Of course I will! I never thought you would do this for me." I kiss you gently. "Thank you!" Slowly I slip off you and curl up against your side. Your arm is wrapped around me, pulling me close as I slip the tickets back inside.

"Phantom of the Opera!" You whisper it sinisterly causing me to chuckle. You kiss me gently and whisper, "Te amo mi amor."

"I love you!" Falling asleep, I smile.

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