tagGroup SexPrivate Sex Party Ch. 04

Private Sex Party Ch. 04


READER'S NOTE: If you've been following this story you can skip the recap below. This recap is for those people who haven't kept up but don't want to go back and read previous chapters.


Chapter 1 – Cindy and Dan get invited by friends to a private party where the attendees take turns performing sex acts for others to watch. They aren't given many details, but Cindy is persuaded by her friend Sherry and her husband to try it. The rules are explained when they get there; every couple gets to attend three parties, then they will have to perform at the fourth. Each time a couple performs, they are allowed to invite another couple to attend. Cindy enjoys watching at the party, but knows that they'll only get to go to three, since there's no way she'll ever perform in front of people.

Chapter 2 – Cindy & Dan attend their second party. Cindy meets dominatrix mistress Nancy and her husband Bob, who practice a lifestyle of male chastity and tease and denial. Cindy is intrigued, and begins to follow Nancy and Bob's blog detailing their unusual lifestyle.

Chapter 3 – Nancy invites Cindy to Bunko night with her friends and their male submissives. Cindy thinks that the men are only there to drive the women home, and don't get to play or drink, so Dan doesn't go. What Cindy doesn't know is that the husband of whoever wins each round gets to remove an article of clothing, and the one who gets naked first gets to remove chastity device and cum in front of the clothed women. Lisa's husband, Larry, is the lucky male. He is 6'5" and a former competitive body builder with a beautiful body and a huge dick that is larger than any of the girls have ever seen. Cindy, mesmerized by his beautiful body and huge package, can't help herself despite knowing it's wrong, and touches it along with the other girls as Larry shoots his load.

Cindy opened the email from Barbara with mixed feelings; she was excited about being invited to another party, but knew that it was to be her last invitation. After the next party, she and Dan would have to perform in front of the group to get invited back, and Cindy knew that she would never be able to disrobe in front of a group of people, let alone have sex. There was a twist on this invitation; it was billed as a "Naughty Nightie" party. Everyone was asked to dress up in their naughtiest nightwear. There would be a special prize for one lucky winner, the invitation said, and it also warned that the party would run later than normal.

"I suppose I could wear my short nightie," Cindy said to Dan as they discussed the invitation. "But I might die of embarrassment. Maybe I should buy something especially for the party that's not so revealing."

"Maybe you should loosen up a little, and maybe you should let me buy new nightwear for you to wear. Do you trust me?" Dan asked.

"I guess so. You won't buy anything too revealing, will you?"

"I'll buy something hot, but nice."

"OK, just let me try it on ahead of time, OK?"

"No. You said you trust me. It'll be a surprise, and you can change into it after we arrive."

Cindy was really nervous about that idea, even though she knew that she needed to lighten up. She felt bad about always being a wet blanket, so she agreed to Dan's idea. Meanwhile, she shopped online for something for Dan to wear, since he normally didn't wear pajamas. She found a sexy pair of silk boxer shorts and silk fish-net top and ordered them in time to arrive before the party two and a half weeks away. Then she had fifteen days to nervously wait. She learned that their best friends Joe and Sherry, who originally invited them, were going to be there.

Cindy was so nervous she barely slept the night before the party. She had asked Dan all week about her nightwear for the party, but he just smiled and said she'd have to wait. He ignored her threats about not going, knowing full well that she was as excited as he was. The night was finally here, and John greeted them at the door.

"Great to see you two," John said. "I'm looking forward to seeing more of you," he said to Cindy with a wink. "You can change in the master bedroom if the bathroom is full."

Cindy waited for the bathroom, then reached into the bag Dan had given her. She pulled out a sheer, baby blue camisole and matching tap pants. They were really nice; beautiful material, great color for her and a perfect fit. They would be perfect for an intimate evening alone; but not to be worn in public. Still, she had no choice, so she took one look in the mirror as she turned around, then left to let others in line have their turn.

"Wow," said Dan, as he saw her. "You're not wearing that, are you? That's pretty revealing."

"Very funny. OK, this is what you wanted, this is what you get. I hope you don't mind your wife being on display for everyone."

The sheer fabric was almost totally see through; her pink nipples were clearly visible through the material. The short pants were cut high on the sides, reaching almost to her hips, and the leg holes were very loose. As Dan hungrily gazed at her legs, he knew he would have full access to her pussy without removing her shorts. The camisole left her mid-riff bare, and the neck and arm holes were loose enough that her little breasts would be fully exposed if she bent over or lifted her arms.

Barbara was giving all the female attendees placards with numbers that clipped to their outfits, and the men ballots to cast their votes for the best outfits. Each couples placard and ballot had the same number. The instructions were to not vote for your spouse. Each male cast three votes for three different women that had the naughtiest nightie. So Cindy was number eight and Dan had ballot number eight.

Joe and Sherry came in and Cindy could feel Joe's eyes all over her. He wasn't even having to mentally undress her, she felt she was already bared. Sherry wore a low cut nightie that showed a lot of cleavage and was barely long enough to cover a tiny pair of panties. Nancy, though, was the talk of the party. She wore a leather dominatrix outfit with spiked heels and led Bob in with a leash that was attached to a ring around the base of his cock. The cock itself was mostly covered with a leather pouch. That was the extent of what Bob was wearing.

At 7:30, John closed the gates as normal, but allowed the guests to continue to mingle and visit. Everybody was eyeing each other on the pretense of deciding their votes, and the costumes were fun to look at. One lady had worn an Elvira, Mistress of the Dark outfit, and she looked just like her. At 8:00, Barbara got everyone's attention and made sure that all ballots had been cast. Then John took over.

"Hello everyone," he said. "Tonight's going to be different than normal. First off, there are no first time visitors, so I won't go through the regular announcements. Secondly, we'll have only one normal performance, then a couple of special events. Many of you know Pam and Jeff, they've performed several times before."

Pam wore a nightie that didn't do anything to hide the fact that she was very pregnant. She said, "I don't feel very sexy about my body these days, but Jeff insisted that we come anyway."

Jeff interrupted, "It may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I don't think I've ever seen her looking more sexy. Her breasts are really plump and her skin has a beautiful glow. Besides, I didn't want to miss the party, there's no telling when we'll get to come to another after the baby's born. If Pam has an orgasm, you might be able to see the little fellow moving around in there."

They went into the other room to prepare, then rang the bell announcing they were ready. The crowd followed them. Cindy had never been to one of these parties that had so many people. There were probably over fifty people packed into the room. Bodies had to squeeze against each other to fit. Dan got a seat on one of the love seats in between two other people, and Cindy sat on his lap.

There was a twin bed against the back wall with a single track light shining on it. Pam and Jeff were sitting on it holding hands as the crowd settled. They began to kiss and Jeff began fondling Pam. Soon he had her nightie and panties off. From the looks of her belly, she had to be at least eight months pregnant. Her fat breasts sat on top of her Buddha-like belly. Cindy had never seen a pregnant girl naked, but she was very pretty. She didn't look like a fat person, though she was quite large. Somehow she looked different.

Jeff had his clothes off now and he lay Pam down on her side facing the crowd with him behind her. He was kissing her neck and face as he fondled her titties. She reached behind her and grabbed his erection, giving it a few slow strokes. His dick was hard and long. He grabbed a tube of lotion and rubbed some on Pam's slit. Pam guided his dick into her waiting pussy, and he began humping her, first slowly, then more vigorously.

Jeff pulled his dick out of Pam and rolled onto his back. She threw a leg over his body and straddled his crotch, forcing her pussy over his dick. Her enormous breasts hung heavy, and Jeff let one hang in each hand as he played with the huge nipples. She bent over and kissed him deeply as she continued humping his dick.

Jeff rolled her off of his dick and guided her onto her hands and knees near the end of the bed. He stood behind the bed and guided his dick back into her waiting pussy. Pam took a small vibrator, rubbed some lubricant on it and buried it in her crotch as Jeff pounded her from behind doggy style.

The people at the end of the room shifted to get a better view, as Jeff was blocking several of them from seeing. The temperature in the room, which had started out kind of chilly given how little Cindy was wearing, was now quite warm. Looking around, the crowd was getting into the show as much as the performers. She could see a number of people fondling themselves, or their mates, or both. Dan had his hands under Cindy's top, rubbing her belly and breasts. She could feel Dan's bulge through the flimsy satin shorts he was wearing.

As Pam edged toward an orgasm, the most amazing thing happened. A thin clear liquid began oozing from her nipples. First it was a few drops; then she began moaning as it was obvious she was close to an orgasm, and the drops became a small stream. Jeff took a breast in each hand and gently squeezed the nipples, causing the stream to shoot out. Pam groaned and slumped down onto her face and shoulders as she shuddered a loud orgasm. "ooh, God, awww, awww, umm, umm," she groaned. "ohh, Ohh, umm."

Her pussy clamped onto Jeff's dick in contractions that lasted almost thirty seconds. Jeff humped her wildly as he shot his sperm into her pussy. His face contorted and he moaned in pleasure as the last of his load oozed into Pam. They both dropped to the bed and Jeff's dick popped out. Pam's gaping pussy was directly facing Cindy and she could see Jeff's sperm oozing its way out of her as her pussy contractions continued. They lay there silently for almost a minute before they were able to get up and cover themselves.

It had been a beautiful exhibition, and Cindy was really aroused. Especially since everybody was wearing really flimsy clothes and you could plainly see every guy's erection. Cindy was surrounded by a roomful of hard dicks that were barely concealed. A couple of the men weren't covered at all, as they had worn crotchless clothing. The crowd began working their way out of the room. It was so crowded that Cindy had to be careful not to rub against or bump into someone's erection.

When they went to the living area, Barbara posted the results of the Naughty Nightie contest. Cindy was shocked to find out that she was one of the three finalists. When she expressed her surprise to her friend, Sherry responded, "Of course you won. Don't act surprised."

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked.

"Cindy, wake up, girl. At thirty two, you're at least ten years younger than most of the women here, and on top of that you look ten years younger than you are. You've got long blond hair, blue eyes, a perfectly smooth, clear complexion with peaches and cream skin tones and perfect, white teeth. You don't have an ounce of fat on you, and you're wearing a sexy, see through, skimpy outfit. You look stunning. Why wouldn't you win?"

"Because I always thought men preferred girls with big tits, and mine are really small."

"There's plenty of guys who dig small girls, and almost all guys like the young ones, or at least the young looking ones. And by the way, men can't resist modest, shy girls. They don't like the loud pushy type. Trust me, every girl here wants to be you, and every guy here wants to do you."

Their conversation was cut short just then by John, who was herding everyone into the living area. He called Cindy and the other two finalists in the Naughty Nightie contest up to the front of the room. The other two girls were Sam, who Cindy had never met, and Wendy, a girl she'd talked to briefly at the last party she'd attended. Sam was wearing a short, see through nightie with a red thong underneath. The low cut nightie did little to hide a nice pair of C sized breasts. Her hard nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, and the short nightie barely covered her thong, which was also clearly visible through her nightie. She had a great body. Wendy was a statuesque bombshell blond who wore a black, seamless, fishnet body stocking that covered her (kind of) from her neck to her toes and a pair of spike heels. Her large breasts were clearly visible through the fishnet. She may as well have been naked. As the crowd would soon see, the body stocking was also crotchless. She looked absolutely stunning. When Cindy had first seen her earlier in the evening, she figured that she would be the winner. She was also quite sure that Dan, with his infatuation of big tits, voted for her.

John spoke to the crowd. "Our second performance tonight will be different. Our finalists in the Naughty Nightie contest will play Twister to determine the winner. The winner gets this," he said. He held up a Monopoly card. "It's a 'Get out of performing free' card." The word "Jail" had been scratched through, and the word "performing" had been written in. "Whoever wins will be able to take a pass next time it's their turn to perform. The girls will play Twister according to the normal rules with one exception; if they get knocked out, they can get back in the game by giving up one article of clothing. Wendy, I guess you're at a disadvantage since you only have one article of clothing. Shoes don't count, they have to be removed before you start. So I guess you can get back in the game once without having to remove an article. That gives everyone an equal shot."


With that, he led the girls into the media room. The overhead lights were on so it was brighter than normal. The Twister mat was in the middle of the room, so the crowd was able to surround them on all four sides. Some of the people sat on the bed. Cindy was embarrassed and nervous, being in the center of attention. She felt a slight panic and felt slightly nauseous. Dan was in the front row, sitting on the floor near the mat for moral support. When everyone had settled, John went over the rules.

"For those of you that haven't played Twister in, oh say twenty or thirty years, here's the rules. First, I'll be the referee. I'll spin the spinner, call out the moves and monitor the action. All decisions by the referee are final." John then showed each girl where to stand to start play. "OK, I'll call out a body part and a color, and all players must then try to put that body part on any vacant circle of the color I call. If that body part is already on a circle of that color, you must move it to a different circle of that color. There must never be more than one hand or foot on one circle. The referee will decide who got there first, and the other player must move to a different circle. If you fall, or touch the mat with your elbow or knee, you're eliminated. If I determine that you knocked over a player, you're eliminated. The other two players continue until one of them is eliminated. At that point, the players eliminated may get back in the game by sacrificing one article of clothing, and there will be another round. We'll do this until there's one final winner. Any questions?"

There were none, so play begun. Within only a few moves, Cindy was facing the crowd bent over at the waist with her feet and hands spread wide. Dan watched as her loose fitting, skimpy camisole fell from her body, and saw the men around him hungrily staring right down her top. Her small breasts were exposed to the crowd, who could see both of her nipples. The men on the other side of the Twister mat had a view of her crotch through the sheer material of her skimpy tap pants.

Dan was more interested in watching Wendy, who was one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen. As she gyrated and twisted into the awkward positions demanded, he stared at her beautiful boobs, changing shapes with her movements. When she bent over, he could see her pussy through the crotchless body stocking.

"God, I'd love to have her in that position for ten minutes," Dan thought. He fantasized that he was pounding his stiff cock in her pussy while fondling her large boobs.

Soon the contestants' bodies were intertwined, making it difficult to move without pushing each other over. They repeatedly had to get permission from the judge to temporarily lift an arm or a leg to allow each other to pass an arm or leg through to the other side. Finally, Sam fell, knocking over the other two. Sam went to the sidelines and wiped her face with a towel while waiting for the other two to finish. Play went on; with only two competitors, it was much easier to find a vacant circle without serious contortions, so play went on for quite a while with no winner. Finally the judge determined that Wendy's knee had touched the mat while she tried to reach for a circle.

"YES!" thought Cindy. She desperately wanted to win, so she'd be able to come to these parties at least three more times without having to perform. It was difficult enough for her to be in the center of the crowd in this skimpy outfit. She knew she wouldn't be able to have sex in front of other people. The same thoughts were going through Dan's mind. He loved coming to these parties, and he knew they would end for him when it was their turn to perform.

"Cindy wins the first round," John said. "There will be another round after a two minute break. Sam, if you want to sacrifice an article of clothing, you can participate. Wendy, since you only have one article on, you'll be in the next round without removing anything."

Sam removed her nightie, leaving her in nothing but a thong. She had beautiful white, creamy skin and soft, C cup breasts. As the second round progressed, they swayed with her movements, mesmerizing the men. The yoga-like positions that the girls were in were beginning to be difficult to maintain for Cindy, since she had been competing for almost thirty minutes. Sam had the advantage, since she had been able to rest during the first round while Wendy and Cindy determined the winner. Cindy was the first to fall. She was crushed. She grabbed a towel and wiped her face and her underarms. She sat down next to Dan.

"That's all right, babe, you'll get 'em on the next round," Dan said, putting his arm around her.

"Next round? I'm not going to take off my clothes in front of everybody," Cindy said.

"You've got to, babe. If you win that card, we can come to three more of these parties. Just take off your bottoms. They're so loose, everybody's seen you anyway. Plus they didn't hide much to start with. They're practically see-through."

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