Purple Cowboy


Copyright Neonurotic, August 2011

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


"Huh?" A nudge at my shoulder roused me from sleep. I yawned then stretched, glanced at my wristwatch in time to see it turn midnight. "Wh-what was that?"

"Refill?" she asked; the linoleum floor creaked as she shifted from one foot to the other. Though looking tired herself, the waitress smiled and nodded at the serving pot she held ready to pour into my empty cup. "Would you like more coffee, Ry?"

"Oh sure, that would be nice. Thank you, Alice."

"My name isn't Alice," she raised a thin tweezed eyebrow.

Jokingly, since I already knew her name, I glanced at her nametag. "Thank you, Flo."

She laughed. "Kiss 'mah grits, I'm no Flo."

"Then thank you, Vera."

"Not Vera either," she grinned sleepily. "And you better not call me Mel next, smartass."

Ok, so I know it was lame, but this sort of flirting amused me for some reason. The waitress, Yvette and I had a little back and forth banter going on about the 1976 TV sitcom 'Alice', a comedy set in a small greasy spoon diner in Phoenix Arizona. However, we weren't in Arizona, but in a small retro coffee shop off the Interstate, I considered part of the suburbs of Portland. It was her uniform; it had me carrying on about the sitcom than her New York accent. I watched entirely too much late-night television. It was my only outlet of being social too since I normally wasn't able to at my job. I spent most of the time trapped in a little cubicle behind a monitor all day assessing life insurance risks, a dead end job that didn't pay worth a shit—no pun intended.

"No hon. You definitely are not a gruff bear type Mel," I said, eyeing her stocking covered thighs that were scarcely covered by her pink polyester uniform and a white apron. "At least not with a set of stems like yours."

Leaning in, she kissed me on the cheek as she poured my coffee, "Thank you," then she wiped the lipstick print she made with her thumb and left me alone.

Even though flirting with her was nearly an every night event, I was more into men on the side on my bisexuality. I'd been more attracted to men lately in the last two years due to a painful end of a five-year relationship with woman who I had wanted to marry, but she cheated on me with her best friend, another woman.

Taking a sip of my coffee, I went back to my laptop computer that was flashing the whirling colors of my screensaver. I stroked the mouse pad and returned to Myspace website where I had a pop-up alert notifying me that someone had sent a message. Going to my inbox, I saw that the message was almost an hour old; I'd been napping at the diner's booth for just that long before Yvette nudged me awake.

Grinning, I read:

----- Original Message -----

Subject: film you

From: purple_cowboy

10:59 PM


120 days of sodom

you me and everyone we know


would you like to meet?

It was a bizarre little message, a poem referencing movies. I was interested after viewing his profile page, though really, it wasn't a habit of mine to cruise the website for sex, it just had been a very long, long week. I needed to vent. Besides that, I was horny and wanted a no-strings sort of anonymous thing, which was the norm for me. Mindless, conscienceless fucking; I always wanted that. Having convinced myself it was all right, I replied to his message, saying I would like to meet up—tonight, if he was so inclined.

He was inclined.

I had sent the message and he must have been waiting for a reply because no sooner had I refresh my user's panel, there was one in my Inbox.

Sniggering, I opened purple_cowboy message, mumbling to myself. "Aren't we anxious?"

Waiting on my reply long? I signed it with a with winking emote.

He said: And you are pretentious. Where would you like to meet?

I replied: Ruby's Diner, South of Portland, exit 281.

I waited several minutes for him to confirm, however, purple_cowboy never did. I chalked it up to scaring him off with my eagerness and him just fucking with me. He probably wanted to cyber, but I wasn't interested in doing that tonight, especially not in a public place such as the coffee shop I was presently sitting. The diner had free wireless and my place had no Internet at the moment. I was strapped for cash and luxuries like the WWW Dot went first when I had to cut back.

With my stomach growling, I motioned to Yvette. "Grilled cheese on rye?"

"More coffee?"

"No, just the sandwich is fine," I said after checking my wallet and seeing only enough cash for the grilled cheese. "To go, please."

I usually ordered something right before I left the diner for the evening and ate it on the way home. My little loft was just around the corner, facing away from the traffic on the freeway. I was a horrible cook so I spent a lot of my meal time at Ruby's, which was a cheap place to get great food and coffee. THAT and I had insomnia. I liked the bustling of the diner; it was good background noise. Most often, I occupied myself by writing poetry until I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. My remedy usually worked even though I drank copious amounts of coffee with lots of sugar. If it didn't, I still had the sleeping pills, which I rarely opted for since they turned me into a sleepy zombie the next day.

Sitting in my booth, I could smell the rye bread on the grill toasting. It was a bit of cheesy heaven. While shutting down my laptop, the diner's side door opened and a man entered. At first, I thought it was purple_cowboy until a woman walked in behind him. They laughed a little too loudly, whispered, looked at me, whispered and laughed again. They were drunk. I caught an unmistakable whiff of tequila and beer, with a definite note of vomit.

As soon as the diner's door closed, it swung open again. This was purple_cowboy. His charcoal rimmed gray eyes were the same in his profile on Myspace. He flicked his gaze from Yvette to the couple, particularly the guy then rested on me. Walking over to me, the heels of his boots sounded like metal on them, they were so loud. He gave me a smirk as he slid into the booth opposite of me.


"Yes, I had quite enough, thank you." I laughed at him mentioning my onscreen name. "It's Ryan, actually," I half-grinned back. "But if you'd rather Myspace name then it's 2much for short. And you are?"


"I half expected you not to show, Jesse." I said appraising him. His profile picture really didn't do him justice. In fact, he was much more attractive than that with blond hair streaked with black and a thick leather collar wrapped around his throat. Definitely emo-goth. And young. Very young "Though I'm glad you did."


He looks too young, I thought. Uncomfortable, I asked, "How old are you?"

"Probably older then you think, maybe even older than you. I just look younger."

"Can I see some ID?"

"Yes," he rolled his eyes and dug into his back pocket, fishing out his wallet. He opened it and showed me his student ID card for his community college. He looked sulky in the little picture, but he was of age, thirty-one; four years older than me. "Happy?"

"Yup," while now satisfied with him being older than eighteen, he definitely didn't want me to know his full information since he hid his name and other particulars under his thumb on the ID. "You are older."

"Figured that."

"Must be Portland's misty weather that keeps you looking youthful. So good for your skin yanno?"

"Of course," his eyes narrowed, "that and I don't smoke cigs." he said this indicating the cigarette I had tucked behind my ear. "Smokers look older."

"And the surgeon general tells me it's bad for me too."

"You are cute."


"Should we get outta here?" Jesse picked up my coffee and downed it as if it were a mug of beer. "Get past this small talk stuff and straight to the part where I'm fucking you?"

"Whoa, too quick. Slow it down there, cowboy. I'm still waiting on my grilled cheese to-go."

"More small talk then? Fine. So, Ry..."

"It's Ryan." I prickled at him for using my nickname.

"Ry," he wagged an eyebrow, dismissing my correction. "Do you normally answer messages on websites by those who are just looking for a hook-up?" He lifted his foot and rested it between my legs

"Not usually." I looked down, eyeing his shoe. It was a dark purple cowboy boot, a real shit-kicker with a pointed black metal toe. "You were interesting with your movie poem. You must watch a lot of movies."

"I do. I work at a video rental store. Anyway, I thought that might get your attention after reading poetry on your website..." he trailed off, but I had stopped listening.

Jesse had the most amazing smile, which coincidently clashed with the dark broody persona he was trying to feed me. Though, his straight white teeth and nicely formed lips gave me other ideas. They were great dick sucking lips and I couldn't stop staring at them!

"Be right back," I coughed and pushed his boot away that he had pressed harder into my cock. I covered up the tightness in my crotch. "Got to take a leak." I said, getting up.

Once excusing myself from the booth, I walked past the diner's front counter where Yvette was stocking supplies and putting away clean glasses.

"Hey." I smiled at her.

"I had Larry put on another sandwich and fries for your friend," she grinned suggestively. "On the house, of course, since you are my favorite customer."

"Well, that's very nice of you." I was touched, also realizing that I hadn't fooled her one bit with my flirting. She knew I liked men. "Thank you."

I went into the men's room and over the urinal next to the sink, unzipping the fly of my jeans. If the huge erection had subsided, I would have sent a stream onto the lemon fresh deodorizer tablet, but since it didn't, I didn't. I had to wait. While looking at the jade green tile trying to think of something, anything other than Jesse's lips, I felt hands slide around my waist. One hand reached under mine until it was holding my engorged cock.

"Well, now," Jesse crooned into my ear, "isn't that a gorgeous piece of meat?"

Surprised, as I hadn't heard him come into the bathroom, I caught my breath and only nodded in agreement while his hand gripped me hard.

"Would you mind if I sucked that?"

"He-here?" My voice sounded funny, high and froggy. "Er, I-I don't know. Anyone could walk in on us."

"Half the fun, don't you think?"

Jesse went down on his knees, bit my ass through my jeans and turned me around. Now facing him, he guided me against the sink rather than the urinal, which was considerate. I really didn't want another guy's piss on my backside. I was going to let him do this too; right here in a dirty public john, he was going to give me a blowjob and I was going to like it.

"So smooth," he pulled my pants down around the ankles, caressing my cock with the side of his cheek. "Delicious too, I bet. I'll make you glad that you answered my message on MySpace, that's for damn sure."

The idea of him giving me slow sensual oral sex and with the possibility of discovery went flying out my head once he swallowed mine, sucking on it hard. He accumulated a lot of spit, let it run down the sides and gripped the shaft in his fist. He twisted his hand around and I felt the other man's tongue licking, sucking at the tip of my dick and more flesh. Pleasure spread from there to my balls, making me tense up and hold my breath when he hit a particularly sweet spot. He demonstrated what I considered was a perfect blowjob by swirling around the ridge of flesh that flared at head of my cock with his tongue then stabbing the point into my piss slit. Bucking against his face was instinct as was my hand thrusting into his hair and guiding him to take me further into his mouth. However, he wasn't having any of that. He pushed my hands away and mumbled that my hands were best suited fingering my ass.

I would've done just that too if the door hadn't swung open when it did. It was an awkward situation, me ten seconds away from orgasm while the drunken man from the diner gawked at us. Jesse was insouciant to the intrusion. He took my cock all the way, slipping me along his soft palate and into his throat. The unwelcome guest stood there, mouth hanging open and pinching the crotch of his pants. The guy-on-guy action turned him on, because his erection was obvious.

Jesse had been right. The "what if" factor of being caught was thrilling, though actually getting walked in on, and the person being just as excited I was, sent me over the edge. As short-lived as it was; that feeling of the greatest blowjob ever came to an end. I gripped the sides of the sink and jerked against Jesse's face while unloading. He continued to suck on me until I was a twitchy mass of jelly on legs.

I opened my eyes, "Oh, goddamn. Stop! That's enough."

The drunken man finally caught Jesse's eye as he cleared his throat in embarrassment and made his way to an empty stall where he locked the door behind him. It was unmistakable, the sound of him unzipping and the jingle of his belt as he masturbated out of view.

Jesse and I smirked. I helped him up, kissed him a 'thank you'. "Hey cowboy, you wanna get out of here and continue this at my place?" I asked while fixing my fly and finger combing my hair. "I live around the corner."

"Sounds good to me. Let's get—"

"Oh, fuck me," the drunk guy called from his stall. "Ya! Fuck!"

Leaving the men's room, we looked at each other and sniggered then laughed louder once we returned to the dining area when we saw everyone staring at us. I went to the register and got our to-go order. Even though it wasn't needed now, Yvette whispered a 'good luck'. I'd get a piece of ass tonight for sure with the blowjob in the john.

After exiting the diner, Jesse headed over to his car, but I stopped him. "Just leave it and you can get it later. Really, my place is just a short walk."

"All right. What do you have in that bag?" He indicated the one Yvette gave me.

"Dinner. You like grilled cheese?"

"Who doesn't?"

I gave him the extra one Yvette gave me and he grinned while unwrapping it, as it did smell divine, with melted cheese oozing out of the buttered rye toast. We walked around the block to my place, wolfing down sandwiches and greasy fries. I lived on the second floor of a quad-plex office building converted into studio apartments, which was a total rattrap, though not literally. I had a fat black tomcat named Max who took care of them. We entered my place and I led the way into the living room.

"The quick tour of the house without leaving the room: the kitchen is where the sink is with dirty dishes and the fridge is without food," I said, nodding my head to the side to where it was obviously located. "The bathroom is through there. It has a standard toilet that gets clogged every time you use it, so flush mid-piss or you'll be swimming in your own swill." I pointed to the only door other in the studio than the front one. "And you're standing in the living room and also standing where I make sleep."

I tossed Max off the sofa where he had made a nest for napping in a crochet blanket. As I took off the cushions to pull out my hide-a-bed, Jesse yelped and cursed.

"Your cat bit me!"

"Sorry, ya, well, Max does that," I chuckled. "He's not the nicest little bastard, but he does take care of the mice." Once releasing the mattress from the sofa, I said while pulling off my shirt, "And this is where I will be fucking you in about five minutes."

"Is that so?" he laughed, also taking off his shirt, leaving on his army green tank. "I'd rather thought it would be the other way around."

"Doubt it," I tackled him around the waist onto the bed. I bit his boney shoulder while undoing his pants. The familiar scent of patchouli drifted over my senses, his manly scent lighting desire. I could feel the bulk between his legs under the fly of his shorts; he was enormous and it was a weird coincidence; it seemed to me that skinny men had the largest cocks. "Like I said cowboy, I don't normally get on MySpace to find sex so what makes you think I'd willingly let a stranger butt fuck me?"

"I can be convincing," he stopped my advancements into his jeans by kissing the side of my neck and sucking on my earlobe. "Very convincing."

Before I realized it, he was undressing me instead. His hands were everywhere, or so it seemed. Before long my pants and jockeys were flung across the room with my trainers. Max had the nerve to sit on the end of the bed and curiously stare while Jesse straddled my hips and attacked my nipples. They were diamond hard, as my cock that painful, scrubbed against his rough jeans. He slipped down and tongued the end of my dick, jabbing the pointed tip into my piss slit where he immediately didn't waste any time and went straight for my ass. I sucked in a harsh breath as his thumb entered me; he worked it around and gave me head at the same time.

I swear my ass was a deceitful whore, giving in to him, sucking his thumb, which he wriggled in and out of me, switching to two fingers. The blowjob only intensified the sensation of his digits fucking me. Any second now, his cock could easily replace his fingers and that thought was what finally pulled me out of the haze. I didn't know him and no one topped me that I didn't fuck first.

"Stop," I said hoarsely, managing to untangle myself from him.

Jesse was in the haze with me as well; his eyes were dark, but lit from the fire within. I flipped him over and got the upper hand—literally, by grabbing his leather collar and pinning him to the bed. He tried to protest, except my hold on him gave off a strangled sound.

"Clearly, I've got you where I want you." I nipped his belly through his tank, tugged on it and moved further down to bite flap of his fly. "Mmm, yum."

I nosed his crotch and realized there was something weird. He didn't smell right, not like how I expected. That musky cock and piss scent was missing.

Huh? What's up with that?

I bit the inseam of his jeans, but jerked away suddenly, surprised by what I found. Granted, it had been awhile, but I knew pussy when I tasted it.

I let Jesse go, glaring at him...or her, "Whoa, you're a chick?"

Nodding, rubbing his/her throat. "Yes."

"What the fuck?" I thought for second. Maybe I had this wrong. "Are you trans?" Being transgender was more palatable, not totally right for his non-disclosure, but still ok all the same.

"No. I'm a woman role playing as a man."

"Oh fuck, no fucking way." I scrambled out of the bed. "You lied."

"No, I didn't lie to you, Ry. Really. My profile on MySpace doesn't say what my sex is other than I like to fuck men. And that's true. I just have this kink. I like strapping one on and ass fucking as good as any man can," she grinned, undoing her pants, revealing her realistic cyber-skinned dong.

"Your username is purple_cowboy as in b-o-y, boy."

"Now Ry, do you really want a boy?"

"No, jeez." I gritted my teeth. She was really annoying the shit out of me, "And you said your name was Jesse."

"It is," she stroked her fake cock, twisting it in her fist. "Short for Jessica."

"Oh," I said, simply, wondering why she looked so flat-chested.

Jesse noticed my expression. "I'm wearing a chest binder. Trust me. I got some nice tits."

"Uhg! Don't tell me that! I don't give a fuck. You might not have lied to me and I may be ignorant to all that kind of gear," I indicated her crotch and chest areas. "Or whatever, but you didn't say you were a girl and that's just as bad as lying when I'd thought you were gay."

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