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Quittin' Time


The sun sank low over the horizon, bathing the wheat in a bright orange glow. Samantha guided the old red truck into the shed and shut it off. She reached for the rubber band on the dash to tie her curly red hair back, revealing bare shoulders above a sweaty tank top. She wore no bra. Her nipples, though soft from the intense heat, protruded slightly from the perky breasts that stood out against the damp cloth.

Samantha was eighteen and this was her second summer on her neighbor's harvest crew. She started out running the grain elevators, but was promoted to truck driver when her older brother graduated from high school and moved out of state for college. It was a hot, dirty job, but she liked being outside. She especially liked the tan she was getting working in the sun. She jumped down out of the cab and walked towards the house. As she reached the porch, a voice stopped her.


It was Jim, one of the combine drivers; the one everybody called "Bubba". He was walking up the drive from his machine when he saw her coming from the shed. He had paused for a moment to admire the sun glistening off her bare shoulders. He awed at how it illuminated her fiery red hair. For a moment she was a silhouette and the setting sun accentuated her shapely chest. He loved how the tight blue jeans wrapped around her gorgeous ass. Jim stared at her breasts, bouncing lightly as she walked, and at her tight round ass as it moved back and forth with her perfect strut.

Jim had been on the farm for five years now. He worked summers through high school, and was now trying to make enough money to start college. He was getting bored with the farm until his father had hired this neighbor girl last year. She had been the object of his fantasies ever since, and had made the harvest season much more bearable.

Last summer he had watched from a distance, but this summer he wanted more. He took every chance to be alone with her. He flirted with her constantly. She seemed to be warming up to him, but with her it was hard to tell.

Samantha watched Jim come up the drive from his machine. She secretly liked him, but up to this point had been too shy to act on her crush. She had noticed his flirting, and had returned some of the attention, but was still nervous when they were alone. Now as he peeled his shirt off and let the sunset illuminate his sweaty chest, she licked her lips and silently wondered what it would be like to have their sweaty bodies pressed together, locked in hot embrace.

Jim reached the porch and they walked around back to the well together to wash up for dinner. Jim turned on the spigot and waited for the warm water to flush out of the hose before soaking himself. Samantha watched with satisfaction as the water rolled off his toned upper body. Jim had farm boy muscles; built by years of lifting irrigation pipe, and hoeing weeds. She had spent much time fantasizing about those muscles, among others that she hadn't yet seen.

Jim caught her gaze and tuned the hose on her. She shrieked and jumped away just a little too late to avoid having her tank top soaked by the cold well water.

"Bubba you ass!" she yelled, but made no attempt to hide her hardened nipples which now showed clearly through the wet fabric.

"Or your ass" he said, turning the stream from the hose on her jeans.

Samantha screamed again, but this time ran to Jim and tackled him, taking him down to the soft grass. They wrestled for a moment, coming to a stalemate with the hose being knocked away.

They lay there for a minute, breathing heavily. Samantha was on top of Jim's bare chest, her hands on his pecks. Jim was on his back, his arms around Samantha's waist. Samantha laid her head on Jim's chest and listened to his breathing. Jim could feel Samantha's nipples, hardened from the water fight, as they pressed through the thin fabric of the tank top. He began to feel his erection growing, and his breathing quickened more.

Samantha became aware of the bulge growing in Jim's pants. She looked up into his eyes, but he looked away, nervously. She smiled, shifting her weight up and pressing the bulge into her crotch. She bent her head down and gently kissed his bare chest.

Jim couldn't believe what was happening. He decided to go for home and ran his hands up Samantha's back, under her tank top. She sat up, stopping him.

"Follow me," she commanded.

Getting up, she quickly walked through the back gate and jogged towards the barn. Adjusting his erection, Jim followed her. Guessing wildly at what she had in mind. She disappeared into the barn, and he ran after her. When he entered the dilapidated wooden building, he paused for a moment, allowing his eyes adjust to the light. He looked up just in time to see the object of his desire climb up through the trap door that went to the hayloft. Without further hesitation he scrambled up the ladder after her.

The hayloft was darker yet. He took a couple of steps from the ladder, peering into the darkness. She came from behind, embracing him. He felt her nipples pressing into his back, surrounded by the soft flesh of those magnificent breasts. Her hands massaged his pecks and abs as she kissed his back. He reached back and realized that her tank top wasn't all that was gone. His hands slid over her smooth ass, liberated of the tight jeans that had etched themselves in his mind.

Her hands slid down to his belt, and undid his jeans. She reached in and freed his cock from his boxers and let his remaining clothing fall to the floor. They were both breathing heavily now. He turned to her and they embraced, kissing deeply. It was the embrace they had both been dreaming about. He grew more and more excited at the feel of her nipples, pressed by her large breasts into his chest. She reveled at the feel of his rock-hard cock against her warm, wet pussy. She relaxed into his grasp and he laid her down in the soft hay.

"Your Dad will wonder where we are," Samantha gasped, taking in the scent of his sweat.

"It will be a while before he is done servicing the machines," Jim replied, lightly kissing his way down her neck.

"Long enough for you to do some servicing here?" she asked with a playful grin.

Jim didn't answer. He just kissed her deeply. She sighed as his tongue passed her lips. They explored each other's mouths for awhile, and then Samantha wrapped her legs around Jim's waist. She dug her heels into his back, pressing his still-firm dick up against her clit. Jim groaned as the soft, wet lips of her warm, inviting pussy slid up and down his hard cock. She released him form her leg-lock just long enough to reach down and guide his tool into its destination. They both gasped as he entered her. There was a moment of silence, and then he thrust again...and again.

Pretty soon he was pounding her with everything he had. Her heels dug into his ass and her fingers clutched at his back, her arms wrapped firmly around his shoulders. His arms were around her waist, pulling her towards him. She pulled with him, fueling his every thrust. It seemed like he was so deep inside her, that they became one for a brief moment at the peak of every thrust. She moaned in ecstasy, and he prayed that the rest of the crew was out of earshot.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, their climax welled up inside both of them to the point where it exploded in each simultaneously. He erupted into her. She cooed at the warm feeling it gave her. Her young cunt could not hold it all, and the juices ran down her leg into the hay.

Exhausted, they fell into the hay. She rested her head on his shoulder for only a moment before the dinner bell rang. They dressed quickly in silence, both thinking about how much more enjoyable the rest of the summer was going to be.

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