tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRachel Get's Drugged

Rachel Get's Drugged


It was pouring that Thursday night when Rachel ran to her car with her messenger bag full of text books sheltering her hair from the icy rain. Her pastel green VW beetle hadn't been washed for months because of her busy schedule with work and school. Rachel was an assistant secretary at Gordon Yates, her father's financial management firm. Although art was her first love and her major in college, after graduating, Rachel was unable to find a job that took advantage of her artistic talents.

Her father, George, was unable to see his only child struggling to make it on her own so he created the position of assistant secretary just for his baby girl. She made $40,000 a year for doing basic secretarial work but was learning what her father did to run the company. She decided to go to graduate school for finance which her parents were paying for in exchange for the title of Financial Analyst and a $30,000 pay raise. Rachel said a quick goodbye to her friends and hopped into her beetle after a 4 hour financial management class; she was tired and was looking forward to a warm shower and her queen sized bed covered with a soft down comforter and 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets underneath. It always felt like sleeping on a bed of clouds when she laid on it.

Rachel was in the bath tub when she got a sudden urge to play with herself, something she was doing more frequently than usual. At 24 she had masturbated only twice before but failed to make herself cum so she gave up altogether. The warm water made her feel more relaxed and the suds playing against her pussy lips turned her on. Her fingers caressed her breasts and she pinched her nipples causing her back to arch, the feeling going straight to her clit. She began thinking of her ex boyfriend and the last time they were together. He would use his entire mouth on her breasts licking, sucking, and using his teeth on her nipples which made them get hard. She imagined him doing just that and kissing his way down her flat stomach stopping to lick inside her navel and then making his way to her clit where he would stop and teasingly ask "can I eat your pussy?" Her answer was always yes and he would dive right in. She could feel him opening her up with his tongue as he licked her from her pussy opening up to her clit, she shivered in delight. He kissed her a few times on the thigh and used his fingers to expose her clit which he kissed and then began to suck lightly which always got her juices flowing and he would stop ever so often to lap it up. She was on the verge of cumming when she was startled out of her reverie by the phone ringing. "Fuck, I was so close!" She almost started to cry. The release would have been welcomed. She checked the caller ID and saw that it was her mother, Rebecca. "Dammit!" she cursed again under her breath before pressing the speaker button on the phone.

"Mom, how are you?" Rachel asked in an excited voice. There was no telling what she was doing just a moment ago.

"I'm just fine honey. I miss you so much!" her mother made a kissing noise on the phone. "How was class?"

Rachel would have picked up the phone for her mother if she called during sex and this was one of the reasons her boyfriend broke up with her. They were very close and Rachel would share intimate details about her sex life and more recently the lack of one.

"Oh, the usual mom, I'm starting to understand what dad has to deal with."

She wrapped up her bath while she spoke with her mother about work and school and hopped into bed with the cordless.

"Sweetheart I really think you should get a rabbit, it is a girl's best friend."

"Oh my god, we are not having this conversation." Rachel did not mind talking about sex with her mother but when it came to masturbation the topic always made her blush. "I have to get in to work a bit earlier tomorrow so I'm calling it a night." She would say anything to avoid this conversation with her mom.

"Ok, honey. Sleep tight. I love you too." Rebecca heard the discomfort in her daughter's voice and let her off the hook.

Rachel hung up the phone with her mother, her need to orgasm was still there but her need to sleep was stronger and she fell asleep shortly after.

The day went by rather quickly for a Friday. It was usually slow and boring at work but today there was an argument between a Sr. Financial Analyst and the cleaning lady which lasted a good hour, it brought some excitement to the usually dull morning. There were also a lot of calls to be made, faxes to send out, and post cards to be mailed. At 5 o'clock Rachel was ready to have some fun. She went home, took a quick shower and got dressed for her night out on the town with her best girlfriends, Martha, Lynn, and Jane.

They had been friends since high school and kept in touch during college as they were all within 20 miles of each other. Partying on Fridays was their routine whether or not they had boyfriends. Martha was single but had no problem attracting men and sometimes women, she was very flirtatious and somewhat of a skank. Rebecca could never see why Rachel kept her as a friend but she would never express that to her. Lynn was engaged to an investment banker and she looked forward to her nights out with the girls. She would flirt with men who bought her drinks but that was it, she was faithful to her man. Jane was also single but less flirtatious, she would like to find a man and figured that the club would be a good place to begin. Her friends convinced her to join one of those dating sites and had a few successful dates and some that were not so successful. She had a date tonight but missed hanging out with her friends so she canceled.

Jane was the designated driver this time around and picked up all the girls and headed to Sparkling Waters night club. The bass was pumping as they made their way through the crowded nightclub towards the bar. They bought a shot of Jim Beam and started to party. Martha was dancing with a man who looked old enough to be her father, the girls looked at each other and began to laugh, there was no one that Martha would not sleep with. Rachel was being groped from behind by some drunk pervert but she didn't mind, that was the most action she had gotten since her break up. She whispered what was happening to her in Jane's ear and that got Jane turned on, she began kissing Rachel as if it was something she did all the time. Rachel went with it and kissed back.

She felt a finger enter her pussy but didn't know if it was Jane's or the stranger's, she was so wet it slipped in easily. The finger moved in and out of her pussy to the beat of the music and then a second was added. Rachel continued dancing with her friend and the stranger as the Jim Beam warmed her up. Martha brought them another shot after seeing all the action that was going on, she felt left out. The fingers began to move even faster and Rachel flung herself on to her friend's neck as her orgasm built. She took the shot from Martha which she gulped down as she came. It was the hardest she'd ever cum and her pussy walls gripped the fingers as the orgasm subsided. Just as quickly as they entered, the two fingers pulled out and left Rachel with shaky knees, she would have fallen if it wasn't for her grip on her friend. She made out some more with her friend while they both walked to find a seat.

After an hour and only two shots Rachel began to feel light headed and wobbly, she knew something wasn't right, she wasn't a light weight. She tried telling her friends that she wasn't feeling well but they all ignored her as 2 very handsome and charismatic young men, Marco and Philippe, joined them at the table and offered to buy them a bottle of the most expensive Champaign, a 1995 Krug Clos Abonnay at $3500 a bottle. They chatted up for another hour while Rachel fought to stay conscious. Sometime during their conversation Martha left with Philippe to who knows where, this was expected of her and the others just continued chatting with Marco. After a while Lynn and Jane realized that Rachel was completely out of it and they decided to call it a night. Marco volunteered to follow the girls home as a kind gesture and they saw no harm in it as he would be following behind them in his car.

Marco helped Rachel to the car and hopped in his 2-year old black Porche while he watched as Lynn and Jane clumsily entered Jane's vehicle. He shook his head in disgust at the drunk bitches. Marco had little respect for women and saw them as objects that could be bought and these three were no different, their price was a bottle of some expensive Champaign and some kind words. Phillipe on the other hand would fuck anything in a skirt but his good looks always brought the good looking women. Marco followed them first to Rachel's house where he helped carry her to her bed.

"Where are your keys Rach?" Lynn was asking as she looked through her bag.

Rachel whispered "They're in the zipper."

"What?" Lynn could hardly make out what she said but she eventually found her house keys.

"Do you want me to help bring her in?" Marco's voice startled the girls.

"Would you be so kind?" asked Lynn.

Marco picked up Rachel in one scoop and was waiting by the door.

Lynn opened the door and led Marco to Rachel's bedroom, he put her down gently and knew he would be back soon. Lynn went out first and left Marco to lock the door which he intentionally failed to do. Marco followed the girls to Lynn's, then Jane's house, and returned to Rachel's. His cock grew hard in anticipation, his plan worked and he would rape one of these girls before the night was over. While Martha was watching Rachel being finger fucked at the club Marco slipped the sedative, Amobarbital, into one of the shots she just bought and now he only had a few more minutes before it would wear off. There was enough sedative in there to last 3 hours, he just hoped it didn't kill her, or that someone else would get in the house and claim his prize.

He arrived at the house and opened the door as quietly as he could and locked it as he should have before he left the first time. He checked around the house for other intruders before he made his way to Rachel's bedroom. She was still asleep so he checked to make sure she was breathing by running his finger along her slit... she turned her head in response. Marco was satisfied that she was still alive and jumped right in.


"Wake the fuck up bitch!" Marco didn't hold back, he used all his strength to slap Rachel across her face while he straddled her.

Rachel was startled and tried to jump up in the bed, the slap leaving a stinging pain across her cheek. She was being pinned down; she didn't understand what was going on. She opened her eyes and tears rolled down her face when she realized that there was someone over her.

"What the fuck!? Mark!? What the fuck are you doing?" her voice shook as the image of the man above her came into focus.

Marco didn't say another word, he ripped open her silk camisole top she wore to the club revealing milky white breasts which were interrupted by her dark areolas and nipples. He pinched her nipples causing her to grit her teeth in pain and more tears to flow. Rachel could not understand what was happening to her, she had no idea how she got home. Where were her friends? They would never allow a stranger to take her home.

Marco put his face inches from Rachel's to put more fear in her while he said "I'm gonna fucking rape your pretty little pussy!"

"No! Please!" Rachel begged, her voice quivering in a whisper. "Please don't do this!"

Her pleading fell on deaf ears. Marco put his left forearm across her neck forcing her to stay down while he undid his belt, unzipped his pants, took out his semi erect cock and started rubbing it against the fabric of her panties. He looked at the fear in her eyes and his cock grew to it's full length of 8 and a half inches. He wanted to see her with his cock in her mouth but he just didn't have the patience, he needed to fuck her now. Marco heard her gasping and realized that the pressure on her neck was cutting away her air supply; he removed his arm and knew he could now move freely without having to worry about her trying to get away, she got the message. With one swift tug he removed her panties and shoved his cock inside her cunt without any lubrication, her pussy felt warm and he began to pump in and out. Rachel grabbed hold of the sheets and let out a soft scream of pain and shock as she felt his cock enter her. She began to sob uncontrollably as this stranger fucked her bed. The heaven of clouds she falls asleep in had turned into her personal hell.

Just then Rachel felt something hard against her thigh; she reached down and felt her phone. It must have fell out while Marco placed her on the bed. She felt around and pressed what she thought was the send button with hopes that it would dial the last person she called, Jane. Marco pulled both her arms above her head and held them with a death grip with one hand. His other hand found Rachel's clit and began to play with it. Marco knew what he was doing, he wanted her to cum against her will, to let her feel ashamed and hopefully she wouldn't report the rape to the authorities.

"Hey honey. You're not out with the girls tonight?" Rachel's mother picked up the phone on the second ring after seeing that her daughter was calling her. When she didn't get a response she assumed the phone called her by accident. Just then she heard a man's voice mumbled something, she thought he said shut the fuck up bitch so she pressed the phone closer to her ear and told her husband to be quiet. Rebecca's heart started to beat faster as she heard those words again followed by what sounded like someone having sex, and her daughter sobbing the words 'no' and 'stop'.

"Oh my God George!" She put her hands to her mouth at the realization that she was listening to her daughter being raped.

"What's wrong?" George put the tv on mute and turned towards his wife.

"I think there's something happening to Rachel. I..." her words trailed.

"What honey?" he prodded.

"I think she's being robbed." Rebecca didn't want to tell her husband what she really thought in fear of how he would react.

"Uh, no, please," Rachel was unable to help how her body was reacting to the assault on her clit. Her pussy was getting wetter and Marco was pounding her just the way her ex boyfriend would. She tried to disassociate herself but Marco would always do something to bring her back. He slowed his pace at times, then he would speed up, sometimes he slammed his cock deep into her cervix all while rubbing her clit. Rachel was close to cumming and Marco knew it.

Rebecca had George called the police and informed them of what she thought was going on. She quickly got dressed and arrived just as the police cruisers were driving up.

"Fuck, you are so tight," Marco's orgasm was approaching as he continued to fuck Rachel and play with her clit. He slapped her face a few times and that pushed him over the edge. He held her hips and took one deep thrust and emptied his load inside his victim. Rachel felt a sharp pain as Marco made that last thrust and, unable to fight her body's reaction, she came at the same time.

"That's a good girl!" Marco smirked as he felt Rachel's pussy contract and pulsate on his still hard cock. "I always break my bitches."

Rachel felt her cheeks flush red both from the orgasm and from the shame she felt. She began to sob uncontrollably.

"Oh sweetheart, don't start with that," Marco said as he pulled out and searched the bedroom floor for his clothes, "you can just tell your friends that you called me after we left your place for a late night booty call."

Marco zipped up his jeans, patted Rachel on the head and headed out the front door.

Rachel was unable to move, she was in shocked and felt disgusted with herself. Five minutes after Marco left she heard a knock at her door.

"Shit!" Rachel sprang up. She remembered that she didn't lock the door when Marco left and she didn't want what just happen to replay a second time. Rachel put some clothes on and looked through the peephole of the front door.

"Mom!" Rachel felt relief as she saw her mother's face and opened the door. She lunged at her mother wrapping her arms around her neck and broke out crying. Rebecca held her daughter tight a began to sob herself.

"Ma'am, is there anyone else in the house?" A policeman asked with gun drawn and ready to apprehend any intruder.

"No." Rachel whispered. Rebecca led Rachel and the policemen into the house and they began to question Rachel but she was unable to talk, she could only sob and shiver in her mother's arms.

"She was raped!" Rebacca said angrily to the policemen and demanded that her daughter be taken to the hospital.

"Is this true?" Asked one of the policeman

"Yes," Rachel was barely able to get the words out. She looked at her mother with surprise.

"Your phone called me and I heard everything," Rebecca began to sob. "I'm sorry I couldn't get here faster."

The policemen took down the report and an ambulance Rachel to the hospital to do a rape kit. Rebecca followed behind.

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