tagGay MaleRage: Book'em Danno

Rage: Book'em Danno


The judge told me six years in prison. I told him No I won't. I don't want to be arrested, I don't want to go to prison and that I shouldn't do anything I don't have to. He tried to explain to me that there are consequences and repercussions. He asked me if I thought I should be able to get off scott free. I told him fuck yeah I do. Why should I hafta suffer for something I did? You can't do anything in this day and age. Everybody wants to talk and reason and all this bullshit. What happened to being able to fight it out? People aren't allowed to fight anymore? It's bullshit. This shit ain't fair. So I beat the fuck outta him, so I beat him so hard his clothes bruised. Don't mean I need to suffer too. So I got six years. I promised my girl I'd be out in a few months or so. The judge looked at me like I was crazy. He told me I beat him within an inch of his life and raped him in the street, how do I think I'm going to get out in a few months?

A few days later, I'm going to process at John Z. DeLorean max security prison. All these fools looking at me like fresh meat or whatever. I'm not the biggest guy here but I ain't no punk-ass. I hear the usual shit like you'd hear in movies, life threats, sex offer's and the lot.

"Alright, spread'em." Said this rude ass guard.

He pushed me against the wall and tossed what looked like Tide soap powder all over me.

"You don't need to be so fuckin rude. I am a person." I stated.

"Obviously, you did something to be here. Something to someone you didn't care for? Well this is prison-a punishment, your not a person here." Said the guard.

"Man, fuck you. Regardless of why I'm here, I refuse to be treated wrong..." I was interrupted.

"Don't make me shove this cattle prod up your ass and let it go." Said the guard as he pushed me in to the wall pressing his night stick against my neck.

I stand six foot four around two fifty pounds, I'm not some boney rail. Next thing I know the other guard hit me with a water hose with some high pressure attachment. The water stings as it hits my skin as the soap lathers up and runs down. I can feel the water move around my body-ice cold. Then the other guard takes a sponge mop and starts scrubbing me up and down. I feel it run across my chest and slowly move down. Then that water hits me in the nuts and hilarity ensued for the two guards. Water hit my fro and soap poured in my eyes. Weren't shit to do about it but deal with it. More mop across my body. I scratched at my head and felt another water shot at my balls and another in my face. Dried with a leaf blower.

"Take this uniform and these underwear. Take your ass up this hallway and to the right." Said the other guard.

I put on my clothes and head off to the next lil sub-station or whatever.

"Alright, time to cuff you to take you to your cell." Stated the guard.

"Why? I'm already here. Where am I goin to go in a prison?" I snarked.

"Look, just do it." Said the guard.

I did as I was told. I figure I'll be out in a few months anyway. Granted; I be a model prisoner. I was at this chair. About eight feet away was the desk where I guess they were reading my file. I heard them whispering to each other. They took me to my room where some dude was sitting.

"This here your room mate. Now get along good. Yall got some time together." Said the guard letting me go.

"Yo, names Mao." He greeted. He was pretty built. Looked like one of those one huge Hawaiian people. I forget what they're called.

"You work out?" Mao asked.

"Yeah, ride bikes, dance." I answered.

"You got like a track runners body or a basket ball player or some shit." Mao said.

"Yeah, accept my legs are too big to run track, I'm not that fast. I can lay rubber on a bicycle though." I replied.

"So, why are you here?" Asked Mao.

"It doesn't matter. I figure if I keep good behavior, I'll be out in a few months. I'll just take this time to control my rage." I said. "I figure; keep to myself, work out and sleep. I'll be good."

"We'll see how that works out." Said Mao.

P. A. System: Second level inmates proceed to yard.

"Time to work out." I said.

I'm sitting here waiting for my turn at the weight bench. So I do a few crunches and push ups till these greedy punks leave.

"Hey, you think the new fish is gonna stand a chance over there?" Asked Ralow.

"Not one." Said Mao. "He show can do some push ups though for a small guy."

"Heh. He looks like a light-weight boxer. I want some of that ass." Said Ralow.

"I don't think he swings that way." Mao replied.

So after a while I finally got the chance to use it. I put sixty pounds on each side and started to lift.

"Yo, lil man. You gotta earn yo right to use this equipment." Said one buff inmate.

"I waited my turn. Wait yours." I told him.

"Man you lucky we don't shove that up yo ass. I heard about you." He said.

"I think, he think you jokin, Johnson." Said some other guy.

"You about to get fucked up, Slim." Said Johnson.

Next thing I know I was laying on the ground. I didn't feel anything but I had a bloody nose. I also noticed, no guard stepped in to help. I walked away.

"You never told me your name, broda." Said Mao sitting on a picnic table.

"Yeah, people just call me Snap. Some people." I told him with a grimace.

"You was lookin pretty sexy, Snap. I could use a bottom like you. Remind me of holdin a bitch and not a fridge like most these big ass fag's." Said the guy. "Names Ralow."

"Uh thanks." I said dryly.

"You were out for a while. It's about time for dinner. Might as well beat the crowd." Said Ralow.

Mean while, while at dinner I was not enjoying what was happening.

"What...is this shit? Salisbury steak?" I asked.

"Ha! You wish it was a Salisbury steak." Laughed Ralow. "Nobody knows what it is."

"I can tell you one thing. That green shit is seaweed. No lie, broda . I was in the kitchen once and seen that shit." Said Mao.

"Nasty shit." I said.

"You know, if you don't toughen up, you just gon't end up being a respectless bitch? I mean you could be Billy Badass and people would still fuck with you. But it wouldn't be as bad." Said Ralow.

"I figure if I keep on the straight and narrow I'll be outta here." I told him.

"Good luck with that." Replied Ralow.

"Yeah, that's what I told him broda!" Laughed Mao.

"So what's up with that retard, Johnson?" I asked.

"He kinda runs second floor. They call him Johnson cause he slings a big dick. He just all around big and I wanna taste that shit." Said Ralow.

"Hmm. Mr. Tough guy, huh?" I said.

"Yeah, him an his cronies like to beat people down to hold supremacy. Anyway they can. Well, see you in the showers." Said Ralow walking off.

Me and Mao were in our room getting ready to shower when some guy walked in to talk to the guy with the fro. Mao left saying follow the crowd.

"Yo. I heard about you, dawg." Said this guy.

"Yeah, so?" I asked.

"Don't give me lip lil boy!" The guy yelled as he back handed me across the face.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked him apathetically.

He grabbed my dick and told me; "You the new bitch. You proved that shit on yo first day." Pulled me closer by my dick and kissed me.

"See, a real nigga wouldn't stand fo any of this shit." He told me.

"I have my reasons. I'm trying to get outta here." I said.

"Ha! Reason's is you a fag. That's the only reason a dude let's another dude kiss an hold his dick." He laughed.

I just stood there and stared at him. There wasn't shit I could do. Can't afford to get an extended sentence or some shit. I shouldn't even be here.

"Aieght, bitch nigga. Time to wash away yo manhood." He said.

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