tagBDSMRefiner's Fire: Finding Home 3 Ch. 01

Refiner's Fire: Finding Home 3 Ch. 01


Welcome dear and patient readers back to the last installment of the Finding Home stories! If you haven’t read the first two books (plus the short story at the beginning) then you probably should start there, but if you really, really want to start here, or if it has been a while since you read them and you need a refresher, here you go.

The story so far....

The country of Meridia has eight provinces, each ruled by a Head, a man by tradition, who picks his successor, called the Heir. Female slavery is practiced and accepted here, though each province has its own customs. In most provinces, slavery is accepted as in exchange for lighter prison sentences, sometimes for payment of debts, and sometimes it is entirely voluntary with set contracts. The service these slaves provide also varies - some function as household staff; many are sexual-service-oriented, most places are strict but fair; one is extremely harsh. To confuse matters more, courtesans and legal prostitutes exist in various numbers, because giving and receiving pleasure for money is a normal and accepted part of this society.

Alaine, where our characters have been living, has pleasure slaves, usually from two sources: nonviolent offenders who agree to slavery in exchange for shorter sentences, and voluntary slaves who agree to contracts of generally 10 years. Debt slaves are less common, but not unheard of, and one of our characters, Ryan, learned how to train slaves while working on his father’s estate with debt slaves. Less common in these modern times are “hostage slaves”, always women, and taken in retaliation for acts of war committed by other provinces; These hostages are always quickly redeemed by their province before they would actually become slaves.

In Book 1 “Odyssey,” which was four and a half years ago, the Province of Edwal, led by Chancellor Elias Palm (the Head), attempted to invade the Province of Alaine, led by Chairman Daniel Weiss. Palm was pushed back, and in frustration with the constant incursions by Palm, hostages were taken by Alaine to force Edwal to pay reparations. To the astonishment of all, Palm ransomed all the hostages except Liz Peltier, because her father had initially refused to fight for Edwal. Because she wasn’t ransomed, Liz entered a term of slavery of two years as a pleasure slave at the Weiss estate. Ryan Benault was her trainer there, and Michael Andrews was the Heir.

Eventually, Liz was coerced by an undercover spy working for Elias Palm to find any information that he could use against Weiss, under the threat of harm to her parents back in Edwal. She did not know at the time that her parents had been dead for months, killed by Palm when they protested Liz’s enslavement. She did indeed find some very valuable information, completely by accident, but only gave up the information after being raped. Nevertheless, she was caught, tried and convicted as an enemy spy, and sentenced to prison for a length of time matching the amount of time she had left to serve as a slave. She was given the choice to serve it at prison or at the estate, and chose to come back to the estate. At the end of her sentence, she realized that service as a pleasure slave was a role she embraced willingly, and she asked to stay as a voluntary slave for a standard contract of ten years.

Book 2 “Sanctuary” begins two years later (eight months before now) with Jenny Aldriss, the daughter of the Head of the Province of Orre, the only survivor the night her family was murdered. There is little doubt in her mind that Elias Palm was behind the murders, since within the week he invades and takes over ⅔ of Orre, though Palm has blamed the murders on “pro-democracy terrorists” and used that as an excuse to invade Orre, to get rid of them. She seeks refuge with her father’s best friend, Daniel Weiss, Head of Alaine, and they decide that the only safe way for her to hide from Palm is to become a pleasure slave on his estate.

Ryan, the trainer, and Liz, acting as Jenny’s mentor, spend months training her, though Jenny isn’t really submissive like Liz and has more struggles with it. About eight months into Jenny’s training, and just two weeks before this book opens, Palm has asked for a summit at Daniel’s estate, supposedly for peace talks. Because Daniel is concerned that Palm might recognise Jenny and Liz both, he sends them, and all the other slaves, away for the duration of the visit, to the farm of a former slave.

While they are there, Liz realises her love for Ryan but as a slave she knows she can’t act on it. The next morning, a guard recognises Jenny, tries to claim the reward by notifying Elias Palm, and the girls all flee. They are caught, Jenny is raped and Liz is injured, and Michael is shot while rescuing them. While at the hospital, word comes of an imminent attack on the Weiss estate by Elias Palm’s forces, so Michael, Liz, and Jenny are driven out to a remote secret cabin for safety. They are betrayed by a guard, Crandall, who has told Palm where they are located, and while the estate is being attacked, Palm attempts to rape and then kidnap both women. They are saved again by Michael, who shoots Palm dead. Jenny and Michael realise then that they love each other.

The attack is repelled, and Ryan brings them all home, where Daniel show his gratitude and sorrow for all their troubles by freeing them and all the slaves. Jenny also finds out that as the only survivor of the Aldriss family, with no Heir picked, she is now legally the Head of Orre, though they can’t reveal that yet to any other provinces until she gains the loyalty and backing of her own people. Dylan Palm, Elias’ brother and Heir, is now in charge, and most of Orre is still occupied. Despite the difficulties, Ryan and Michael propose to Liz and Jenny. Jenny tells Michael that she wants a domestic discipline-type relationship, and Liz begs Ryan to stay his slave, which he agrees to with certain conditions ensuring that she becomes more independent again. Two days later, in a quiet ceremony, Jenny marries Michael, and Liz marries Ryan, and book 2 ends on their wedding night.



When I wrote these two books, the world around Jenny and Liz was mostly confined to Daniel Weiss’ estate and it wasn’t necessary to build the rest of their world very thoroughly. Now that they are going to be leaving the estate, I found that there were a few things that I needed to develop very slightly differently that I had before. If you come across a part of their background story that seems altered a bit, that is the reason, and I apologize for the disconnect.



Refiner's Fire, Chapter 1

Two days before leaving:
The sound of rain pelting the bedroom windows had woken Jenny, joined by flashes of light and distant thunder, and she nestled further under the covers next to her new husband of just eighteen hours. It was a delicious way to start the day, not to mention her marriage. She focused on the man lying next to her - his black wavy hair stuck out at all angles, snoring gently, and drooling just a little, and stifled a giggle - he was so handsome and polished and polite when he was awake, and so like a little boy when he was not.

Despite her fears for the future, she was happier than she had ever thought possible.

She couldn't resist slipping a hand under the sheets and down, down.... there! Yep, a nice morning woody, stiff as a board, and she put her hand gently around it and started stroking. He started making quiet little noises in his sleep, and then all of a sudden he opened his eyes.

“Jenny? Wow, what a dream… there was this sports car and I had the stick shift in my hand...” He realized what she was doing and chuckled. “Well, that explains it I guess. Mmmmm.... you have exactly one hour to finish what you have started.”

“Is that an order, Master?” she teased.

“Why, yes. Yes it is.”

“Well, I don't take orders any more. You'll have to find some slave, somewhere, to do your bidding.” She pretended to start getting out of bed and before she knew what happened, she had been flipped onto her back and he was on top looking down, somehow managing to pin her arms above her head at the same time.

“I don't want a slave, I want you. And you're going to be so sorry you tried to get out of bed. In fact, I have half a mind to tie you here all day and just have my way with you until you pass out from pleasure.”

“And what exactly would you do for fun if I were passed out?” she questioned.

“Oh, just giving you that much pleasure would be a real morale booster by itself.”

“Is that part of my new job? Mrs. ‘Morale-booster’?”

“Oh, yes. A very important part of the job, in fact.”

“I can do that,” she agreed. “I am happy to provide whatever morale-lifting is needed.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“What about if I need to relieve some frustration?”

“Hmm, are you talking about the 'bang-me-till-you-feel-better' type of relief, or the 'ten-swats-to-MY-butt-will-make-YOU-feel-better' type of relief?”

The gleam in his eye told her what she wanted to know. “Have I shown you the belt collection I have hanging in my office closet?”

“Uh, uh...no way.....” She started pulling away in mock fright. He yanked her back firmly and pinned her down again.

“Even if I do this afterwards?” and he leaned down and gently suckled on one of her nipples, causing shivers to ripple across her body.

“N..n..no.., Sir, not even that,” she managed to get out.

“How about this?” and he moved down between her legs and parted them, leaning forward to gently flick her clit with his tongue.

“Maybeeee.....” she gasped.

He proceeded to lick and suck his way up and down the sensitive tissues as she wiggled and squealed and he held her legs spread wide. He finally returned to her little button. He looked up at her, grinned, and bent back down to his work, tugging and licking and sucking and nibbling, and she was flying higher and higher until she thought she would pass out....

“Michael! Say the trigger! Please!” He glanced up with a wicked evil look and bent back down. He kept her in ecstatic agony for a few more minutes before whispering, “Jenny, come for me.”

Her body exploded into a most amazing orgasm and her world went a little black. She came back to her senses after a minute and he was looking down at her.

“Of course, if you're going to get that kind of reward for taking a spanking, it will have to be at least twenty or thirty swipes of the belt.”

“Uh huh,” she said breathlessly, nodding her head up and down rapidly. For that kind of orgasm she would have agreed to many more. Actually she would have let him spank her, hand or belt, for no reward, if he really wanted to - but she wasn't going to admit that to him.

“Now that you are recovered, I believe you were about to give some attention to my poor stiff cock? Let's see. Maybe I’ll stick it here.....,” and he moved up over her to straddle her face. She opened her mouth eagerly to take him in.

“Nope. Never mind. You’re in a strange mood and might bite.” She let out an indignant squeak. He moved down. “Maybe I’ll slide in between your breasts while you push them together and then shoot my cum all over your face.” She nodded eagerly – that would be fine with her, too.

“Nah. Not today. Hmm, what about this tight little hole?” and he moved down to put the tip of his cock against her ass hole and gently rubbed back and forth, igniting a thousand sensations and causing her to groan.

“Please, Sir, please put it there.... please put it anywhere... somewhere!” She was almost frantic.

“So eager, my dear! Well, what about... here!” and he shoved his cock into her cunt so hard she thought he would come out her throat. He took long, slow, hard strokes, each one jolting her as it hit her cervix. She was desperately milking his cock with her muscles like she had been taught, and the noises he made told her just how well she had learned her lessons. It didn't take long for him to come, deep inside her, his body held rigidly over hers as he let out a loud groan. He collapsed down to rest beside her, trying to slow his breathing, and she stroked his face while he recovered.

Once he had put his mind back together, he opened his eyes and looked at her with a hunger that belied the satiation he had felt. She shivered. He moved his hands down between her legs and into her pussy, coating them with his seed. He spread it over her cunt, her stomach, her nipples, her neck. He went back for more and this time he pushed his fingers into her mouth. She understood without words what he demanded, so she licked and sucked until all the juices were gone. He repeated it several times until he seemed satisfied.

She knew she had just been marked and claimed as surely as any brand could do.

“Mine,” he growled.

“Yours,” she agreed.

She snuggled into his arms and they lay listening to the rain. When she woke again he was looking at her seriously while he moved a strand of hair off her face.

“What?” she asked with concern.

He didn’t respond except to move over her and help himself to one long delicious, toe-curling, endless kiss.

A bit later, after a long shower together, he insisted on picking out her underwear from the collection he had bought the day before yesterday. Her eyes widened at the sheer lace bra with matching sheer lace undies – she might as well have not been wearing anything and said so.

“If you'd prefer....” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

She snatched them away. It was the first time in eight months or so she had worn anything under her clothing and it felt really strange. She had to admit, she looked really nice. Apparently, he thought it did too, by the grin on his face. She half expected him to try to order her to wear just the underwear and nothing more, in which case he would have found out just how much she was NOT a slave any more.

They sauntered down to breakfast arm-in-arm. Greta had been busy, hiring new help from town now that all her girls had been freed and mostly disappeared. Greta was free, too, now officially the paid House Manager. And, financially very well-off. Master Daniel had been saving what she would have made in wages, less room and board, for forty-three years, and yesterday he had presented her with a check. She was still in a daze over the amount, and starting to talk about all the places she would visit with her nieces and nephews.

Michael pulled out a chair for Jenny, which she still found a little strange. He leaned over as she settled in the chair and whispered, “I do miss the times you knelt by my side. Imagine if things were different and you were kneeling next to me in a business meeting, knees spread wide, hands clasped behind your back, in front of other men who knew without a doubt that you were my wife and belonged to me, but would still do whatever I ordered you to do…” He smiled wickedly.

The arousal that swept through her like wildfire almost ensured she would need another shower.

“It isn’t something you’ll be able to do in public now, I’m afraid, but when it’s just the four of us, be prepared….”

“Yes, Sir,” she squeaked. She was panting. He reminded her to focus on the breakfast laid in front of her but if had anyone asked her later what she ate she wouldn’t have remembered.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When they were done eating, Michael filled Jenny in on the morning’s activities. “Daniel wants you to meet a couple of people who can help fill in the gaps from yesterday’s discussions and answer any questions you have. There’s a lot to go over today. These are men he trusts absolutely, and they have known for several months about you.”

“What?!” She had trusted them to keep her secret and they had let it out?

“Jenny, we had to start planning, and there was no way to make realistic plans that involved our security and militia if they didn’t know about your existence.”

“I guess…,” Jenny responded, feeling a bit like a leaf in the wind blown about unwillingly. Michael squeezed her hand and held tight as they made their way back up to Daniel’s office, entering and stopping short at the sight of the pair in front of them. They looked looked almost like comic opposites.

“Jenny Aldriss, I would like you to meet Chief Alexavier Brandeis, in charge of the State Security Bureau.”

She looked up - way up - at a tall man, darker than Daniel, and broad enough that his uniform looked like a solid wall in front of her face. He took her hand, surprisingly gently, and spoke with a voice that was as deep as the blue of his jacket.

“Miss Jenny Aldriss - excuse me - Mrs. Jenny Aldriss, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance after only learning of your existence several months ago. You are without a doubt the prettiest Head of a Province in all of history.”

She opened her mouth to say something polite back when a much smaller man dressed in crisp khakis with a shock of outrageous non-military-red hair stepped in between them and took her hand from the Chief’s.

“And Jenny, this rude man,” Daniel was smiling, “is Solomon Peters, Colonel of the Alaine Militia. He is afraid if he doesn’t get a chance to shake your hand now he never will, since Chief Brandeis has a way of overwhelming the room.”

“Since Alex here used the complement I was going to use, may I just say that I am honored to meet you, and hope that I may be of assistance to you in some way.”

Jenny took a deep breath and thought back to the many times she had met and chatted casually with the men and women who worked for her father. This was no different, right? Except that now, she was not the “pretty daughter of the Head of Orre Province,” she was the Head of Orre Province.

She gripped the hand of the Colonel in a firm handshake. “I am pleased to meet you both.”

Daniel gestured towards the conference table. “We have a lot to talk about,” he said, as they settled into chairs. “Would anyone like coffee? Jenny?”

Jenny’s face colored red as she realized that one week ago, she might have been the slave that served them coffee. Now she was being served. And, as the “visiting head of state” she was being served first.

Until this moment the reality of her new status hadn’t hit her like it was right now. Circumstances had dictated that she no longer served others; she was the one served. But she was the same person. How could that be? Her mind reeled as she tried to understand it and she realised she was going to have to put it away for now.

No one seemed to notice her inner turmoil.

“Um, yes, please, um, black,” she managed to get out. Michael had settled next to her and now discretely took her hand to give it a squeeze. “Strange?” he asked quietly with a grin.

“Just a little.” Daniel set the cup down in front of her and winked, no doubt understanding the situation as well. It also dawned on her that Daniel was doing the serving instead of the newly hired help because they were going to be discussing confidential matters.

Here we go she thought, feeling a little like she was at the top of the roller coaster, poised to start plummeting down the rails.

“We talked yesterday about generalities. But we need to fill you in on some specifics today. There is a lot going on that you don’t know.

“Elias Palm presented evidence a long time back that it was a radical pro-democracy terrorist faction that assassinated your father, and he denied all involvement in it.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock. She knew her father had always listened to the men and women who talked about that type of government. He enjoyed a good debate as much as anyone. But it had all been a philosophical exercise as far as she had seen. To implicate them in murder….?!

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