tagBDSMReluctant Prize Redux

Reluctant Prize Redux


It had been a typical morning on the farm. Up for training in the arena, all of my ponies getting a good workout around the track and in the weight room. A long hot shower and a fun creative little nap with Sarabeth afterwards that left me feeling mellow and content. I'd left her asleep in my bed and gone on into my office to catch up on some paperwork

I'd been in there maybe an hour when my email server chirped and informed me that I had a new message waiting. That in itself wasn't unusual. I got dozens of emails every day. But when I saw that the return address was from the security company in Australia that I had hired through Sergei, I smiled widely and opened the email right away.

Perfect. My package would be delivered tomorrow morning.

This was going to be a challenge like I hadn't had in a few years now. My last couple of acquisitions had been "legit", one bought from the pony auction and the other a gift from my friend Sergei. Even though that took nothing away from my joy at owning them, I sort of missed the hunt and the capture and the reconditioning of a reluctant novice pony.

Sure. I know. I've been tagged as slightly psychotic. I get that. In a way I can see it. But there's no man on earth who loves his stock more than I do. There is no master or owner anywhere who works harder at making sure his ponies are happy and well cared for. That is why my ponies are all champions in their own rights. Because no matter how I took them, whether it was initially willingly or unwillingly, my ponies all love me and love being mine. And I have trained into them a love of competition that surpasses anybody else's training regime.

I see myself as more of a "loving psychopath." I think that sums it up nicely.

But I digress.

Even though I didn't share the news with my ponies, my exuberant mood was somewhat infectious and we all ended up having a very good day. We took a ride on down to our favorite picnic spot for lunch and it wasn't very long before every single one of us was completely naked and having a very good time. As a matter of fact, it was good two hours after we got there that I woke up and remembered that we hadn't even had lunch yet.

And untangling six sets of pony harness hastily removed and tossed in a pile was an amusing but difficult chore.

In short, it was a very good day.

The next morning I awoke before the crack of dawn as was my usual and headed for the office. I'd awakened a still sleep warm and groggy David and before his eyes were even completely open I had him hard with his wrists tied to the headboard and his knees pushed up to his chest as I drove my prick into his tight ass over and over again. That was the fourth or fifth time I had taken him in the last six hours and the poor lad was exhausted and sore by the time I untied him and sent him into the bathroom to clean up. When I finally left for my office a couple of hours ago, he was curled up under the covers and asleep once again.

I'd have to remind myself to give him a few days rest. But knowing what was coming, I don't think that was going to be too difficult.

The email I had gotten the previous morning had included a tracking code that allowed me to log in to a secure server and view the progress of my delivery via GPS. Part of the reason I had been so hard on Daniel was that I tried to distract myself from checking the progress every five minutes.

Australia to Hawaii. Hawaii to Los Angeles. Los Angeles to Bay City.

And now it was just a little over an hour away. I shivered slightly with anticipation.

As both David and all of my other ponies had a chance for a few more hours of sleep, I roused them all and had everybody assemble at the house for breakfast. I knew that there was no chance of getting any training done today so I thought we might as well have a good breakfast first.

The truck backed into the open stable doors easily and pulled a few feet inside the door. The two men who loaded the covered crate onto the lift and lowered it to the floor looked more than competent. The younger one looked like a pro football player and never spoke a word. The older one was in his fifties and looked like a retired SAS man. He was crisp and precise in his movements, hiding any facial expression behind a large handlebar mustache. After they unloaded the crate, he handed me a clipboard. Apparently I was signing for a case of computer components. While I was looking over the bill of lading, the silent younger man was offloading a small pile of suitcases and bags, which he piled behind the crate. Piled amidst the luggage was a wooden box about two feet square and about a foot tall with a rounded lid, like a small steamer trunk or a cedar chest.

Lifting one corner of the tarp, I glanced inside then dropped it again with a small smile in the corner of my mouth.

"Any problems?"

"None to speak of, Sir." the older one spoke for the very first time. "It was an..... interesting assignment, Sir." His thick Australian accent colored everything he said. He glanced at the crate. "I'll admit that was something I've never really done before. Not like this anyway. And if I might be so bold, Sir...." He tipped a wink at me and the crate. "I can imagine you are going to have your hands full with that one."

"I'm looking forward to the challenge." I said. After I scrawled my signature at the bottom of the form, I reached in my inner jacket pocket and handed the older man a thick envelope. "Buy yourself some lunch. You and your men deserve it. And be sure that if I ever need your assistance again, I won't hesitate to call." The older man slid the envelope in his pocket without even looking and snapped off a crisp salute.

With the size of the tip I had just slipped him, the man could have bought an upscale restaurant almost anywhere in the world.

As the truck drove away, I leaned against the crate and tapped my fingers thoughtfully on the top. Small muffled moans came from inside the crate. Pressing the buttons on my remote, I opened all of the curtains around all of the cages and let my ponies out to take a look. They'd all sat quietly in their cages until we were alone and had earned a small reward anyway.

"Gather 'round, all of you." I said. Dressed only in their collars and running shoes, my ponies made a semi-circle around one side of the crate and looked at me wonderingly.

Of course Gael was the first one to speak up. "Did you buy us a new toy, Master?" I smiled.

"In a way, little flame. Let me tell you a story. Almost three years ago a young lady contacted me about becoming a pony. She had found one of my fiction stories on the internet and was fascinated by the idea of being a pony girl. Or so she thought, anyway. The girl was very young. Too young to be a pony. So I convinced her to wait until she was older. Old enough." I tapped the crate again for emphasis. I saw Nathan and Sarabeths eyes widen as they began to understand.

"Master, have you...?" Nathan started to speak but I raised my hand and he subsided.

"Let me finish, boy. Then it will all be clear. The girl was too young, as I said. But she still insisted that she wanted to be a pony girl. To be my pony girl, to be specific. Nothing else would suit her. So.... We entered into a contract. Online only. I gave her insights into the pony world and into the strange world between men and women. In return, she would keep herself untouched by anybody, man or woman, and train her mind and her body into the shape I demanded of a potential pony."

"Untouched?" Wendy asked. "You mean she was a virgin, Master? Like I was?" I smiled at the little doe-eyed pony.

"Yes, love. Exactly like you were when Sergei presented you to me. A virgin. When I first met her, she had never even been kissed. Of course that has changed in the intervening years. She's been kissed many times. But because her yearning to be a pony was so strong, she kept herself for me until she was old enough."

I tapped the crate again and some more muffled sounds came from inside it.

"One month before the girl turned nineteen, I sent her a message and asked her if she was ready to come here and be my pony. She said she was, but wanted the month free and a gift from me to spend her last free days out in the world. Do a little traveling. Spend some time on the beach in Australia. I agreed and said that as long as she kept herself in the agreed on condition, I had no problem granting her request. It was, after all, only fair."

"So I sent her a bank draft for ten thousand dollars for traveling money and gave her a month of freedom. I also sent along a first-class airline ticket for when her time was up. That month was up two weeks ago. Two days after her month was up, I got an email." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a folded slip of paper, spreading it out on top of the crate.

"It says 'Sir- I want to be your pony, but I can't just come give myself to you. I just can't. If you want me, you will have to come take me. -ash.' "

Six sets of eyebrows went up. I smiled. "Naturally, I couldn't take the time away from all of you to go traipsing all over Australia looking for her. Well, not all over as I knew where she was all of the time. I had a man there keeping an eye on my potential pony girl, just in case she got into any trouble out on her own. She looks smashing in a bikini, by the way."

"So, I called on a few contacts I had and arranged for a pick-up. Those men found her and convinced her that they were working for me and that it was time she began her training. After a small bit of 'unpleasantness' and a long plane ride, here is our newest pony."

I swept the tarp off of the crate and all of my ponies gathered in close to look. The front of the crate was made from thick Plexiglas and the interior was padded all the way around in sound muffling foam padding. The top of the crate was several inches thick to allow for the air holes to be baffled so that very little sound was able to come from inside yet allow plenty of air.

The girl sat on the floor of the crate, trying her best to look defiant and strong but those wide hazel eyes betrayed a hint of fear and they were a bit puffy, as if she had been crying recently. Her dark brown hair looked a bit disheveled and she was trying her best to cover her body with a pair of long slim nicely tanned legs. There was a pair of shackles around her ankles and wrists, and the ones on her wrists were connected to a chain that wrapped around her waist. We could all immediately see that all she was wearing was a thin white t-shirt with no bra underneath it and a pair of bikini bottoms. Somewhat desperately, those eyes darted from face to face as we all gathered around to look. She looked a bit appalled when everybody she saw was naked and when her eyes fastened on me, I saw her cheeks color and she looked down at the floor.

Apparently the men who picked her up never afforded her the opportunity to dress after her capture.

They did however, give her a bottle of water and a sandwich, from the scraps left on the floor of the crate.

As I was about to open my mouth to introduce her to everybody, Sarabeth stamped her foot angrily and said "Master!"

I looked at her and started to open my mouth again and she pointed and said "You need to get that poor girl out of that horrible box right now!" I held up my hands.

"Of course, Sarabeth. I'm sure she's in desperate need of a bathroom right about now anyway. Nathan. Daniel. Help me with this." The man had slipped me a set of keys along with the clipboard and I quickly undid the four padlocks securing the top of the crate and we lifted it and set it aside. To our surprise, Sarabeth, Gael and Wendy all stepped forward and elbowed us aside, reaching in the crate to help the new girl to her feet and out of the crate.

Everybody's eyes got a little wide as she stood up with the girls help. Ash was a head taller than any of my other stock, almost as tall as I was. And even though she had been cramped up in a crate for eighteen hours, it was immediately obvious that this was a very athletic girl. Aside from being startlingly pretty, we could all see the well muscled tanned legs and the strength in those slim arms.

The girls all stopped for just an eye blink and looked up at her. Nathan whistled softly and said "Wow." Then the moment passed and my pony girls helped her step out of the crate and steadied her.

Sarabeth said "Come along, you poor thing." and they all ushered her into Sarabeths cage and back to the bathroom. As they passed, Gael held out her hand and I gave her the keys to the restraints.

A soft hand landed on my shoulder from behind and Nathan slipped his other arm around my waist.

"It seems you have the girls slightly upset, Master." I patted his hand.

"They will get over it soon enough, lad. Most of that is just a show for the new girl. Let her know that there's nothing to be afraid of. Get her over the initial shock of being taken and owned. They will make sure that she knows she will be protected and loved here. Sarabeth knows what she is doing."

"I hope you're right, Master." David came up alongside. "I wouldn't want all of them pissed off at me."

Gael came marching out with a handful of metal restraints and keys and dropped the pile into my hands. As she did, she looked up and gave me a small wink and a smile and stood on tiptoes for a quick kiss.

When I heard the shower running, I closed and locked the cage door and the boys and I set about moving the crate back into storage, along with the girls luggage. The crate was ingeniously built and I decided to keep it, just in case such a thing was needed in the future.

You just never knew, sometimes.

"Master?" Daniel asked as we walked back into the stables. "Where is the new girl going to live, Sir? And what is her name?"

"Her name is Ashleigh, Daniel. But she prefers to go by just Ash. And for the moment, I think she is going to be bunking with Sarabeth. Or at least in her cage. I may move Sarabeth into the house with me for the time being, I'm not sure." All three of the boys looked a little jealous at that statement. I just smiled and put my hands on my hips as I surveyed the stables.

"When I first started getting into the pony world, I thought that I might put a dozen cages in here. Six down each side. So when I remodeled the building I put in plumbing and electrical hookups all the way down each wall. Luckily I realized that I was being too ambitious and restricted myself to three on each side. You six have been more than enough for me. I couldn't have hoped for six more perfect ponies." They all smiled and stood a little taller.

"Actually, I fully expected that Ash would change her mind sometime in the last three years. Fall in love with some handsome lad and end up getting married or something. Or get scared and run away. Up to the point that she sent me that last email, she could have." I frowned slightly.

"But once she spent my money and then sent me that challenge, her fate was sealed. The money wasn't the issue. I would have shrugged that off as a loss and a lesson learned. But the challenge...."

"If you want me, you will have to come take me."

"I just couldn't let that go unanswered. Even if I couldn't be in the capture myself, I knew that she had to be my pony. One way or another."

I shrugged again and smiled widely. "Even if I couldn't be there myself, it was worth it. The challenge and the chase."

"So!" I said, dusting off my hands. "For the next couple of days you lads are going to have a special job to do. With my supervision, of course. We are going to be assembling two more cages. The parts are all prefabricated and go together pretty easily. The only thing difficult is getting everything to fit right before bolting it together."

"Two more cages, Master? Why two?" Nathan looked confused.

"Because I like symmetry, boy. And you just never know..."

Chapter Two

By the time we all walked back to Sarabeths cage, the new girl was clean and dressed in a pair of sweats and sitting on the side of the bed. Wendy was holding her hand and talking to her in a low voice. Gael was on the other side and Sarabeth was kneeling in front of her, holding her other hand.

I popped the cage door and Sarabeth jumped up and came striding over, demanding "Master! What were you thinking?" I just raised an eyebrow. She continued "That poor girl has been in that box for over eighteen hours! And seven or eight time zones. She's exhausted and frightened half out of her mind."

I just stopped there and looked at her for a moment, my eyes flat and devoid of emotion. The moment lasted just long enough that I could see the indignant anger in her eyes begin to waver.

Without speaking, I stepped back and pointed to the floor at my feet. The blonde gave a little gasp and then quickly came and knelt at my feet, her eyes down. The rest of the girls stayed in the cage, eyes wide, like a frozen tableaux.

After leaving her kneeling there for just a moment I said "Sarabeth, look at me." The wide blue eyes looked up into mine, somewhat hesitantly. She knew that she had come close to outright rebellion. One hand went under her chin to keep her looking up.

"Love, have I ever done anything to endanger a pony in any way? Physically or emotionally?"

"N-no, Master. But...." I held up my other hand and she subsided.

"This girl made a promise to be mine. A contract. And then backed out of it and dared me to come take her. And that is exactly what I did, even though I didn't go there myself. Even if I had gone myself, she would still have had an eighteen hour plane ride and be several time zones from home in a strange place owned by a strange man. So nothing would be any different. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Master. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped at you."

"You are a good girl, Sarabeth. And I couldn't live without you. Come up here." I pulled her to her feet and into my arms and kissed her warmly. Then turned her around and slapped her sharply on the bottom with the palm of my hand, leaving a pink hand print on that fine pale skin. She jumped and gasped at the impact.

"That is a down payment, love. For assuming that your Master is an unfeeling clod. The rest will be collected later." She colored nicely and murmured "Yes, Master.", rubbing her smarting bottom. I snapped my fingers and said "Wendy! Gael! Come out here now, girls." They both jumped up and came out of the cage and I closed the door securely. Ash sat on the bed, her arms hugged around her middle, eyes wide.

"Ash, as you may have guessed, I am Max Rambeaux. Your new Master. And you are now mine, girl. You have already met Sarabeth and Wendy and Gael. This is Nathan and Daniel and David. They are also my ponies. They are my ponies, my bed partners, playmates, companions, servants and friends. They are my whole life, dear. And now you are part of that."

"You and I spent three years coming to this point. In that time you have been training yourself as much as you could. But now your real training will begin. In the morning I will come and visit you and we will see where your heart lies."

I stepped forward and pointed to the front of the cage, just inside the door. "Come here, Ash."

Eyes wide, the girl came to her feet and tottered towards the front of the cage. I could see that she was barely conscious and dead on her feet.

"Kneel for me, pony girl."

"Y-yes, M-master" she said, speaking for the first time. It was just two words but they were enough. And that thick Australian accent made her sound exotic, which she definitely was. As she went to her knees, all of the energy left her and she toppled sideways to the floor in a dead faint. There were gasps and everybody tried to rush forward, but I held up my hand and entered the cage alone. After checking and making sure that she just fainted, I lifted her into bed and covered her up with a blanket and let her sleep.

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