tagGroup SexRoad Trip Ch. 02

Road Trip Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©

Road Trip Day 2: Louisiana Lagniappe

I awoke with the dawn; old habits die hard. Thoughts of last night's bedroom antics were tempting me to have my way with Ana-Maria again. The thought of burying my cock back inside that sweet little pussy almost had me. Instead, I tossed on shorts and a shirt, grabbed DD's keys, and went outside to see if I could find out why their AC wouldn't work.

All the belts checked out, but they looked in pretty sorry shape. I checked the fluid levels, and looked for leaks or other obvious problems, and found things weren't all that bad. I returned to the room, to announce my findings and I found both girls dead to the world, so I grabbed my keys and wallet and decided to surprise them with a fait d'accompli. I stopped at the front desk where the clerk was willing to call around for me, and found a NAPA dealer who had the belts and freon nearby. The guys were more than helpful, and within an hour I had the belts changed, fluids topped off, spark-plugs replaced and gapped, new distributor cap and wires installed, and freon recharged. I decided not to tell them about most of the work, or I'd probably just aggravate DD. Driving back to the hotel, the AC was chilling nicely.

Back at the room, the girls were dressed and finishing packing.

"Morning, sleepyheads," I said, as I entered the room. Ana-Maria laughed and ran over to give me a hug and a kiss.

"It was so funny," she laughed. "When we got up and you were gone, Deirdre went out to the road, wearing nothing but your T-Shirt, and came back yelling you'd stolen her car. I told her I thought a Porsche was a pretty good trade for an Escort."

"You shouldn't have taken my car without asking." DD told me angrily.

"You're right, and I'm sorry. I just wanted to check on your AC, and when I found your belts were about shot, and you both were sound asleep, I thought I could head up to the store and get them changed before you were up. I should have left a note. I wasn't thinking. Sorry."

She wore a look of both embarrassment and anger. "It's Ok, I'm just not used to finding my car gone, or having other people take it without my permission." She seemed to be over whatever had been bothering her last night, and well on the way to being how she was when I first met her. Oh well.

"You guys want to have breakfast, the restaurant is serving and I can let you know about the car." I told them. "I, for one, am starving."


Over breakfast, I told them about the new belts and AC. "The oil level looked ok, but it was awfully dark. Have you changed it recently?"

"Not before I went to school last year, it's only been about 7 months."

"And about eight thousand miles probably. Let's get that changed before you hit the road, and I think the car will be ready for a few thousand more miles." I told DD.

"Ok, if you think it needs it," she agreed reluctantly.

"Yeah, it would be a good idea. I thought if you girls weren't in a huge hurry, we could head to Louisiana together, and I'd spring for dinner and dance tonight at Randol's in Lafayette. I've been dying to go there for years, and I'm going to stay at a B&B nearby. It's got great Cajun food, and some genuine Zydeco music to dance the night away by."

I expected an argument from DD, but she surprised me. "That would be really nice. I love Cajun cooking, and the company on the road would be nice. What do you think, Ana-Maria?"

"I think we should get the cars packed and get on the road," she answered between bites of waffle.


We got the cars packed, and on my advice, we moved some of the books they were carrying into my car, so theirs wouldn't labor so much, and took the bags off the roof. After a quick while-you-wait oil change we were on the road. I offered to pay for the oil, but Deirdre insisted on paying herself.

When we went to fill up before heading down the highway, I had another idea. "When I finish filling up, pull in behind me, and I'll fill yours. As long as I have the receipts my company will pay actual gas expenses." The girls admitted this was a great deal and we got both cars topped off.

Ana-Maria already had her butt parked in my passenger seat. DD stood nearby as I filled her tank.

DD spoke up. "You know, I wouldn't mind having a turn in your car. I'd like to have someone to talk to, and would like to ride in a little comfort too." Ana-Maria could hear her, with the window open.

"That's sounds reasonable. Ana-Maria - that OK with you?" I asked.

"I guess so, how we gonna split it up?"

"How about if we change places at each gas stop and meal stop?" I offered.

"Ok," the girls both agreed.

"It's almost eleven now, but the drive is only about 8 hours so we should be able to take our time," I told them.

I filled the coolers with ice and drinks, grabbed a few snacks for each car, and announced we were ready for the road. The girls seemed in a great mood, finished their last minute bathroom breaks, and split up, Ana-Maria piling into my car and Deirdre climbing into hers. ----

"That crazy girl, she's a nasty tease, and now she's mad that you chose to be with me." Ana-Maria laughed as we pulled out.

"She is a tease. I don't know what kind of game she's playing. But I don't really care - I'm just glad I ran into you girls."

We spent the next couple of hours chatting and she turned out to be a lot more interesting to talk with than I would have at guessed at first. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of music, and a love of travel. She hadn't been around that much, but she had great dreams which we discussed at length. She was fascinated with the idea of my being a pilot, and talked about flying to the Bahamas.

"You'll have to stay in touch. I could come down during a break, and we could make a weekend of it." I told her.

"Right. Like you'll ever see me again after this week." She laughed. Was that a hint of bitterness I detected?

"Why not? I'm having a great time with you. I'm not tied down, and I can always get a few days off. Even if I've sold the Cherokee, I can always rent a small plane for a few days. I'm sure my old flying cub would still let me use one of theirs."

"Do you really fly?"

"Of course, why would I lie about that?"

"Maybe you're just trying to impress me."

"OK, you've caught me. I am trying to impress you. I was hoping to get into your pants." I joked.

"Oh, you've already impressed me. A few times last night." She smiled.

"I'm glad. But I really do fly. As a matter of fact, most years I fly down to Florida in April for the Sun-n-Fun air show. I'll have to show you around this year - if you don't mind camping."

"I love it! Ok, that's it. I'm so damn impressed I can almost guarantee you're going to get into my pants tonight. As a matter of fact, I think you deserve a preview." Before she had finished that sentence, she was bent over in her seat opening my pants. I raised my hips to allow her access, but instead of just opening my fly, she pulled my pants half-way down, giving her complete, unfettered access.

"I've died and gone to heaven," I breathed lustily.

"Just keep your eyes on the road, while I try to impress you for a change." She was holding my balls in her hand, hefting them. She adjusted her position again and then all I could see was the back of her head as she went down on me.

I slowed down a little, pulling into the right lane. I pulled on the handle on my left, and reclined the seat a few more degrees, giving Ana-Maria a little more room, and just enjoying her talented mouth. Leaning back just a little more, I could see a little of what she was doing, and I reached down and pulled her hair back so I could watch her mouth engulf me.

She slowed pulled off, giving a lick at the end. "Eyes on the road greedy. I'll put on a full show for you tonight if you like, but for now if you don't watch the road, the fun is over." She looked up at me expecting an answer.

"Anything you say - believe me, you're in charge now. Consider my eyes glued to the road." I laughed, running my hand down her hair, then down her back, finding a resting place on her ass.

She giggled, then lowered her face back down onto my thick hard-on. She took me deep in her mouth, stroking the shaft while she bobbed up and down as far as she could reach. I looked down and saw my speed had slowed quite a bit, and DD was almost on my rear bumper. I sped up to about five over the speed limit, and for the first time wished I had cruise control.

I talked to her as she blew me. "You are driving me crazy. Your sweet mouth feels so incredible on my cock. I can hardly wait until tonight, I want to be deep inside you, I want to suck your tits, I want to taste your pussy. I can still picture you riding me, your incredible tits above me, where I can lean forward and lick your nipples."

She pulled off and I almost cried. "You know," she said, "you can fuck my tits tonight, if you like." She gave me a long, leisurely, lick. "Now come for me before my jaws get too worn out." She resumed sucking, with a vengeance, and it wasn't long before I made her wish come true, and emptied my nuts in her mouth. She sucked me dry, gagging for a second, and then cleaned me with her tongue, until I was finally soft again.

"Thanks lover," she told me, as she tried to help me pull my pants back up.

"No, thank you, that was incredible. My first blow job to completion, while driving. I must be living right."

She laughed. "I like how you qualified that, 'first to completion', so I guess you've had a few high speed sucks before."

We laughed and discussed a couple of previous relationships. It was amazing how easy I found her to talk to. It wasn't long before she said she had to pee, and I noticed the gas level was down to about a quarter of a tank.

We pulled off the highway, and DD followed behind as we pulled into a gas station. We filled the tanks and the girls hit the head. DD was the first one back to the car, and when I got back from the cashier she was sitting in the passenger seat of the 944. She called me over and handed me the keys to her car.

I met Ana-Maria between the cars and passed her the keys. "I figure we'll try to get in a couple of hours and eat a late lunch somewhere between San Antonio and Houston."

"You're going to miss me," she teased, running her hand down my chest to the front of my pants.

"You know it; I'm missing you already."

"Well, no hurry for lunch, I already had a snack." She said, smiling lewdly, as she climbed into the Escort.


DD was amiable and easy to talk to, but no references were made to the previous night's adventures. She had a quick wit, and was obviously very bright, but not one of those who put on a cloak of pseudo-intellectualism as so many liberal arts majors liked to assume.

When I first saw her in the pool, I thought she had been a competitive swimmer, just from her ease in the water. Close. She was a competitive diver, both platform and 3 meter springboard. For over an hour she answered my questions about the sport, one in which I was totally in the dark. It was a fascinating discussion, and during it she opened up like a flower in bloom.

We talked about her NCAA aspirations and possible Olympic tryouts. She expected to be one of the top divers for her team this year, with the graduation of 3 seniors, and had trained hard all summer. From the sounds of the discussions she didn't have much time for play. Between part-time jobs and diving practice, she barely had time to study, even during the summer break. I wondered if that was part of her uptightness and mood swings. Maybe she just needed a little more relaxation and play.

I had been a summer beach lifeguard right after high-school, and after my first year of college. I regaled her with some of my beach stories and had her laughing easily and finally appearing to really relax. I had been able to clear a little space from behind the passenger seat during the morning packing, and she was able to lean back, kick off her shoes, and put her feet up on the dash. The line of her leg from her small painted toenails, past her slender ankles, up her well formed calves and smooth thighs captured my attention all too often.

"You looked pretty wound up and wore out yesterday when I first met you. Looks like you're finally feeling a little more relaxed." I offered.

"Not as relaxed as I imagine you're feeling." She countered, still leaning back, her hands entwined behind her head, her eyes still closed.

"You mean after last night?" I was wondering when she'd broach the subject. I wasn't going to be the first.

"No. After that little mid-morning BJ you received from our little tramp friend," she answered.

I didn't say anything, not willing to deny it or confirm it.

"You don't think I couldn't tell what was going on up here? You're seat almost straight back, her disappearing into your lap for 10 minutes? Hell, you slowed down to forty on the interstate, when you normally do about 80. I was only 20 feet back. I could see half the action reflected in your rear-view mirror when I was almost on your bumper." She was almost laughing.

"Uhhh, I guess I am pretty relaxed at that," I said.

"Oh, I don't blame you. If she's gonna offer it, I'd be surprised if you turned it down. I was just kind of surprised you even offered to let me ride over here a while. I just hope you don't expect me to pay in kind." She finally opened her eyes and turned to face me, still reclining.

"Of course not. I've been having a great time with you. You're really easy to talk to." I told her honestly.

"So you're not going to put a move on me? Right?" She answered, still looking at me intently.

"No. I think you've made your position pretty clear."

"I'm not going to compete for you. You've made your choice clear. And she's made the choosing easy." She sounded almost bitter.

"There'd be no competition. She's a sexy little thing, and a fun romp, but you are the most stunning creature I've probably ever seen. But you're also probably the biggest prick tease I've ever met, and I'm not sure I like the combination." I looked down at the speedometer and realized I was up to 90 and I couldn't even see the escort in the rear mirror. I slowed down.

"What, are you going to stop now? Make us switch back?" DD asked, sitting upright.

"No, I just found myself speeding up just now, and I can't even see Ana-Maria back there. I'm letting her catch up." Keeping my eye on the mirror, I continued. "Honestly, I'm having a great time talking to you. When there's no teasing or innuendo, everything's great. Let's keep it that way, and just have some fun." Finally a day-glo dot was growing larger behind me, and I slowly let the speed creep back up.

"You just move so Goddamn fast." She said flustered. "One minute, I'm just trying to figure out who the hell you are, our knight in shining armor, and then you're making out with Ana-Maria in the pool. The pool! Hell she hardly even knows how to swim! And then you're banging her in the room with me 5 feet away. As if I didn't even exist. Shit." The words rolled out of her at 100 miles an hour.

I let the ensuing silence hang in the air for a few seconds before responding. "Sorry. To be honest I'm as surprised by the whole situation as you."

"Were you serious about getting me my own room last night?" She asked a few moments later.

"Of course. I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. That wasn't what I intended."

"Even after the teasing?" she pressed.

"Yes. I would have gotten you one, although I would rather have not." I confessed.

"Why, to show off?"

"Hardly. I was still hoping beyond hope that you'd join us. When you came over and lay down next to us my heart almost stopped."

"But you didn't try anything, I noticed." She turned on her side, stretched out like a big cat across the seat.

"The messages were so confusing, I didn't want to push you or offend you. I figured you rightly for a tease, and I just didn't want to play. The interlude with Ana-Maria was a far greater bonus than I ever expected to encounter on this trip. Sometimes you don't have to reach for the stars, the prize in reach is good enough." I felt funny still discussing this, wondering where it was all leading. It was getting close to time for lunch, but I didn't want DD to think I was stopping just to get rid of her.

"Well, I just might take you up on that room offer tonight."

"The offer's open." I answered, seeing a town coming up.

"Let's stop for lunch," DD piped up, "nothing too heavy, I want to save my appetite for tonight."

I turned on my blinker and pulled off onto the exit. I slowed down pulling into the IHOP. Ana-Maria was right behind me.

DD spoke softly, as she unbuckled her seat belt. "Don't think me ungrateful. I do appreciate the offer. For the room, for the dinner tonight. And for everything you've done so far. And I'm sorry I was a tease. I don't know why I do that. I'm sorry." She opened the door and got out of the car without giving me a chance to respond.

* * *

The trip the rest of the way to Lafayette was pretty uneventful. Ana-Maria rode with me after lunch. We chatted a while and she napped a bit, then a gas break had the girls switch places again. The conversation with DD was excellent again, but no talk about anything sexual. The B&B I'd lined up was in Rayne, a few miles from Lafayette, and we drove past Randol's on the way there. I pointed it out to DD.

"Aren't we going to miss everything?" she asked as we drove right past our dinner destination, at around 8:00 pm.

"Hardly. Nothing happens until 10:00. Hell, the place will still be empty. And the party continues until 3:00 am. This gives us a chance to freshen up, and it means we don't have to unpack after too much food and drink." I was trying to follow the directions to the Maison D' Memoire and spotted the rather unique B&B as I pulled off the road.

When I had first made my travel plans, I had tried to maximize my benefits, and searched out places that were within my $120 a night per-diem, while as close to the max as possible. With the average room rate in Lafayette under $60, I'd found the Maison D' Memoire cottages going for $130, with an entire cottage to myself including a (reportedly) fabulous breakfast delivered to your door.

I introduced myself to Sarah, one of the owners, and asked if she could set us up with a cab to and from Randol's. She was happy to, gave me the keys, and pointed out the Garden Cottage, which I had reserved. I asked about the "Romantic Package" they had, and she assured me that they could set it up for me while we were out to dinner. I thought the flowers, candles, and bath oils would be a nice bonus by the end of the evening.

The girls were mesmerized by the 1850's cottage turned into a B&B room. It boasted a large four poster bed, an in-room jacuzzi, small kitchenette and rear porch veranda overlooking a well tended garden. A small room off the entrance had a day bed which the owners advertised as a 'second bedroom'.

"I'll let you guys clean-up first. I'll be out on the porch, let me know when you're done bathing. I'd suggest something light weight and don't make the skirts too short. If you haven't done much Zydeco dancing, you'll find it's up close and personal, with lots of spinning around. And wear comfortable shoes, preferably with leather bottoms, so you can slide around easy."

"This is great." Ana-Maria said, opening her suitcase on the bed. "You want to shower first, or can I?" She asked Deirdre.

"You can go ahead." DD offered. I was surprised as she followed me out to the porch, sitting beside me on the swinging chair.

"This is gorgeous out here," she said.

"I know. A friend recommended the place, and I took him up on it. I owe him one."

We chatted for a few minutes, before Ana-Maria poked her head out the door, calling Deirdre.

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