tagFetishRoutine Checkup in the 21st Century

Routine Checkup in the 21st Century


The rise of the hand-held medical database in the early years of the twenty-first century combined with advances in testing and scanning meant the achievement of affordable medical care for all. After the Republican obstructionism during the Obama years the government gave up trying to establish a single system of medical insurance that everyone would participate in and instead took advantage of new technology to set up a parallel medical system, a corporation that was based on completely voluntary participation at very reasonable prices. Those who could afford to of course could continue to see a doctor directly, but this luxury was used less and less as the government medical facilities got better and better, and cheaper and cheaper.

The hand held databases of both diseases and symptoms integrated with individual patient files gave the paramedics an important advantage – no doctor could memorize the billions of medical facts the database had available, nor could they instantly combine them with the total picture of each patient along with their history, DNA, symptoms, and the results of hundreds of cheap standardized tests and probes and come up with the same informed diagnoses. They had an unbeatable data gathering and data analysis structure and an incredibly accurate diagnostic engine that would immediately come up with the medical regimens most suitable for the patient's circumstances, with enough commentary to provide meaningful choices for the patient and Pharmacist to discuss.

There was however a certain cost in the form of the somewhat impersonal treatment one received at the government facility.

Emma reflected that the trip to her semi-annual checkup had become in some ways more like a trip through a car wash than the doctor's visits she remembered from her youth. But there were sometimes perks as well.

She was not extraordinary looking, but without being fat she had full hips and ass, long legs, big tits, and long blond hair; all of which tended to lead to more sexual harassment than perhaps was her fair share. As a result, she had mixed feelings about the medical assembly line that was staffed with a mixture of trained technicians and minimum wage high school kids of both sexes, all of whom would be viewing and treating her.

One change that came about in the twenty-first century was the increasing desensitization of the population in general to nudity and sex. As everyone grew up exposed to the internet and peer pressure caused steadily more precocious sexual behaviour among the young, the population that had grown up with the internet and widespread access to sexual images became less and less concerned with issues of modesty and privacy. And with the almost brutal demand for efficiency and the economies of mass processing demanded by the new medical system, these issues of privacy and modesty were sacrificed early to the new medical monolith.

On entering the front door Emma waved her wrist ID chip at the reader as a way to electronically say hi to the computer and let it know who was entering the "assembly line". She stripped off all of her clothes and put them in a locker, which closed when she flashed her chip at it, setting the combination for her alone. She then went into the main examination and testing area, much akin to a huge factory, and lay down on the first examination trolley. A rather pimply teenager came along and strapped her in to the tilting cart as some of the first tests were going to involve changing her angle and orientation and this made everything work more quickly and efficiently. The machines automatically tested and registered her weight and height and a few dozen other body measurements. The trolley then started to move down the line to the various work stations for each different set of tests, where she was often probed and prodded by people at each station.

Most of the workers were fairly nonchalant about it. The kid doing the breast exams would probably have paid to do the job at first, but he did so many that even he was bored and impersonal. Similarly the enemas were administered by another teenager who at first was intensely interested in the process but after a few hundred and then a few thousand repetitions was as bored as one could get, even considering he had a job that involved inserting large tubes up women's assholes. Of course he did the men too; the assembly line worked because it used principles of mass production and most of the treatments were applied to everyone.

Most people got all the same tests, thousands of them, and seldom were tests ordered for anyone; they had figured out how to test everyone cheaply enough that it would have cost more to decide and administer different tests to different patients. So the machines just tested everybody.

Emma had taken the time to wear stretchers for her ass and cunt at home in the previous few days to make the probes more tolerable. The enema hoses were not small because they were designed to deliver the liquid quickly and efficiently. Everyone got three separate enemas so time saved on each one was important.

The trolley was tilted back so that her head was low and the fluid inserted would flow down into her bowels and intestines. A special valve like a nozzle was first inserted into her asshole and the hose with the cleaning chemicals was fastened and turned on so the chemicals could flow rapidly into her. At least the fluid was warm. After a short period she was tilted up and a drainage hose was connected to her ass. They turned the valve on and told her to expel the fluid, after which the cycle was repeated twice more. Than she was sent down the line to the colonoscopy workstation.

This was another reason for her to take the time to stretch her asshole at home. They had stopped using anaesthetics years before, because it slowed everything down while the customer was first sedated and then allowed to recover. Fortunately the apparatus had been improved and miniaturized over the years but the procedure still involved running a miniature TV studio and some surgical tools in a cluster up your butt, and was about as comfortable as you can imagine it would be. This time they turned her naked body right upside down with her legs spread wide and delved into her ass from above. The progress of the probe and the scenery inside her colon was displayed on a large plasma screen for the world to see, if anyone had cared to. The process was so automated and the computer analysis so good that again the procedure, including cutting stray nodules and cauterizing them, was overseen by a mere technician. When they finished they turned her back to level and sent her down the line again, this time for her very public internal exam at the gynecological station.

For some reason they always seemed to take longer delving into her cunt than any of the other stations. They were of course very thorough, sending probes up her urethra and examining her uterus; but she wondered at some of the extra manipulation of her genitalia that didn't seem to have any particular medical benefit that she could see.

The great thing about all the modern equivalents of MRI and CAT scans and so on meant that she had far more thorough testing than could have been affordable before. The mass production methods and the rapid impersonal procedures combined with the power of computers meant that the level of accurate diagnosis and early treatment was unsurpassed, at a speed and low cost inconceivable in the past.

The only problem was that as time passed and people became more and more blasé about the whole process, the minimum wage staff became less worried about treating people and their bodies with respect. Kids who otherwise would be flipping burgers were now flipping naked bodies; and their imaginations tended to the same adolescent tracks that they had always had, with the results that might be expected.

Over time minor liberties and improprieties became grudgingly tolerated by all as part of the package, endured by everyone in exchange for cheap and effective treatment.

Emma viewed the whole process as partly annoying and partly exciting but not entirely unlike the small indignities that used to be part of the old hospital based system. They used to treat you like meat sometimes and you would be endlessly waiting around and get shunted from one room to the other; your time was supposedly unimportant compared to the all-important and always insufficient staff.

Here they at least got you through fairly quickly even if they really treated your body like meat, literally. But Emma didn't mind too much; everybody was in the same boat, and it had become a bit of a running joke. The hands up her cunt and ass and all over her tits were sometimes even pleasurable; and since she already had somewhat of an exhibitionist kink, she actually got off somewhat on being tied down naked, splayed wide open and displayed to the world while various hands and probes were mauling her nude body and all her private parts, whether for official reasons or not.

By the time she had gone through over an hour of this Emma was usually dripping cum in spite of all the annoyances, and people of course noticed. Sometimes men or even women surreptitiously would reach down and diddle her clitoris for a bit, and from time to time she would cum. She wasn't quiet either so people all around could hear her. She wasn't the only one however, and few paid much attention. Discretely playing with the naked bodies of some of the hornier clients when they got excited and even making them cum was one of the unofficial perks of working there and became a quietly accepted part of the environment.

When she got to the end of the line which dumped her back at the locker room where her clothes were Emma would be unstrapped and released. But rather than always just getting dressed and leaving right away she would sometimes be so hot that she would beg someone nearby for sexual relief. The staff was used to this and learned to incorporate it into their informal routines.

At first they had a little room with a small bed near the exit where workers on their break could fuck the shit out of the patients, or get their cocks or cunts sucked or whatever they liked. Over time there was less concern about discretion and it became an open secret and unofficial part of the service.

Emma was one of the more adventurous ones who often enjoyed the staff using her during the exams, where anyone could see her being used, and anyone could see how much she enjoyed it at times.

Eventually there was spillover from the "breaks room" as demand and overcrowding in the little room pushed the activities more and more into the open, and finally they set up a bed in a completely open area close to the entrance but right out in the open. There was no privacy; but many patients liked to show off and considered it a bonus when they got gang banged in front of the whole crowd.

Emma even started asking them if she could stay strapped into one of the trolleys, naked with her legs spread and helpless to keep her from defending herself from getting raped or whatever people wanted to do to her. While many were too bored to take advantage of her there were still enough of both staff and clients interested that she would get quite sore and very tired after a couple of hours of public use and abuse.

The experience of the routine medical exam came to carry innuendos, so that saying you were going for a checkup was tantamount to saying you were going for a little public sex. Not everyone took part of course, but the public perceptions and habits changed enough over time that the experience became commonplace and accepted by nearly all.

People still hated going to the dentist, however.

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an environment that open and tolerant could only be a huge improvement over the cold, distant, defensive, paranoid, judgemental world that the west is today.

certainly way better than women having somemore...

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