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Tracie ........

She stared at her reflection in the makeup mirror and sighed. She wondered just how you’re supposed to put on makeup to give the appearance of having no makeup on. Adding just a bit more of the palest pink blush to her cheeks, she decided that it would have to do.

The face of her employer, Jessica, suddenly appeared in the mirror behind her and Tracie jumped, startled.

Laughing, Jessica studied the face of her “find.” Comparing it mentally to the faded picture she‘d been shown, she nodded with satisfaction.

“Perfect, Tracie. Just enough liner around the eyes.”

“Jessica...... I hope I can do this, “ she stammered. “I don‘t understand why I‘m to dress this way, and what about these instructions!”

“You will be just fine, and after this, if you prefer to work the main room, we’ll talk. Now, put on your gown and take your place in Room 3. I’ve just received word he is here.”


He stepped into the entrance foyer of the private club and, as usual, was relieved of his coat efficiently by an attendant. The familiar surroundings barely registered on his consciousness as he made his way past the tables and the stage area to the brass railed bar. Sipping the drink that was immediately served him, he turned on his stool to survey the room. Three dancers of varying coloring and build were dancing on stage; each beautiful in her own right, but his eyes flickered over them quickly, dismissing them. A few patrons at the small tables were receiving skillful lap dances and there appeared to be a rowdy bachelor party going on in a dimly lit alcove with two girls entertaining the noisy group. Adam watched for a moment as the two women groped and ground their bodies together all the while kissing each other with expertly feigned passion.

Walking towards him from the opposite end of the room, the approach of the club manager caught his eye. A tall woman of elegant appearance and stylish dress, she might have been a interior decorator or a fashion designer. However, she had been a dancer in younger years herself and brooked no nonsense from “her girls.”. She was an expert at weeding out the troublemakers and sending them on their way to other employment. She also well known for filling special requests.

“Good evening, sir,” her manners as well as her tone were always impeccable, cool but courteous.

“You have what I want, Jessica?”

“Oh yes, sir. I believe you will be most pleased. If you will follow me… “ her voice trailed off as she turned away from the bar.

Picking up his drink, Adam followed her, weaving their way through the large main room then turned down a narrow hallway. The thick plush carpeting swallowed up their footsteps until she stopped in front of a thick mahogany door. Opening it with a key, the woman turned to favor him with a crocodile smile and assured him she would lock the door from the outside. He would be able to leave, but no one could enter. Handing her a large cream colored envelope stuffed with bills, he nodded and went in, and heard the lock click behind him.

His eyes scanned the surprisingly large room, straining to see in the near blackness. A large overstuffed armchair was in the middle of the room... a side table and stained glass floor lamp beside it. At the front of the room, a large square of wooden flooring was set on top of the carpeting, as if intended for a dance floor. Upon it sat a low bench, covered with a black velvet cloth and an arrangement of incense and large pillar candles, already lit and burning, with a small pewter bowl of water in the middle. Two tall pewter vases spilling over with long stemmed black roses were placed at each end of the bench like dark sentinels. A matching black velvet curtain hung to the floor at the rear of the scene, completing the makeshift altar.

Adam sank into the chair, unsure of what was about to happen and wondering when he had become the world’s biggest fool. Rubbing one large hand over his face, he gazed at the roses and his thoughts turned to Jennifer, her smile, her laughter, her love of life and her love of those unusual flowers. God, how he missed her.

Softly at first, then more distinctly, the sound of music reached his ears. A Gregorian chant, it sounded like, or music of some unknown and ancient religion. The velvet curtain rustled and Adam sat motionless as the girl appeared. She was dressed in a simple but lovely wedding gown with a long veil completely obscuring her face. As she walked to kneel before the bench, her measured, graceful steps in time to the music, he noticed she was barefoot, her tanned feet out of place, yet oddly charming. Her slim hand reached forward, dipped unadorned fingers into the water, then blessed herself with the sign of the cross. She dropped her head as if in prayer, and immediately the music subtly changed to something modern and darkly erotic.

Adam leaned forward in his chair as she rose to her feet, her face still covered. She began undoing the tiny pearl buttons at the neck of the wedding gown, her fingers working in time with the insistent opening beats of the song.

As the bodice of the satin gown gaped open to her waist, she gently, almost modestly slid the sleeves from her shoulders. The gown bunched around the curve of her hips, revealing the top of an old fashioned white lace corselette, the cups of which were pushing her breasts upward leaving them tantalizingly, but not fully exposed. The vocals of the song began, but Adam barely heard the words, fascinated by the sensual movements of her hands and body.

She slid the gown down her long legs and stepped out of it. Turning her back to him, she reached behind herself and untied the laces at the waist of her flounced cotton slip. Wriggling from it, she revealed the smooth tan globes of her ass.

A smile flitted across Adam’s lips. “A virginal bride in a thong, “ he thought. “Jenny would have done that … if they’d had thongs back then.”

The “bride” began unfastening the hooks at the back of the corselette... her body swaying slightly to the music. She turned to face him, holding it to her body... Seemingly too shy to bare herself to him.

Finally releasing it, the garment fell to the floor but she immediately covered her breasts with her hands. Her hips rocking ever so slightly, her fingers began caressing and fondling her nipples, giving Adam his first view of her upper body. He leaned forward again and watched with increasing arousal as she slid her hands down her belly and he licked his lips at the sight. Her breasts were full, tipped with deep rose colored nipples. Dropping to her knees, she began crawling toward him with a catlike grace, hands and knees placed just so. She arched her back and her hips swayed in blatant invitation.


As she began crawling toward the customer and could see him more clearly through the veil, Tracie was shocked. This was no old guy, this man was fairly young, mid 30’s she guessed, and good looking at that.

Reaching the foot of his chair, she slid her hands along his thighs... insinuating her body between his legs. She could tell he was straining to see her face under the veil, but she was not ready to remove it. She noticed he had kind eyes, with an underlying sadness, but she also saw the beginning of lust growing in their depths. Slithering up his body, she climbed into the roomy chair with him, straddling his body. In accordance with the rules of the club, he kept his hands on the arms of the chair, but was clutching them with a deathgrip.

Tracie began undulating her body against him, in the familiar moves of a well practiced lap dancer. Her breasts rubbed against his chest, her crotch still clad in the thong rubbed against the growing bulge in his khakis. She glanced at his face again and was startled to see a single tear making its way slowly down his cheek.

Something inside her broke like a china doll; she lost all semblance of professionalism and leaned down to kiss the tear away, whispering, “Everything will be all right.”

The man opened his eyes, his gaze burning through the veil. With a trembling hand, Tracie reached up and pulled it away. Time stopped as he stared, open mouthed, at her.

“Jenny.. Jenny baby.. You .. You came back?”

Tracie saw his eyes were now spilling over with tears. She knew he really did not see her but was instead with Jenny, whoever she was. He flung his arms around her body and clutched her tightly to him. She could barely make out the words he was mumbling into her hair.

“Baby, I’m so sorry... didn’t see him coming.... we never got there.. I‘ve waited to long for our first time…. My beautiful bride.“

He pulled back and began raining kisses all over her face, his tears wetting her cheeks as well as his. When his lips frantically crushed against hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth, Tracie’s mind was whirling and she was unable to pull away from this desperately needy man.

As she returned his kiss, her body began to respond. His strong hands roamed her body wildly, squeezing her breasts, pinching her already erect rosy nipples, sliding down to squeeze the full cheeks of her ass. Grinding against him, she felt the heat building in her from the friction of his erection pressing against her swelling lips. Abandoning her mouth with a gasp, the man began kissing and licking his way down her long, lovely throat, dipping his tongue into the hollow at her collarbone, then continuing down to the swell of her breasts. Tracie instinctively arched her back, pushing her throbbing nipples toward his ravaging mouth. She moaned loudly as his lips fastened on one and he sucked hungrily. Rocking her pelvis harder in response, she dropped one hand from his shoulder to tug at his belt, unfastening it and yanking down his zipper. She fumbled inside and freed his cock, which sprang up hard and hot in her hand.

Adam grasped the front of the flimsy thong in one hand and gave a tremendous yank.. RRIIIPPPPPPP... the velcro fasteners on the sides gave way and Tracie found herself naked in his lap, his erection pressing up against her belly.

“Jenny.... finally... I waited so long.. “

Tracie felt as if she were watching herself in a movie as she raised up on her knees and rubbed his cockhead against her slit, groaning her pleasure as it stimulated her clit. Taking a deep breath, she lowered herself onto his cock, her slick cuntlips easily parting for his considerable length. She took possession of his mouth again in a probing kiss and began fucking him slowly, deliberately, and deeply.

Gripping her ass with both hands, Adam urged her on and she quickened her pace. Both of them were breathing faster, her breasts were rubbing up and down his chest and Tracie knew her orgasm was only moments away. His cock was pistoning in and out of her pussy as the sounds and smells of sex attacked their senses. She squeezed her internal muscles against his shaft with every upward movement and gasped with every downward thrust.

Adam’s eyes closed and he let his head drop back, growling low in his throat.

“Yes... yes.... fuck yes... “ Tracie began whisper-chanting as he pumped harder into her.

“God, Jenny..... I love you, baby“ Adam moaned, lost in his dreamworld.

They strained together, humping ever faster until Tracie reached the point of no return.

“FFUUUUCCCKKKKKK... “ she threw back her head and screamed. Adam pulled his down hard one last time, and held her impaled on his spasming cock, groaning into her ear as he flooded her with his own release..

Slumping against him, Tracie drifted into a exhausted sleep, as the man whispered on and on, the words incomprehensible to her.

Adam ...........

His breathing at last slowing back to normal, Adam opened his eyes, expecting to thrill in the sight of his beloved bride. He sat stunned, looking at the sleeping girl, finally able to remember that she was not Jennifer, only a passable look alike purchased for the evening.

Gently, he maneuvered the girl into the chair and covered her with the discarded gown.

Pulling himself together, he stared at her sleeping form for one moment more. Then with a whispered “goodbye Jenny,” he turned to leave but hesitated. Reaching for his wallet, he dropped a few crisp bills on the chairside table.

“I should take some roses to the cemetery tomorrow,’ he thought, then stepped quietly from the room without looking back. Passing the manager in the hall, he paused.

“Well done tonight, Jessica. Let me know when you have another one ready for me.”

“As you wish, sir.”

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