tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSandy and the Boy Next Door

Sandy and the Boy Next Door


NOTE: This story takes place in my Sex Mage World setting, and is a revised version of an earlier story of mine called Sandy the Psychic Cougar. I didn't really care for how that one turned out, so I decided to do a new version, incorporated into the SMW.



As Sandy stepped out of her house to collect the mail, she noted her next door neighbors busily loading their car with luggage. Hank and Greta Jones were packing up for a two month road trip across the states. Sandy walked over to the edge of the fence. "Time for the voyage already?" she called.

Hank huffed as he tossed the last suitcase into the back of the car, and said, "Yep! Okay, Greta, anything we're forgetting?"

"No, I don't think so," said Greta, checking to make sure she had the keys. "Let me just wake Max to let him know we're leaving..." As she said this, their son Max, a tall, lanky, blond haired young man of 19 stepped sleepily out of the house.

"Aw, you guys are ready already?" he yawned. "I could have helped." He waved to Sandy, who smiled and waved back.

"No problem," said Hank. He gave his son a hug and said, "Well, take care of the house, and if anything goes wrong, you can call Sandy here." He turned to Sandy and grinned. "Make sure he stays out of trouble, huh?"

Sandy laughed, and said, "Oh, don't worry, I'll watch him like a hawk." She winked at Max, who smiled sheepishly. Sandy smiled back as she sensed the slight buzz of his loins, a mixture of just-faded morning wood and a spark of attraction as he looked at her.

As Max and Hank went over a few more things, Greta came over the Sandy and said, in a low voice, "Max still has a crush on you. I'm sure you can tell." Sandy nodded. "So, you know, sorry if it's a little awkward around him, but he won't try anything bad."

"Oh, I'm not mad at all," said Sandy. "I'm flattered a young man finds me so attractive."

"Still, I thought after a year of college, he'd have gotten over it," said Greta. "You know, maybe, ah, gotten some urges satisfied and gotten some perspective. You know. He went to a co-ed school, after all."

"Then I'm even more flattered all the young girls didn't distract him away from his true love for me." Sandy watched Greta's brow crease, trying to figure out how to respond to that, and Sandy laughed. "Oh, I'm just teasing, sheesh. I know he's a good kid. He probably won't try to act on all those wicked thoughts of his." Sandy winked.

Greta resisted the instinctive urge to peak into her son's head to make sure he wasn't being inappropriate, but she forced herself not to, respecting his privacy. He was 19 now, and didn't need to be disciplined in controlling his thoughts better. "You're so crude," said Greta, rolling her eyes at Sandy, but grinning slightly. "If he does try something, though, you have my permission to set him straight."

"Of course," said Sandy. "I'll keep him out of trouble, no need to worry."

Greta went over to Max and gave him a hug and kiss good-bye. "Be good!" she said firmly and Max laughed but nodded. Hank and Greta then got in the car and took off, Max and Sandy watching them go. Once they were out of sight, Max yawned again, and rubbed his eyes. "Man, what time is it?" he muttered.

"It's 9 AM," said Sandy, a little bemused. "You stay up partying all night?"

"Playin' some games," said Max.

Sandy nodded. "Ah, the idle days of youth," she said with a smirk. "An old woman like me, however, can't stay up too late."

Max chuckled a bit. "Ah, come on, you're only 35," he said. "And you look maybe 30." His eyes glanced appreciatively over Sandy's fit body. The fact that she wore a low cut shirt certainly helped the view. He suddenly realized he was checking her out and quickly glanced away, but the hum of his arousal had already picked back up. Sandy could see him struggling to resist the urge for his morning wood to return.

Sandy smiled brightly. "Aw, why thank you, Max. You're very sweet. You've grown into a rather handsome young man yourself. So tall! I bet the girls are all over you back at school."

Max gave a nervous laugh and blushed a bit, "Ah, well, not really..."

Sandy laughed. "Oh, you're just being modest." Max shrugged. Sandy paused for a moment, then said, "Seriously, though, first year at college; what was it like?"

"Oh, not bad, school work wasn't quite as tough as I thought it might be," said Max.

"Make any new friends?" said Sandy.

"Heh, a couple."

"Any new girlfriends?"

Max paused. Sandy watched the images of several young, cute girls flash through his mind's eye, girls he had all been interested in. One in particular came up a couple times, but Max quickly hushed the thought. "Ah, no, not yet," he said, a little shyly.

"Too bad," said Sandy, giving another laugh. "Better be careful, though! An unattached boy is easy pickings and fair game for young girls first developing their powers!"

Max gulped, and Sandy could see a few erotic memories float into his mind, ones that convinced his cock to go semi-hard. "Uh, yeah," said Max. He tried to think of something else, anything else, to prevent himself from getting an erection in front of his neighbor. However, looking at Sandy certainly didn't help with that.

Before Max could come up with something, Sandy spared him the trouble, "Anyway, I got to go get some work done, but if you want anything, just let me know. The pool is ready to go as of yesterday, so if you're bored and want to take a swim, or something, feel free."

Max's smile widened at this, and his thoughts left the subject of erotica for a moment. "Hey, cool, thanks a lot! I'll take you up on that."

The two parted ways, Max going back to his bedroom to catch some more sleep, and Sandy going to her office to start the day's work. As she went through her mail, she thought back on Max. The boy had indeed had a "bit" of a crush on her since he and his folks had moved into the house next door five years ago. Sandy had sensed the lust buzzing off him every time he looked in her direction. She'd seen many a fantasy of herself in Max's head and knew he'd masturbated to thoughts of her several times a week.

Greta had been a bit less than pleased with this, of course. Like all mothers who had sons, she was in the awkward position of having to deal with the development of her son's sexuality and sex drive as he grew up. Of course, like all women her age, she had enough mastery of her Power to tune out the sexual signals broadcasted at any time from most males, but that didn't mean she didn't still slip up and sense when one was particularly aroused or engaged in sex. When that male just happened to be her son, and her son happened to very often be dealing with strong sexual urges, it could make for a mortifying situation for them both.

Max's father had had to explain to his son the very important need for caution and discretion when masturbating or thinking sexual thoughts. Max tried his best, but of course, he was a teenager. His hormones were rampant and he could do little to help how he felt. Even the knowledge that his next door neighbor could read every erotic thought and desire in his head about her couldn't quite stop him from engaging in those fantasies as he relieved himself. His only hope was that Sandy would simply tune him out, like most women.

Sandy didn't. She never had. She'd never intended to keep "spying" on Max, but after the first couple fantasies she'd seen, she was too fascinated by the boys' perception and interest to look the other way. She had seen nearly everything he'd thought of in the times they were both at one another's houses. There were nights where she watched as Max pleasured himself before he slept, thinking of her sucking him, stroking him, fucking him. She would smile as he climaxed hard; the more she watched, the more she had become tempted to help him out in some way, if only discretely. Perhaps slip a fantasy idea in his head he hadn't thought of before. Or perhaps reach into his mind and nerves and spike the pleasure up a little bit more.

Of course, she never did. One, he'd been a minor up until a year and half ago. Two, if Sandy was lucky, she'd get two, maybe three tricks in before Greta figured it out, and she wasn't in the mood to start a shitstorm with her neighbors. So, Sandy had watched from afar. Now, however, he was 19, having grown into a handsome young man, and his folks would be gone for two whole months.

Sandy pondered the wisdom of what she was considering. It had been a while since she'd had some fun, much less with a younger man. While she still didn't want to cause trouble with her neighbors, she doubted she would ever again get a better opportunity to show such a devoted admirer her appreciation.

As Sandy sat at her desk, she could sense from her neighbor's house a rising hum. She closed her eyes and extended her senses, following the hum. In moments, she was able to see and hear into Max's room, as her magical senses rode the sexual signals of her neighbor. The young man was on his bed, naked, plans to return to sleep apparently stalled in light of the full return of his erection.

However, to her surprise, Max wasn't stroking it. He was instead texting on his cell phone. Curious, Sandy shifted her point of view to see what he was texting.

May I please, please, please stroke myself? Max typed.

Sandy blinked. This was unexpected. She peeked into Max's head and saw an image of a very cute, petite brunette girl, the one who'd been more frequent in Max's thoughts a few minutes ago. Sandy thumbed through Max's thoughts and saw that this girl, a junior at Max's college named Lisa, was apparently Max's... well, lover wasn't right, and she certainly wasn't his girlfriend. From Max's memory, Sandy could see that they had never had sex, and the girl had not even played with Max very much or even hung out with him. However, she had, for some reason, decided to test out her Powers on Max, and had fastened a couple spells onto him. Thanks to the girl's Powers, Max was unable to masturbate or orgasm by himself, or without her permission.

Sandy smirked slightly. This was a standard thing for girls to do to boys they were dating, or even just ones they wanted to play around with. Poor Max, still a virgin, Sandy could sense, had been unfortunate enough to be the target of this "Lisa" girl's pranks. Max didn't know why, and Sandy couldn't tell just from his thoughts alone, but she was sure it was just part of some game the college girls were playing. Just some girls stretching the first legs of their Powers. Sandy decided she would investigate the further details later.

The response text came after another minute. No, not today. I just let you shoot your goo a few days ago, silly!

Max cursed, and Sandy chuckled to herself, still watching the scene with her Powers. She heard the hum of Max's throbbing cock rise a bit in frustration and a slight increase of arousal. Max texted another plea, but was again shot down, this time with a warning that if he pestered her one more time today, she wouldn't let him touch for another week!

Max groaned in frustration and turned onto his side, tossing the phone to the floor. He tried to go back to sleep, but his excited state wouldn't let him. Sandy smiled as she saw him playing thoughts of herself over in his head. Even though it was Lisa who held his cock in magical bondage, it was Sandy who inflamed his arousal. Max pictured Sandy naked, kneeling before him, stroking and sucking his cock, imagined her letting him shoot his cum all over her bare breasts. Sandy let out a small laugh as she saw how Max's imagination nearly doubled the size of her actual breasts in his mind's eye.

The thought of Max lying there, nursing an aching need for her, filled her own loins with heat. Max reminded her of an old neighbor she'd had when she was his age. The boy had lived in the house between hers and her best friends, and they had befriended the boy shortly after he'd moved in. Oh, the things they had done with him... Sandy didn't realize how aroused she was getting until she felt her hand almost subconsciously slide between her legs. She stopped short, and stood up, sliding down her pants and panties.

Sitting down with her legs spread, she continued spying on Max with her senses, letting his frustration and excitement arouse her further, listening to the desperate hum of his cock. She slid her fingers into herself and slowly worked them in and out. With her other hand, she rubbed her clit in vigorous circles. She came quickly, and as she eased down from her high, a wicked thought occurred to her.

She hadn't teased a young man his age, much less played with one, in quite a while. The thought stoked the heat in her sex despite her orgasm, and she began to rub herself again. Reaching between the two houses, she took a line of thought, and slipped it into the folds of Max's psyche. It was a simple little notion: he wasn't getting any sleep now anyway. Perhaps, instead, he should take up his neighbors offer and go for a swim? The cool water might help soothe his hot cock.

It took a few minutes, during which Sandy brought herself to another orgasm, but Max finally got up and fished out his swim trunks. Sandy's smile became a wicked grin. "Oh, Max," she said. "You poor thing. You're going to be in for a very, very hard summer."


Only a few more minutes passed before Max reached her pool, coming through the back entrance. Sandy sensed his cock, still semi-hard, as he hurried dashed from his back porch to the water, where he jumped in. The water was cooler than he anticipated, and his cock finally shrank fully. This seemed to relax him enough, and he started doing laps in the pool. Settling into an easy rhythm, he cut the water back and forth with the grace of a practiced swimmer. No wonder he was such a hunk, Sandy thought, watching his athletic frame go back and forth. Sandy let him cool off for a few minutes as she tidied up her office. Once she sensed that Max's guard was down, and he wouldn't be expecting any more sexy shocks to his system, she decided it was time to strike.

Sandy went to her room, changed into her bikini, a thin black and white set that barely qualified as clothing, and stepped out into the backyard. As Max went underwater to do a couple laps, Sandy settled herself into one of her lawn chairs and let out a slight sigh, slipping some sunglasses on and lounging back to soak up some sun.

Max's head popped up out of the water, and he stood in the shallow end, catching his breath. He swept the wet hair out of his eyes and moved to the steps to get out of the pool. As he did, he looked up and jumped as he caught a full view of Sandy. At first, he was merely startled by her presence, but a second glance made his eyes go wide as he saw what she was wearing. The hum of his arousal began almost immediately.

Sandy resisted the urge to smile and she adjusted herself subtly to maximize Max's view, spreading her legs slightly and arcing her back a bit. Max was like a deer caught in headlights for a moment, and as he stared, his arousal spiked up quickly. In seconds, he was once again sporting a full erection which tented his shorts, despite still being submerged in the cool water.

"Hi Max!" said Sandy, smiling brightly and waving. "Enjoying the pool?"

This shocked Max out of his stunned state. Instinctively, he lowered himself a bit in the water, hoping his erection wasn't obvious. "Yeah!" he said hastily. "Thanks again for letting me use it!" He swallowed. "Um, wow, you look... really good!"

Sandy grinned. "Why thank you, Max. You're such a sweetie." Her smile and the compliment made him blush, and the hum of his cock got a little louder still. Max dropped lower until he was down to his shoulders in the water. Sandy cocked her head to the side a bit. "Weren't you coming out?"

"I, uh, I think I'll swim a bit more," he said.

"Well, don't tire yourself out too much!" she said.

Max tried to laugh it off, and he sat on the pool steps, staying submerged. Sandy could see his thoughts as he tried to use mind over matter to will his cock down. He thought of anything he could think of to lessen his arousal, but it was no use. He could not help but keep sneaking glances at Sandy, who pretended to ignore them, and every glance just kept the heat in his loins burning hot.

"Are you okay, Max?" said Sandy cautiously.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, if you're going to just sit there, you may as well come up and join me." She patted the lawn chair next to her. "Come on, don't be shy. I won't bite."

Max swallowed. He really did want to get out of the water now, but his erection remained quite stubborn. Sandy hid a smirk and even though she didn't think it was necessary, she reached out with a thread of magic and touched Max's sexual aura. She reached into his cock and found the little node of nerves that controlled his erection. She tapped it with her magic, locking it in place. Now, Max's erection was permanent, at least until Sandy withdrew the lock. Even if he wasn't in the mood, his cock would remain rock hard.

Max made a barely audible grunt of frustration as his cock refused to go down. Sandy saw in his thoughts that wondered if this was another of Lisa's tricks. Sandy again restrained a grin.

"Um, could I get a towel? I seem to have forgot mine," said Max.

Sandy shrugged. "I didn't think to bring one out. Just come on out, and sun dry." She shifted in her seat, spreading her legs a little farther and making sure her bikini top slid up just enough to give Max a slight peek at the underside of her breasts. Max's breath caught for a moment, and the hum of his cock rose another octave. Max almost stood up before he realized what he was doing, but just managed to stop himself. Sandy wondered just how long she could keep this charade up for, pretending she couldn't sense Max's arousal blaring like a siren right in front of her. She was certainly quite amused that Max managed to somehow convince himself that he was still capable of hiding it.

Still, Sandy felt if this stretched on any longer, this would start to get boring. "Max? Why don't you want to come sit next to me?" She gave him a moment to respond, but he didn't, so she said, "Are you embarrassed by your erection?" She said it as casually as one might ask what time it was.

Max, nonetheless, nearly jumped, and looked at her wide-eyed. "Oh, my god," he said. He tried to hide his face in his hands. "This is... I'm sorry, I don't mean to be such a perv. It's just you're so fucking sexy..." he blurted out. He clapped a hand over his mouth for a moment, then sighed. "Oh, crap, I shouldn't have said that."

Sandy laughed good naturedly. "Oh, Max, it's perfectly alright! I'm quite flattered!" She pat the seat next to her again, saying, "Now, come on up here. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Max, red faced, stood up and got out of the pool slowly. Sandy saw how impressively his swim trunks were tented. She looked up at Max, and said, "If you want, you can take those off. They're looking rather uncomfortable."

Max's eyes went wide again. "S-sandy, come on..." he said. "Is that... I mean, I don't know if... Mom would..."

Sandy held up a hand in reassurance. "It's okay, Max. The truth is, I can perfectly 'see' you already, so you really aren't hiding anything from me to begin with."

"Really?" said Max, his eyebrows creased.

Sandy smiled and nodded. "Well, I mean I'm not trying to look—" she forced back a giggle "—but you are right in front of me and you're very, very riled up, so it's kind of hard not to, you know?"

Max swallowed nervously, and then said opened his mouth to say something. Sandy saw that he wanted to ask if she would take her suit off, too. But instead, he said, "Don't... don't tell my, Mom."

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