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Santa's Helper


It was the 23rd of December and once again the town was gripped by an oppressive heat wave. Television shows and movies from America and the UK showed scenes of winter wonderlands and Fleur once again wondered what a wintery Christmas would be like in reality. No opening presents by the pool and sipping champagne between mouthfuls of chilled seafood. She raised her head as a slight breeze stirred and decided Christmas in winter could definitely have its perks. She decided that she needed to save some money to go visit her cousin in England next year, and discover the differences for herself.

Fleur tried to rouse herself from the heat induced lethargy she felt to have a cool shower, she had to do some last minute shopping, her ditzy sister had a new boyfriend and he was going to be joining them for Christmas at her parents place, so she had promised to pick up a few extra things for her mother. She hated crowds. She hated shopping. She consoled herself that the mall would be air conditioned at least.

In amongst the crowds Fleur gritted her teeth as she was jostled and bumped by careless shoppers who shopped with a single-minded purpose that bordered on madness. To escape, she ducked into a small group of potted Christmas trees that seemed to shield a small space from the crowds within the central piazza.

Sighing she sat on the edge of one of the large pots that held the trees for a moment and looked out at the crowd passing by her semi-hidden location. She had been crazy to come out into this mad house. It wasn't that she had no Christmas spirit; in fact she loved the season, the carols, the wonder in children's faces, the giving of gifts and family gatherings, it was the obnoxious shopping crowds she hated.

"Hey," a male voice said from behind her, "What are you doing here?"

"I was just escaping the crowd for a moment, I'm sorry I didn't mean to get in the way," she stammered, turning to look at the slim short man dressed as an elf. Try as she might she couldn't help but smile as he approached her looking her up and down. "Ben!" she squealed as recognition hit her.

"Shit! Fleur. I thought you might be the replacement girl, I didn't recognise you at all. You sure have grown up since high school," He grinned, still eyeing her appreciatively.

"Replacement?" She asked.

"Yeah, for the Santa's helper photographer job. The one we had had to go home; her kid got hurt or something. Centre management are looking for someone to replace her." He frowned, studying her. So distracted by the press of the crowd and rudeness of her fellow shoppers, Fleur had not realised she had been standing behind the malls large snow dome that housed Santa and his helpers this year. She looked longingly at the frosty shell of the dome that occupied the central plaza of the mall and once again felt the stickiness of the heat of the day, barely softened by the overloaded air-conditioning.

"You don't want the gig do you? We're pretty desperate," Ben continued, his eyes raking over her once again in a speculative way.

"I could help you out, I guess. How much does it pay?" Fleur asked, thinking that an afternoon in the frosty dome, away from the crowds, didn't sound so bad and if she could get paid for it, all the better.

"Come and we'll find out, unless they have found a replacement already," Ben, the elf, seemed enthusiastic. They had been friends in high school but over the last five or so years had barely seen each other.

Fleur followed Ben through the maze of trees surrounding the dome and into the cool crisp air required to keep the artificial snow and ice floor from melting. She imagined she could get a chill over the afternoon if she ended up staying. Santa, or the man wearing Santa's suit in this case, was on a break and hanging out in the tiny replica of a snow bound cabin with a sign pronouncing Santa's workshop. He was slapping another nicotine patch on his arm and complaining that he couldn't leave for a smoke break.

Ben called out and Santa turned toward them, surveying Fleur with a leering gaze focused on her chest. Fleur stood uncomfortably, switching from foot to foot as she waited for Ben to introduce her and find out if they still needed a helper. She had pretty much given up waiting and was about to walk away when Ben called her closer.

"This is Nick," Ben introduced her to the older man in the Santa suit, "and that," he pointed to another man of similarly small stature dressed as an elf as well, "is Dave."

"Hi," Fleur said easily.

"Costumes in the back," Nick pointed to a half-wall behind him. "One size fits all," he gave her a leering smile that made her immediately think of a dirty old man instead of the kid friendly legend he was supposed to portray here. Fleur walked around the half-wall, following Ben and took the costume from him.

"This is it?" Fleur held up the flimsy garment.

"Yeah, you'll look great. Go change and I will let centre management know we found a replacement and see if they will pay you cash for the day or if you have to fill in all the paperwork," Ben turned towards the entrance. "You can change in here. Our lunch break is over anyway, so you will be fine."

Fleur watched him leave before surveying the costume she was given. This was more what she expected waitresses at a strip club would wear, not a children's Santa in a shopping mall. The short little strapless dress was fur-lined at the top and bottom and had matching panties. Aside of that there was a hat and some slip-in jiffy shoes; the kind that looked like strapless ballet slippers. The costume was obviously meant for someone of small stature much like that of the elves and Fleur found that with her height the fur trim of the skirt barely covered her ass or hid the overflowing cleavage of her breasts.

Looking in the mirror she was once again grateful that her job allowed her summer holidays as her exposed skin held the golden glow of exposure to the summer sun and she had to admit that her legs were not bad; the shortness of the skirt making them look longer than they really were. Once again she fiddled with the bodice trying to pull it up higher and cover her ample breasts but it just seemed to make them jiggle over the top of the fabric even more so. There was a banging on the door and a gruffly shouted, "Hurry up in there," Fleur decided it must have been Dave shouting and she walked out into the dome. "Nice," Dave drawled as she emerged in a voice with undertones and nodded his head as he looked her over. He handed her a Polaroid Instamatic camera that looked like one her Grandfather had when she was a little girl and several boxes of film. "Show time, Honey," Fleur went to walk past him and felt his hand grab her ass, making her squeal in surprise as she walked over to where the children and parents had started to form a queue near the small ornamental bridge that led to Santa's throne.

Ben came back through the door and helped her fix the camera to a tripod that had been put away during the lunch break and Fleur was relieved to find that the extent of her job was to look through the view finder and click. She realised very quickly though that each time she leaned forward to look through the view finder she gave Santa and whoever was on his lap a view of her breasts almost escaping the too small top of the dress and those waiting in line a less than flattering view of her red satin clad ass. This was definitely not a kid friendly costume.

The two elves, Ben and Dave basically worked the queue finding out who wanted a photo with Santa and those just wanting to visit and give him their list. They were good salesmen taking ten dollars for the bad quality photo as well as ensuring Santa's supply of candy canes didn't run out. Ben took over the camera when centre management arrived with the tax form to fill out. The executive explained that as this was the one day leading up to Christmas that they stayed open until midnight and as she would be required for the whole twelve hour shift everything had to be done properly and above board.

"Shit!" Fleur exclaimed, "I forgot about the midnight thing."

"Problem?" the man raised his eyebrow at her.

"No, it'll be fine I guess. I will just have to let someone know where I am on my break," she said, feeling a little intimidated by the expression on his face. "I hadn't expected to be doing this; I was just supposed to be picking up a few extra things for my mum, today." She laughed nervously.

"Well you must be doing something right there is quite a queue out there to come and see Santa," he looked at her with a half-smile, "It seems a lot of Dad's have brought their kids over today." Fleur blushed as his eyes seemed to rake over her and she turned to look at the queue that went out of the door of the glass dome that filled the piazza.

It all seemed so unreal to Fleur who, though she disliked the shopping crowds, genuinely had a great festive spirit when it came to Christmas and things like this for the kids. The costume though and the looks she was attracting seemed to make her feel gaudy and... she couldn't find the right word in her mind but whorish came close.

As the afternoon wore on more and more of the Dads who had brought their children to see Santa stood with Fleur making small talk as she photographed their little darlings. It wasn't until the crowd died down a little about mid-afternoon that one of the Dads asked to have his photo taken with Santa and his helper. Ben gave her no choice, taking over her position at the camera and shooing her down towards Santa. Fleur stood stiffly beside the throne refusing to sit in Santa's lap.

Fleur felt Santa's hand snake around her thighs and pull her closer to him before feeling his hand drift up to her ass. She endured his attentions smiling on cue not wanting to make a scene in front of the kids and their parents who had lined up to see the old pervert dressed as the lovable Christmas icon of Santa. She was suddenly grateful for the "No Phones, No cameras" sign at the entrance of the dome and that the Perspex walls of the dome were frosted and difficult to see through, she wouldn't want this photo ending up on Facebook© or some public gallery. Even still, she did have to endure several friends and neighbours who had brought their kids to see Santa. Their reactions ranged from merely surprised to outright stunned to find her there in such a skimpy outfit and she regretted ever offering to help Ben out.

They finally took a break at five, and Fleur went into the small cabin-like space to change so she could run out and grab the last few things her mother needed, it was the reason she had originally come to the mall after all and she didn't want to have to come back tomorrow.

"Hey you can't leave!" Ben exclaimed. "You signed all that paperwork to stay until midnight."

"It would serve you right if I did!" Fleur shot back, "What's wrong with you perverts? There are children out there and Santa has got his hand up my skirt copping a feel whenever I move close enough and you two," she looked pointedly at Ben and Dave, "Aren't much better."

As the afternoon had worn on, other male customers had asked for photos with Fleur and Santa or the elves, Fleur even considered the possibility that they were suggesting it to the customers as they spoke to people in the queue. Each time she had stepped away from the camera to pose with someone there would be invariably a hand or two groping her in some way. Santa had taken to standing behind her as she bent to the elves height for photos and running his fingers into the crack of her ass essentially giving her a soft wedgy while his fingers lingered at the edges of her cunt.

"You're leaving?" Nick said as he walked in.

"No, I am just picking up the few things I actually came here for before I found myself falling for Ben's, 'We're desperate' line and helping you guys out," Fleur sighed. "Look," she said finally, "I signed the contract, I committed to stay until midnight, I'm a big girl and I can hold my own but these kids are here to see a sweet jolly fellow called Santa, so stop with the wandering hands and pervy looks."

"We're going for food and a few drinks at the tavern near the west entrance if you want to join us when you are done with your shopping," Ben said ignoring what she had said totally.

"I doubt I will have time. I will just pick up something quick and easy at the food court," Fleur said, as she didn't want to spend any more time with them than she needed to.

"Okay but how about a drink after work?" Ben said. "We can catch up on old times and you never know what may happen." His voice was soft and he waggled his eyebrows at her.

"Why settle for the Shetland pony when you can have the stallion," Nick laughed and thrust his hips forward.

"I may not be as tall as you old mate, but I am hung like a thoroughbred, not a nag ready for the glue factory," Ben shot back.

"Forget them," Dave smirked holding his hands up in front of him, "Big hands, big feet, big nose, pick the old wives tale and I can match it with a big prick."

"I'll be back at six thirty," Fleur groaned, and having pulled her skirt and T-shirt on over the small dress, grabbed her bag and left the cabin and dome.

Fleur barely made it back in time to stow her parcels and quickly change to start working again. She found that the dress had over the hours she had been wearing it begun to stretch out a little and that because of this she constantly had to pull up the top or hold it in place as she bent over to take the photos.

The crowd continued to pour in with a lot of older people this time spread amongst the children wanting to genuinely see Santa. To her horror she recognised the eighteen year old brother of a friend waiting in line. Try as she might to ignore them they insisted on having photos taken with her, 'no way of keeping this out of Facebook no,' she thought morosely. The two teenaged boys put their arms around her waist and Santa moved up behind them, his hand immediately dipping under her skirt making it rise up over her thighs. She was horrified when she saw the photo and knew it would take some time to live it down. She surreptitiously put her thumb directly over her face to slightly mar the drying film as she put it in the festive card holder.

It was at this point that Fleur realised Santa and his elves had probably had one too many beers during the dinner break and were continuing to drink though the evening. They each constantly sipped at coffee flasks they had been supplied with in the dome. Ben asked her if she wanted a sip of his and the smell alone from the highly soused coffee was enough to make her light-headed. Every so often during the rest of the evening either Dave or Ben would disappear into the little cabin to 'get more coffee' for everyone.

There was a steady stream of people all night. Fleur was surprised to find children of all ages still awake and shopping with their parents as midnight approached. At one point a request was made for a photo of Santa and his helper. With some trepidation Fleur sat on Santa's lap and draped her arm over his shoulder in what she thought was a demure pose. Santa's beard tickled the tops of her breasts and she was sure he was taking full advantage of looking down the now loose seeming bodice. His hand started on her back but made its way around to her thigh lifting the short skirt exposing the very top of her leg. His hand then grazed the top of her thigh and she did her best to squirm and manoeuvre so that he did not reach his goal but as she was asked to hold still for the shot his hand moved so that his fingers came in contact with her silk covered cunt and she squeaked wide-eyed into the photograph making the few people watching laugh uproariously.

With half an hour left to go Dave went to close the door not letting anyone else in as they took the final few photos of the evening. The elves and Santa were more than just a little bit drunk by this stage and all Fleur wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed and remind herself never to help out a friend like this again. She had been poked, prodded, fondled and leered at enough to last her a lifetime. As the last customer exited Dave locked the dome door, Ben turned off the bright camera lights and overhead lights leaving only the multi-coloured Christmas lights twinkling. This had the effect of casting shadows on them all when combined with the muted light from the lights beyond the frosted Perspex of the dome.

Dismantling the tripod and camera, Fleur felt Dave come up behind her and slide his right hand up the inside of her thigh. She reacted just quick enough to slap his hand away before it reached her crotch and she spun to face him glaring. He held his hands up in a sign of surrender and stepped back but Nick had walked but behind her and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "It's been a fun night, how about we have a little more fun?"

"I don't think so," Fleur said cautiously realising she was locked in with three drunk men, "I really need to get home; they will be expecting me." She purposely left the 'they' unambiguous, unsure if Ben knew that she lived alone or not.

Fleur turned to walk into the cabin to change and retrieve her things when she saw Ben emerging holding something above his head. "I've got mistletoe how about a kiss for Santa's helpers?" He slurred. Without waiting for an answer he leaned up and pressed his lips to hers wrapping his arms around her. She tried to push him away but he was strong for a small guy and when she opened her mouth to protest, he forced his tongue into her mouth muffling her protest. Finally, Fleur managed to pull free of his embrace and push Ben away, but found herself immediately grabbed by Nick and Dave.

"Funny, I don't remember you being such a big tease or looking quite so fine at school, not that you ever gave me any consideration as you mooned over all the jocks," Ben said in a matter-of-fact voice. "I had a crush on you back then, not that you would have noticed, you never saw me as anything but a little boy. Tonight though you are about to realise I am very much a man. A man who won't be dismissed so easily."

"I never treated you like that. We were friends, remember, we were friends," Fleur's voice rose in panic as she struggled to free herself of the hold Dave and Nick had on her.

"Oh yes, I do remember and we are going to become much better friends now. In fact you are about to become intimately friendly with all of us." Ben indicated the two men holding her and held up a bunch of long cable ties that they used to fix the Christmas lights in place. The two men holding her arms reefed them behind her and as she opened her mouth to scream for help, Ben wedged a glove he had been holding in his other hand into her mouth. Giving a cable tie to Dave, Fleur's hands were bound behind her and she was taken to the small bridge that spanned the small ice covered pond where her panties were removed and with much fondling of her cunt, her ankles were cable tied to each hand rail spreading her legs widely. Effectively immobilised and muted the three drunken men stood back to decide what to do next.

Fleur was in shock and she trembled in fear as she heard them mumble and laugh. When they approached her again they each had handfuls of decorating items. Ben began by shoving a bright red plastic ball into her already full mouth making her gag on the glove and effectively silencing even the muffled pleas she might make. Nick pulled down the already loose bodice of her top before he and Dave each took a nipple in their mouth teasing them to rigid points before tying ornaments to them. As this was being done Ben moved behind her, his hand gliding between her legs and rubbing at her exposed cunt. "I always knew you were a secret slut, look at you so wet and willing just like my high school fantasies only better because now I know what to do with a slut like you," he murmured in her ear, his alcohol-laced breath smelling strong on her face.

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