Santa's Helper


Nick moved to grab the camera, Ben obviously taking the lead in their plans for Fleur. The flash startled her as the noise of the film exiting camera made her whimper behind the gag. "All of those people here today watching you flirt and have photos taken showing off your hot body, no one will believe we forced you into this but just in case we are going to take a few holiday snaps of our own." Ben's hand continued to rub at her cunt and she hated that her body was betraying her. Dave began to drape lights around her, the small twinkling bulbs not hot but warming on her exposed flesh. Ben pulled his hand from her cunt wiping the evidence of her obvious arousal on her thighs before lifting her skirt to bunch around her waist for yet more degrading, defamatory photos.

Nick continued to snap photos as Ben and Dave still dressed as elves took turns gnawing at her tits and rubbing her cunt, slipping fingers inside her to fuck her now and then as she squirmed and moaned between them. Nick, unable to hold himself back any longer, put the camera aside and sunk down in front of Fleur; his lips and tongue assaulting her cunt, making her almost snort as her breath caught and she gagged on the glove tickling the back of her throat again. Ben's hand moved from her cunt to her ass, murmuring in her ear, "I bet this ass isn't even virgin territory; you are such a nasty slut getting off on being felt up by three men."

Fleur closed her eyes; she was totally mortified that her body would betray her in such a way. The insistent and obviously well-educated tongue of Nick was working her to the edge of madness and she felt herself stiffen as Ben forced a gooey finger into her ass. Her cries from behind the makeshift gag were barely heard amongst the heavy breathing of the group and Ben's constantly tormenting voice. His free hand reached up to unzip the dress and with Dave's help they managed to manoeuvre it over her head and bound arms.

The ornaments now dragged on her nipples like weights and pulling her hair, Dave bent her forward slapping at her tits to watch them bob and sway pulling at the hanging mounds of flesh. Pushing his face close to hers he growled," you're gonna be a good girl now aren't you so we don't have to show those photo's to everyone in the neighbourhood, your parents, your friends, your boss?"

Fleur nodded, with obvious fear of them doing just that showing in her eyes. Dave removed the ball and glove from her mouth and quickly shoved his cock in growling, "If there is teeth you will regret it believe me." He grabbed fistfuls of her hair and began to pump in and out of her mouth. Nick was still eating her out and she felt her legs begin to tremble with her own need a moment before Ben wormed a second finger into her now more accessible ass.

The ornaments hanging from her nipples clinked onto Nicks back with every movement as she bent over him in the position she had been pulled to by Dave. The short stubby cock of the small statured man easily slid in and out of her mouth without chocking her and she felt hot tears escape her eyes as she was assaulted by the three men and gave in to her own body as she came, shaking hard in the bindings they had placed on her.

Nicked moved out of the cramped spot between her legs. Being the tallest of the three he stretched up above her before walking away momentarily and returning to stand beside her. "Nothing like the taste of a sweet young thing like this, it's like candy," he said to Ben loud enough for her to hear and proceeded to force a candy cane into her still flexing cunt, fucking her for several minutes before pulling it free and handing it to Ben.

Ben removed his fingers from Fleur's ass and forced the thick cane into the tight hole until only a small part of cane and the hook were protruding and Nick took more photos holding. One of the instant polaroids in front of her face as Dave pulled out of her mouth momentarily to see the effect. "Even your ass is sweet like candy now," Nick guffawed in his gravelly old voice.

As soon as the photo was taken away Dave thrust back into her mouth to the hilt and within a few strokes came coating her tongue in jets of this creamy cum. "Swallow it like a good girl, Santa is watching," he chuckled, "You don't want to be on his naughty list believe me." He released his hold on her head pushing her upright. Fleur's ass painfully protested against the candy cane intruder as she stood and she felt the wetness of her thighs chill in the cold air of the dome. She didn't cry out for help and no longer needed more threats from the trio as she was unbound from the bridge and forced down onto her hands and knees.

Ben pulled her by the hair toward Santa's throne and sat in it bringing her face to his groin and pressing it into the fabric so she could nuzzle at his already hard cock. She felt a hand on her ass and she looked back to see Nick kneeling down behind her, his pants around his ankles. She was startled by the fact that his pubic hair was as white as the hair on his head but she had no time to think about it as her face was forced back around to the large cock jutting out from Ben's groin. It was bigger than she had imagined and with some trepidation she opened her mouth to take him.

"Lick it like a candy cane. Tease my cock with that pretty pink tongue of yours first; don't just suck like a ten dollar whore, have some class, dammit," he sneered then laughed as she grunted and jerked when Nick entered her without any finesse at all.

"What I wouldn't give for a little blue pill right now," Nick complained as he fucked her with gritted teeth, "This girl is so tight!" Fleur moaned keeping her tongue extended and running it up and the shaft of Ben's hard cock, thinking that Santa also had a sizable cock as he began to fuck her with gusto, slapping her ass as he did. She felt rather than saw Dave slide underneath her torso and begin to maul her tits, pulling the decorations from her before gnawing on her nipples as he had earlier.

"Don't forget the gift sack," Ben shifted and pressed a hand on her head forcing her face into his hairy ball sack.

Fleur couldn't understand it. She was suffering the most humiliating and frightening ordeal yet she was also aware of how her body was responding to each of the men who were using it for their own pleasure. She was mortified to admit she had never felt so aroused, so needful so totally aware of how dirty unemotional sex could feel. She shuddered as she felt Nick pound into her harder and deeper hearing him groan as he tried to hold back his orgasm.

Fleur started rolling her hips and using the muscles inside her cunt to milk at the cock violating her as her breathing turned to panting. She lapped without thought at the hairy ball sack and shaft of the cock in front of her face as Ben used her hair to manoeuvre her where he wanted.

"Urg," Nick grimaced, "Turn her around before I lose it in this tight little cunt." He pulled from her and was manhandled until she had turned one eighty degrees to face the surprisingly well-endowed old Santa. Once again the snow white pubic hair took Fleur by surprise and as she gasped for breath Nick fed her his cock to suck on.

Ben moved from the throne he had been sitting on to kneel behind the girl who had not ever looked at him as more than a geeky high school friend and slapped her ass. This was a dream come true he had often fantasised about Fleur during their final year of school and she still often entered his mind as he masturbated over BDSM themed porn. He played with the candy cane still protruding from her ass as he thrust his sizeable cock into her hot wet cunt.

Overwhelmed by the whole experience Fleur felt as if it wasn't her. Like she looked on as her rational mind shut down and she let her body take over. Her breasts ached as Dave continued to suck and gnaw on them, leaving bite marks on the soft white skin. The cock filling her mouth was making her gag as it jabbed at the entrance to her throat. Tears filled her eyes and she drooled around Santa's pole. As the thought entered her head she laughed to herself that this all had to be a dream; she had fallen somewhere and hit her head but it felt so real, how could it feel so real.

Her eyes widened and her mind reeled again as Ben pulled the candy cane from her ass and placed the tip of his now slick cock there. She attempted to cry out around the cock filling her mouth but Nick surged forward at the same time holding her head in place with hands twisted into her hair. He came with a grunted "Ho, ho, ho, Santa's cumming!" Fleur chocked and spluttered as the big cock slowly began to enter her ass.

As if from far away she heard the voice of Dave and the painful intruder in her ass withdrew. Fleur was picked up bodily and placed over the body of Dave who had laid under the twinkling lights of a large Christmas tree. His small cock entered her easily as she was made to straddle him. She felt a hand on her back pushing her forward over him and once again the insistent nudging of Ben's cock at her asshole.

"Oh gawd, no please Ben," Fleur cried.

"Don't pretend you aren't loving this," Ben snarled, "We can all see how much you are into it. I always knew you were a slut but you are even nastier than me." He had continued to push into her as he spoke. Fleur couldn't reply as Nick in an effort to quieten the girl they were abusing had picked up the discarded candy cane and forced it into her mouth.

Fleur emitted a high pitched gurgle and tears stung her eyes before rolling down her cheeks as the painful sensation of being ass fucked lit all her nerve endings and exploded into her brain, making her cum again surprising even herself.

"Fuck! Look at her. She is getting off on being ass-fucked. You like the pain, don't you dirty girl," Ben laughed as he pulled out of her ass and ploughed back in again to the hilt making her howl around the candy in her mouth.

From beneath her she heard Dave grunt as he pulled his cock from her cunt and splashed his second load of cum against her thighs, some hitting Ben who hovered above them both fucking Fleur's ass with unrelenting gusto. He swore and she felt him stiffen his cock pulsing as he delivered his Christmas gift into her ass and pulling from her to splash the last strands across her ass.

Fleur collapsed to the floor, Dave moved from beneath her as she collapsed half beside him and the three men stood above her looking down at their handy work commenting on what a great fuck it was and how well Ben had done selecting their helper. Dave took a few more pictures of her violated body for them all to remember the night and finally they pulled her up and sat her in Santa's throne as the clean up the area for the next day and got dressed to go.

Nick was the first to leave, "See you all tomorrow fella's," he grinned at the other two men. He leaned over Fleur as he passed her and kissed her cheek, "I hope to see you tomorrow too," he winked, "If our regular helper is still unable to be here." He strolled out the door followed by Dave who didn't say anything as he left but turned at the door giving her an appraising look as if to memorise the sight.

Ben reappeared before her with her clothes and belongings. He tenderly took off the bindings which had held her trapped all night and helped her clean up with a small towel. They didn't speak during this time and Ben seemed happy to let the silence last while Fleur went through the motions of redressing in a daze, her body protesting the movement with painful reminders of what she had just endured.

She watched Ben as he closed down the place preparing to leave and wondered what she should do. She could call security or the police but only the fading red marks on her wrist would hint at non-consensual activity. She looked around for the photo's they had taken of her but aside of a few scattered haphazardly near the small ornamental bridge, they were gone. She picked up one of them, it was from earlier in the night where she had posed willingly with a customer and the two elves. All smiling and with Fleur leaning over, likely being felt up, and showing a lot of cleavage as well as the tell-tale half-moons of her semi-exposed nipples.

She sighed knowing she could tell no-one about this night and have them believe that Santa and his elves forced her into the acts she had just performed. She just wanted to go home and soak in a hot bath and forget this ever happened. She walked toward the exit from the dome, feeling sad and mad and desolate all at once. As she walked slowly to the exit where her car lay, aware the whole time of the silent Ben walking beside, she found she felt something more, something oddly warm and pleasing. She couldn't really put a name to it until she looked at the photo still held in her hand once more. She felt sexy, she felt desired. So many men and even a few women had shown open admiration of her and interest in her by striking up conversations and offers of coffee or drinks after work.

She looked at Ben from the corner of her eye as they exited the mall. Once again he looked like the regular guy she had known at school. Short for a man he was slim 'although well-muscled much like a jockey,' she thought. Her eyes drifted lower remembering the impressive cock he sported despite his size and when she looked up again he was grinning at her.

"Ready for more already?" Ben murmured. Flushing deeply Fleur shook her head and walked a little faster toward her car. Ben kept pace with her following her all the way to her car. As she fumbled for her keys he pressed her flat against the body of the car using the weight of his body against her back. He placed his hands over hers holding them against the window of the car and murmured lowly in her ear, "You are mine now, anytime, anywhere, just as you always should have been."


Fleur started to protest; she had family and friends and a boyfriend. She threw in the last detail despite the lack of a man in her life. Ben had bent to kiss her neck as she protested and slowly sucked the tender skin into the suckling kiss. She felt the burgeoning love bite colouring her skin but was unable to move away.

"Let's see how well you explain that to your boyfriend, not to mention the ten or so bite marks and bruises Dave left on your breasts," he said with a small chuckle. "You're such a nasty girl though he might like the idea of joining in a gang-bang of his girlfriend." Ben pressed his growing cock into the crack of her ass. "How 'bout it slut, you think he would want to join in the Christmas fun tomorrow after work?"

"I am not working with you tomorrow," Fleur said emphatically, "I promised to help my mother!"

"Oh that's a shame. Still it might be fun to see your mothers face when I arrive tomorrow night with all of the happy snaps I took tonight," Ben murmured into her ear, confidently smiling to himself as he heard her gasp.

"Oh gawd," Fleur gasped realising the full extent of her predicament. "Please don't."

"No need to call me God," the snide chuckle was louder, "But you will come to treat me as one."

"Please don't do this," Fleur whispered and hung her head. Her forehead felt hot against the cool steel of the car she was pressed against and a tear tickled at the corner of her eye.

"Something may be able to be negotiated," Ben said softly taking the keys from her hand. "First though I will drive you home and we will tell this boyfriend that his services are no longer needed."

"There is no boyfriend," Fleur admitted as tears coursed down her cheeks.

"Lying will earn you punishment." Ben grabbed her by the arm and pushed her around to the passenger's side of the car opening the door and forcing her inside. Once settled in the driver's seat he asked, "Who do you live with then? Don't tell me you still live at home."

"No," she blurted at the derisive comment, "I live alone."

"Good. See how well this is going already," Ben smiled at her. "We have got rid of that pesky boyfriend issue and have all the privacy we need to negotiate the terms of your submission to me. Depending on how well you do tonight I may let you spend the day with your mother tomorrow. Tell her to expect us Christmas Day but you will have plans Christmas Eve, that is not negotiable."

Fleur started to protest but Ben cut her off by roaring, "Not negotiable."

They drove in silence. Fleur wondered how he knew where she lived and which direction to go in but not wanting to know the answer in between disbelief that she was in this situation at all. Ben on the other hand was marvelling at his good fortune at finding Fleur today hiding behind the snow dome. Since high school she had been his bar of what was his type of woman. He had kept tabs on her since high school often running into mutual friends. He had often fantasised of seeing her again and what he would do if he did.

It had taken quite a bit of liquor and the support of his work mates to pull off tonight. He had been around the edges of the BDSM community both online and in public since his last year of high school. Most personal forays into the community with women though had ended badly, either hooking up with confused little girls who had Daddy complexes or with masochistic freaks who wanted to go where no sane person would. What he wanted was a woman who was bright, articulate, knew her own mind but would so be obedient and take all the pleasure and pain he offered her.

If he had to force Fleur to realise she was that woman, so be it. He knew within himself that she was; any other woman would have runaway at a hundred different times today but Fleur had endured. She had realised her predicament early in after-hour's shenanigans and not fought it. He knew without a doubt now that he could dominate her and she could be happy and grow to love him in her role as his submissive.

Fleur was surprised when they drove past her unit complex and around into another side street. They pulled up in front on a large, well-renovated, Queenslander style home. Ben ushered her from the car and up the stairs into the house. With pride he showed her around explaining that this was how he earned his living, buying and renovating old derelict treasures like this house. He seemed so normal so run of the mill and just normal that Fleur who had allowed herself to be dragged along silently finally spoke.

"I am sorry about High school," she said softly, "I never knew you had a crush on me. I didn't think anyone would have a crush on me let alone a friend from our circle," she tried, thinking an apology was best. Taking a breath she continued, "Can't you just give me the photos and pretend this never happened?" There was a hint of hope in her voice. "We could go back to being friends, I would like to have you as a friend again, I promise I will never tell a living soul about tonight."

Ben closed the distance between them, "I am not some new age sensitive guy who can be manipulated by a soft voice and a pouting of lips," he growled. "I loved you, wanted you, needed you for the longest time and now I have you on my terms." His voice had turned to a growl and she trembled.

Ben pulled her with him as he sat in a hard-backed chair and pulled her over his lap, placing a strong hand in the middle of her back and fighting her legs until he wrested her into a position that she couldn't squirm out of. He spanked her ass hard. "I found you today," the smack landed again. "I helped you get summer extra Christmas money, made you a sex symbol to all those schmucks down at the mall and do I get a thank you, Ben?" again his palm landed several times.

"Ow, stop! Thank you, Ben. Thank you. Stop, please!" Fleur squealed tears forming in her eyes as the heat spread across her ass.

"All I get for my trouble is whining," he said, his angry growl punctuated by hard slaps that rippled through the flesh of her cheeks. "To top it all off, you tell me you're sorry and ask to be just friends, confirming my point exactly." His hand had continued to spank her as she bounced and squirmed, flailing her legs which he had caught under one of his own essentially trapping her in place. "You should know by now I will use whatever means I need to get what I want. I can't be manipulated by your pleas for forgiveness or offer of friendship. I want more, so much more."

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