Santa's Helper


"I am sorry, I'm sorry," she sobbed and gasped. "Please stop, I'm sorry." Her ass was on fire by the time his hand stopped and caressed the scalding flesh as she hung limply across his lap, crying softly.

"Sorry for what?" he asked as his hand continued to caress her swollen red cheeks. Fleur said nothing. She wasn't sure what to say. His hand crashed down onto her again. "What are you sorry for?" She cried out and gasped, her mind working quickly.

"I'm sorry for all of it; the offer of friendship; the not realising you liked me," she almost yelled it all out. "I'm sorry."

His hand was gentle and stroked not only over her ass but down between her legs as she squirmed, noting the wetness there as he teased her with small feathered touches over her clit. "And for lying to me, you will never lie to me again. You are mine now, everything about it and your world now is mine to control." Fleur was shocked by his words. His hand worked between her legs in earnest now rubbing at her clit and pushing two fingers into her. "Such a pretty little cunt, just like I imagined. If you make me happy you will save yourself and your pretty cunt a world of pain," Ben mused. Keeping his hand between her legs he lifted the other hand from where it had been holding her down and smacked her ass.

"I'm sorry," she wailed, "For lying."

"You will be, if you do it again," he growled loudly. Fleur's body was responding again as he fucked her with his fingers. She felt the tell-tale quivers running up and down her legs. "Admit you are mine now, body and soul," Ben growled. In the lengthening silence he pulled his fingers from her and slapped her cunt wetly making her cry out. "Tell me!"

"Yes," she whimpered, "Yes, I am yours." Satisfied he drove his fingers back inside her, curling them down to her G-spot and fucked her while keeping his thumb on her clit. When he began to spank her again with less force than earlier she came hard bucking and writhing in her precarious position.

He pulled her up and gazed into her unfocused eyes. He found himself wanting to fully claim her, to make her his own, like he had no other. He'd never wanted another woman like he wanted Fleur. Pushing her still quivering body to the floor at his feet he removed his shoes and stood to unbuckle his jeans. Fleur helped to pull them down and he stepped out of them revealing just how eager he was to have her again. She leaned her head forward kissing the tip of his cock, fluttering her tongue around it. She knew this was what expected, now, there was no talking her way out of this tonight; tomorrow she would think of a solution, she was sure there was a way to make this right again.

Her eyes darted to his face as she sucked him in, filling her mouth, and he groaned at the sight of her. He had waited long enough and he pulled her up into his arms pushing her over the back of a nearby sofa chair. Without any preamble Ben pounded into her as he bit her neck and shoulder: marking her, claiming her once again as his.

"You are mine." He said as he stood and slapped her ass and thigh again, "You belong to me now." His voice was harsh and gravelly as he fucked her powerfully. Surprising herself Fleur felt the tingling in her legs and belly as she fought her own body to deny the truth of his words. Moments later they both came in a haze of pleasure tumbling to the floor as he grasped her hips when he fell pulling her with him.

Once again, having retrieved a damp towel, Ben cleaned her and caressed her, making soothing noises as he had in the snow dome earlier in the night. Fleur was confused trying to make sense of the two different sides of this man.

Ben picked Fleur up carrying her to the bedroom. He laid her in the enormous bed and moved in beside her wrapping her gently in his arms. "You have my permission to spend the day with your mother tomorrow." Fleur's mind railed at his words and she opened her mouth to protest that she needed his permission for nothing but he continued to talk. "You will come with me to the mall in the morning and thank our friends for the attention they gave you tonight by kissing them both like the slut we know you are now. If you do this I will retrieve the photographs from them."

"Okay," Fleur shuddered at the thought but nodded and agreed.

"You will then shop for whatever you need to make my presence at your family Christmas celebrations acceptable. I will give you money for presents and what not for your family, as I would not like to arrive at your mother's house empty handed, before going to your mothers for the day and letting her know of the change in plans." His voice was soft even though his words were very commanding. "You will arrive promptly at the snow dome fifteen minutes before closing and I will decide at that time if a repeat performance of tonight is necessary depending on how well you have behaved in the morning and during the day." Ben felt her physically cringe in his arms as she said the last sentence.

Fleur dozed fitfully for the few hours remaining of the night. Each time she woke she attempted to move from his arms only to feel them tighten even more so around her and once hear his mumble that she will be punished if she continued her silliness.

The sun was shining brightly when Ben woke her and led her into the shower. At his instruction they washed each other thoroughly before he commanded her to kneel and suck his cock as the water splashed into her face. She gurgled and gagged as he held onto her head and fucked her as deeply as he could without choking her completely with his sizable cock. When he came he pulled back to her lips letting her suck the cum from him and watching her swallow it obediently as instructed.

It was oddly disproportionate to Fleur that the man who could treat her as a sex toy and use her so harshly could also be so tender and considerate in between the sexual interludes. He looked after her and caressed her tenderly, feeding her breakfast and making sure she was comfortable in the clothes she had worn the day before or if she wished to go home and change. Throughout the morning he continued to fondle and caress her keeping her hot and bothered without letting it go so far as to find her needing immediate relief and she found she became frustrated with the lack of it going far enough.

As they drove to the mall he spoke about the type of gift she should pick up for each member of the family and others who would be present Christmas day. His hand caressed her inner thigh and the very outer edges of her cunt as he drove the automatic one-handed. By the time they arrived at the mall Fleur was beyond horny and her head was so muddled by what she should or could do.

Helping her from the car Ben held her hand as they walked through the mall to the snow dome and the waiting men. Ben squeezed her hand a moment before they entered and murmured, "Remember you are mine now, do exactly as I ask, or there will be harsh punishments." He seemed to think for a moment before adding, "Harsher than you have known." They walked through the entrance and towards the tiny cabin in the cold snow dome.

"Where are the customers?" Fleur asked looking around.

"We don't open for another hour, you though have work to do. Just like I said, remember," Ben voice was low, almost a whisper. Fleur nodded but a shiver went through her body. Ben pushed Fleur into the cabin before him and she stood facing the two men who had been accomplices to her captivity with Ben. Ben stood beside her and placing a hand in the small of her back pushed her slightly forward saying, "Say good morning to Santa and his elf, my dear."

She moved to Dave, the elf first murmuring, good morning and bending slightly to kiss him allowing her lips to part and her tongue to snake out and intertwine with his. She felt his hands move to her breasts and begin to mal them as she purposefully deepened the kiss. Ben constant attention and soft caresses had kept her maddeningly horny all morning and now she felt the twinges of that heat growing within her as her breasts were squeezed almost painfully and she tongue danced with the small man.

"I think I need some of that good morning action," Nick laughed pulling her away from Dave and turning Fleur to face him. It was at that moment that Fleur realised she didn't have to endure this she could enjoy it with the right frame of mind and wondered if it would make her true captor Ben angry or jealous if she put on a good show for him. She tilted her head to look up at the tall Nick and wrapped her arms about his neck as he lowered his head, their lips meeting and parting as one. Fleur pressed her body against Nicks and squirmed wanting to feel if she aroused him at all. The kiss lengthened and his hands went to her ass, kneading the firm round cheeks and pulling her pelvis against his groin.

Breaking the kiss Nick laughed, "Oh this on is definitely on Santa's naughty list, when I see you tonight it will be a spanking you get young lady," and with that he bent his head to kiss her deeply again. He smacked her ass and pushed her away from him as the cabin door opened. A petite woman in her mid to late thirties stood there taking in the scene.

"Hi, Carol," Dave said walking toward her to kiss her in greeting. She held a hand up and stopped him in his tracks.

"So you're the new dolly are you? I heard a hot piece replaced me yesterday." Carol circled Fleur appraising her competition.

"Ben's girlfriend," Nick said stiffly and Carol raised an eyebrow at him. "Is that right Benny boy? You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."

"You never asked," Ben said nonchalantly. "Heel," he barked at Fleur and confused by the turn of events Fleur went to his side more out of uncertainty than obeying his commands.

"Well trained I see," the woman spoke slowly and deliberately.

"You can go now," Ben said in a commanding tone but Fleur could tell something was amiss. She started toward the cabin door with Ben behind her.

"Tell her to come back when we close," Carol said overly sweetly to Ben. "I think I would like to get to know your new girlfriend."

"If you wish," Ben said through gritted teeth and walked Fleur to the door of the dome. He handed her a money clip full of notes and told her to get all the things she and her mother might need as well as the gifts he suggested. He kissed her then and reminded her of the time she should return to him.

Fleur shopped quickly, Ben had told her more or less what to get so she had little decision making to do and as with the shopping she did for her mother yesterday she picked up extra item for the Christmas lunch full prepared to come back this afternoon to do a little more after she told her mother about the extra guest that would be joining them.

Once she got there her mother was more than happy to add another person to the group. Her mother loved the large gathering of the various seasonal celebrations throughout the year and prided herself on being the perfect hostess. They spent the day together listen to carols and decorating. Her mother was disappointed that she might not make the usual Christmas eve drinks and fun that always preceded Christmas day in their household but understood that her daughter wanted to spend time with the new man in her life.

Hating to lie to her mother and unsure of what was really happening to her and her life Fleur did not dwell on the conversation but rather quickly unpacked all the items from her mother's list plus a few other she had included from the sizable wad of cash Ben had given her that morning. It was with a sense of trepidation that Fleur finally left the house she had grown up in, the place she felt safest in the world to go back to the mall, armed with a small list of things for her mother. All day she had been both dreading and looking forward to seeing ben and she couldn't understand how she could be looking forward to seeing him at all. He was blackmailing her into being some sort of sex slave girl friend from his fantasies.

As she drove to meet him, she considered why she was going. The photos of course but it was more than that. The warm pleasant feeling she had last night when she was finally redress and standing waiting for ben returned to her. He made her feel sexy, desirable, like the Victoria's secret models she was someone the men in the crowd yesterday had looked at with obvious desire. She had to admit to herself that she had never felt pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough to be desirable to anyone.

Was her self-esteem truly this low she wondered? Could she really see Ben as anything but the blackmailing slime ball he was? Her mind went to the gentle way he cared for her after each time he used her. The concerned look on his face as said goodbye to her this morning though that could have been because of Carol's appearance. She obviously was in charge there, the men all seemed defer to her in some way. Fleur was still contemplating this as she pulled into the car park.

She had arrived twenty minutes before closing time to give herself time to get to the dome. She really wasn't sure if it was fifteen minutes at the mall or at the dome. She walked through the door but the security guard delayed her by letting her know they were about to close and that the doors would shut directly at six pm.

Thanking him and explaining why she was there took more precious time and by the time she left the security guard at the door she had little time to spare. Not wanting to antagonise Ben who still held all the cards or pictures as it were she continued on through the mall arriving at the dome to find the door closed and being manned by Dave.

"Had you figured for a runner," he said eyeing her up and down. "Better get in there then," he opened the door wide and let her pass. Fleur had not said a word to the man but entering the dome to find the last few customers having photo's taken with Carol and Santa, Ben manning the camera. Carol was far better suited to the costume than Fleur had been it suited her petite frame and did not seem to expose the amount of flesh that Fleur had and the memory of what had happened the night before froze her in her tracks.

She looked around seeing the bridge and the throne in a different light to when she had first walked in and she moved with slow forced steps to where Ben stood, camera in hand. Suddenly she knew she didn't want to be here, she didn't want to go through another ordeal, Daves words about her being a runner echoed in her mind and she glanced back at the door. She could make it out while they dealt with the last few customers find the overly friendly security guard and suffer the consequences of being blackmailed.

The consequences were the only thing that stopped her at that moment. She had no idea if Ben had retrieved the photos from the other men. She had no idea what he would do with them even if he had. She tried to remember the gentle and caring ben who had cared for her after everything that had happened here and again during the night. She tried to remember that there was a side to him she may be able to appeal to for mercy, or at least not another version of the night before.

Fleur had purposely dressed in jeans despite the heat and a demure blouse not wanting to expose herself the group of men again. She had hoped that Carol would not condone their behaviour at all and that with a little luck she could leave here relatively unscathed and then talk with Ben, to plead her case and retrieve the photos that made her look like a willing participant in the debauchery of the night before. She wouldn't tell a soul, she couldn't imagine the humiliation of the whole investigation. She had seen and heard stories of how rape victims were treated if there was any hint of promiscuity. No she would just ask for the photos and walk away she decided.

Ben turned to look at her and beckoned her forward as the customer moved to the exit and the next took his place, the child seemingly having a long list for Santa. Ben beckoned her forward and wrapped a hand around her waist pulling her close and kissing her deeply. He murmured in her ear, "Good girl being on time. I would not like having to punish you in front of the customers."

"I would like not to be punished at all, please," Fleur smiled lopsidedly.

He kissed her again before resuming his position with the camera murmuring, "We will see how well you continue to follow direction. Sit there." Ben pointed to a small bench almost buried beneath the fake snow and Fleur went and sat without thinking about it. If she had to play this game to gain her freedom from his blackmail there was nothing else she could do.

The final customers came and went surprisingly fast and as she sat on the bench the three men and Carol went into the cabin emerging just as quickly and leaving the dome in a rush without even giving her a sidewards glance. Ben took her hand pulling her up into an embrace she still found surprisingly strong.

"Don't worry," Ben looked down into her anxious face, "We will see them all later tonight. We have been planning a wonderful Christmas Eve party so you can meet and play with all my friends." He leaned forward and kissed her deeply and she shuddered at the thought of what awaited her.

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by Anonymous12/03/13

Disrespectful of readers

Why do writers insist on putting rape stories in other categories than non-consent? The very least you could do to be respectful is put a trigger warning at the top.

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by LaRascasse11/17/13

Well written, maybe a disclaimer would've helped

As always, I'd like to compliment the sexy style in which you weave your words. Given that, I understand qualms of some of the earlier commentors on it being borderline non-consent. Perhaps you can submitmore...

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wrong category

Non-consent not group sex

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This is great, really enjoyed this and am really hoping for this story to continue. The xmas eve party really has my aattention and I think is a great idea.

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by Anonymous11/13/13

Wrong category...


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